i'm running against the spinning earth
with rocks tied to my ankles
and although they look different
these granite chains still jingle
i'm a prisoner inside my own heart
and the key has flown away
no harry potter or ron weasley
could ever save the day
but there is one girl, my Hermione
as brilliant as the sun
who could step forward and catch the key
and make me her someone
but until then, here i will remain
a prisoner without a name
faceless, nameless, awaiting my sentence
but hope lives on
that, like a new dawn,
my Hermione will awaken
i can't sing in the car anymore
because my favorite song
is the sound of your laughter,
and there's no way to sing along to that.

i used to enjoy art.
but when mona lisa walked out of the frame
and up to me, to break my heart
it kinda ruined it for me

i could've spent all day watching tv
but the one interaction we had
keeps running over and over again on repeat
and i've already seen it.

even reading isn't the same.
words that used to be innocous
now play russian roulette with my brain,
except they use a fully loaded gun.

but then again, who needs those things
when there is you?
Nasira 2d
tell me what ill is it of me
that you can say by tongue or pen
that i haven't already screamed at a mirror
a thousand times over
a thousand times again

but i have faced far worse than you before
and will face a hundred more
and then
i fight and pray and survive
a thousand times over
a thousand times again
Lisa 5d
spiderweb eyes
rip this dirty band aid off the restlessness
i owe it to give the water a reason to bleed
i never touched my grandmother's hands
so foolish, barefoot
tumbling over the incongruity of my crooked mouth
i was meant to avoid certain cities,
cruelty insofar as the streets don't
remind me of walking to school, don't
show me the shadow lights talking to me from
city buildings
and can i hear the patter of a crowded empty street
the gum on the cement won't stick to my shoes  
i want inside the starving sidewalks
there's a turbulence in feeling weight
everyday i feel farther away from the lists i write myself
somewhere in the medicine cabinet something cries
i turn off the lights and go to bed
the title is a melvins song
but what's relevant here is the alien and discordance i feel in my brain
o o o o o

She loves me...
I believed her with the whole of my heart
She loves me not...
I can't stand you and can't wait till we part.

She loves me...
Whispers so sweetly in my ear,
She loves me not...
Snarling both close to a tear.

She loves me..
Keep the darkest secrets and I promise never to tell,
She loves me not...
So cold like the arctic sometimes I wish I was in hell.

She loves me...
Just one kiss tells a thousand words
She loves me not...
Without that kiss Life's hell on earth.
o o o o o

Baby I know I'm not the perfect guy,
Or maybe I'm just really not your type?
Even still did you have to hollow out my heart? When all I wanted was a kiss? You said I looked sharp, handsome and gorgeous..and thats so awkward because you've got the prettiest eyes Ive witnessed. My self confidence struck dumb by how amazing you looked. Maybe It was too soon in thinking I could taste your lips, I mean for f sake maybe I'm crazy but I needed your love tonight, Just one kiss to sooth my screaming soul. Just one kiss to prove I'm still breathing girl.
Just a little kiss to keep me hanging on,
Now the chance is missed I won't be hanging around,
No more dates down our local river,
No more good morning hearts to wake up and deliver,
It's all a bloody mess,
So I sent a single message with a single good bye kiss.

Lisa Jun 13
my favorite girl is honeycombed
a heart of bitter jelly locked
the ants crawl but dissipate
amidst, i blush coquettishly
i am her prince, blue and fond
stranded in abundance of wild grass
somewhere in Texas
my throat is dry and my mouth lingers
on the sunflower seeds i spit aimlessly
into the dirt
Waiting for seedlings to crawl, a spurt of
"this love will grow someday"
i can taste the spit of the tongue
that knows my name by heart
and wouldn't have it any other way
no i wouldn't have it any other way
my fondness is knee deep fuckerr
Tyler Matthew Jun 12
I lost all my ambition
when I moved here with you.
Now I'm in no condition
to do what I have to do.

My mind's mixed up with worries
on track to coming true.
And now I'm in no hurry
to spend all my life with you.

I used to dream of writing
for some big magazine.
Now I dream of hiding
with a bottle of amphetamines.

Some days you say you love me
and want me in your bed.
Other times you loom above me
and drop your judgment on my head.

If you'll just come out and tell me
what it is you want from me,
then I'll lose the pills I'm taking
and put you in that magazine

And everyone can read about you,
with your name beside "forever."
Otherwise, just say adieu,
and I'll write it, "darling, never."
Josh Jun 11
Today I walk home alone.
This is unusual.
I look at those who pass the other way.
I hear snippets of what they say.

Three girls -
"'Cos am a student, yeah, it's like, at the front of my mind, it's always, like, money"
- on a night out.

Front of your mind? It's BACK.

I wonder what's in mine.
I've been talking to God a lot.
He gives me answers.
       forgotten a lot
of the French I learned at school.
I'd try harder if I had those classes again
Would you?

Your French might be perfect.

mt Jun 11
u don't believe in God but u tell me i'm an angel.
i hear the devil when u speak to me,
when i see the curve of a hip or soft skin between thighs.
your nails painted the colour of your core, your lashes long and wispy.
i think it's too much, you tell me i think too much.
i think you think of kissing me too much.
two girls but only one of them is in love
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