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Brad post Sep 28
This ****’s been going on,
for far too long.
It took me talking to him,
to know something was wrong.

It started as a whisper,
so quiet and weak.
I could force it to silence,
without having to speak.

Then my mind and body,
started to waste.
He started to gorge,
and fell in love with the taste.

My slow decline,
was the foothold he needed,
and his tendrils grew,
where I didn’t know they were seeded.

His control grew bigger,
till it shadowed my mind,
and the whiskey fog I was in,
had simply turned me blind.

Then one day I was through,
enough was enough.
I was going to take control,
I had to be tough.

That was the first time,
that he spoke to me,
and that “no” was enough,
to finally make me see.

I tried and I tried,
again and again,
crying through his laughter,
trying to pour him out through a pen.

He was poison,
like a cancer you see.
He was killing us both,
but everyone just blamed me.

Then one day I realized,
I couldn’t get rid of that voice.
To do that meant death,
and that wasn’t a choice.

He’s a part of me,
but disconnected too.
A bystander to the hell,
that he’s putting me through.

Now every day is a struggle,
to quiet his voice.
Trying to convince myself,
that I do have a choice.

So he’s here to stay,
the monkey on my back.
The ominous stranger,
who calls himself, Jack.
We all have that voice, some are stronger than others.
Jeff Lewis Sep 17
standing in line
for mail
at the homeless shelter downtown
get a stamp…or
that fill her hand she’s writing
to the FBI
writing to the CIA
the DEA  
perhaps the NSA
what she wrote?

some days
she tells
of shadow people who plot
and scheme
she hides from
and their attacks
they track her
she hides
inside a dream
or more accurately, constant nightmare.

she talks to people in the air
rambled words
furtive glances
she listens  
what are the words that are being said
but then
who cares
no one knows those words
just Crazy Mary.
Crazy Mary is a composite of several homeless people I've gotten to know over the years. Untreated mental health problems are a huge issue that needs to be addressed in order to address general homelessness.
Bec Aug 23
Patterns are like chains
I can’t break free
Or at least that’s the way
It seems to me
Bec Aug 21
I stay close to the words you say
I still never let them ruin my days
a serious series of poems about what it’s like to get close to someone when you have a mental illness that makes letting someone in burn and ache
Yassine Feb 18
Never regret anything but avoiding
Those face expressions that told me everything, on a girl’s face that I’ve never met.
Cause I know, some of these expressions could turn to be love, magic or a redemption story that changes who I could be,
or maybe just Cause I know what the presence beside a lunatic girl will do to a poor like me.
But In the end, What do u wait from a ruinous man that has no patience nor interest or even the will to get attached to emotions, intellect or life.
Em Dec 2018
You rest inside my mind
Flooding through memories
Melting the corridors of my brain

And electrical activity
Since the day you came
I knew you would stay with me
In my consciousness.
In my *****,
dangerous mind.

And I know you still will.
im bored
cant write
lev me aloon uwu
i wanna play with italics
Jack Aylward Dec 2018
Please be warned everyone to be on your guard when dealing with this person, Marie Lewis from Elgin on Facebook Marketplace or anywhere else. She obviously has something wrong with her. She sold me an item recently, namely a shell type Art Deco lamp and claimed it was genuine. It turned out to be both fake and broken. When this was pointed out to her Lewis became extremely abusive and threatening sending me endless messages containing increasingly vitriolic abuse termed in illiterate pidgin English which is apparently her usual style. I have counted circa 18 such messages since I first expressed my concerns to her. She could not even spell her own postal address properly and it's difficult to comprehend her broken English. I believe that she has treated other people this way. I stand by my claim that this item is fake and if it is genuine as she claims then she is guilty of selling an item belonging to an endangered species a matter that will have to be reported to the authorities. I thought there was something wrong with this person when she sent the fake item to me wrongly addressed and before I could even pay for it. I had only expressed an interest in this item. She subsequently sent me demands for money couched in threatening terms. I will now have to send this item back to this person who even mispelt her own address which I had to research again. She continues to send me abusive messages and photos and unfortunately has my private address. Be warned everyone! Jack in Perthshire.
Please be warned everyone regarding this person, Marie Lewis she is dangerous
Jasmine dryer Dec 2018
she had a chance to make us sane
to bad little sally ran away
but its ok
its ok

its not like our minds are falling a
the longer and longer
the doctors make us stare at the
c h a r t
but were smart
the only problem
is that we don't know where to start

we wait for sally
to make us sane
to bad little sally
has ran away

our rooms are soft
sally said like clouds
padded softly
for when the voices get loud

little sally
why so blue?
miss sally
what did we do to you

she had we chance to make us sane
to bad miss sally
has ran away
Maniac girl Dec 2018
Cigarette ******* and ******
All these things
I beg him to bring for me
Charles used to buy
He was a nice guy
He loved to lie
I’d die for his lie
When he speaks, I kiss the red sky
He meant bye when he said hello hi

Diamonds and gold coins and cherry pie
Charles loved to buy
All these things for his sweetie pie
All I want to do is get high
And one day he left me alone here to die
He said that
I don't like your moonshine eye
She's so mature, you are  a ******
I have to move on, you are just a dophead *****
You call me honey
But all you want is money
You pretend to love me
And I know you are only a dope sick
Psychotic and toxic

When Charles slapped it felt like a kiss
And When he yelled it sounded like a whisper of affection
Charles said that I am lunatic
He's so cruel, he took everything I love from me for that sidekick

I am so lifeless
I might die tonight
And the last time I write
Baby, I don't know to fight
Only you can save me, right
But I know Charles ain't gonna save me
Amanda Nov 2018

A word I have always hated

Am I insane?
Should I be locked inside an asylum?
Perhaps put on medication?

Please do not patronize me by exploiting my insecurities in a condescending manner

I told you where my soft spots were in confidence hoping you would understand
Hoping you would speak with a sliver of sensitivity

I'm regretting that now as you aquire a taste for the way it sounds in your mouth
You save it for those moments where you really want to see me boil over

The reason why I hate being referred to as crazy is because I am somewhat psychotic
I am already scared of my own irrational behavior as it is
I am terrified of my slipping grasp on reality
I know I am crazy

I don't need you to remind me
I'm gonna show you crazy
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