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Em Jan 30
Where better to find a leaf
than in the forest?
Where better to eat food
than at a table?
Where better to pray
than in a church?
Where better to scream
than by yourself?
Where better to hurt
than inside yourself?

No place better than a hospital
to recover
Where better to die
than in the arms of your lover?
this was inspired bY A N I M E UWU
been watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
thought of george joestar's last words and i dunno
Miraj Jan 14
Her skin's camouflaged
by bark, or so it seems
but really
a lost purpose
for it is not her doing
in the days of old
it's the whisper of time
to prepare her
for the final dance
reluctantly she gave
her body swirling and bending
twisting and turning
in the airy stage
a perfect Giselle
when finally she stopped
and there she lay still
a perfect camouflage
by earth
only her dismal soul
dissolved in the Northwind.
Amy H Jan 12
(a metaphor...)

Turning times on who I had to be
singed and fragile
rigid as a leaf
wont to tumble
in the wind;
make a fist
see her crumble,
death of Spring
scattered on the ground.

Winter comes
to soothe the scorching,
freezing scars
til finally
the hottest Summer ever
is remembered not felt.
But a tree like me
abides the changing season
emerges thriving.
Seasons of change
Justyn Huang Jan 11
You never know how green
A leaf may be
Until you turn it over.
Turning a new leaf
My mind
is like a leaf,
lost in the wind.
It is here,

I have learned
that I cannot be
everywhere at once.
And that I need
to save some time
for myself.
I try to be everywhere at once. I want to help everyone with everything everywhere. Someone needs help with homework; someone needs a pianist to cover; someone needs an extra violinist to play; someone needs me to be by there side. I often forget the last time that I thought about myself. I think that I should try and work on that...
The snow puffs on the lonely trees of my yard...
Zephyr falling on the rheumy ground,,,
My Heart beating
With no sound!!!!!
My Heart beating with no sound!!!!!
Moist ground intimate
With moist eyes :::
The Parakeets holdback Spring to come,
The peak of KHARABALL,
All Milky with fresh snow
Once Sunshine Gnaw...
Looking above the minerates of my Masjid,,,
I saw your image
Waiting for me...
Let us again we should be we
As we are we
As we are we
Snow drops
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