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Em 2d
Let's play a game
just you and I!
The rules you shall know
and I shall supply.

Cheating of course, is never fair
This game isn't hard at all,
you'll be running on air!

There's no way to lose
This game is for all!
For the old and big,
or for the young and small.

But how do you win this game,
you may ask.
Well that's a simple question really:
Just remove your mask!
im a ***-mer hahahaah help
Beware of
The masked human

They are
Genre: Observational
Theme: Who knows when they mutate
Amber Jun 11
the plain white mask
waiting to be painted
the horror deep within hidden
with every ****** of the brush
the mask gets thicker
however still in place
as perfect as ever
wiping away the truth
without a single trace
as more layers were added
i start to heave
the mask becomes too thick
colours running down
suffocating under the mask
drowning in all the shadows
Lost Soul Oct 8
My happiness  is an illusion
Even if I stand in a crowd
I feel like I'm alone... in seclusion
The demons in my head
keep yelling and chanting
I want to crawl into bed
My life is an illusion
I am what everyone want me to be
I live in their delusion
I learned not to fight it
I put on my happy mask
Remind myself its just for a little bit
I have reached a conclusion
I am not the author of my story
I am just the main character
Having control is an illusion
Lil lotus Oct 8
See this smile?
Isnt it perfect?
Isnt it beautiful?
I spent so long perfecting this hand crafted mask
and Everyone loves it
I mean it looks nice
                It looks so..

I like how it looks too
Though its not how i feel
I still like looking the role im supposed to play
Always happy
Always someones Ray of sunshine

I love it so much that i hate taking it off anymore
I dont want to have people concerned about me
I dont want anyone worrying about me and my insecurities
  Its such a waste of valuable life

This mask has saved me and otheres so much
Its only ever failed me twice or so
I just
love it
Its hid the real me from the world
I know thats for the best
Of others
The people i love
Maybe even me
One day
I might convince myself i am happy
That i am loved
not for this perfect mask
But maybe loved for Who i really Am
If the world could even take that
Shaxy Oct 6
you came to me
sobbing hysterically
my heart ached
watching you break
but amidst all those pain
you had portrayed
you were masking your lies
in the form of tears
and I still cannot believe
I had fallen victim
to your deceiving act
Excerpt from my Wattpad book
"Notes to ex-dearest"
Theshygirl Oct 5
"What a time to be alive"
She shouts over the crowd
As her mind sinks lower
and her anxieties climb higher
and she realizes
just how little she believes
in her very own words.
Anya Sep 30
Come one, come all!
And welcome
To the shield shop!

Here, we supply anything
And everything
You need
For a custom made

Now, this isn’t your typical
Iron or bronze,
the shields here are much
And not for physical

We could provide you
A block of wood
For dense ness
Thoroughly not
Social cues
For keeping away
Verbal bullies
Romantic attention

A shard of ice for coolness
Abve the crowd
Keeping your cool to the point
That no one approaches you
No one reads you
Makes you seem impenetrable

A flame for blazing confidence
Attracts people
But also scares them away
So they,
Maintain a distance
From your
Whose existence
They may not be aware of

A kitten for innocence
Giving others the desire
To protect you
Or they just pass you by

We have all these
And so much more!
So why don’t you come and
Which one works for
This is an idea I’m playing with, I’m not completely sure if it’s true. Feel free to comment or message if you have an opinion.
Eyithen Sep 28
You've been having one of those weeks
When you can barely stand on your feet
If you are feeling down, feeling blue
Than this poem is for you

It is okay to not be okay
Just don't run away
Through the good times and the bad,
When your happy or your sad
I'll never turn away
Just ask me to stay

So your mama ain't been faithful or kind
She said she's sorry, she lied
Your dad is passed out on the couch, another bottle in his hand
I guess he lost the fight again

You say your fine
but I see it in your eyes
Its clear your not
don't leave yourself to rot

Please hear what I have to say
Please dear, don't push me away
You will make it through the day
Three little words that's all it takes

So with tears in your eyes, you finally confess
Your falling apart, your a mess,
"Im not okay" , you finally say
"And that is okay" I relay

So if you feel like you just might break
Like your life was one big mistake
Hear me out
It's clear and loud

let down the mask
no need to be intact
fall apart if you must
the rain will clear the dust

You are fine, you are okay
And I will help you if you ask me to stay
But you don't need to say a word because I know you
And I will always help through and through.

But remember this, come what may
Its okay to not be okay.
For a struggling friend
welcome in!
i plaSter On my grin
plaCe a twinkle In my eye
Open the curtain
and let the show begin
watch me Perform
do my dAnce
wrap The world around my finger
little do tHey know
what’s behind the mask
the study oF the mind
is a funny thing
carEful observAtion gets me by
one step, then anotheR
it’s all a gaMe
can’t you sEe?
you can’t
the truth hides behind the mask
looks can be deceiving
this is something very new for me- I tried to do a character piece based off of the insanely thought-provoking new series by shane dawson. there’s all a somewhat-obvious riddle in here throughout the poem... looks can be deceiving ;)
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