'Look up, Pretty lady,
Your gown’s stained, so has your future
For you have cut yourself deep
With values and customs you couldn’t nurture’
Mocked the satirical society hard
Upon every girl that grew up strong
Willed to prove them all wrong
For many a lives laid back
Many a tears seeped through the skin
Until no more did they flow
‘We decide the course of wind
Enough to sail your raft of life
For storms come the path
Of those who drift apart'

The traditional society that wishes to see the daughters of Eve draped in the beliefs and truth it sets, would it ever let a girl live her life to the fullest?
Well that's a matter of thought.

A firefly gleaming through the dark,
Flying independently like a spark,
Seen by few,
Hastily it flew,
Scared and terrified,
Began to glide,
Chased by the beast,
For them became the feast,
Caught and ripped into pieces,
The light within ceases,
Because of their harshness,
Gets mixed with darkness.
She's a firefly.

Dedicated to girls who gets devoured by men.

Bristol versus
Roller skates
Four wheels
Ink blood drop black eyes
Map of
Discovering America on
left thigh
Throwing shade
Women crashing light
Sodium bleachers
Audience throbbing
Skirting crunch twist screeching on waxed floors
Circular grace
A bevy of legs and the delicate dart
Ballet toes
Butting like the end of a gun
Jumping over a wall
of sweat
hair sticks to forehead
Brute beauty
You’re not getting through
Head down
Gold helmet arrow
Name blurred in pixel kinetic
Beater arms throw
Missy Elliot and Guns & Roses
Overload senses
Amber beer
Slushed cake sale humid
The tannoy is lairy
You lay down in
A haven and
ink watch tracing the shapes
Of kohl mark stamped wonder
What this will look like when we’re older
Evolution of
Badass Grandmas
And the death of

Guden 2d

I've been several months without a woman,
Now I'm not sure if that is a lot,
But I sure would miss it
Even if it were one day
I don't believe we're made to withstand
Being lonely
Not even for a day,
At least we have internet
And old mister purple can rest.
I remember the last time I hated all humans.
I think I've grown wiser now,
Though nothing really changes anyway,
I'm still a fool.
And women,
So delicious,
I would be gay if men were difficult like that.

Cow dung
She hung
Between her legs

Dry leaves
She'd weave
Into disposable wear

Even second hand sanitization
Was considered better condition
So she ducked into the safety of unknown risks

Absorb, if it could
Wear it she would
No space for concerns, no choice

On one hand they say
Empowered today, we women, stay
On the other, stands she, in rural patches of ignorance

It's sad to know that even today, as what not happens in the name of "feminism", there are still women in my country who cannot even afford sanitary napkins, let alone clothes. As a result, many rural women use substitutes, but it's heartbreaking to see the extent they would bend to, only because they cannot afford anything more.

Yet, I feel just as proud as I am angered by the story of such people (vs the wasteful lives of the 'haves'...a gap that huge is unfair!) -
proud because of people like Anshu Gupta (founder of Goonj, a not-for-profit organisation), who, along with his team is working towards changing this scenario with the distribution of biodegradable and affordable sanitary napkins, amongst other commendable initiatives.

This is not a collaboration or anything of that sort, neither am I associated with them in any way (other than supporting their causes), I am genuinely touched by their efforts and naturally, feel like spreading the word about their work. It would be great if you too could have a look at their website (goonj.org), and if you're convinced, monetarily or non-monetarily, support their cause?

The cluster of ice in my glass
  looks like a milky fist.
I shake my cup and ask
  about the weather.
He says, 'Hasn't rained in
  one thousand or so years.'
I say how that's unfortunate;
  he says how shit happens.

This party transitions into
  something out of an art-house film;
the Cali-tens are dancing to some
  80's song you would vaguely recognize.
They bump into one another
  like bees in an electric hive.
A Russian drinking a Russian
  asks about drugs.
I say into my drink that I
  don't have that many friends.

Looking for a bathroom,
  I am bumped by hips and lips
into the former eggshell/cigarette stain wall,
where I find my partial reflection
  looking back at me in that familiar
transparent parent way.

I find myself apologizing.

Walking down the street in the dark
I'm swaddled in another's arms
Only a month we've been apart
I'm so much happier

Opens the door to the car
He knows just how to make me laugh
I swear that both our smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, my heart's happier. That's true

Ain't nobody hurt me like you hurt me
But ain't nobody knows what I through
Promise that you will not take it personal, baby
That I'm moving on with someone new

I never thought this day would come so soon
My friends will never know the hidden truth
My whole heart was beaten down by you.

Sat on the corner of the room
Everything I loved was lost with you
Nursing my broken heart and telling myself just walk away. It's through.

Ain't nobody hurt me like you hurt me.
But ain't nobody knows what I went through.
I hope that you won't take this personal. Baby I'm moving on with someone new.

My friends told me one day I'd feel it too
I could try to smile to hide the truth
I know I'm so much happier without you

Baby, I'm so much happier. Its true. My hearts just practically brand new. And if you try to come back we're through. Cause I'm better off without you.

yes this song/poem is a rewrite of ed sheeran's, Happier. This song means a lot to me because I've been through abusive relationships and had toxic people in my life. I hope this is okay..

The less clothes a woman wears out in public
The less I like
My interest takes a hike
Because I like women who respect themselves
I don't want to get with you to fornicate
I'll give a million signs to indicate
I'm not that kind of man
If you asked to wait until the marriage, that is something I will comply with without question
I'm not going to be with you for your body
Making love has been disgraced
With people using others
I'm not going to be that man
I have a plan
With you
If we're dating
It's not going to be several nights of lust and be romantically devastating
It will be moments to make your life more elating
You are a woman
A being so special
You owe none of us your body or your freedom
Men are not strong creatures in this sense
You are too special to be used
I ponder if I'll ever be good enough for a self-respecting women

Aditya Roy Sep 9

She walks down pavement
She makes the government’s infrastructure look like beauty
Her beauty turns away the rules of the snooty conservative government
The constitution loses its soul
When she bends over to check the hood of a car about to roll
Her boyfriend accompanied by other boyfriends who hit on her
I stand on the sidelines
Problem is I murmur
You probably thought a stutter was worse

She’s such a high class gal
Despite her sultriness and I’m not judging
But I must mention she goes to Church
So you might still mistake her for being an uptown sister
She dances to rock music
Her head doesn’t even sway to the EDM that the plebeians surrounding her play
She’s an anachronism
But she just needs me to introduce her Monet’s impressionism
I bet her cultural values force her to know Picasso’s Cubism

Even though I’m not a man’s man
She without influence is not enough
Because influencing is love
And I hope it is to this cute rebellious dud
I suppose from her house she ran
When she looked morose in school during period nine
It was English Drama and suddenly she couldn’t seem to remember the line

With her friends flanking her she walks and talks
She’s on the phone while she’s wearing her socks
She’s on the prowl she’s an active girl
That women is close to my heart
And I hope to treat her like a clam treats its pearl

Don't confuse this poignant lad to be a voyeur.
suze suze Sep 9

Since some men started behaving like wild animals ,
They put all women in chains.

and they say we are the smartest species
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