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How doth the little chupacabra
   Improve his lizard scales:
Abracadabra and candelabra,
   He showers when it hails.  

He licks his lips, and grins a grin
   A bit like an iguana's;
Poisonous drool runs down his chin;
   His teeth are like a piranha's.
Chicken May 6
How about you
get your wanking materials
Some place else
Some place else

You got off on the wrong
Pull them trousers up
Keep your anger
to yourself.
Sometimes, people’s unwarranted anger is about unfulfilled ****** desire, and / or unfulfilled ****** satisfaction.

Armed with any excuse to rationalise their completely irrational choices, these are the abusers, rapists, and the killers of the world.
Chicken May 5
He is a creature
Inviting necrosis to set in
whichever mind he may set foot upon

Only the strong survive
to make it out alive
from beneath his heavy weighted black tar tread

He is a creature.
Don’t forget.
A short about lethargy.

The inspiration came from the study of those who create suffering for others, simply because it gets them off.

Whilst I have encountered both male and female who do this, it has been more male than female, and this short relates to one of them in particular.

The two subjects are linked.
Whatever you do, don't open the door
Though you feel a presence outside tonight

What ever you see, its not really there
A kind soul and twilight: an unlikely pair

Whatever you hear, they're not really there
A mother's voice, a friend's plea, its not them, I swear

Whatever you do, don't turn out the lights
In the dark, it grows to great heights
And it won't matter if you heed this call
Because when darkness is let in, the door will fall
Osiria Melody Apr 14
                                          don't tell me
                   ­                             what love is
                                                   ­                 Why so?

                                                 i've never felt it

                              So what should i do?

                                       well, it's quite simple

                                                         ­          show me

                                But, love ain't simple!

                                                        ­     exactly, so don't


                                                               ­  loving me

                                                    You're always

                                  like the ocean,

                                                always there

                                                               ­       to sway

                                                      me into

                                                               ­  you

                                                never come back

These apricot grains of sand snuggle against my toes, a malleable shelter.

Chasing my last breath
I wait here in the dark
To unleash the creature
You trapped inside my heart.
Echoes and memories
Fall from my bleeding eyes
I’m stronger than this pain
My words are only lies.

Never was a moment
That stole my frozen heart.
I saw you in a moment
And it was just the start.
Kingdoms have fallen
Before my very breath
But you woke the boy that
I thought I could forget.

Though Angels have faltered
To walk these very steps
I followed my heart
Into its darkest depths.
And you were there waiting
Your eyes of Amethyst fire.
I lost in that moment
You trapped me with desire.

Now Never has broken
The promise that I gave.
I hold you broken
Forever still a *****.
Kingdoms will crumble
Before I let you go
The light in your eyes fade
and that is when I know.

Chasing my last breath
I wait here in the dark
To unleash the creature
You trapped inside my heart.
Torment and anguish
Fall from my bleeding eyes.
I say that I’ll forgive them
My words are only lies.

Written for a character in my WIP (Locked Behind Amethyst Eyes)
Tori Apr 3
A leprous creature in life and death
with a horrible stench and a panting breath
She files her neatly pedicured claws
Sharpens the teeth in her lip-glossed jaws
In search for the pulsing blood of men
she feeds on their beating hearts and then

moves on....
Here is a poor cat
Striped, sweet and shy
Minding its own world
But somehow feel grateful
For the touch of me
Who is passing by.

With saint hazel eyes
This cat artlessly purrs
To provoke a symbiosis between us
Surpisingly soothes my blue whale heart.

It also seeks for a comfy gesture
That will fit just right
It is that simple and pure
And makes heart feel light.

What a purrfection cat!
That prides itself for having fur like velvet
But never acts like a brat
Leading me to give it a soft peck
Because we have a same wavelength
Plus wanting another species to cherish our rant
That sadly never ends.

There's a saying;
'Humans who think cats don't understand them are the stupidest ones'
So imma get all lovey dovey with this cat
See if you care.
Weird poem but OK :(
Jack Feb 21
A faceless false perception

Darkness Masquerading,
Scattering our sheltering light.
Nebulous shadows stalk and creep
Corrupting our minds with fright.
This deception is a con,
An illusion forged by midnight.
A faceless false perception
conjured evil blight..
The faculty of seeing
To shift our sight
These shadowy ensembles
Disappear with a bedroom light.
the monsters under your bed, nothing to be feared
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