scooby 7h

She turned her home into a brothel,
and killed god in the process,
because he was an untrained craigslist hire
and struck a nail straight through a wire
hidden in the wall,
and died
foaming at the mouth.
in turn googled a WikiHow
and did the work herself.

I am tired mostly of poetry that is about women and their sad downfall into their own sexuality.

I see you dressed in wool,
My mind unwinds,
I feel a definate pull,
To see her struggle against her binds.
Tall and thin she towers,
Headphones cover her ears,
Red and yellow leaves spiral in showers,
Can I speak and overcome my fears?

Intimately we look up from the ground,
And walk our separate ways without a sound.

By daylight,
as man, I was ruling
towns as a black prince beguiling
women seeking a thrill
with some time to kill.

And by night,
with the moon shining
ever so bright,
I ceased..                      .
as  I     be...CAME      nothing

BUT     A       mere

as    I      prowled
(F)orests as a g(R)ey wolf looking for my next pr(E)y to rip up and consum(E)

For I was (FREE)
Jobira 2d

Her body is
delicate and tender
a grown woman,
at twenty-one, forever.
Her velvet-lips taste
like red wine,
long aged,
reach, smooth and fine.
Her breasts are firm and full,
nipples sharp like a piercing dagger,
My fingers and tongue are lost their ways,
tracing down, deep and under,
As I fulfill my hunger.
Her flat butterfly
Alongside her curvy hips,
She’s full of delicious parts
Starting from her soft lips-
Speeding all the way down
Where her treasure gold is hidden,
It’s a peaceful, fire place to stop
Found in the middle of heaven.

@jobiranyc (11/18/2017)

One man 5d

Judge a woman by her lovers
just another one after others
Wouldn't do that to a man
welcome to bed who he can  

Judge a woman by her clothes
her material and fabric throws
Criticised for what she wears
doesnt matter still gets stares

Judge a woman by her hair
try it different if she dare
It shows now, nerve reveals
surely you know how she feels

I Judge a woman by if she cares
deals with life and how she fares
In what she has a sense of pride
and the feelings she has inside

Judge a woman how dare you
exam her and what she do
It does more harm can't you see
to look at her so judgementally

© One man

Like it or lump it
amalia 5d

women does not have to be a diploma to be respect
women does not have to be under 100bs to be called sexy
women does not have to be sexy to be called beautiful
women does not have to fear or being fear of by walking on the street wearing hijab
women does not have to have a long beautiful straight hair to wear a cute hair-clip
women does not have to wear an under-knee skirt to not being cat-called


women can run faster than the wind

every women on earth live their own strength inside them

speak out
say no
cry out

yes, women cries so does men!

I grew up around strong women
I grew up around unapologetic bitches
And you think I should be "more lady like"
And you think I am going to stop swearing and make my way to the kitchen?
And you think I am going to give up my dreams for a man?
And you think I am going to cross my legs and pretend I don't burp?
And you think I am going to keep mum when we discuss politics?
And you think I am going put on a tiny little dress and sky high heels because that is what Y O U want?
And you think I am going to be someone's perfect trophy wife and mother?
I grew up around bad-ass women with foul vocabularies
I grew up around women who climbed their career ladders in unconventional ways and still ended up on top
I grew up around inspirational, take no shit from no man women
And you expect me to be anything less?

You said you dreamed about her eyes last night,
And what you called The Unreachable Light,
And you wept with a bitterness that cracked your lips with salt.

Your voice breaks with vain repetitions,
as you wring your wrists in mournful frustration;
An impatient aching, the veins in your face a silent screaming proclamation;
I am a man at fault.
This is all my fault.

Your mind, riddled with sharp stalactites of cold indignation,
Condescending every other second with rhythmic dripping condensation,
And the sound it makes keeps you awake with miserable reminders of resounding blame-

(I have been dead so long.)

You cut your teeth on infidelity,
and you raged against the Lord,
“There is no sun!
There is no meaning!”
And you put out your eyes so you’d never see that you were wrong.

Oh to hate how great a debtor,
How small is your belief!
You said the end was without absolution,
But I think you know it isn’t true.


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