Yan F 1d
There are 7.6 billion people
Scattered around the world---

        but there are twice
        as many faces...

   some are smiling    
   some are smug    
        some have their feelings
        totally swept under a rug
   some are breaking
   and some in derision
        and some still waiting
        for their salvation

Some will run
And some shall walk
    But in the billion people
  All they really do is talk----

Their are a trillion faces
Infesting over the globe

       but only half of them
       are truly people.
There is approximately 627, 900, 000, 000kg of people and approximately 8, 300, 000, 000, 000kg of plastic currently around the globe. Essentially there are 13 times as much plastic mass in the world than legitemate people.
Hanna 2d
Do you like my mask?

Swirling intricacies and aureate details,
baroque feathers and shimmering scales.
Twinkling gemstones and tawny glitter.
Looks so perfect but there’s something bitter
behind the gilded smile.

For I am just copper dipped in gold.
Your heart is racing,
about to derail.
Your conciousness fading,
about to set sail.

Your eyes start to water,
as tears prepare to fall.
But you cannot allow it,
show no weakness at all.

Concentrate on your hands,
open the paper again.
Look through the words,
without taking them in.

Try not to break,
they're counting on you.
Shut out the pain,
it's all you can do.

The tears can come,
when your finally alone.
But not a second before,
now steady your tone.

Keep your voice natural,
so they know your ok.
The last thing they need,
is to worry bout you today.

Your knees may be weak,
and your stomach's in knots.
But give them a smile,
to steady their thoughts.

So think about anything,
other than what's tearing you apart.
They're counting on you,
so don't let the tears start.

You are their rock,
so never show them your sorrow.
Because they need your strength now,
and they'll need it tomorrow.
Nylee 5d
Will I find you
in the shadows
looking over me
Will there be you
or it is just the continuation
of recurring hallucination.

It is getting trickier
to place you between
the imaginary and real you
both out to mess around me
your madness is catching me
the shady creature
filling my head space.

Manipulative ways
simply tracking my businesses
connecting into the web
stalking at all time
triggering an all kind

Invading in was easy
but the red light is on
between the scenes
the mask flew away
true colours will come out.

Holes in your plans
aren't as visible to you
the green figures
through the night vision
has come to play too
this exposure to the truth
keeps me sane
you got a new player
in this game.

I am counting the days
waiting for you in the shadows
to watch you
fall into your traps.
Amanda 6d
Pretend you are normal
Act like you are okay
Pretend this is just
An ordinary day

Pretend that you are happy
Act like you do not mind
Pretend this will not happen
Some other time

Pretend you will get through this
Act like you do not care
Pretend it isn't words
They want your soul to share

Pretend you do not hurt
Act like nothing is real
Pretend until the emotions
You fake become real
A really old one. I like it though.
Chiquita Apr 13
She looked so happy that you can't tell
Under that smile was a hurricane;
She wore a mask that looked real to the eye;
But underneath it was the scars she hides;
Every pain she felt was hidden in her smile,
The more pain she felt the more she smiled ;
She laughed so loudly ,
That no one knew she was lonely;
She showed herself as whole,
Skillfully hiding the hole;
She never cried she never tried,
All she did was hide it and smile;
Her hurt was stronger than her smile ,
Her emptiness was deeper than her laugh,
She never moaned she never swore,
Cause she was strong and had hope
So all she did was smile.
Stay strong. Everything will be over soon
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Why are you so very far?
The brightest one in the sky,
Don't leave me and say goodbye!
The people here are oh so fake,
they make my insides hurt and ache.

Twinkle, twinkle little star
my lungs are filling up with tar
I always feel as though I'll cry,
This mask really helps me lie
when can I get a break,
they just seem to take and take.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
this mask is just one big scar.
Why must I hide what I am for the sake of people.
Dark powdery ash
Smears lonely on my stone mask
I fight my own war.
Haiku no.3, we are our own greatest defenders
Anonymous. My mask?
Nooo it’s not a mask. It’s just what makes me comfortable. You know disappearing. Not having to be that fun and awesome person everyone thinks you are.
Anonymous. Yeah everyone uses that. But I use it having a deeper meaning.
Anonymous is getting the chance to finally be the real me. Being able to write not feeling judged.
So you wanna say Anonymous is a mask? Go right on a head.
Cause it’s not my mask.
You don’t wanna see my mask.

                         With love,
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