We all wear masks.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember that.
Hard to except it.
Harder to change it.
Take it off.
Let your inner beauty shine.
Be daring.
Be courageous.
Be brave.
Be unique.
Be bold.
Don’t let the opinions of others smother your fire.
Burn brightly.
Be you.

I participate to fit in
I cower behind faceless masks
People without expression
And perfection in apathetic task

Chilled to death of different thoughts
But I hear it breaking, breaking, breaking
A distorted grin on the mask is wrought
A fracture from once believing

Reflecting what I dreaded to show
People stare and scorn
A smile on my porcelain mask now glows
The new face is rejected once more

Fold in with the masses. Be unnoticed until the accident happens.
Yasin 5d

Look at the magnificent world
Just a mask.
Unearthly to look beneath
The surface.
Except caves reveal the look
Of a fragment.

The thick crust
Hides the ugly truth.
Natural catastrophes
Express the instability.
One day or other
Everything breaks slowly
Into million pieces.
At the end
The truth reveals itself with every ugliness and magnificence.

What have I done.
Under a different sun
You’ve cursed my life.
Have only brought strife.
Was I fooled even more
than you were my dear.
I’ve brought you so many tears.
I’m so ashamed...
People walk with a mask.
And I just give them class...

I’m so sorry it came to this my love...
It’s not fair to you
I’m not fun anymore
I don’t want to be so serious
I’m bitter, and I need you
Teach me please...
You are my joy
You are my world

Her hands are always cold
To match her heart
As she wakes up each morning
to put on a mask.
She sees all the colors
The world has to offer
But only shows black and white
To keep the spectators wondering.
She knows how to layer
Because it’s cold outside
And she can’t let it in.
Her eyes are clueless
Because life feels new
And the fear of the unknown
Creates her limit.

Marco Benitez Jan 12

I put it on once I wake up; looking at the mirror would be too painful.
Once I get to school, the mask greets everyone with a smile, letting everyone think that I’m having a good day in order to hide my cries of depression.
Everyone in school know my mask. Everyone in school likes the mask. I like the mask too; it keeps my secrets away from everyone.
I sometimes ask myself if people would still like me the same if I took the mask off.
It’s scary.
Even tempting.
Nonetheless, the mask stays in the place it has always been, keeping at least five of my secrets away from everyone.
Once I get home, the mask greets my family with the same fake smile, and I keep it on because my family does not deserve the torture to know me.
If they saw my face, doubt would fill their eyes, for they would never be able to recognize me.
At the end of the day, once everyone is at a safe distance from me, I take the mask off, and I let the monster I am reveal itself through silent screams and unnoticed tears.
I finally let my body rest in sleep so that it can be ready to repeat the cycle tomorrow.

Gabe B Jan 7

Empty doesn't describe it. Pain doesn't describe it. I can only put it as suffering. Forced to continue existing. I don't know why I'm here anymore. I don't feel like I have a purpose anywhere. I don't fit in anywhere. I don't want to fit in. I don't want to accept anyone so I wear a mask. I wear it so well I even believe myself sometimes.
But in the back of my mind, I know all my pleasure is fake. The closest I've been to happy is when I live it through my family or friends. And since I can't experience that day to day, I realize I haven't felt joy since.
I'm not a good lover. I'm not a good brother. I'm not a good friend. I'm not serving any purpose. I hate my occupation. I hate my environment. I hate being expected to perform when all I want to do is suffer in the shadows.
I have no goals, I have no dreams, and I have no talent or skill. I'm just a pawn in the game of life. I take the route that lets me in but leads to nowhere. I live a life others have before. A life others have lived. One that they gave purpose to. Something I failed to do. Something I know I won't get the opportunity to.
I hate everything and yet don't care. My insignificant role in this world is made even more insignificant everyday. I feel as if I'm walking with a countdown over my head that everyone can see but me. Something that informs them I am only temporary.
I know if I left, no one would grieve. No one would understand and therefore not care to understand. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make others happy. I wanted to see my lover smile and laugh.
The world doesn't need me and I know it. I don't want to believe it but I know it. I'm just a trashcan for people to throw clutter into. A shredder that takes it all and turns it into nothing. Everything thrown at me comes out meaning nothing in the end. I'm a catalyst used for making nothing happen.
If i fail as a positive contribution, then why bother. I will continue clinging to the nothingness I feel. It is all I know. It is all I will ever know.

This is contentment.

Another poem from a rough time in my life
Lucy Jan 6

I wear a double sided mask
so that I appear as desired
an yet I feel this feelings
with wich I cannot relate
because the mask is double sided
and it doesn't match
so I turn the volume louder than my thoughts
no sleep no more
and escape without end
these worlds, these people
they are better than this
than me
STOPSTOPSTOP these thoughts
I scream internally
why can't I be like the mask?
the double sided mask
it is better than this
than me
up the volume goes again
the base resonating in my ears
drowning the thoughts
numbing the feels
trimming the sleep
charging the escape
escape is all I know

in the end
the volume
grew the thoughts
the thoughts of violence
to myself
to my surroundings
torturing myself
and killing my sleep
my sanity
my grades
do I care anymore?
yes says the mask
the double sided mask
no says the voice
the dark voice in the back of my head
and i
I don't know
not anything

I want to be myself
but who
is this self
I ask
as I look trough the mask
the doublde sided mask
to he wall
the wall i've built

the mask is uncomfortable
i've outgrown the mask
the double sided mask
once, the mask was my face
and my face was the mask
but my face started changing
while the mask kept staying
someday i'd  outgrow the mask
that day
is long gone
but the mask
the double sided mask
the mask is familiar
the mask is consistent
the mask is desirable
but my face?
I ask the mask facing me
no lies the mask
the double sided mask
I know it's true
why else would I wear the mask?

There are walls
Walls you can scale
Some you cannot
Walls you can go around
Some you put up
Its these walls that my fiancé has
And some people peek through
But I tear it down brick by brick
And get nothing but bruised.
Alas! I have made it
But it seems I'm mislead
The person behind it
Is well and truly dead.

Rogue Jan 5

When did a smile become a challenge?
A widespread facade?
A sign of danger?
A mask?

We're all so fake happy.
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