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You can be anything, but not everything,
So why do we keep making people our everything’s when we are struggling to find that one thing that makes us, us ?

Why do we bend over backwards for love but don’t take the time to invest in ourselves ?

Instead of seeking validation from other people we should should be validating our own worth,

But of course we can’t seem to shake the addiction of gathering likes on social media so we show a little more skin and clamp our mouths shut since society doesn’t value opinions anymore.

We are sheep in a sea of vanity and political correctness. All clamoring over each other trying to come out on top.

No one wants to be unique anymore because you can’t trend individuality on Twitter. We are so dependent on instant gratification that we sleep with our phones Incase someone likes our posts at 3 am.

When’s the last time you saw a kid playing outside? These phone screens are like prison glass.

We are sheep in a sea of vanity and political correctness.
slay Dec 2018
Since the **** when did i become so impulsive?
My thoughts are repulsive
I'm a sedentary sulker
I need instant gratification, need to lighten up my aura

Self indulgence is a Taurus, and
I'm a ***** for the chorus
Caught up in your orbit
Like the 6th key on an *****
The pitch of which, like the ***** of my organs,
Faking an ****** to release some endorphins

But that's not me...
I'd rather kick up my feet
One hand on the small of my back, the other feeding me treats

I put a Lindt truffle on my tongue and as it melted it tasted like you,
Folded the wrapper into triangles, tryna get my good side adjacent to you

So let me get you on my couch alone
How ****** hot are you to watch cartoons and get ******?
How ****** hot are you? Put the fan on and go
Take your shirt off or no?
Something's got to give and me what i want is front row
Go on and say something daring, it's just the merlot
Waffles Jul 2018
I can write for you
Or I can write for me

I can recieve the instant gratific8tion
Or I can release my feels

The rawness and jaggedness and ugl8ness of something unrefined that runs too long and lacks or

If I am to be a collector of confirmation and praise, only one category is permitted:
My own.
I want to 0ractice not eating the marshmallow.
Hg Jun 2018
you can find a jellyfish
swimming inside a screen
she posts at least one pic per day
just so she can be seen

she stings a lot of hearts
stunning them with electric feels
she rises up in likes
with the more skin that she reveals 

this jellyfish really shouldn't 
focus so much on beauty
she's quite adept artistically
and kills at call of duty

if you would dive the deepest depths  
beneath her chilly waters 
you'd see she's vast as seven seas
and just as full of monsters

but you confine this jellyfish
behind a piece of glass
telling her she's only liked
if she will show her ***

this instagram aquarium 
is full of jellyfish
trying to feel the love 
their parents hardly ever give

social waves have pushed us all
to wash up on the shore
got us hooked to think our looks 
have got to be adored

take your phone and put it down
who cares you're at the beach 
close your eyes, open your mind
and feel the ocean breeze
Jen, you worry too much about things beyond our control, but you need to know that we are going to be okay.
Your mind is as breathtaking as views from Table Mountain and your love is as beautiful as the Sistine Chapel.
Let’s vibe out and listen to Malibu by Anderson .Paak while reminiscing about the love that we’ll never get back.
I took six shots of Jägermeister, and apparently, I drank more but that’s the only part that I can remember.
It’s a new year and I’m sitting here listening to music while drinking Heineken and reminiscing about December.
I have been sharpening the edges of my pen to write about blunt memories.
Let’s vibe out and listen to Malibu by Anderson .Paak while reminiscing about the love that we’ll never get back.
We’ll never get back together but I can’t keep on losing you over complications that I’m unfamiliar with.
We must’ve met in the past life because that’s probably why I want to love you past life.

Jen, you worry way too much about the future that you tend to forget to live in the moment.
So every minute that passes by is a moment that you want to capture and post on Instagram and Facebook.
But I can’t judge you because sometimes I get lost in the whirlwind of vivid pixels and instant gratification.
I have come to accept that love is a part of me even when it’s apart from me.
Jen, you worry too much about things beyond our control, but you need to know that we’re going to be okay.
Jen, you worry way too much about everything that happens in January.
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Your faded costume
Is wearing thin
Were you not comfortable,
In your own skin?
You were so much better
Inside your **** living lies
Tell yourself that,
Next time you cry.
PJ Poesy Mar 2016
You said you couldn't make love
to me that day
Afternoon had slipped away

Did you ever?
make love
Had you raised an arm?
in bath water
an unattainable charm

Between thumps and pushes
growns and growls and snaps
leaves turn under bushes
Invoking ritual perhaps

No memory softer touch
No yearn for less your spanks
For all this blank intention
I still give you my thanks
Confusing, what is love and what is ***. Seems not so evident which, when and where. Maybe that doesn't matter.
Alex Hoffman Nov 2015
Raised on instant gratification
rewarded for *******  
spread out on our screens
society based on ratings

Like bad movie critics,
we send mixed signals to artists
confuse our creatives
and give pleasure to mediocracy

We’re old souls
in new bodies with prosthetic limbs of plastic and glass
extensions of our memories and minds
we’ve built a reliance on them

One day when the sky cracks in half
satellites will fall from space
we will all be crushed by
The fruits of our progress
killing us slow.
Would you like to be a fly on my wall?
voy·eur  (voi-yûr′)
1. A person who derives ****** gratification from observing the naked bodies or ****** acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point.
2. An enthusiastic observer of sordid or sensational subjects.
[French, from Old French, one who lies in wait, from voir, to see, from Latin vidēre, to see; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]
Copyright © JLB
01:33 BST
Just Melz Aug 2014
My body

       Intertwines with yours,

               There's nothing

I love more*.
****** gratification at its finest...  ;)
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