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there was this one time
when some boy
looked at his friend
and said,

"you fight like a girl."

that same boy
called me a ****
and slapped my ***
when I walked by.

that same boy
got hit so hard,
his face smashed
against a locker in a
high school hallway.

that same boy
broke his nose and
chipped two teeth.

I looked down at him
and said,

"I fight like a girl too,
and I just ****** you up."
Traci Sims Aug 15
Faith--no longer believes.
Charity--is stingy.
Prudence--is reckless.

And Genevieve--
Has no business being in this poem.
Sarah Flynn Oct 19
I snuck out

and I stole cash

and I ran away

and I got lost

and I was alone

and I was scared

and I got into cars
with strangers

and sometimes
I didn't know
where I was
when I woke up

and I kissed boys

and I had ***

and I got hurt

and I hurt myself

and I skipped school

and I did drugs

and I drank too much

and I trespassed into places
where I knew I shouldn't be

and I went home with people
who I knew I should've ran from

and I kissed more boys

and I had more ***

and no one noticed

and no one said anything.

but then I kissed girls

and suddenly,
everyone noticed

and I was told that
I was doing bad things

and I was told that
I was going to hell

and out of every bad thing
that I had ever done,

I was never told
that I had sinned

and no one had ever said
that I did something wrong

until I kissed another girl.
Millie Oct 15
Those darting eyes
Never satisfied
With what lay directly before
She’ll play all day
Then waste away
And do it all once more
Pyrrha Oct 10
They are like sirens
Luring me in with so much temptation
With their eyes like paradise
And not a single lie hiding inside
Their smiles bright like lightning
And no crooked or wolfish grin at all
Their delicate bodies like porcelain
So fragile and deadly
Like a drop of poison and a butterfly wing
They make me fall without words at all
Oh but when they speak it sounds like fiction

They are so pure they make me want to cry
I'm under a hypnosis, it's just a trick
But their sweetness, it draws me in
They are like roses with their skin soft like petals
And their nails as sharp as thorns

How lovely, how beautiful
How sick does this make me now?
Now that I'm so torn
How can I cope with so much confusion?
They're like devil's with their haunting eyes
What demons-
Those seductresses with their adoring curse

How lovely, how sweet
How is it I've missed this puzzle piece?
I didn't even notice I was incomplete
Does this make up for the uncertainty?
They're like angels with their paradise eyes
What blessings-
Those treasures with their electric cure
mark soltero Sep 25
scarlet bruises on my neck
id burn my knees just to make you smile
nothing sweeter than the pain in your eyes
and our time slowly chips away
as our bodies shed their mortality
even momentarily
nothing but you
all of my love now lives inside
each dying as we lay

did you get to finish too?
im definitely making fun of myself
Barbara Sep 25
her pretty face might be the first thing that calls your attention but that’s not all there is to her.

it starts off with her heart.. oh is that heart nothing but pure and gold.
she tends to consider it her best feature.

we go into her strength next.. you can believe her strength is most definitely capable of moving mountains.
although, she has the tendency of thinking she’s weak.

now let’s talk about her soul.. which is truly one of a kind. she’s destined for such big things.
she knows her soul pretty well.

you know what’s wrong with this girl though?

she’s the type of girl that gets too caught up in saving others that she forgets about herself. she forgets to come above water and take a breather. she's made her fair share of mistakes, god forbid they hold them against her though. she’ll literally commit mental suicide all on her own. i wish she would use her voice more, but she’s too busy thinking that it doesn't matter. little does she know that her voice is capable of healing all. her touch can be so gentle yet so rough. i think she spends too much time grieving the things she cannot change that it gets in the way of the things she can change. i feel so bad for her sometimes because when you look into those big brown eyes, you can see all the pain and sadness she carries around all day. when she wakes up on the good side of the bed she tries to stay on it by smiling, talking, and attempting to manifest all that she wants. down side of that is that it will probably only last a few minutes before she begins to drown again. i can’t wait till she grows a little more. i know she thinks that the universe is always drowning her with so many lessons but that’s only because she comes out on top each time and shares that knowledge with those who need it as well. she yearns to be so loved because she knows it’ll fix all of her broken pieces.

that girl is me..

i am strong
i am beautiful
i am pure
i am gold
i am one of a kind
i am loved.
Tizzop Sep 24
the joker hid the river's whispering
under a blanket of girls, imprint faces
in a forgotten manner, joker smiled

a joker can put on a thief's smile
iceblue talk, straight from the dead
in a time lapse, joker dealt the cards

underworld creatures were filling the bar
they bowlering, deeply engaged in themselves
in a time lapse, goons ordered whisky

hollerings of massive gold bracelets
a crow, a rack or a bible, choose
in a forgotten manner, they did business
Ashley Rowan Sep 17
girls like you remind me of a sultry breeze
that brushes your skin
the skin of peaches and cherries
grape vines and plums

girls like you remind of
chocolate brown eyes
dripping in honey
in which you could drown

girls like you remind of
a dip in a swan pond
ringed by waterlilies
with a moonlit gloom above

girls like you remind of
a walk in Florence
with Dante's words
in the back of my head

girls like you remind me of summer
who flourish in the heat
even when it's
in the dead of night
because girls need to support girls
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