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Cross Boundry Sep 23
oh, pale lover
don't cry the tears of past pain
i'll hold you in the dark
of the night
shivering under the moon

oh, darling flower
let me guide you to warmth
i'll wrap you in blankets
and my love
follow me through the world

oh, creature cold
you'll find your way in life
use me as your lantern in
the effortless dark
let me light your path

oh, pale creature
i'll love you as you do
keep your eyes to the moon
and your hands in mine
this love will never die
love me, pale creature, love as you do
Andrew Layman Aug 27
That face
how it shines
seeking to be closer
to those fingers that caress
softly spoken words
that call the divine.

So precious
all knowing pet
lovely creature that hums
such purpose becomes that closeness
in your eyes
you think me God.
Maria Mitea Aug 23
Greedy mind,
craving everything
and everyone to bow to your will,
as you being the God.

Who made you,
Greedy creature of
empty despair?

Will you ever desire to be unmade?
Simone13 Aug 14
Its your fault
I am like this
My obscured creature
Fabricated from one another

I renounce you
For stealing my reflection
The familiarity crept
in the blackened skin of my eyes

From the disrupted nightmares
As you shriek next to me
a poisoned trace disseminating my mind

You drink the acid in my sternum  
Seething waves in my stomach

You blow the wind
for my shaking bones
producing silence
from an untouched note

We cant escape one another
your tallons sink deeper
clutching my suffocation
as a life source

You are nothing
But a fabrication I can’t ****
Without sinking
Living with anxiety, is almost like living with a person living off your suffering
Juniper Jul 28
it’s dark
storming, loud
the rain spatters my windshield
leaves me nearly blind

i don’t see the blur
sandy brown fur, beady glowing eyes
until i hit it head on
my life flashes

on the side of the road
fading out in the ditch
i stare at the beast
in this moment, we are one in the same
driving in the rain at night scares me
Nilia Loh Jul 24
What shape is it's ears?
A silhouette so mysterious.
Wandering in the woods,
Not knowing how it looks.
A little pointy on the nose,
But it doesn't actually crow.
A lonely silhouette,
Disappearing into the sunset.
Can you guess what animal i'm talking about?
Catnip Lily Jul 28
Sleep by the day and awaken at night.
Mingling with the unseen.
Bestfriends with the vambats.
Ugly to the eyes but gracefully felt.

It matters not to me what you are.
For in the darkness you lighten my fear.
With you I feel safe as without you I am lost.
Without you I might as well be dead.
With you within I become immortally alive.
There is a saying .. it matters not what you are .. the most important for me is who you are. Unseen to the eyes but felt in the heart.
Bhill Jun 19
nonchalantly, and with a nimble stride, the lizard crossed my path
at great speed, it's tailless torso, made it to the cover of desert cactus
the momentum of this little creature was stunning
the desert floor is packed with amazement of all kinds

Brian Hill - 2020 # 167
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