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The Babylonian hanging gardens is vanished
                            maybe the fairies tucked it away.
Lo the clouds swim on your dry leaves, rainfalls
                                                        hum on the way!
Moon Apr 8
A plant outstretches its frame,
in steady growth and tenor;
A new leaf still wrapped unto itself,
must unfold to meet the world.

A universe appears,
and another dissipates;
Yet a leaf is born,
between the stars and dirt -
from the dust and decay.

A sapling reaches for sun and rain,
as I search for pen and paper.
After all,
We all do what we can.
Water gushing down a stream
Reflecting the sky like a dream
Nurturing the plants around
Making a calming sound
Leafs floating on the surface like a boat
Shivering in the wind as it stays afloat
Minnow darting away in the current
Shiny wet pebbles gleaming in the playful light
The suns ribbons making the sand look bright
Tall trees showing off their height
Squirrels over an acorn, they fight
Birds learning their way to flight
While I look on at natures might
Happy poetry day! :)
deadhead Mar 15
a leaf floats down
softly, silently.
it rests upon the ground.
Floating on a still river
I begin to break and shiver
For I am all withered and broken
And for being alive, I appreciate this token
I remember my green past
Yet it faded by quite fast
Is this how long I will actually last?
I had let go of my branch
Now I’m drowning in this watery avalanche
Nothing to hold onto any more
I break the closer I am to shore
Julia Feb 7
blessed sting
i’m numb
with jubilation
a nettle found me
Alex Scaife Jan 7
Spilt blood seeps into the cracks of the earth
Floating gently down like a plucked feather
Deeper and deeper into the black soil
Which turns purple, slowly, like a bruised fruit
Carrying its infected blood to the core.
Festering roots grow, a tumour,
Which rises and bursts like an overripe fig
Into the open landscape below which it swelled.
Pink leaves hang from its twisted branches
And casts a black shadow submerging us all
Poem about fascism
M Yasir Nov 2020
these eyes were cried from long ago
the heart was fill up from that useless grudge's
we called it love  
the mind was trying to destroy those fake memorise that haven't any connection with reality
the person was just walking on the footsteps of the morning wind he's just looked at the new sunrise but tears won't stop from his eyes they come out miraculously.
Jim Oct 2020
A leaf, a leaf!
Some red, some yellow, some green
They're jagged
They're smooth
Some ribbed
Some pruned

Fallen from the tree or bush they once grew
turned brown and crinkled then stepped on with a shoe!
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