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Em 6d
Well aren't you a little computer!
So smart and witty!
Knowledgeable and oh, so clever
yet you're so itty bitty!

Such a smart young girl
How have you come to this?
Studying and learning
Is it all for your bliss?

I know you're real smart
and I know you're so strong
Yet you will only be reduced
And that's the end of it.
sometimes women arent appreciated for stuff :/
You probably notice some of my poems start off with rhyme and a sort of beat and then fall flat at the end
I hope you did
i t s  o n  p u r  p o s e
Em Mar 7
The words she spoke appeared on her skin
On her arms
and legs
and everywhere she bled.

She was no longer beautiful.
based off a meme i saw
Em Feb 28
I'm the theory in your head
I'm the theory that's painted red
Planted in your garden bed

The choir of furies in your stead
The pack of doubts that never fled
She's the monstrosity that tore you to shreds
And I'm the ghost that saw how you bled.
reposting cuz i want aTTENTION
Em Feb 28
The walls around me
are tight
They close in.

A seemingly endless maze
of monochrome
full of sharp turns

A piece of the sky
I look up upon
Bright and blue

Not unlike you.
im a weeb this is a weeb reference
Em Feb 12
The saying is always
"A thousand times yes."

But a million is so much more.
someone date me
Em Jan 30
Where better to find a leaf
than in the forest?
Where better to eat food
than at a table?
Where better to pray
than in a church?
Where better to scream
than by yourself?
Where better to hurt
than inside yourself?

No place better than a hospital
to recover
Where better to die
than in the arms of your lover?
this was inspired bY A N I M E UWU
been watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
thought of george joestar's last words and i dunno
Em Jan 23
Let us take a gamble
You'll have nothing to lose
Only fun, only fun
I will swear to you.

Come and observe this fire!
It's not dangerous, you'll see
Run your hands, all over
The flames won't hurt thee.

Glide your hands over this knife
Feel the adrenaline course!
Your running blood of crimson
Your death you won't have to force.
i dunno what im doin
peer pressureeeee
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