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kevin wright Feb 7
A burgeoning bud raises its head
Chlorophyl revelling in the light
Elegantly clothing the naked plant
Ceeding a symbiotic candor

Insect prodigy cocooned and mothered
Attired, an insect emerges
Now blushing red in warning
Martyrdom befalls this leaf
Simplest things often have significant bearings in life
Kassan Jahmal Jan 31
A leaf in the wind;
was falling in the rain
(such heavy rain)

It's despair,
the story of a kid
(such a common story)

Who fell away from their peers;
as it's so lonely to be brave.

As poverty's coin flipped over;
soon dead on it's head.
Chasing any chance of wealth;
going round in circles,
Chasing it's tail.

With a gun of six;
shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot!
The weapon of man's hand;
that only revolves around death.

And I'd still ask the Lord,
to shine on our worth;
Despite of us being at our worst,
never lose the light of earth,
as we keep shinning our torches.
Diesel Nov 2021
A beauty touched! A yellow leaf!
Which shines and stares from midnight beams,
That topples waves with every motion
In yellow glaze and bright commotion!

  Not distraught by distant wind,
The yellow park leaflet rides,
Among the arch, among the brim
Abound a wood— stood sitting high:

And branches tight, which sit them fair—
Not caught up by their troubles them—
Swallowed by some ancient air,
And there I stood, beauty'd in:

Felt it did, in inertias touch,
Oh gentle leaf in gentle cusp,
You kiss despite a wind-eye breeze—
You sit and yet you give enough
A night wood, beauty-yellow tree.
Kassan Jahmal Nov 2021
As I,
Once lived;
On great mountains;
Making not a piece of sound.
And    in    my    dying   moments,
I lay silent in a bed of pretty flowers.
I’m crushed, with my skin of shaded brown,
Now  a part of the Earth' ground as it  erodes.
In the wind, I whisper whisperings of my time,
A  forgotten  season lost in winter,  and  life.
In  a  forest  filled  to  the  brim  of  d­reams,
Parked       underneath        the       shade,
Once      guarded,        and      unafraid.
And      ­    what           a         shame,
Soon      I’ll      be      gone
With     the     wind,
A Psalmist Sep 2021
You picked me from the masses
Taken from the grasses
"I'll remember you forever"
So I'm stored between the covers
Pressed and crushed within the pages
Just like all the others
And over time, I am dried
No more tears left to cry.
I am just another leaflet
In your book of memories
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2021
When a leaf stops dancing to the music of life, and the melody of the birds has ceased, it changes to yellow and gently falls off the tree of life.

Hussein Dekmak
Sweet like caramel vanilla, the innocence in those hypnotic eyes
Overwhelmed, smitten, I can't look away, even after a thousand tries
Blushing like red roses, that color of those cheeks so lovely
Like a dry leaf, I'll go wherever the wind of love takes me.
Love gives and love takes away
Draginja Knezi Jul 2021
press to distress
express disdain
say if may
dis is in vain

but there's rain in my veins
and through the pain
is where we gain
the whys and the eyes
for I's and the lies

I guess I got caught in the rot
but hey why not
leave like a leaf
live and relieve
weave and retrieve
humus is us and whatnot
16 July 2021
Omarcito Jul 2021
Give someone a joint.
Watch them glow.
Watch the squirrel run down the birch wood tree.

Congruency in lives,
It’s complexity is unmatched like
The Mighty Leaf
The Hungry Giraffe,
Who’s David?

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