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Poetress2 Apr 2019
Why do the dark nights seem darker,
when you are all alone? I do not have the answer. 
It's as if loneliness tangles its' frayed fingers around your hair,
and encompasses you like a sand storm.  
It seems as though there's not much hope of escaping this endless nightmare.
Em Jan 2019
I bask in the glory
Radiated from the sun
The heat works to encompass me
In its loving embrace

Shining over the earth
Dropping and raising petals
Never stopping
Never ceasing to exist

There were gods named after her, after all.
i dont know what im doing?????? im tired but i haven't posted here in a while
the sun is good, the sun is gREAAAAAAAT,,,,
If you pass on compassion,
compassion won't encompass you
but pass you by.

— The End —