Dorian Jul 8
How could you be in love
and do what you do,
say what you do.

Break glass
Push through

Push till you get inside
Push till you’re out

I’m not in love
Madison Jul 2
i am standing at the edge of this cliff

i can either jump off into this big unknown
and allow myself to fall in love
or i can continue to stare into the unknown
and refuse to take the risk

my past keeps causing my knees to lock
my hands to sweat
my heart to pound

i want to let go
to free fall

i think i just need a little push.
m.g. i need a push.
Kay Forest Jun 27
Can you feel me pushing?
Pushing against the wall you have built.
Annoyingly fighting every idea you have constructed
to justify the it.
Scratching and clawing at that wall to come down.

Can you feel me pushing?
Pushing against the version of you that you've created.
The you with the mass appeal.
The you that doesn't allow his heart to be seen.
Pushing and pulling the flesh from that version of you to watch it bleed.

Can you feel me pushing?
Amanda Jun 14
Emotions have a hold on me
Will not let me go
I wish I could end it all
You keep saying no

"You would leave me here?" You ask
I do not know. Would I?
Never want to hurt you
But it is easier to die

I cannot face life anymore
It is too hard to carry on
You are the only thing I have left
Every other positive aspect is gone

For you I continue to push forward
Another day I try, take one more breath,
I wish you would just let me
Succumb to the certain peace of death
Written 2-12-17

I remember writing this to my now-ex-boyfriend when we were in the throes of a crippling heroin addiction and I honestly did want to die I hated almost every second of my life, but he was the one thing that made staying here worth it. I could never leave my loved ones here lile that.
Estella Jun 13
You lead me on,
Just to let go of the rope.
I push you away,
Just to give into the weight again.
You carry my burdens,
Just to drop me in the end.
You pick me back up,
Just to lead me on again,
Just to let go of the rope,
Just for me to push you away,
Just for me to give in,
Just for you to carry me,
Just for you to drop me in the end.
It's an ongoing cycle–
And I don't think I will ever learn
Do your legs ever hurt
After running away
From all those who care about you?

Do your arms ever hurt
From pushing away
All those who desperately want to love you?
There is a fine line between love and hate.

You push me off the highest cliff and laugh at my fall- but I will love you.
You take my paralysed body and stab it 666 times- and my love seems to bleed all the more.
You put plasters on my stab wounds and whisper that it’s going to be okay- and my love for you expands
You cover me in oil
And then you light my body on fire- my love burns and grows into flames.
My body disintegrates into tiny pieces of dust but every piece still loves you.

But then you simply step on my ashes. You take a handful, and sprinkle them.
And now my love is cold
so cold that it feels like hate

A step too far.
The fine line
The smallest push over the edge

Now I don’t care, as the wind picks up my ashes and takes me into the air.

I used to fly. I was beautifully free; a bluebird soaring, floating, singing

And now I fly again; out of the darkness and into the distance; the warm sunset. The warm summer’s breeze.

If one day you choose to fly and we pass the same piece of sky; admire my wings

but please don’t take them away-
Not again, not today.
She feel into a deep dark depression.
That only he could bring her out of.
His poems and his paragraphs brought her out of the darkness.
Yet her demons still seem to follow. They always follow her, hold her hostage, her mouth duck taped.

They take over.

But he seems to break them. Push them away even for a little bit. He has a power that I don’t even have.

                            With love,
Lily May 13
I love you but I
Cannot do all of the things
You want me to do.
Life is like a light switch.
When you push the switch up. The light comes out. You can see everything clearly it’s like nothing can possibly hurt you.
But when you push the switch down the light is turned off and nothing is clear. Everything gets scary.
And then we all of those moments were we try to balance the switch in the middle were you don’t know if the light is gonna go on or off. Because every switch is different.

                                  With love,
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