Maxim Keyfman Jul 20
works light
the machine is the same
through the forest
around the rain of ice
january rain

paper in cars
paper in the car
and the time transmits the signal
the lights are on
and the heart does not hold
more words from my

dark blue forest
dark blue forest
chopin sounds
a piano sounds
from oaks from trees
from a falling sunset

of that sunset
bright blue sunset
farther green
further dark green
what will take us away
in a great melody

which will take
us in the last way
in the last bright way
whom everyone was afraid of
everyone was afraid
and were saved escaped

lights work
works light
the machine is the same
through the forest through the moon
january rain

Harriet Cleve Jul 18
All good rifles go to heaven

access with your 47

A OK with an AK

At the end of your life clock

bring along your trusty Glock

don't forget to pack the stock

in that ethereal misty fog

bring along the barnyard dog

if the door is locked and things are shifty, then produce the old M60

all the saints are packing heat

keeping humans off the street

look what we have done to Earth

destroyed it all since early birth

If you don't like hell well that's too bad

you're welcome there and Nick is glad

if you want to access heaven

access with your 47
Vexren4000 Jul 8
Error, malfunction,
Line at unit 4332 defunct,
Rerouting system function,
Backup mode engaged,
System is now offline,
Stay tuned for further updates.

Poetic T Jun 30
When we become
     less than human,
     it'll take the creation of man
For us to realise our humanity again..
Steelyvibe Jun 21
Let there be no mistake
No error or contradiction
It is already taking place
This is not science fiction

Wake up and look around
We already have acceptation
Everyday a little bit more
Is changing our inception

Our body parts have changed
Towards final automation
All our senses have been controlled
For our reincarnation

A telescopic vision
Storing hyper information
Mechanical robotic limbs
A cyber man mutation
Bryce Jun 4
Kinder. Snappier.
More considerate
Dripping soy in coffee filter
Not too stressed.
Able to leverage trivium
Free online tracker app.
on the clock
Kids away at care center
Glass of wine at business meeting
Piss in the streets
Hand slumping man a Jackson
Better. Happier.
A safe society
Black eye on the money machine
In the store
On the street
In the hand
(Not the bush)
Guns off the street

Cleaner. Trapped.
Gob of brain tasty snack
(was there lye in that wine?)
Sleep in vehicle
Commute carefree
Unaware needed
Dreams defeated

Silent. Nappier.
More lethargic.
No need to ask
No questions left
to answer.
Free energy, Free money.
All that's needed
Is cooperation.
Laying towers of
Fecal power
in the open mouths of blind baby birds
With gurgling saliva
open mouthed
open heart
filling the blender with sweet wine\\\\
Let’s spend more time
With humans
Less with machines

Let’s talk about
Human connections
Where to, built bridge

Let’s begin now
Sleep/Hibernate or/and
Shut down walls, what keep us virtual

Let’s live being real
Discover a true account
In being
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Plea
He last called my name,
Then he could speak no more,
I have seen many deaths,
I knew he was going to die.
They hospitalised him,
To check what was wrong.
I sat by the bed praying,
He breathed fast,
In between long sighs,
His eyes were glassy,
I asked for forgiveness,
He moaned,
Nodded several times,
I began to cry,
He was with the angels,
Reliving his past.
It is coming to an end,
The beeps on the machine slow,
Tears fall from his left eye,
He gives a heavenly smile,
Looks at me lovingly,
Let go of my hand.
The machine beeps no more,
Gently I close his eyes and mouth,
Straighten his legs and hands,
He was gone peacefully.
A man of great patience and love,
He gave all and asked for nothing.
My husband was a diabetic and very sick.He was kind and loving.
Oh Son of two Corrupted hearts and moving parts
shatter the glass that holds your heart,
let the blood flow like rain
You are only a part of the machine they say
but you know the truth
spoken between the words of vipers
you are more than what they say
You are what you see to be
spurr of the moment thing
Tyler Matthew May 23
Machines are only as beautiful
as the nature of their function.
Consider a grandfather clock --
a handsome combination
of practicality and playfulness,
symmetry and simplicity
(though quite complex within) --
wood and steel joined perfectly
to inform, entertain, and intrigue.
     Conversely, a television lacks
such subtlety, making it
almost malicious in its capacity.
In its nature is the intention
to render nature, itself, obsolete.
Where a television aims to
make us forget,
a clock, for instance, serves to
remind us that it is time to
start living -- and what could be
more noble or more beautiful
     than that?
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