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Angela Rose Jul 2021
And when all is said and done I’m still kind of hoping it’s me and you in the end
Anais Vionet Jul 2021
Sometimes you have to get your halo *****.
Is this an epigrams or a firefly? There's never an English professor around when you need one.
Jay Dec 2020
I love that music is an audio version of a book which is a mental version of a drawing which is a simplified version of a movie which is a combination of it all
all art is so important and it all is part of one thing
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
A strange soft stirring begins in my heart
I’m not sure what caused this fluttering to start
Like innocence still uncorrupted captured in butterflies
Except my stomach is no longer where the majority flies
But just a little while ago a few still hovered there
But to trap or imprison them I wouldn’t dare
There hides a few more in the lungs in my chest
Only flap wings when I can’t catch my breath
When silence is the single sentence I have to not speak
Your smile leaves me speechless
Knees growing weak
No clock
No noise
All surroundings fade away
Colors suddenly emerge where before was only grey
Waiting for your melodic voice to disrupt that magic spell
Heaven momentarily suspended til one word snaps me back into hell
The illusion of perfection not once falters or affrights
As you come closer the swarm inside my body takes off in simultaneous flight
It’s mindblowing the way my senses react when you are near
How you still manage to give me butterflies even after all these years
I love how you can give me butterflies when I have been with you all these years  just by the way you look at me
Påłpëbŕå Oct 2020
Your pretence;
Is the best offence.
Your smile tight; shoulders tense,
Your facade I can sense,
Yet your act- you do commence!
Your love for him is indeed intense;
So why ******* me with your lens-
That sees him whence,
You look at me; Thence,
Your act kills me with suspense,
And fills me with utter annoyance-
Because you fell for my twin, his charm, his innocence;
And all I’ll ever be is his resemblance;
And all I’ll ever be is his remembrance!

Your pretence;
Is the worst offence.
It breaks through all my defence*
I wish I could erase the difference;
I wish I could fill his absence!
Because he will always be your first preference.
You kiss me and then cry in silence;
Totally unaware of my mind’s violence.
And here I sit as the audience,
Seeing your flawless performance!
Our story exists because he lacks existence,
Yet he’ll live through my face, my body’s presence.
So don’t be selfless and enjoy your deliverance;
For I’ll be him so that you can end your sentence.

Please stop pretending that you love me;
When he’s the only one you see.
I’ll be whatever you want me to be;
Just be yourself and set the actress free.
reyftamayo Aug 2020
sentinel of forever
keeper of time
lie with me
in the forest sometime
let the droplets
of memory
**** the nerves
of my consciousness
along with the many
summer songs and
midnight rains therein
lover of infinity
timeless and prime
sigh with me
in a melodic mime
dampen my senses
denude my mind
free me from
the utopian paradise
of realistic sham
master of moments
endless and divine
LB Jul 2020
There's a rabbit living under my bed and she knows all my secrets.
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
Vowels and consonants

Pool together into words

As my emotions rain down

The grim and grit

Of every memory clings

To each sentence

Until I step in

Then they collect on me

Dampening fingertips

And soaking my tongue

I jump in

Splashing out thoughts

Until I am coated in my imagination

I stomp through

The puddles of letters

Saturating me with words

And sentences are dripping

From my chin
Sadie Grace Jul 2020
i'm sentenced to house arrest
by my own fear
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