YumnaKay Jul 16

She was -

a symbol ~ of courage,
a symbol ~ of wisdom,
a symbol ~ of strength,
a symbol ~ of calm,
a symbol ~ of hope,

that emanated
through her very essence --
felt by those around her.

But only she knew ...

what it takes,
to put on ~ a brave face
and mask
her intense thoughts

a mask ~ of courage,
a mask ~ of wisdom,
a mask ~ of strength,
a mask ~ of calm,
a mask ~ of hope,

to cover the signs
of her scarred soul
~ and mind.

An old one. Rewritten.
Devin Ortiz Jul 15

His eyes drew back into endless darkness.
The smokey storm of features which raged
Where his face should have been struck lightning
Down my frozen spine, entangled by this sight.

The man peered into me, which his empty gaze.
Black holes which in their plainness, tore away sanity.
I wanted to ask him, I wanted to know, but words lost me.
He laughed a madman's laugh, faceless or not, he smirked.

This devil, came and went, only seeking a name.
He stepped out into the night, a frozen gaze, and into nothing.
A creature haunted, without voice for his destruction.
I know he will return, screaming death until words find him.

Fear not the man but the mask he wear
It's strength be greater than that which he bear
The morning light cast off the skin
Cover dishonest dark that shalt always win
Pour unto man the thought he share
A guise of speech and misaligned care
Dare a smile call itself so wise
No man finds his thoughts a prize

Wield a lance of voice as man remove his mask
He is no man, a scoundrel without ask

Devin Ortiz Jul 13

In that moment I knew, that feeling of knowing,
To without any reasonably conclusion,
Have an unyielding sense of where the pieces lie.

And that tasteless grain of alabaster, so profuse
Raining even harder now, the ground a pathetic mixture.
Blood, mud and betrayal.

Two strangers, one in bed with the shit of the world
The other, with an unamused smug, hating the other.
Pausing, the rain stops, checkmate.

For all of an eternity, how does one not know self.
And upon becoming one with filth, why was it so?
In envious conclusion, I sleep, relinquishing control.

He rummages to the forefront, having prepared.
Having mastered this scenario hundreds of time,
So seamlessly did he maneuver.

Casting away the mask of my failure,
To carve forward his dominating force of hand.
This personality, so fiendish but still me.

I wear this pretty face as a mask to obscure the past.

For a pretty baroness
without her farce
is a pretty barren mess.

And I blame you.
D Holden Jul 4

He pretends.
The essence of this game is knowledge.
Capability knowingly imitated through bluff,
a sleight of hand and a nodding mask.

Nouse is the paint on the mask he wears,
yet the paint fades quickly.

Stevee Stone Jun 26

Stamping your feet on the ground,
Wishing it was quicksand.
Heads in tiny places with tapers to explode.
Maybe you want it?

Necks with built in hinges,
To look back into the dark.
Where happiness reigns in your sadness.
Maybe you want it.
God only knows.

A million churches to live in,
So as not to go outside.
With towers of chastisement,
To avoid the lies.
Maybe you want it?
Maybe you don’t?
Truth comes and goes
Truth comes and goes?

Troy Bell Jun 25

I see you there
saying your crying and yet
The laughter on your face says different
I longed to be with you and yet you have another

I hide my pain and it boils up
till it is ready to flow over
I hold back the tears for they betray the mask
My perfect mask is going to snap

A crack starts spreading and spreading far
And yet you can't see this pain leaking out
My tears are flowing and flowing hard
Yet you laugh just the same

When will you see that you are to blame
My tears turn cold and flow even faster
My heart feels stabbing and yet you stay the same
I loved you from the beginning and you said you did to

You wanted me forever and yet you're a sunder
My life is crashing and you still don't care
The pain I feel
The tears I shed
Or the love I gave

Sanny Jun 24

Which mask should I wear today?
No one can handle seeing the bare, naked me,
so I created a closet filled with masks.
One for every mood expected of me.
So which one is it?
The happy, loving one?
The sad one?
The supporting one?
The angry one?

Please don't catch me off guard. I want to keep you.

Ako Jun 22

One day,
There was a man
Dancing gracefully
Beneath an azure sky

He was an angel,
To every living being
That paint his body
With a red color

He was a joy
Living in a man,
No other jester bested
The way he laughs

Beneath it all,
Is a wandering soul
In a world full of foul
(A wandering body)
(A wandering shell)

Beneath the mask,
A mask where his eyes
Tell what the hidden color
They have painted,
Is a burst of erratic pain,
A holocaust,
A disastrous despair,
Misery, sorrow, anger, suffering,
Any devil has wrought upon him.

And... the mask fell...
He is a shell...

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