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Mark Wanless Apr 8
and the creature came
out of just a thin mirror
the minds fell culprit
Nat Lipstadt Jan 10
Sunday afternoon
her best bud,
our dearest friend,
coming over for
a television marathon:

appetizer, a glass onion,
a ****** mystery to whet,

NFL football main course,
accompanied by her pasta bolognese,

plus a tasty choice of English after-dinner treats,
with chocolate chip cookies, candied pecans,
a platter of  BBC sweet treats,
even one Viennese,
some creatures large and small,
a Victorian female most scarlet.

I proffer:

I will wear my
best pressed
bleu jeans,
my new Kit & Ace bleu sweater,
(that she bought me)
actively participating in all
activities, even keep my cussing
to a tolerable minimum,
and if asked, will gather in a taxi,
no matter it raining bitter cold.

She weighs my terms,
her acceptance:

Responding that my
dress code excessively formal,
sweatpants will be
infinitely more comfortable,
than jeans, given the intense
intensity of couched exertion.

A sole thought courses through my body:

what a magnificent creature
you have planted in my garden
2:09 PM
sun Jan 8
I S A A C Jul 2022
take off your shell, wash off the dirt that is layered upon your skin
come out of the cave, show us what’s within
the expertly built walls that surround your lake of life
you can’t keep swimming away all your life
reclusive exclusive beach ***
elusive and ruined pretty creature
Johnson Oyeniran Sep 2021
''Daddy'' the Son asked,
''What do Monsters look like?''

Monsters arent ugly creatures with spikes,
Nor do they have long sharp claws that look like knives.

Their thirty two teeth are as neat as a pin,
They regularly bathe to maintain good skin.

Red is not even the colour of their eyes,
And do not think they only come out at night.

They are quite civilized and walk on two feet,
Yet they are more deadlier and scarier than beast.

Theres one species that fit that catergory,
What starts with H and ryhmes with brutality?
Some say
you are easy enough
to be forgotten
as you look like
the most unknown man
they never see.

Some say
you are the most beautiful creature
I should stay away
as I am the old man
with a young soul
live in wild love.

Some say
the lost is nothing
and people are always like a flower
and you are really hard to pick all,
they come and go,
nobody can untouch.
Indonesia, 24th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Melony Martinez Apr 2021
Good morning, Starshine

You're a gift to this world
I admire your generosity for others
Sharing freely from your heart

Your character inspires me
I recognize the resolve in your values
Challenging me to grow

Your spirit calls me
I thirst to know all of your secrets
Both broken and healed

Your energy moves me
I crave your touch
Addicted to the electricity it gives

Your soul sees me
I'm intoxicated by your words
Dismantling my armor

You're a beautiful creature
I'm thankful to intersect your path
Hopeful we can walk awhile
Vale Luna Apr 2021
I slept with my door open
Footsteps down the hall;
Left, right, creak, pause
The insides of my eyelids become an abyss
Left, right, left, right (faster…)
Left, right, left, right (faster!)
Left, right, left, right (FASTER!)
Left, right; It reaches my door frame
The weight vanishes ‒‒ I open my eyes
Like there always has been.

I face my open door
The heaviness returns ‒‒ my eyes close
Creak, right, left, right, pause
The void covering my eyes arrives
An outline pierces through my sight
Left, right…
It sits on the edge of my bed
“It’s very nice to be invited in,
People… remarkably quick to lock me out”
A pointed nail drags against my arm
The outline against the abyss reveals a set of claws
“Extraordinarily soft people,”
The weight is broken through
I look around the darkness
Like there always has been.

I try to sleep with the door open
The heaviness is aggressive this time
It’s outline sits, looming over me
“I have not been in many rooms,
Yours is the most stimulating.”
It envelopes my vision
I feel a warm breath on my ear
“I have always wondered…
If the human is still alive when I bite it
Will it scream?”
I feel a set of razor sharp teeth settle onto my neck
I struggle to break through the weight
My eyes open
Like there always has been.

Who sleeps with their door open?
The force closing my eyes swallows me
The creature’s outline flops
against the black backdrop
It’s thorny teeth the only visible ****** feature
“Before I go, I must request something”
It shifts closer to me in bed
A whisper speaks,
“Look me in the eye.”
The weight wrestles me
I win by stubbornness
When I look around my room, I see
Like there always has been.

I tried sleeping with my door open
The heaviness hits me like a wave
slamming against rocks
Along with its teeth,
The outline attained eyes
Bulging through a skull,
littered with cracks
“Thank you,”
Its blade-like teeth spread
“It’s good to know I’m welcome here.”

When I awake, I hear
Like there always has been.
I look towards my door…
It’s closed,
Which is odd,
because I’m certain I fell asleep with it open.
Cross Boundry Feb 2021
Walk along the riverbed.
You will come upon a nymph,
Aged and smooth
As a riverstone
Sighing and singing with
The water’s flow
Ask her, “How are you, Nymph?”
And she will
Up at you and say
“I am but a tired soul
In a tired sea
Of tired souls.”
Her voice the soft bubbling of the river.

Walk among the trees.
You will come upon a dryad,
Ridged and furrowed
As the tree limb
Upon which she sat as she watched
The leaves fall with the autumn breeze
Ask her, “How long have you sat here, Dryad?”
And she will
Down at you and say
“I grow and grow old
With the tree.
And the tree has grown tired.”
Her voice the raspy crinkle of the fallen leaves.

Walk amidst the flowers.
You will come upon a deva,
Light and sweet
As the honeysuckle she sat amongst
Watching and humming with
The many bees
Ask her, “Who are you, Deva?”
And she will
Away from you and say
“We, those of us that
To this place,
We are Afraid.
And we wish to no longer be Afraid.”
Her voice the wavering stems of delicate flowers.

The nymph chokes on her sisters' remains as
the dryad is cut down and shredded and the deva is
forced into restrained clay pots.

They cannot be freed by one
but by the response
of all.
Our Mother
With our care - we now cover

Rebuilding your soil
With intention and toil

We are sorry
To make you cry
And drain your rivers dry

Our Mother
We now strive
To help you to revive
That all can prosper
And survive

Thank you
For teaching us
That every drop of water
Every blade and leaf
Every creature
Makes a difference
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I've been studying Geology lately so I've been learning a lot about Mother Earth and her intricate workings.
JKirin Jan 2021
There is no escape...
A creature of evil—the dark!
You roam through the night well hidden—
Your strike –
a deathly finesse! Crushed, smitten,
he falls down – your victim, your mark.
There is no escape!
about deathly creatures of the night
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