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Arisa Mar 2
Seven spotted ladybird,
Dancing in my mind.

Its shade a deep burgundy,
with a slight shine that sparkled
under the soft rays of the sun.

It wobbled its way across the hood of car.
And I poked it gently,
Making it clumsily fall on its back in the driveway.

I cupped the tiny thing in my hands,
And eventually, it flew away.
A poem about my experience with a ladybird  during my student exchange to New Zealand. A beautiful country.
4 letters
equivalent to 6
they say beauty is pain
but never vice versa
when i cry
butterflies aren't born
when i scream
baby birds don't take flight
when i hurt
there is nothing
besides the 6 letters
i am not constantly falling apart
i was never restored
i already fell
now i am just being crushed
stepped on like an unwanted bug
my life essence oozing out of my sides
my bad
did i stain your carpet
ruin your home?
well you invaded mine
why didn't you leave me alone?
Been stepping on the roaches again.
Couldn’t see them on the black tiles.
Next time I should remember to put the light on.
Because now I got bug matter all over my shoes.

It is hard to notice the little people,
When you are big and wondering around in the dark.
Please take notice of where you step,
Because you might be stepping on someone else.

Oh please look down,
I may be small,
But that doesn't mean I don’t exist at all!
Can you hear my little bug voice from way up there?!
You are about to silence it forever!

The next time you take a step,
Consider what it may do to another,
Because you may end up with a squished roach on the tiles.
this semblance
to taste
hers was
great with
the package
of Delilah
here as
the spirit
level drawn
nigh and
caped him
again in
lew when
feet here
loose alas
to chide
an allay
Samson as Allayed here
Em Dec 2018
A mosquito chomped me!
It hurt, so I got mad at it.
I shooed and swatted it away,
over and over again,
but it wouldn't leave!

Minute after minute
Swat after swat
Mr. Mosquito went splat
And a small wave of victory overcame my hurt.

The chomp was still there
but the mosquito wasn't
Did my revenge really make a difference?
went for a more childish style
eh take it as u will
leave me alon
Pettiness can hurt :)
Abby M Dec 2018
I read a story once
About a bug that crawls into people's ears and lays eggs in their brains
Ever since then I have to cover my ears to fall asleep
It's funny that people think that way
That they matter
That a story WILL happen to them
Because at the end of the day
It might
Star BG Nov 2018
A humming poet-bug bit me
It did not sting rather, tickle as words flowed.
They moved into heart where a pool filled.

The outcome...
I am a poet for evermore scribing,
as I swim in waters of verse.
inspired by sir humbug  It made me think of a bug
Bryce Nov 2018
Ants along the stone
Up and down on strings they go
Will they ever know?
Glumbugged Nov 2018
Hello Dear…
There's a lot of pain in my soul.
I don't feel like I can be seen, hence being a ghost.
I'm not calling the seen those who gather attention.
I've never been able to hold the necessary attention that is love.
I'm tiny.
Little to ńöẗḧïńġ...
But I'm something.
I mustered up courage deep inside me, somewhere in my shadow...
I pulled it out and coated it with what I thought was hope.
But whether it was or wasn't, it overpowered that courage.
It escalated until it had no other option but to fall.
When it fell, the choices were already in motion.
A result was ready to explode...and cause casualties.
...Or just one casualty.
I guess a ghost can see the future.
Its shadow can do more than foreshadow.
I opened up a door for courage...
But I let out a demon called melancholy.
I made a mistake...
And it led to another heartache.
I never knew that I was my own weakness...
Not until I was bitten by the Gloom Bug.
Star BG Oct 2018
You have been bitten by the good-morning bug.
The one where side effects travel deep.
Eyes widen to see beauty in everything.
Heart opens with song to feel blessings.

You have been bitten by the good-morning bug.
Resistance is futile as it effects entire body.
Feet dance inside grace, as birds sing.
Time dissipates replaced with gratitude.
Ego jargon is put to sleep.

You have been bitten by the good morning bug.
where love replaces fear and doubt.
Wisdom enters breath for understanding.
Light integrates dark to seed new dawn.
Dreams pulsate to become reality.

YOU HAVE BEEN bitten by the good-morning bug.
for the new energies have birthed it.  
Connections to all things bring peace.
Tears of joy vibrate filling air.
Hands reach out to aid one another.

Peace on earth has a chance.
Stay tuned for the next poem called Love bug. :)
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