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Jack Jun 15
Same wind, but in a different solitude
The petals of flame still withers
the previous battle wound still burn,
as soul of ****** seeks divine conviction,
Remain unforgiven,
Judgement for the judge,
May the last words remain to the end as a remedy for lost symphonies.
calm ocean with raging wave remain hidden,
remind me the beauty of sunset,
as I'm still alive and breathe,
for the past drift to the faraway island,
show me humanity can be save,
without mask and hidden daggers,
maybe one day,
we able to enjoy morning breeze,
without worry what's waiting in the mist.
I opened the window
                  to my soul today,
      No entrance fee needed,
No membership of any sort,
Just come in with your mask on
amorev writes May 13
Little divested flower,
Shame— how you break with the peak of light.
A blossom they might think,
You're still a phony stick.
Is it guilt filling the scene?
Or is it just the sunbeam?
Into the long grass,
the long, long ponder
lost to breath and tears
lost to wonder
lost to the clear and present
or the hereafter
but there in the past
a cancer tumour twisted
all the slow growth
til the now,
this rotten gutted now
She wears no mask
She wears no make up
You look into her eyes
You get what you see
Solaluna Dec 2021
Our conversations are in capital letters,
Is it because we mean it?
Or maybe because we don't.
Are we just exaggerating,
To hide our truest intention?
Is your love for me a façade?
maria Dec 2021
I'll cover me
even though
you liked me cover free,
I'll camouflage my feelings
like you masked your fakeness
Written somewhere on June, 2020
© ,Maria
MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
I’m growing and changing
Sorry it took so long

I’m learning how to fit in
And sing my own song

All my mistakes
Were part of my masking

Doesn’t excuse them
Just please understand
The difficulty
Of the task

I’m this way for a reason
I can’t change my seasons
But I’m getting help

Learning to take off

Don’t speak, listen

When you need it
Just ask
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