Lisa 1d
spiderweb eyes
rip this dirty band aid off the restlessness
i owe it to give the water a reason to bleed
i never touched my grandmother's hands
so foolish, barefoot
tumbling over the incongruity of my crooked mouth
i was meant to avoid certain cities,
cruelty insofar as the streets don't
remind me of walking to school, don't
show me the shadow lights talking to me from
city buildings
and can i hear the patter of a crowded empty street
the gum on the cement won't stick to my shoes  
i want inside the starving sidewalks
there's a turbulence in feeling weight
everyday i feel farther away from the lists i write myself
somewhere in the medicine cabinet something cries
i turn off the lights and go to bed
the title is a melvins song
but what's relevant here is the alien and discordance i feel in my brain
there is power in being a girl
but there's also sadness
                    ­        anger
and most of the time it's hard to find strength in being a girl
except in knowing that the sisterhood is rising,
we're coming,
a force to be reckoned with
and nothing to stop us

there is power in being a girl
and there is also inevitability
A generation
of domesticated feminists
and jaded
data analysts
couldn’t comprehend
the way your kind
and bends to behaviors
of sinister
seasoned flavor
where is your accountability
to a higher power?
or are men made of
different material?
a high grade steel
prone to cutting
into the softness
of women
I wonder when
we will turn
our fates
into brick and mortar.
the new woman is sane,
sober, modest & boring;
insane women are more
interesting; drunk women
are more fun, immodest
women are much sought
after; the new woman
is working overtime;    the
old woman has some dude
paying for everything; the
new woman can't even
recall what her pussy is for
of all mammals        the human male
is among the few that has no
bone in the penis;       the coccyx
still functions as a vestigial         tail;

there are active parts of the brain
for which doctors  &    biologists
can find no known function;    when

women evolved the clitoris,    whose
sole purpose is to activate the libido;  
men lost the bone in their penis
thus ending their perpetual hard-ons
Lisa 3d
tuck me into bed
leave the restless leaves
i know how much you hate crumbs
on the mattress
but please
feel the unpleasantness and kiss it goodnight
i can tell you the stories i harvest inside myself
like they were only yours to hear
and they are
my experiences are for you to bump shoulders with
covered in sweat in the train station
pardon the loud lights
these make up the skin that will eventually
hold me intact when the weather turns and slaps me again
over and over again
i could sing you to death
roam into these tunnels that carry my serotonin to and fro
He touched her
This random stranger
His rough hands slid up her bare thigh
He wandered higher causing his desire to amplify
She gasped and shuddered
His words making her feel more revolted
She pushed and she ran
Picking her burqa up with her hand
They turned and the spoke
All these women who saw everything as a joke
"She deserved it" one said
For what she was wearing proved just that.
A girl gets raped and the fault often falls on her. " She was dressed like a slut, she deserved it." No she did not that is not how rape works, people need to learn before accusing the victim.
Blake 4d
As my foreign bones and ragged skin were being disfigured and gritted underneath the heaviness of you.
I soon came to the realisation,
That my betraying heart was differing its rhythm...
It’s beating.
To match and partner with your own.

And although your mental and physical rebelled together to take and conquer my being and willpower.
I begged for your heart to have mercy,
To betray its instincts
And stop it’s beating...

So mine would unwillingly follow suit
and therefore save me from
Eternal sadistic blues.
I think my heart would of deserve it.
Lisa 4d
my favorite girl is honeycombed
a heart of bitter jelly locked
the ants crawl but dissipate
amidst, i blush coquettishly
i am her prince, blue and fond
stranded in abundance of wild grass
somewhere in Texas
my throat is dry and my mouth lingers
on the sunflower seeds i spit aimlessly
into the dirt
Waiting for seedlings to crawl, a spurt of
"this love will grow someday"
i can taste the spit of the tongue
that knows my name by heart
and wouldn't have it any other way
no i wouldn't have it any other way
my fondness is knee deep fuckerr
There is no woman on earth
that can say I don't love her.

every woman that ever lived
& will live is one continuous
woman segmented in   single
lives; joined by men  who
carry the seeds of women   &
men; woman containing   the
two combining in the   egg;  .

making men or women who
make men &   women who can
never say they never loved
one another; there is no woman
that ever lived that can say
she was never loved by a man
& no woman on earth can say
I don't love her w/   all my heart
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