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Em Sep 3
She's in there
She's in there
She's in there

She's in there so I can't go in.
She's laying there and I don't want to see
The darkness mixed with the dirt
Clustering around her dented body

She's in there and I refuse to see
She's in there and I refuse to gaze upon her grayed beauty
But now I'm the only one who hasn't
And I think I'll regret that for eternity.
feelings i had in April
i regret not being able to say goodbye one last time
Em Jul 18
Isn't it funny
How you can get any word
And make it sound nice
By putting other words with it?
i dont know
Em Jun 19
In a foreign tongue
I speak
That captivates all

Alike to a stream
Only relaxation
hewwo its 1 am
Em Apr 21
I imagine you
lying and surrounded
by a bed of roses
Happy, happy
blessed and relaxed
nothing could ever be
more right.

Running and playing
so energetic
even at your age!
To see you chasing and leaping
I'd would never avert my gaze

A bed of roses
All for you

Time passes
and time hurts
and time kills.
You're now surrounded by roses
as I always imagined

You are the roses.
Consoling those who come near
Yet reducing them to tears
You're away
But you're still so close.

But only in the form of roses.
My last poem was so messy, haha. Wanted to make a new one
Hope this does her justice
Em Apr 21
For such a long time
you gave me everything you could
and everything I needed

Maybe I took you for granted
Maybe I should've invited you in more
or give you more company
or give you more food you wanted
and hugs
and kisses
more, more, more.

I can't give you more
Not now, at least
But you meant more to me
than you'll ever know

And what I could ever return to you.
My dog, Ella, has died on Friday, the 19th of April. I miss her so much.
Rest In Peace Ella, 2006-2019
Em Apr 17
The depths
of nothing
rise and fall
creating tones
to the human ear
to the eye
Creating a labyrinth
to confuse her
to evoke feelings in her
to make her revoke those feelings
and crush them into nothing
to be plunged into the depths
And become the depths themselves.
i made this up as i go (as i normally do ahfajfgh)
help me im bored
im procrastinating
Em Mar 29
In the corrupting ideas in my mind
The ones involving you were the most sensible.
And in that incessant swing of memories
I came to the realization that we are nothing
Nothing more than a pile of ashes
Rotting away
With no hope of heaven or hell.
ggggg im bored
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