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Joy Apr 19
T all grapevines entwine with the
O verhead wires and lead to
U nwilling leaves now home to a
G iant green guest with the
H olographic horrifying eyes.

T roubled dreams the bug is dreaming.
I mpossible luck keeps it away from
N earby spider webs and
Y ellow giant villains.

T angled in untangled thoughts of
H orrid dreams of hope
I t sits on its green leaf and is
N ow watching flowers bloom.
G ratefullness swells its tiny heart.
Escapril 2020
Bhill Apr 4
chaos has a silver lining
don't be afraid and quit your whining
we're all in this, at the very same time
we will get through this but it's a tough climb
wash your hands, don't touch your face
distant yourself and keep the pace
the bug won't win if we do what it takes
let's kick it's *** and put on it's brakes

Brian Hill - 2020 # 95
We can do this.
Elsie Plum Mar 6
You won’t read my words because I flounder in them
I’m lost or something
It’s clear and just as boring as the ones who
Pretend to be
So I wrote this dumb thing trying to say I’m better than them and nobody knows it but me
It’s the truth!
Anybody’s truth is theirs to hold
They believe they’re just like me
So they are just like me
They hold themselves above all else
The difference is that they strive for truth
and count the tallies that make truths truthier
There are moments I’m truly miserable but does that really make me better than others
Or just a whiny ***** that can’t pull myself together after nothing really happens at all. Who am I to say  
My nose itches and I’m far away from home yet laying in bed like I’m so warm
Is everybody else crazy or is it me
I stole that
8:19 am
Star BG Dec 2019
Ink is the heroine and pen the needle that moves guided by my fever. The ink pulsates within transmuting into words and phrases. My heart expands racing with visions. The side effect... a written poem that perhaps will give some peace. Peace from my addiction to live before it starts all over again. It is an addiction many a poet had to fight over centuries. Their lesson let it flow let it grow.
I wrote this in response to Suzanne Berlinsky response to my other poem Writing Bug (part one)  Thanks
Star BG Dec 2019
The newspapers say the poetry bug is spreading. It started from a stain of HP. No cure available. It starts by going into the eyes and than a tingle starts in fingers. Breath gets heavy with anticipation and Heartbeat races until it is calmed by a write. If it persists just have a cup of tea and accept it.
Just being silly when I can't sleep
Andrea Oct 2019
Bad, bugged versions of the same prototype.
We're all different.. But we are all the same.
I keep losing poems
To a bug
And it's bugging me
Thanking the
This one posted
Oh little bug in the sink,
You can’t swim,
You just crawl and explore,
You question, why am I in the sink?

I saw the bug in the sink,
As I brushed my teeth,
I noticed him scampering about,
Wondering — how do I get out of the sink?

You weren’t hurting me, bug in the sink,
You just wanted an escape,
Away from the dangers of the water,
A bad place to be if you can’t swim - bug in the sink.

But when I saw the bug in the sink,
I acted only on impulse,
The contrast between “*****” bug and “cleaning teeth”
Was too much to bare, as I stared in the sink.

And so without thinking of the bug in the sink,
My reflexes thrusted me forward,
I thought only of myself,
As I turned the **** on the sink.

Oh no — oh bug in the sink,
The water is gushing,
You’re overwhelmed, swept away, crushed.
Oh bug in the sink. Why did I not think?
m May 2019
there's a roach
dear ******* god it's a roach
as i'm typing away
all day
i see this roach
i will not approach
there's a duck outside wow!
but oh **** the bug is still inside
oh ****
oh god
oh ****
it's getting closer
i smack it
it's name was ed
it is dead
the end

but it's not the end
just another distraction
a route to a dead end
the bug may be mush
while my brain's turned to slush

I look in the mirror
I look in my eyes
see all the time
the wasted time

my day is a night
when I wake up
all that remains
is 6 hours of light
I'll make no change
I'll be awake all night
no exchange
for early sleep
unless I obtain
a good reason
silly ****
H1GH3 May 2019
When I took you,
                  When I took you it stripped away worry.
When I took you,
                  When I took you I finally felt like me.
You were in reach,
                  You were in reach, so easily attainable
and it was crazy,
                   it was crazy to think that you would be
                   the answer to the 19 year old question,
                    "Who am I?"
                    "Who is me?"
I took you and it felt amazing,
                   I took you, and for that short while I felt calm.
But nothing ever lasts and one is never by itself.
I don't have anything to say to this one y'all
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