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Guess I'll just go and hide myself behind a letter,
such a simple way to sail through life.
Turn an F in to an M instead of telling
the whole truth I'm hiding from.
There was no way I lied to you,
you were the one who chose to ignore the truth.
For a moment I did
what was expected from me.
For a few hours I was
what I was expected to be.
Then I went back to being me
I let everyone down and they left.
You asked me
what my name was
I told you, “I was Jack”
But now that I’ve got to know you
can I take that back?
I’m actually Frank
and I only said that lie
in case I didn’t like you
and you come looking for that guy
but now that I love you
call me what you like
call me nice guy Gary
or even magic Mike
I’ll live up to any name
I’ll become any man
just call me ‘whatever’
and please,
call me when you can
btw, I’m not a Jack nor Frank :)
The bust of colour I see coming from your smile
Your happiness radiates for a whole mile
The laughter in your eyes
The perfect disguise
I know what's behind that mask of love
Concealing the hate with a velvet glove
What you do when no one else can see
When there's only me
The way you make me beg and plea
How you cause me so much pain
Keeping me on a chain
How could a father cause so much pain
The pain that will drive me insane
That look of disdain
It's no longer humane
Corona is taking
Its toll
It's now air borne
Don't panick
Act bravely
Stay at home
As far as you can
Inhale steam 3-4 times
Corona seriously infecting you
Chances you reduce
Don't dispense with masks
Make difficult corona's task
God helps those
Who help themselves
Keep it in mind
Give power to your will
Chanting God's name
Victorious you would emerge
Ending corona surge!
sergiodib Apr 18
Let's wear a mask!
So that we can hide our sadness or joy.
Let's wear a mask;
So that we can conceal our indifference
For the turtles that eat them in the seas.
Let's wear a mask;
So that we can ignore
Yet another coup d'etat in Myanmar.
Let's wear a mask;
So that we can buy and sell Pfizer stocks.
Let's wear a mask
As we were in Epidaur or Venice.
Let's wear a mask
So we won't breathe exhaust fumes.
Let's also wear a mask
To stop the virus.

So let’s wear a mask,
Not a great change do I ask,
Let's accept this simple task.
The glass broke
Like my voice when I spoke
When my head insisted
But my heart persisted
But life goes on
Ill be "ok" by dawn
Rei Mar 29
You’ll never truly understand what goes on in my mind
The spiraling that goes on inside
Empty and full all at the same time
When I close my eyes
All I hear are cries
Try to tell you but always stop
Climbing this mountain afraid to find what’s at the top

You’ll never understand what goes on in my brain
The voices that make me go insane
Every day  becoming the same
Can’t remember my name
The cycle continues
Never ending

You’ll understand what goes on behind the mask
The fake smile stuck there like a tack
The voices violent songs
Always on the attack
I try to stay strong
Only to prolong
The day where I will see all my wrongs

You’ll never understand what happens behind my words
To read between the lines
To find that “I’m fine”
Was always a lie
That “I’m okay”
Was just to keep you away

You’ll never understand why I do this
Letting myself get consumed by the abyss
But I have realized there is no way
To keep you at bay forever
Colton Clark Mar 21
Eyes, the windows to the soul
Face, the curtain
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