Cat-like lotto being scratched off
Shades dressed to the nines
Cat Women whites and Gray's
Pulling out her men's hairballs

Chatty Patty pancakes hearts
online more calcium her
bone Inn limit
Thank God! its' Friday
However, did it come to
the number 13 Orange
Pumpkin heads
Minus the 4 days she
needed her nine lives
back in bed

So finicky to test our time
Pulling all strings her nose cute
as a  black spot button,
Beguiled black baby cat on
her futon Miss pretty Kitty

He's the Navy Seal
The coach sealing the deal
Having sex appeal from
Heaven to earth 4 For 4
Wendy Tuna smells
Fortune tells the Luna
Cat on hot tin roof tiger print tabby,
The Egyptian Robbie dancer
starry eye glancer in the long
narrow alley Maggie May
The heating cooking up his
finicky paw the last
religious supper huge day
The black cat she's got 
 hot legs I love you honey

Rod Stewart forever young
On the ladder kitten gloves of money

Lady in cat print what
Cat's meow man handlers
Not one flaw over her dresser
Becoming the cat calculator

Fiddler on Roof Lechaim
to Life maybe it's not what
it seems
Hollywood Stray Cats big
bang theory what priority
Black Coach  secrets Victoria
Women like cats in her diary
Windmills of the Gods

The Hail Mary mastery
Tell me your dreams
Don't spill the milk
How love drops sewed me
in silk thread the test of time
We shouldn't test ourselves
like an unfortunate crime
About time knowing oneself
Well the cat got your tongue
Chosen one shelf

Like a book  going stale
We need them
Cat Coach matchmaker
You're the miracle worker
The book speaks without
being told
But how quickly our hearts
could be sold now taking
the bar exam
And your "Miss Kitty"
making her best-baked yams
So illegally you stoled all the pink
His smile is playing on me
His tiger eyes  Cat Coach so tempted
And like hot shepherds pie flicked
It's not bad luck to see a cat
when you had lied
You get what you give
Something gives how fate pulls

Dreaming/Cat fusion/Cat Valley-pay
Just love the way he makes you feel
Not in harm's way home cooked meal
Like Independence day cool

Kissing your money goodbye
Two glasses of wine Athens
Bigger than life Black cat
Demonstrator making her
own world of peace
German tour bus
Sparkling beer and good
cheer black cat like a
good soldier
under the chair
Dark blue sailor
He was in the alley
With cans and faded glory
You would never realize
he had a cat story
The ancient days of Gladiators
All imitators full moon black cat

Came way too soon
Bodies of the women
were sold
Roman EmpireTrump
got hired play trumpets
But darkness prevails
Like the treachery
The California dreaming
but the truth primary
Love wilderness or blind love
wildfire but brings tenderness
She said, my husband,
died happily and the other lady
told her___?
But he was happy to die
From the old world or new
We get cat licked
New world marries right away
An old world  it takes 1 to 2 years
But cats life will be even better
Nine lives you could wait
Are defeat you fall into
his bait
__tails Cat dynasty
Spartacus like bonafide
Princesses in the Coach
Teaching at the college
Taking a long tree ride
Get roared out Big Tigers
coach Please Papa Preach
About Cats, I wanted to jazz this up I hope you love milk and even silk we need new threads lets dream on or go the alley make an undescribable supper maybe a little Dr. Seuss in my poem
Am a lass fae Govan
There a wiz born n breid
When a wiz wee a wiz playing tig oan the dykes
N a split ma poor wee heid

Fae Glesga tae Fife
Wiz where we went
Tae a flat in Methil
That ma maw goat fur rent

Tae skool a went like
A scaredey cat, a didny know wit ti expect
Second year it the high skool
Wiz a bit eh a pain in the neck

Home eckie wiz the class
A waaaanted it tae be fun
Skool went well n a started wurk
Tull a wiz cooking a bun

Am a mammy eh 3 noo
Bit wit kin a say?
A replaced the telly
Nae mare tumbles in the hay

Ma weans are getting big fast
Aw gawn ti skool their self
But if a dont shake ma ass now
A might get left oan the shelf
Spoken like a true Glasweigan
She rose the lifted gypsy smile
Little women Big-spender
Desperate housewives selling
their soulful tears epidemic
This wasn't 666 Satan heart broke
Got to Lee Remick when she spoke
Going to Denmark Gypsy booth

You could feel the white satin
Saturday in the park dictator
with Stalin, her lips moistened
with her watermelon
But why so manic
Zero tears to panic

City frantic the Rose sensual erotic

Over a tear-drop dangling
Love waiting anticipating
How she smiles her earring
drops down waves
fight her fear
The big whale
don't flip my tear

Holiday she's the jingle cash
register Knighting meets Gale
nothing didn't register
Let me entertain you, shy tease
Natalie, Clue lounge tears Grunge

So strange they stripped away
scarecrow harvest October
Remember the Nile love
The nightmare gypsy
unfortunate events
No comments

The holiday wasn't
exactly a  Supercalifragilistic
*$ ++ monarch
But she wears herself whip cream
Going for the blue crying her eyes
out "Blue-Terry Cloth"  was sick
eye velvet' the men of the cloth

So religiously afraid of the
Goth  Rosy Lee path
Left her aroma mark
The world is a blackout
Her shoutbox rosy boot
So creepy like a fox-trot
So much to upkeep
Memory lane yellow
brick road

Brown-coffee-accident spilled
she yelled demons allowed
  The buyer made me
Accountant clicking tears

Gypsy  tug of war
Doll Raggetty Annie Oakley
Crystal Expensive tear
doesn't come cheap money
50 winks who wants to sleep
Rose Pomedeur widow weeps
What a square Mr bigfoot
Get off of my cloud boot
Moved her rolling stone

Her tear was in the plate he didn't
even have the heart to pick it up
French danish pastry so prim and
Another naked spy bad romance
Her cry needed to be homemade
like her rose candles
The roaring twenty- she's 13 going
on thirty
Gypsy of forty your getting old
but flirty
  (Shes so Harvard) Sugar daddies
forever young
Help me Rhonda teardrop tipsy
Graduation Cap the eye owl gypsy
Jeremy the beamer drummer
Gypsy Rose hummer
A thousand tears her death card
People have no regard

Living on a crystal tear end
He's her bookend so beat in
her beatnik house
All staged Cher the Gypsy outfits
Cry babes girl product
What conduct Rose -Lee spanked
on her knee tears popped the waterbed
He never showed one tear
Cry me a river crystalline diary
All preliminaries
We missed her lonely sober tear

Mona Lisa Mona Lisa how the men
have met you how death becomes
I'm not buying your cry I was deeply
hurt it set such an impact
The -new- Boy George culture of tears
Over-erase she highly medicated
More I see you having affairs
happy, sad, overjoyed,
you have been had

Carribean Depp Pirate rotten teeth
Statue of liberty is crying at birth

I am not going to lower my
standards just skip
Cinderella so sinister to sweep
Wizard at her boutique
Mysteriously eyes unique
Best tear to enhance is always
the antique now start crying
Gypsy take on let me entertain you but this is the tear  like a New Year of all
the envy
Likewise, or
So flustered got her bewildered
About pins and needles

How could he the knock-wood
my piece quoting her,
Your my pin flower near
the pin Oaktree
Wishing upon me
The woodsy-star* riddle

Not very far they see the castle
Her sticky glued shut eyes

So delicately-pinned cries
Her pincushions like
pinwheel's of flower
He bloomed right in
Pinnochio the falling star
Trying to pick up her
jeweled pin but the
him in
Pinnochio was left
there saddened  in
a bin
Like a mix up your
dukes up
What a fluke-prize
The gift came and went

The passionate
((Pin)) handshake
Handling with care
His wooden hand
I Pincurls she's the bay
fantasy night

The country-girl acts
So picky meeting
the right
heart positively
She feels she always
right so conceitedly
"I Charmed" repeatedly
At times jittery but Smitty
Any wood could talk
she knocks them pin pretty

The wood cradle of hay
What a pity she's born to
be witty
What a highboy she's
the tomboy why?

Not a Momma and
the Papas boy
Miss wooden chair
With her overall pants
Consider yourself corduroy
The woodsy Troy
He loved his
rocking horse
Met Jimetty cricket
That carved
Playboy, he sneaked
something Oliver twist
in his pocket

Perky pin of hats joy
Real McCoy but he's
the wooden boy

Gheppetto with his
wooden pipe Oh! Boy
The wooden
soldier boy
Cracking jokes
Woody Chuck is
quite the inspector

A house is not a home
Everyone smokes

Robin Hood
What a wooden hole of a
glitch for the gals so plastic
King Charles hunter
Mr.Geppetto needed a
miracle (Holy) thunder
Not a human on
facebook to wonder

Her X-husbands playing
X-infinity such activity
Picture zoom in
"Just Dream" of a
wooden dollhouse
Without your

Email or wifi
Legs were creaking
and Pinnochio say Hi
his nose was love-longing

The desk was
a bad omen flying
Inked pens and
Wood Chipping
The Woodpecker
Ancient wood heart

His wooden head
fit into the socket

Woodcarved body
lines frame was
Eye pin curving and

The snoop dog
His paws got into
Pinocchio's puzzle
Hungry cry like a
Wolf Tie one on
Lie one con
Con one peeping Tom
Pinnochio his nose
is getting graphically
Longer Sherlock
  Magnifying nose
Like a calendar
  year whole pin
ball wizard
new nose longer
lucky 8 oddball months

She left his schoolboy
clothes on the wooden

Ringo met Pinnochio
They had something
in common the nose
has wisdom

Ghepetto and Giovanni
Battista looking for Julliete
loved classical she-devil
the cafe barista met her

This wasn't the year
for a cup of the nose
Go-Chopin he looks
The Cook beef barley

Pinned and looped me in
Her maple eyes to
  fit any tree
Her juices of bacon
Went timber chuckle
what was on his
wooden buckle
I pinned him

Pinnochio revival
Reversal or rehearsal
Get rid of the humans
Metaphyseal, things
So gray beyond any
sea cloud seal not real
If the wood could talk his
wooden rifle bang bang

Like a red white and
wood little boy blue
missile he sang
They were in school
time for dismissal
The wood is

Christmas heart of light's
Flame on the fruit bowl
they weren't
watching the
Super Bowl

Strong bones with a
wood conscience
To have swooned into a
wood puzzle

  The damsel what distress
Like a hammer and nail
Buckled her smile
wood dress
They were nose long
For the devil in the
blue dress
Xmen Wolverine

The hard talker smooth
as a babies safety pin drop
Oakwood Knight
the lock opened the
Pinnochio looked
Like a shocking pink

Someone lied again
Her hairpin splinter
Pinnochio how he
got covered
All white flurries
star flakes of winter

Pour the milk with cornflakes
Watch out for Mr. Quaker Oats
The wolf eyes get to you
So timid to be starved

Like his fern another turn
of the century
The rim of the goblet
on the brim of time so
sublime banged his
wooden pencil
Italian art drawing
stitched stencil

But with hesitation wood
At its best the most clever
Was heavenly touched
by God like no other
Pinnochio has a heart
He carves a smile in you
You just feel him so true
This is another comedy and fantasy what I see forever clearly the world we so inspect we all heard the term knock on wood but making something so well
crafted it better be understood show you love for wood
Aa Harvey Jun 8
We need to talk

I’ve got a bruise in the shape of Tom Cruise;
It’s on my back next to the Charlie Sheen tattoo.
It’s time I stopped picturing all these actors,
But still I see Bruce Willis’ face on all the posters.

Cameron Diaz is listening to jazz
And I’ll thank her please if she will give me a lap dance.
I drop my pants looking for some kind of romance,
But all I find is someone playing Una Mas.

I wouldn’t normally mind,
But they are playing way out of key
And woe is me if I can’t get what I need to make me happy;
I need to watch Mr. Bean.

Watching Van Damme for five whole seconds;
That’s enough of that, I surely do reckon.
You can’t sell me anything in your television adverts.
If I need something I will buy it;
To your lies I will not listen.

Movie stars and five star ratings.
Who do I complain to about talk show hosts,
Who act like they are dating,
The person they interview?
Get to the real questions;
We have had enough of you
And your luvvie ways,
Telling them they are great.

Why not ask them about their drugs habits?
Their exes, their fights and headline stories?
You smile, you fake, you are in love; you idiot.
An actor is just a man or a woman,
An interviewer is just a puppet.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
No moon showing her lustrous wonder
No stars set ablaze
Only clouds sounding of thunder
Plunging rain greeting my gaze

Drops tasting of flame and damnation
Through a gap a gossamer star palpitates
Lonely and lost in its constellation
Only dolorous moans encapsulate
Gasping at fetid air
Face gurgling above scalding blood
Phlegethon, river of despair
My flesh becomes the mud

A figure appears over the precipice
A living body one that is whole
A lost man seems not necessitous
None that can help this tortured soul

A half horse is with he
Bow strung aimed at me
Risen higher than I should be
Arrow loosen my flesh stings

Awaken in sweat, four walls surrounding
A guilty conscience stewed this dream
Enclosed in darkness, alone, wailing
Recurring... haunting... blaspheme...
Maybe maybe
Please, someone,
save me?
Maybe no is okay
Questions about all
exclamation points

What is the point when
it's not ((Ok)) maybe no
But yes is
something to
outweigh the odds

your feelings
Higher force
The Gods
Mowing your lawn-
Until Dawn meets her clown
So underweighted feeling down
((Minds Inflated))
The bad depression
feeling disliked being liked

He's heavily happy
The before or after 400 pounds
Can't you pick your relatives?
Your niece the Alaskan- Huskies
Howling Greyhounds
Maybe stand-up
Maybe waiting stood up
Like the walking dead
diseased no way you became
Or maybe no I'm not
OK? What's in my head
You decide (No-Show)

No, it's not my fault
Maybe she shouldn't
open up the
Bank vault
Increased blood pressure
Not Moms coffee pressure
The world of electronics
Everything Melancholic
Depression became
the liar

Losing your shirt like
Sport big-time gambling
Scattered all broken glasses
Maybe no blind spots
wearing your sunglasses
The reasons Maybe no
I shouldn't
this opportunity up
Buy the video game
Snapping perky eyes up
The flash drive all hyped
Overcharged to get recharged
On your Visa charge
Well what do you know
Is one cup of coffee going to
miss my meter fine

Gives me no joy from
your joystick .).
Maybe the change of soda's
Ms. Coconutty
Cherry Godzilla
On your Mozilla

Joy to the world
fanatics of electronic
Heres to your litter's cats
and dogs
Twinkle star OK Twitter
Maybe Scarlet and Rhett
butler went with the wind
From behind demon's Scarlet, no's
I will be dammed ferocious
The hospital surgery OK
I got eye strains

Maybe no routine is better than maybe
Is it OK to feel guilty getting the guillotine
My Contagious computer
My snacks chocolate
covered drakes

Bending your head down
at your phone, it breaks
my heart spinal
Like a hermit that's
OK!! No home didn't
pay rent

Welcome to our ((Generation))
24/7 and everything will be OK
  those hours don't ever take away
Broken bones earphones
Arthritis, It's Ok

Write something every day

My family is my heart of the lifetime
Once upon a star blessing all the time*
Early birds After hours of words
So maybe no could have
made a lucky, yes

Go to Disneyland and say yes
Those high heels beauty and the beast
OK let it be let it be
No-one will take that part away from me
Maybe No but why is it more so well that's OK I guess we are writers but we are Ok with that electronics became the biggest thing and you're ending up in the hospital no one is calling you like the dead ring
Do I
Will I
Bill said I do
Bill I?
Don't Bill me
I-O-U nothing
Do you want
this in singing

I'm going to wash that
  man right out_?
Do you want this?
You're a shade too  hurtful
My hair is weeping
And send him on
his way snoring
Just so

Oh! No
Marathon run
Heroin sun
I screwed up
My twin sister
do you know
what you
have done
((The Huntress))
My coffee temper boiling
Black and Decker
broke relationship
Click plunk plink
My computer froze
Time pretty pink pill

There is Bill
Photographer had
the right
Longstem blush
pink rose

Went inside her
1000 dollar
Designer trash
Exactly when he came
He so wanted to see her
But _do I really want this?
The questions her, rabbit fur
To sir with love Lucy
So Clutsy the board

Another boozy but busy
City skyscrapers life
I had a feeling that
wasn't right he fell
off his chair
Rose of a dozen
He couldn't believe
What he saw out
the door
It wasn't something

The Scream extraordinary
All blood related
Ben and Jerry Garcia
Icecream Cruella
The falling out
Young updated
and the restless
Those countless hours
You hated
Not counting money
She was the
salad spinner
Everybody you
speak to went back
to school having a ball
Mr. Babe Ruth

Do you want this
Burnt orange-red/greens
leaves B-M-W
Be My World -cars
Mob wife of scars
The designer devil from
Prada bags
Eyes tea 4-2 bags ha
You won't deny it
Only one feeling it
wasn't right
So hooked ion a feeling I saw you
With her
Do you want her
every night dig

The traveling man
Cancun vacation
Got ((Panic Disco))
Your Mom youth bottle  
number tips she wins

I became a
No regrets terrible two
tippers and dribblers
Your country lemonade
In your sun hat
So what he kissed her
Its the Easter parade
Do you want this
Always this and that
I will always remember
Do you really want
to see this?
Really got into
a mess
In my hot number
My husband saw his number
in the back of my dress
Because you didn't feel right
_ through her kiss
once you
kissed me
The world knew
about me

I am happy that
I don't miss
to resist
There is a whole
list out there
If anyone seems to care
There is something for
everyone to be loved
Not to be shared
Do I Do I  what? Or really do I do what I am told we are getting older don't lose your sparks do you really want this heavenly bliss. Well not the wishing well nothing is perfect am I or she or he well let's see where we really want to  be
Willard Jun 1
Sigourney was a saltwater princess
born from a flash flood;
a stray cat I found
stuck between the boards
of a wooden fence.

Her cries mimicked
the local 6 o'clock siren
with a backdrop
of toe beans fettering
on a park sidewalk.

I mirrored the way
her left paw traced
the cracks of the cement,
(fast paced, sloppily),
then ushered her out
using a combination of
strength and saliva.

"It's okay,
you won't get wet,"
I whispered
as my left hand struggled
getting out a plastic bag.

with precision,
Sigourney was plopped
backwards into
torn up plastic
Have A Nice Day!

Alone we trudged
through flooded baseball fields
and gazebos
to cross the highway.

"Do you want
to go home?
Do you have
a home?"

I took a shortcut through
the Taco Bell drive-thru,
cars honking,
claws breaking through
malleable material.
cotton, skin, etc.

Sigourney said nothing.

because I don't know
if I want to."

Tucked into a bag tucked into a jacket,
we headed westward
as far as we could,
before a cop approached
a teen at midnight
technically committing
a catnapping.
All-Ziggy in--- one
He's the dockers
Let's zoom in clickers- - -
The computer meets
Mr. hackers
Deleted all my cookie's
All we need is love and crackers
Am I bookedslightly jammed jar?
Just like Romeo huh? love-scarred?
So hurried ((Agatha Christie))

Overwhelmed worded
Overboard been thrown
Inside her mystery
drunks of the

Lippy all snappy
G-Q this isn't a
book quiz

I Quit Hippety-Dippetty
Hungry Hippos
Hop(scotch) drinkers
Queen hoarder of junk
ZZZZ Tiara with spunk

Zillions got jealous
Charlie of the sea
tuna fish clunky
Where is the Pasta
So Sticky (Seashells),
Bowie bow-ties Z
Man of La Mancha
Like a muzzle puzzle
Mr. Mancini
Meet musical genius

((Ziggy Stardust Wish)

Ziggy zero 000-000

The zoo-keeper Mr. Bentley
So zealous fast food
jealous and devious
Mistress of the
Agatha got tedious
Jean Jeanie magician

Music notes and
  Stripey stars Bass
Her speakeasy pass

((Breakfast at Tiffany)).....**
The Auditor of the
Audry Zig Zag
Putting on the ritz
Hip Hop Hepburn
book narrowminded
Zachery? Broad-sworded
Ziggy Star Dust
David Bowie talent to trust
The ground
to Major Tummy Zonky
And Slinky got stepped on
Over her ring pinky

Zionist Benny and the Jets
Elton John pianist hits

Zoonotic Gin and tonic
zigzag Zebra
style purse
Where are her show
Polish up my poodles
The restaurant was cursed
Zagat rating
leash she went out
hypnotic ZZzzzz's
Queen buZzzzz Twiggy
Fame whose to
Zoe her macaroni
Twist and snout Grill

Cherry blossom
Shiba Uni
Was her best thrill
his zig-zag tongue
Ziggy playing rugby
She was stretched

((Ziggy Book like Gumby))

Zonked spaced out
the Zonka truck
Theatre Dig her Dorothy
red slippers

Ziggy Stardust
Disney Pixar Flippers
Totally Rad Toto
Zoe met Joey GoGo
Felt like Chop Suey
Agatha high drama
African Queen Jungle
Dr. Suess bald eagle boss
No twinkie to twinkle
The bad day of
The ringing cheering ear

Martha my dear
Never beat Beatles
Jim Carey hell of a
sleigh rideTinnitus

At the Marilyn
Millionaire bar-hop
bus stop wiggles
Some snags fishnets
  Trump it up
everyone shut up_$$$
The Old bag

Zillion Price tags
on the plane
The Easter basket
Just Sunny she's over easy
eggs ramble

Ziggy Scandals
Odd-couple Oscar
Trumpets Tony Randal
Zip of the lip
Miss fuss pot
She needs her

Beach Boys Truffles
Sherry baby got poison
The bed end
(All Z) initial bookmarker
The end of her sleepwear
Her backpack bad crow
eye pack
and zigzagged---///---
Ozzy Oz land
Arrowsmith dead-on
nailed it, witch
A to Zzzz's H Harrods
Her London's hair
The rock (Fritz) That's
Showeyyy biz
He's the Mantra zestier
Zoological Mixed greens
Ziggy zig-zag salad

All wormy Planet
Humming and rhyming
Wiggly but not ugly
here's to all of
you Ziggy Huggy
Ziggy Stardust Bowie is the genius I saw him in concert but this is about a funny side to comedy Robins flight stay awake because of the ZZzzzz are coming
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