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In my life there are three things:
A feeling of emptiness,
a hollow laugh and blank face,
Hiding behind a mask

I wonder day by day
nothing changing
the world around me is unimportant.
In my life there are three things:

My own emotions elude me
they go about their days
hiding in the back of my brain
a feeling of emptiness

Upon my face there sits
a person I don't know
Because of all I ever am is
a hollow laugh and blank face

Day by day, night by night
nobody ever bothers to look
but I never bother to tell, I'm
hiding behind a mask
This is my first attempt at a cascade poem
A history of sadness that had shown on my face worn like a mask that had disguised the real me and hid me for so many years from the
But the day I met Helen was the day that my mask of sadness was put away for good never to be worn again and I began to live life to the
No longer felt the need of the mask of sadness to hide behind  for Helen gave me the love that had allowed
me to open up and  become the real
Even though Helens been gone near on three years now
she left me with the strength to carry on and not to feel the need to hide behind a mask of sadness for I have my memories of
For long I hid behind a mask hiding the real ne a mask of sadness mainly through child abuse Helen freed me
Once upon a morning dreary,
On a wibbly-wobbly urban prairie,
I hit the road barely fearing -
As the fool who has no fearing -
And there came a car.

In a sudden, asked is it the end,
I'm not surprised, but how to pretend,
While I am always steering -
Just as badly as the driver's steering -
My emotions behind a striped bar.

Since the moment was so sneaky,
And the car's break creaked up creepy,
At least for the people seeing -
Hearing, if people were ever existing -
And not just imaginaire.

In that second's timeless land,
I had no social expression to send,
Signing to them that I'm living -
Lying to them I'm a human being -
So, I just stood bare.

And behind that timeless scene,
Angry drivers and people were seen,
With me standing there -
A guilty criminal sharing his despair -
A social monster without cover.
Elle Oct 3
there is a person inside of me
and i think i might be that person
like a set of matryoshka dolls
closed in over the others
growing from the inside outward
encasing around already existing layers

there is a person inside of me
many people, to be accurate
and i am afraid i am one of them.

how much longer till the matryoshka doll unravels
and all the people i have been
fall out and hit the floor?
how long until the smiling case
cracks up
not in laughter or in tears
but silently from the inside out

there is a person inside of me
too many to keep track of
each one interchangeable with the next
and i am starting to lose track
of who is for who
(Peach schnapps in plastic cups
I trust you've got nothing but good intentions)
jasmin Sep 27
We all wear masks
Having a perfect face, that's our task

We are supposed to look like dolls
But when we take off the mask and look in the mirror we start to bawl

Because we are told we should look a certain way
And when we dont we are told we can't stay

We are told to walk straight with our chin up
To cover our masks with makeup

And we all listen in fear of rejection
But maybe we should stand up and make an objection
We should be able to look in the mirror and be happy with our reflection
And not always have to strive for perfection

When will we be happy with our face
When will we catch the perfection that we chase

Will we ever get to be good enough
Will our mirror ever stop calling bluff

Will the people around us except us for who we are
Or will we have to forever hide our scars

We all hide who we truly are behind this mask
Being perfect all around that's our task
Randi Sep 24
The biggest smile
Is the biggest wall
Built to hide
That is all
Darkness swirling
Deep in their skull
Monster whirling
Threwout that dull
Space where there used to be
A genuine smile
That made people happy to see
But now that space is all black
That smile is a mask
One that makes the owner turn back
To see what they used to be
And be sad to think
They'll never go and return
To that old happy smile
That could burn
A spark of happiness in everyone's face

But now they need that happiness
To help them chase
The monster thats creeping
Out of their house
To help get it out
To help round it about
To remove it from their old happy place
Where now they feel scared
Threatened,and wasted

Pay attention to those
Whose attention is drawn
To the big happy smile
That may be a mask thrown on
izzn Sep 23
Left for a girl
nicer than an angel.
Teeth whiter than pearls,
now she is your world

A beauty in the night,
a terror on the rise.
Tell me again, why
why that devil in disguise?
The Taste
The Desire
The Sexuality
    Am I amusing you?

The Craving
The Lusting
   Am I the woman you visualized?

Did you come to me
To fulfill your Foolish Trickeries,
your Fantasies,
To be performed before your eyes?

Did you ever think
That I'm going to be
exactly what you want me to be ---
   A Burning Heat
   A Soulless Lustful Treat

Tell me ---
    Does your heart really beat?

And if that heart reveals your truth
Like a mirror that reveals the truth
Will you ever wonder ---
Do you really have a heart?

I wished you came to see
My Truth,
My Purity,
That's here inside my heart

But it's just not what you seek from me..

                                                  - Ella Salvador
(c) September 2019
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