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Em Nov 2021
I know no one will write for you
so I will do it

I wonder what you were like
as a child, adult, and mere babe

Were you like other girls
loving pretty things in life

Your manner of speaking
I'm sorry I've never heard it

But I wonder most of all
if you were desperate enough to walk
and end up like That

You probably weren't.
Em Nov 2021
when you see two squirrels in an unkind way
you're bound to see another

she's older, in the middle of the too-dark street
neck twisted, an unfathomable decision
*** illuminated by blinding sirens
deafening to dead ears
i came across two dead squirrels this morning. this evening there was an accident on a street my family drove past.
Em Mar 2021
Oh, Mother.
Don't you know it's instant gratification?
You're angry, taking it out on one you "love"
Object to it, and the anger is redirected.

Grab it. Force it back.
It's never enough, is it?
I could take more, but I won't.
"You've proven again and again
You're not worthy of my time."
I'm not like you.
I won't take the ******* handed to me.
i have mommy issues
Em Sep 2020
One million reasons to cry
Yet I can't find
Which one's mine
im back again hoes
anyway does anyone wanna play on ps4 or something
Em May 2020
My wife is a unique person
Exhibiting new lovely traits
She goes quiet like a mouse
A new woman of few words

My wife is a strange woman
Getting stranger by the day
She looks warily all around
A careful mare!

My wife is an odd creature
Staying up all night
Whispering and crying
But I know she's alright

My wife is a complex puzzle
But such an endearing thing!
She screams and flails all around
As if she can't help but sing
im back hoes
Em Oct 2019
In Death
there are only

made to guide the man
to a heaven
that never existed.
i woke up in between naps to write this im going to sleep again
Em Sep 2019
She's in there
She's in there
She's in there

She's in there so I can't go in.
She's laying there and I don't want to see
The darkness mixed with the dirt
Clustering around her dented body

She's in there and I refuse to see
She's in there and I refuse to gaze upon her grayed beauty
But now I'm the only one who hasn't
And I think I'll regret that for eternity.
feelings i had in April
i regret not being able to say goodbye one last time
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