Scarlet Keiller Apr 11

Somewhere within me
lies a girl, but this face is
just cracked plaster.

~~ They thought they were renovating me. Turns out, it was a burial. ~~
Tony Luna Apr 7

I often write to many writing task.
But that's just because I'm trying to mask,
The inside of my inner thoughts.

They come back and forth like the waves to the shore.
It often gets chaotic making it hard to ignore,
The inside of my inner thoughts.

Regularly my head is drooped on my palm.
The hold it has on me, I want it liberated from...

The ultimate guide to access the lil' secret door of mine:

Leave your mask behind and swear by your blood.

Zoe M Cripe Mar 21

She's what they all write about,
The girl that fights a war no one knows about .
She's who they all honor,
The girl that secretly dreams up such horror .
There's only so far they can venture behind the mask,
Before they uncover something that was best left latched .
She's not unique or grey or green,
She's lost and alone and wants to be seen .
The girl that doesn't own a bad day, .
She's the one hiding in your letters,
Peeking around your thoughts .
The one you think has it better,
The one you think could never be forgot .
She's the one that was murdered by social media,
The one that continues to smile even though she's past done .
The one that talks to the moon,
And cheats on the sun .
She's the one that takes off her clothes,
But leaves her insecurities on .
The one that cries herself to sleep,
But wakes up smiling .
She's the girl they all want to be,
They have no idea she's dying .

maxime Mar 13

flip a coin
take a chance
of one in a million
to have met you

wear a mask
hide yourself
from everyone
who wants to know you

stand in rain
burn away
the monsters
that still haunt you

say goodbye
leave me to die
hate me forever
because i knew you

watch from far
never to speak
checking on me
because i scare you

guard me dear
teach me now
stay on the edges
because you can't let me go

ah. i don't know why i miss them. i need to stop reading old messages.
Danielle L Cook Mar 11

alone I can breath freely
at peace -- but not really

never really alone
Sarah Salako Mar 3

i hid behind a mask everyday,
my true emotions unseen,
i smile at you with crying eyes,
but you could never notice that.

after all these years my mask started to fade,
that porcelain smile turned to dust and blew far far away,
...fear all now on full display.
what about your happiness?
it flew away.

aery Dec 2016

Skipping out the door
I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy
If I say it enough could it be more true?

I say it again
Because that's how I cope
But I never imagined I'd be so conflicted

lips taste of lies
skin smells of fear
cheeks flame with shame
eyes swell with sad tears

Oh please

Happiness is not a mantle for use
To hide from painful truths
Nor is it a protective shield
To use on a bloody battlefield

So let the fake seep out on occasion
To make room for real reactions
For then you will find the genuine kind
Will follow in orderly fashion

It changed because the original made me restless.
Renée Brookes Feb 25

Your shadow has fallen over this place
like the plague.
The chandeliers cower at your advent,
collapsing atop this innocent crowd;
yet the violins still play.

Your presence ensues consternation.
Who's next?
Who's time is it?

It is I from which your invitation has been sent.
I am elated you could make it.

My mask is you,
with rose patterns aligned,
a gown to match,
with a bone breaking corset.
From my painted lips,

Will you save me this dance?

Face to face, chest to chest,
force each breath from my lungs.
Twirling now to my sounds,
I follow your lead.
Dip me back into your arms, my sweet,
finally reaping me with a kiss.

You are my only love.

This is an alt. to my letter "Dear Reaper," . I wanted to write in two perspectives. In both, there is a want to die, but the first focused on the environmental aspect of death. This one, on the Reaper himself.
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