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Zywa Mar 28
Girls giggle and they

keep shifting the position --

of their bulging calves.
Novel "De opdracht" ("The Mission", 1995, Wessel te Gussinklo), chapter (1-) 4

Collection "Glimpsed"
Louis Segoe Mar 4
Staying awake with just you to chill
Opening your eyes and just see the blanket
My heart is so naked cause nothing inside
Just my mom is on my side

Nowadays Love is something terrible
Just it's hookup or if not break-up
How to know with who where or when
Just my mom is on my side

As usual in morning the new day rises
Girls are about to wake and start shinning
The boys are texting the love SMS
And a girl respond every single one.

A boy's side hustle makes girl beautiful
A girl shines and call me without grammar
The new fool keep following a goldylook
Just her mom knows the truth.

The winter never stop coming.
My tea is served after asking her nonsense
My saves is spent for evening dinner
In the next morning my mom lost a bus bill.

Fool fool fool I call it those in bridges
My love story ends when my wallet do so
My love story reborn as I get to hit a bank
And my mom begs for cents.

Restaurants know how to serve
Jewellery shops are just advertisement
Girls know how to serve and advertise
And my mom is waiting for my cash.

Dog crys when boss do so
Boys cry when a girl turns back from room
Girls cry when a boy hit them
But my mom cries for having wicked generation boy.
Always boy run not on girls but what they hold and the girls do it so vice versa.
Toothache Jan 7
quiet high summer nights
waving off mosquito bites
and lips so dry
the tap tastes like nectar
a glass shared is sweeter, better.
soda like opal in the moonlight
should we order in tonight?
leave the window open. though it's raining
this is our little love remaining
B Oct 2023
Pinky promises
and praying to goddesses
a picture of your friends on the sagging shelf
and I know I love you
so much more than you could ever,
ever love yourself.
We plucked wild bluebells
and got sick in the winter-time breeze
I'll pick you up
when you fall down
I'll patch up the scrapes on your knees.

Sugar coated candy
turned into your mother's brandy
still over indulged
but I will be here
year after year
you'll always have someone to hold.
Can't leave you out in the cold
no matter how angry you can be.
Takeout boxes,
a key in your locks and
always a place for me in your coral sheets
we roam the city in outfits too tight
we hold hands in the streets.

Only a fool
when I'm in your room, lose our cool
laughing as our middles concave
with your hand in mine
I've always felt so brave.
We were girls together
and that will never change.
Anam May 2023
We're sitting in our haven
cozy environment to
heal every crack
with you,
no lack

I caress you differently
from other times
so you pull me in
but guilt fills your eyes
"It's okay" all I say
half cry
you embrace me
doubts, shatter away.
Anais Vionet Jul 2022
The sun seemed to rise slowly, almost hesitantly, this morning - a yellow syrup pouring into a deep, dark blue sky. The air is hot and thick, like a low viscosity liquid. We’re going out on the boat this morning and when you have 9 passengers and crew, everyone’s toting something.

Kim and Bili have towels and a shoulder bag of sunscreen lotions and repellents, Charles has a cooler with everything needed to make breakfast omelets on the grill (the eggs have been pre-beaten, the veggies pre-chopped, the cheese grated, the meat diced).

Anna and Lisa are toting a cooler of sodas buried in ice. Leong has the “dry box” with phones, Nintendo switches, kindle readers and iPads. Leong’s rolling a luggage rack of textbooks, Sunny has a large coffee thermos, and Sophy has a bag with dry clothes for everyone.

The girls are practically running over each other in their eagerness to be last onboard because the first two get to towel the night’s condensation off everything.

I carried the lunch cooler full of Chick-fil-a sandwiches, but my main job is to check the indicators and disconnect the dockside water, drainage and electrical feeds as Charles takes the helm and begins his “preflight” before he fires up the Mercury 500-hp engines. I know we’re a “go” when he turns on the underwater lights - that’s my signal to cast off.

The engines roar to life and then purr as we slowly pull away from the dock, we girls greasing ourselves up with sunblock. The air conditioning begins to help but picking up speed is what finally breaks the hold of the oppressive heat.

As we exit the marina Charles opens-up on the throttle and that’s always a thrill. We usually ski first, before the lake gets crowded, and lounge later.

Sunny, Leong and Anna like to sit in the bow, refreshed by occasional lake spray and the wind-whipped cool. Leong likes to sit in the cabin, like Charles’ copilot while the rest of us recline on lounges facing rearward to watch the skiers.

Our summer mornings have passed like this, launching around 6 am, skiing, then swimming, studying and getting off the lake before the noontime “heat advisories” and afternoon thunderstorms.

Later, I’m relaxing in the shade, having just gotten out of the lake, and I’m on my iPad.

“What are you writing?” Anna asks.

“Oh, I write poetry and stories - mostly stories these days but there is some occasional poetic recidivism.” I say.

“You write poetry?” She repeats, as if shocked, “I didn’t think there were any poets left.”

“Well,” I say, “Most poets died, in the early flames of science, trying to prove the pen was mightier than the sword, but there are still poets around - they live in cities where they’ll try and wash your windshield if you stop at a traffic light, and they’re frequently mistaken for the homeless - or they may actually be homeless.”

“Can I read some of your writing?” She asks, after waiting through my long joke.

“Absolutely NOT.” I answer.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Recidivism: a relapse to undesirable behavior.

moto = hot
Zywa Jun 2022
The broiling summer

undresses the girls, all those --

beautiful giraffes.
Long legs and small shorts

"La Superba" (2013, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer) - Lied "Fatou yo"

Collection "Palace of the Night"
Em May 2022
Girl is alone
Girl stays up hours imagining what her future husband acts like
And how life may be with him
Girl meets boy
Girl creates his personality in her mind
Wonders what she can take from him
Girl sets her standards so high up boy can’t reach
So Girl gets bored and moves on
Her mind is a factory working to craft the perfect man
Nothing is right
Girl meets girl
Spends hours talking to girl
Girl would never want to change anything about girl
When the world falls apart around them
Everything is okay
When Girl loves girl
Rough Draft
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