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To see the value within a woman’s eyes,
A worth that’s taken from her curves to her thighs.
A smaller waist,
A full cup to hold,
Exceed her value with her weight in gold.
1 - 10 is the scale you all know,
She’s asking for it,
But you still want her ass on show.
Ed Russ Jr Aug 28
Do you mind if I sit back and observe the process of the lords creation the subject matter is miraculous the beauty is elegant perfect in every scence my baby girl you stole my heart such a thief ain't you, thinking about seductive things we do sinners ain't we, naughty deeds but the intentions is good it serves needs

What pains me is that I have to let go to regrip your sparkling eyes again, got to move fast so quick that I don't miss the chance to clutch you in my arms again, heaven sent such a gift I cried when you was born I ain't even know you back then because, GOD made you for me I picked up your scent, I know from day one you was mine let us age old together bad and boujee like expensive fine wine, my kiss is possessive the beat of your heart is mine let that foreplay tingle down your spine, open wide going deep let me reach your soul climax our achievement together it ain't sex it's love

I love you girl no sex postion that can top this deposition let me show you its deeper than sex, I'm still into you watch me shift working overtime full time love baby moan out affection go on say the name, our body hum harmony can feel this body heat that steamy love, open wide in deep that creamy love that dreamy love, its deeper than sex, the agony an orgams of how our love make our body shiver, I love you, I love you! I rejoice I could say this a thousand times it's deeper than sex
Help me get this to trending. Wrote this about a special girl
When I last saw you,
your eyes were golden.
Puzzles I couldn't piece together,
a lake that shot back my own reflection,
not letting me see the deepness of you.

When I last saw you,
your hands were oak trees
hiding roots that dropped to the pit of the earth,
holding your meditations delicately close to you,
careful not to show
your great glimmering ships
carrying blue and low songs,
weeping dirges for a winter Sunday,
a red Grief that wakes you in your sleep,
adding the slight storm I see in your smile.

When I last saw you,
your eyes were golden.
Luna 1d
This is for you:

-the girl who is so ashamed because of her acne,
-the girl who cries in front of her mirror because she doesn’t
look like Picasso’s muse,
-the girl who forgot how to smile because of her problems,
-the girl who cries her eyes out every night because of him,
-the girl who is so terrified to attach because of her past relationship,
-the girl who is different from the others,
-the girl who wants to save every soul she meets, except hers,
-the girl whose heart, blood and soul runs wild,

-you are so much more than the sprinkles from your skin.
-you're not Picasso’s muse, but you definitely are God’s muse.
-don’t waste your life being so stressed, just enjoy the journey.
-you need to be strong.Cry your heart out, but stop,your tears are too worthy , make them rare, for the real ones.
-try to love yourself first, then someone else.
-your future is not defined by your past.
-you need to save yourself first.
-run with them, darling, and never look back.

This is for you, girls.
You, no matter what, are good enough.
You are lovable.
You are strong.
You are independent.
You are different.
You are rare.
You are you, and that is your power, learn how to use it.
love yourself, girl
ómra 4d
last night, i had a dream
about a goddess
made inside of my bones.

she was green and gold and she told me
a secret: we have the universe flowing
through our blood.

she was me,
and she is you too.
ómra 4d
when i was twelve i met my goddess
in an old pine tree on a cliff
with nothing but sand below me.

she beckoned me close
and sat me on her roots
and she told me secrets that all women know.

she opened up my mouth
and checked my teeth like a horse at a show
and nodded to herself
and said that yes, i would do.

she pressed her thumbs
to my forehead and woke up
the second-self that all women have

and she helped it walk
and taught it how to talk.

her skin was peeling bark
and her fingers were needle-sharp
but her smile stole my breath
and she keeps it high up in her boughs
even now, seven years later.

every time i exhale i feel it
right underneath my ribs, right in the place
where i know my mother
and my mother’s mother and
all of the wise mothers before me
have felt their instincts at work
she was beautiful, and my trust in her is absolute
Girls Names

Hope stands eternal.
Faith is still lost.
Charity helps the needy.
El Liberte counts the cost.

Sophia my darling, you are simply charming;
Whilst Vivienne Westwood, is rather alarming.
Ruby Tuesday; Have you met Wednesday?
Fanny-Anne’s Mary Jane is of the highest quality.

Victoria Skinny; isn’t she a funny yummy mummy.
Posh?  Oh gosh!  No she’s not.  She’s just interested in money.
Rosie! Oh damn you!  This was brand new!
Now I’ll have to go and get changed thanks to Little Blue.

Pixie, Poppy, Penny and Missy,
Every single one of them a Jane Doe – Missing.
Serial Killer Cathy waits…
For Rachel and her friends, to bring Uma to their graves.

Charlotte is a harlot;
Emmanuelle has blown a pilot.
Suki sucks, while Pamela just likes to fuck.
Demi is more than beautiful.
Holly is the curse of Christmas.
Go be jolly good Sally-Anne; get drunk and do a striptease.

Betty drives a Ford; insured of course.
While Jade is being a pain in the fucking arse!
Veronica of Lesbos and Marilyn are snorting coke.
Senorita Angelina knows how to satisfy a bloke.

Dannii, Kylie; Kylie, Dannii.
Whichever way you say it; it still equals shit.
Britney hit me, Christina slapped me
And I’m not telling you what Jennifer Low did.

Amy’s a drunk, she loves to whine.
Courtney’s a punk, like Skin Anansie.
To all the Girls who like to get high…
This is your final line…  It’s simply Divine.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dream 7d
I am made by your opinions, not skin.
I am polite as i am vulnerable. And i am quite when your bass speaks.
I cover up as men stare,lustfull eyes look if your skin is too bare.
I dress to impress,I cannot be a mess.
If i am too lean i am anorexic, If i am too chubby i am fat.
If i wear specs,i must surely play chess.
If i walk with my head held high my ego is too big.
If i look into your eyes I'm probably overconfident.
If i see your flaws i am too judgmental.

I am a woman, not of skin but of your words.
Women need to break illusions of being inferior. And women need to stop judging other women. If we want to be treated equally to men then we need to stand united. If we feud amongst ourselves we are  defeating the purpose of fighting for respect. Nonetheless i am a proud woman. I thrive to encourage women in the world to not bow down to men as if we are their property. We need to unite and stand up for fellow women who go through lots of sh*t. Sex trade, rape, being paid less and inferior treatment in the workplace is unacceptable. We need to fight for the respect we deserve. Women are not sex toys and men need to grasp this concept. Sooner or later.
blue moon
does sadness
come visit
you at night
do they
hear your
silent cries
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