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roumen 6d
My last walk in the fire
one day..
My ash will spill around...
one day..
Fire will shroud me in my last walk to hell..
yes not heaven..hell..
yes I am coming...
I know ,
you have been waiting
for me ...
for my last trip into that fire..

Dont push me away,
you are my muse,
you are my light ,
you are my moon.
Dont push me away,
I am your soul ,
I am your door,
I am your road,
Dont push me away,
I want nothing ..
I want everything ..
I want you..
in my last day.
in my last walk
into that fire...
I am here..
The toll of Angers tide -
Compels us on, and forward

Satisfaction, it never comes!
the only direction left to go,
We stumble.
We're pushed.

The toll of Angers tide -
Compels us on,
Pushing us further, pushing us forward...
The tolling of angers tide-

Is an unrelenting force.
quinn May 1
dear quinn,

you have
every right
to push  
people away.

but that doesn't mean
you have to.

it doesn't make it better.

i would know,
get some fresh air. and keep those you love close to you. as close as you can get them. because you cannot know when you will lose them, lovely.

thank you for reading my words <3

Zack Ripley Nov 2019
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
You, who pushes through the day with a smile even when you don't want to.
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
Lover, fighter, don't be afraid to let your fire burn brighter.
Tonight, I write for you a poem of hope.
You, the one who fears you've reached the end of your rope.
Tonight, I write this poem for you.
You, my new friend. If you need someone to talk to, I'm just around the river bend.
Amanda Apr 29
To make something change must fight
You aren't born a champion
But made
Just have to push towards the light
To the day weakness delayed
Only you have the ability to make change out of the large bills life gives you
Poetic T Apr 13
I was never the one,

            I wasn't even the second
of what ever you thought you
wanted from us.

I was never going to be yours,

           I wasn't even mine,
I resisted the urge to look
at the scars
       where I'd been.

            I'd not been to
that place for a while.

But how can I be what others push,
        like I'm an addiction
waiting to be cured.
   There the needle pushing in my skin.
   breaking my resolution to not be
                           like I was before this.

Sorry, I couldn't give you a smile,
           I couldn't give you time,
           I couldn't even give you us.

                                      I'm not even mine..
Love is a lifetime of examples of how we can overcome our fears, worries, and doubts

invisible but can be seen

Intangible but can be felt

And inaudible but you know it when you hear it.

At times it can seem to be extinct, and at others make you as euphoric,

In the end it is we who choose to let it see, feel, and hear our love, push it away, or accept it.
Love lost does t always mean you have no love
e a l Mar 13
can we talk?
no, you're busy

you need a favor?
course, i'll be there in a jiffy

pushing and pulling me
like you're waves dragging me everywhere

i love you
but i can't keep up with you doing me like this

can we talk?
can we?
solfang Feb 18
is my body gravitating down,
or levitating up?

either way my body
is out of control,
and I'm stuck in the middle
trying to figure out
where my feelings for you
is taking me
Not sure if this feeling will take me somewhere good, or it'll just spiral downhill from here.
Erian Rose Feb 7
We can make it through
Push past the rough, face our fears
Runaway from here
Make our own light in the darkness
And live our lives
No matter how far apart we are
We can make it through
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