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honeyed 4d
i'm sure girls are always throwing themselves at you.
i'm flattered that you like me, but what if you like her better?
what if shes more experienced?
will you resent me for not knowing what to do?
i don't think you will,
but then again,
i don't know you.
selina 5d
i find it stupid that we were taught
two negatives cancel out to be a positive
do two wrongs ever cancel out to be a right?

ages ago, i made two stupid mistakes
hooking up with you in the gallery and losing your number
but i bet you're doing just fine

it's been three years, counting the first
and it's depressing to think about but
my memories have started to fade with time

i can't remember the tilt of your smile
the curves of your dimples or the lilt of your accent
if your hometown was cambridge, quincy, or boston

i can't recall the feeling of your fingers woven through mine
or the warmth of your body pressed against mine
or the way my heart raced from your words

so i'll tuck away whatever's left of the good times
into a little chamber in my heart
let it simmer and boil and wait

until the day we find each other again
i'll keeping looking back and thinking
i'll keep looking back until i realize again

english is a strange language
red is a mesmerizing color
my guitar sounds better when you play it

two past events cancel out to form the present
only one of the two mistakes previously mentioned was stupid
and the night i said i love you, i meant it
Girls would remember, every special days meant for them and
    all gifts they receive..

and Boys would remember ,every special moments they share with their ones and
              the gifts they give....
stillhuman May 18
Perfect creature
shining sky eyes
of fulfilling life a teacher
of the sweetest smiles
that taste like cherry

Forever held in that moment
like a Goddess
with my feelings growing
even more for every promise

and your arms closed around me
as you teach me how to dance
and for your beauty has no end
i bow down to your every glance

sand flows down from your head
in curls and sways that pool on your bed
where we laid in friendship as we promised 'cause my heart was on fire but you didn't notice

your smooth ivory fingers
would comb through my hair
and your touch still lingers
but to reciprocate i didn't dare

I was fine with just your eyes
though I shied from them all the time,
your love afterall couldn't possibly be mine
all my time wasn't worth a dime

And I miss your warmth and tears
I miss your smile and your fears
And now I think if we'de been here
we would have stayed a hundred years
Is it pride month yet?
tia Apr 26
she looked at me with interest
inevitable, i suppose
she had lavender kisses
and honey filled whispers
that stuck to my neck
she told me that i was lovely
and that the lovely get crushed
but i surely felt nothing
and smiled all the while
it was not my innocence
ill play the game she asks of me
a liar's entanglement
i do not know the meaning of this one ****
Siyana Apr 21
Dirt Roads
Drunk Nights
Fast Cars
Mixed Feelings
I'm In Love...
Two book bags just got shot down,
while celebrating the end of the school year on the play ground.
Destroying our souls.
Again and again!
in Chi-town.
Ain’t nothing sacred anymore.
Marching from here to there.
Saying “Stop The Violence”
is met by a corrupt system;
that just don’t CARE.
We The People must learn to CARE once again.
About our community....
Our brothers and sisters in their beautiful black skin.
Those two book bags represent someone’s
little girls bleeding out on the cement shores.
Never to explore education's reach, marriage, or raising children in peace.
“Stop The Violence” isn’t just a tagline.
Its a call for justice,
while sustaining the Black man's bloodline.
Our children deserve to be safe,
while being Proud and Black in any living space....
at any given time.
Why does my Black skin come with a 'they died too soon' deadline?

(C) Copyrighted
On the South side  of Chicago; two  young girls were shot on the last day of class, while they were playing on the school playground.
Yawnoc Apr 4
I thought y'all said no bullying !
So why would these words seem to excite,
they banned Farrakhan from social media then passed the mic to Trump,
how bout that first Amendment Right.

I thought y'all said no bullying !
But it's like we never heard it,
police **** blacks on purpose all of the time,
then come out with a not guilty verdict.

I thought y'all said no bullying !
But you lie at what you say,
people are losing their jobs in droves around this country,
because they don't believe in being gay.

I thought y'all said no bullying !
So when it comes to a rule they bend it,
all guns **** but Biden wants to ban the AR-15,
ain't that infringement on the second Amendment.

I thought y'all said no bullying !
These distractions are getting out of hand,
why does my son have to see a grown man dressed up like a woman in the public,
when I'm in the process of teaching my son
how to be a man!!!!!

Ar-15 bullying cats dogs gays lesbians police girls boys black people Farrakhan second Amendment Right
mal frost Mar 31
i only recently discovered that
love is a seed that grows,
intertwining two souls until,
in due time,
they become part of each other forever,
so much more than just two minds.

and i'm so heartbroken that the girl who showed me
what love is
the girl who truly loves me
for all my mistakes, and
accepts me for who I am

and i wronged her.
Ruheen Mar 21
I remember the inside:
A little red; a bit of grey.
Rows of leather seats and carpeted floors.
But it was when the journey began,
And I sat down,
My feet dangling over the edge,
Just like my anticipation -
They told me we'll be under the sea.
But I felt us moving;
The slow hum I heard eased me.
My eyes flickered to the window,
My parents' voices faded,
As I watched my reflection.
Then I noticed her. In the window.
I recognized her,
From where we had left.
It was while I was on my feet,
Hand clasped in my mother's,
But eyes fixed on her.
The girl sat waiting, sketchbook in her lap,
Pencil in her hand with her legs crossed.
It was crowded and clamorous,
Yet she paid no attention,
Her gaze set on her art,
Her movements steady.
The girl's raven hair was tied
And I think she wore something blue.
We went in together.
We sat on the left,
She sat on the right,
And drew.
And drew.
And drew.
And her pencil left dark marks on snow-like paper,
As her hands moved fast, then slow.
I couldn't help but watch.
I strained to look away,
But the window only showed…
Black. Bricks.
Darker than her hair. And her pencil.
We were underwater, but I didn't care.
I was more intrigued by the girl
Who sat so close, but was so far away.
Practically living in a different world.
I was helpless, shy, way too curious.
I wondered what she was thinking. And drawing.
It was pure, innocent, fascination.
Then the train stopped.
She stopped.
I stopped.
Because we had arrived.
We left.
She was gone.
I was bored.
A memory
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