So much energy
Plenty to do
I can do anything
Except what I need to

My thoughts are a whirlwind
I want to escape
I can't drink liquor
When I'm working late

I can watch movies
Play games on my phone
Reorganize my desk
Sing a long song

When it comes to it
I'm just depressed
Life's going nowhere
Memories repressed

Keep pushing on
Take a deep breath
Practice mindfulness
Repair whats left

There is only today
What I don't get done
Won't go away

Grab up that energy
Make a big push
Write a little poem

Shane R Oct 16

I push my body to its limits,
Then push my mind.

There are no limits.

s Oct 11

my mind is a war zone, my body’s shackled to depression
get to know me if you want to but use your discretion
i’ll push you far away and then i’ll beg for your attention-
i’ll convince us both it’s love though you’re merely a projection.

DZ Sep 18

Anxiety rolls away in my tummy,
My heart flutters,
My head screams,
It's nonsense,
Nothing and everything all at once.
There's no reason for it,
No understanding,
But there it is,
Needling me,
Torturing me,
And there isn't anything I can do,
But to ride it out,
Smile it away,
"Fake it until you make it."
But will I?
Can I?
There is no other option,
So I just do it,
And hope it fades quickly,
God help me.
These moments,
They just suck.
But at least I'm alive,
That thought always helps me through it.

The tiredness behind my eyes
Keeps me awake
I push through

Asleep inside
I shut down
I go dark

No thoughts
No dreams
No breath
No desires
I hush

Its cold
But I'm awake
I work

I gave in
To keep up
Stayed back
To push forward
I push through

A H S Jul 13

Look left
Look right

My chest rises
It falls

My head thumps
With the rhythm
Of my feet
Slapping the pavement

Muscles activated
Adrenaline pumping

The ground steepens
Legs burn

Chest heaves
Shins ache
Sweat collects
Feet pound the floor

The faster I go
The more I forget

The faster I move
The more it burns

Pain is a funny thing
For it can be replaced
With good pain
Burning pain

But only for a second

Then it's back
To push and pull

To move and

My body
With scars
And insecurities

Replacing emotional  pain with physical pain
Alexa Sangren Apr 23

The construct of "in"
Pushes us all away
Such as ripples
When someone dives

Beau Grey Apr 22

A cloud never
the same shape
from point a
to point b.

And if they did
would we even
bother to lie
in the grass

There's a reason
many of the best
thinkers in history
took off into nature

She never forgets
what humanity
has long ago

We would not
tape leaves
to a tree
to stop her
leaves from

Or barricade
the ocean
to stop
her ride
from rising.

Or push
the sky
to prevent
a storm.

But we do it
to ourselves
and each other
every day.

Ron Apr 17

We all have them.
Yet for some reason some of us hold back
Like we don't have the motivation
Lacking the drive to push ourselves
It's a plague and it's affected our whole nation
It's something that needs to be fixed
Our hearts need healing
And our souls need freeing
It's only a matter of time
So I'll plead with you now
Never hold yourself back
Never tell yourself that you're nothing
Because I guarantee
That you are something to someone
You mean more than you think
Don't give up on your dreams
Because your dream could be the most important of all
It could save you
It could save the world
You never know.
Dreams are important
They should be treated like gold.

Wrote this to a motivational rap beat. So I don't know how well it will translate without a beat.

I confess that I fear everything,
& coming out of my shell is yet to find!
Dear fears, I wish you could go for a vacation away from me!
with you I am hesitant as well as resistant all the time.
I don't know how to explain.
I wish I could let go of all of them
And do everything I ever wanted to do.
Thoughts keeps running across my mind
figuring no way out except thinking.
And my time is flowing fast enough...
I wish there was somebody to push me from the cliff
so that I could actually start living..
But, I get it, there is nobody except me
I have to push myself
Not for others but for myself.
I don't want to change for other but for myself..

I blame my fears but fear is a part of me whom I have to cut it out!
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