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KHY 5d
rain bends leafs to their depths
they ring out colour that fills the earths chest
a coat of white on a heap of life
unto death
old willow Oct 15
A leaf drifting thousand miles,
against the wind, it live.
A mountain stood arrogantly,
against the withering time, it live.
Therefore, those who persist are alive,
the dead dare not struggle.
Struggling is life, persisting is life,
but life is not struggling or persisting.
Five.. four..three... A life depends
When the last leaf fell,
His life will end
But one day he was getting well A heavy rain happened
He asked his friend for the curtain to be opened
The last leaf is still there
But the one who made it is not anymore there

One.. it's still one
His life was saved by that old man
That masterpiece changed everything
It saves life because of that painting.
Inspired by the story: The last leaf
A tired leaf
hanging above the grass,
enjoyed a final sway.
And falling down
onto the ground,
he softly whispered "Hey",

"So long my friends.
  I've loved you each.
This life was strange and kind"

And with the wind
his leafy friends
waved him solemnly,
As the end of the scene, finished the play, I went up to the tree and quietly said
Me- "I'm sorry for your loss"
Tree-"Don't worry" "It's fine"
Sadness only takes place in a place called your mind.
Aashi Sinha Sep 3
a dry leaf on a cemented ground, me chasing you all around, is really everything fine?

Shocked to the core

i want it, i need it, it’s not
come and go
come and go
come and go
come and go,

entangled legs and intertwined fingers, velvet sheets and sweet lies
searching for you between atoms and skin cracks, you were here, right here, right now, where did you go?

white noise, the crackle of static, rain on me, Joji, the ocean between us, darkness surrounds u-- me.
JW Sep 1
once you were gone i stopped writing
and hand in hand with the words unpoken
left the wholeness you had planted in my heart
when you turned around i could see snowflakes imprinted on your back
staring daringly at the little tree growing in my chest
i tried to protect and nurture the words in my brain
that after all were just the leaves of what had once been a seed in the form of a single look
the cold that filled your absence
froze the river that had watered my mind
and each leaf one by one turned yellow then brown before it sank to the bottom of it all
left naked and vulnerable, the tree, it died as the did the words
while i watched the sun and warmth that you embodied get into a car
and drive away without looking back
Pockets Aug 28
Cows graze in the grass
Caterpillars eat leaves
Humans ate the whole world
Turning God’s oasis into a feast
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