All the girls I’ve loved
have been blades
that made me bleed poetry.
And darling, you were the sharpest.

Sofia 2d

darling delilah
what a pretty little thing you are
tell me,
when the philistines promised you the world for samson’s heart
did you know this was strength?

anne anne anne boleyn
what a cunning little thing you are
tell me,
when you sliced through rome with the kiss of a king
did you know this was destiny?

cleopatra my love
what a lovely little thing you are,
tell me,
when you drew caesar to your bed for the nile and for yourself
did you know this was power?

holy holy joan of arc
what a mighty little thing you are
tell me,
when you were burned at the stake for hearing god’s voice at fourteen
did you wish it was the devil instead?

golden girl marie antoinette
what a sweet little thing you are
tell me,
when your shiny blonde head rolled down the steps of a revolution
did you finally feel like a girl?

eve mother of eden eve
what a wicked little thing you are
tell me,
when you sunk your teeth into the secrets of the universe
did you feel like a god too?

It's play time now, for adult girls and boys
reach into your closets, bringing out, all your special toys
surprise her with a tickler
surprise him, a tongue flicker
maybe cumming quicker, making lots, of noise


So I watched the girl I loved cry over a girl who wasn't me
Wondering how someone so beautiful
Could be so
But I still held her her in my arms
As she wept
Running my fingers through her hair
And down her back
Trying to piece back together what I could of her
While slowing breaking off
pieces of me

She is unnecessarily cruel
She instigates conflict wherever she goes
She has a pretty good poker painted face
It hides her motives
Are sneaky and snide.
She makes petty remarks about other women and their clothes
She is late to every party
But expects the music to stop ---- just a while
So she can appreciate the smiles.
Time is her only foe.
In the end, he will win
She will have died
Without having lived.

TheGumDealer Feb 15

Roses alter in the melted sun.

My Crimson dove don't fly away
our emotions will simmer
on this Saint. Valentine's Day.
Don't know about you, I'm a sinner
as the day gets thinner, I am losing hope.

Crystallize hearts at bay, but I wont let that get in my way.
My actions will show, I'm not letting go,
until death do us part.

You had it from the start
cursed with a thousand cupid arrows,
amorous is pain.
Madness can't be tamed,
you, only you, drive me insane
with these February kisses.


Written from a dysfunctional heart

I have no words to fit her frame.

Sweet and tough is a beautiful combination,
her eyes are filled with a swirling determination.
Her smile and laugh is a cherished gift
captivating to a halt making my heart shift.

Her true feelings are hidden, oh so well,
shrouded by confidence she'll never tell.
Her flaws are rare to behold
like watching pure genuine unfold.

Her words hit like a thoughtful remark,
a significant flame dancing in the dark.

Alluring/Caramel core/

Dylan Piper
*Written for someone very important*
Sha May 18

You are not weak just because they told you.
You are made from bamboo and sunlight
So stand tall and be not swayed by the storms.

You can be a queen without a king,
A goddess without a god,
And a spear with a poisonous head.


Fight those who try to take away your existence,
For you have survived chaos
and you have been sharped by your praying soul.

Hold the pen and write your own story.
And when they try to tell you that you look like someone they knew,
Tell them their eyes are not even enough to take a look at you.

blue May 16

i could never ever  forget the night i met nari. it was like magic, like the powers that be wanted our destinies to collide, to crash, to blend.

it was the night a meteor shower was to come to my small town. people came from neighbouring cities just to see them, these bright lights, these shooting stars. everyone was camping out, the high school's football field covered with trucks and blankets and tents. There were even people cuddling with blankets wrapped around them in the bleachers, their words filling the air as they prepared to stare at the sky, prepared to see something more beautiful than anything they'd ever seen.

i was doing the same, sitting in the back of my dad's truck with a blanket over my shoulders, but i was beginning to doze off. i was feeling a sensation much like falling, when i heard a someone speaking in my direction.

"need help staying awake?"

it turns out, i didn't need to stare at the sky and see a meteor shower to see something more beautiful than anything i'd ever seen. i just needed to open my eyes and look at her. she was smiling, and god, she had a smile that grow flowers, birth stars, and mend butterfly wings. and she was smiling. at. me.

an excerpt from chapter one of my cute short story ft. mira and nari

(irl mira don't be mad that i used ur name i just love the name and used it, but i can change it if you have beef)

Well, you're my favorite one, my favorite person to look into, my favorite person to think when i can't sleep,my favorite name to see appear on my phone. My favorite person to spend the day with. You're my favorite place to visite when my mind searches for peace. You're my favorite to talk with.
You? You're my very very favorite person obviously You're my happiness and my sadness sometimes mostly my happiness. You're my favorite distraction. You're everything good.
You're my favorite everything.

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