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Nylee Apr 4
You know she is waiting.
You know she is
on her feet to
be seen by you.
her life goes
where you be,
her thoughts are
in your favour

You notice, don't you
You feel you
deserve it, don't you
You like your control
make it your choice
while you pursue
Your goals,
She'll wait
In your trap
Convenient, isn't it.

She may wait for now
She may wish you well
tomorrow too
But luck runs out
not to doubt
And then, there'll be
a sense of regret
You chose this
Choices breaks you
Christian C Jun 2020
What does it matter if I chose to wear a ring
Silver and cold-blooded, fought hard to receive
To symbolize the one coiled around my heart

If I chose to order a drink
Of the poem you recite with smile and splendor
To symbolize you, miles away, my new year’s wish

If I chose to remain in your bed that morning
After your insensitive and heart-constricting decision
to symbolize a commitment to communication and forgiveness

If I chose to lock eyes and arms with you
In a hall teeming with energy contradictory to the average age
To symbolize overwriting painful past through contraband

What does it matter that I chose you
Implicitly and explicitly and wholly
if you didn’t choose me?
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2020
I knew our decisions were misguided

And I chose to make them despite that knowledge

I wanted you and I to act in harmony

Needed to know every heartbeat pulsating from our two chests was in perfect synchronization
And I was right
Khai Dec 2019
Yesterday I chose to regret.
But today, I choose happiness.
I'll let tomorrow choose whatever she wants.
Because today, I live.
Live in the present.
Bhill Dec 2019
Do we really have time to get it all done
With so much to do and nowhere to run
The path that we took, turned out not so good
Yet somehow we managed, the BEST that we could
It's time to turn and go a different way
The sooner the better, let's do it today

The fact here is this, we at least took the shot
We learned from the journey, and that is for naught
There will always be, more than one path to take
Never fear, the way chosen, could have been a mistake
We chose, we learned, and that stands above it all
That one little outcome, is never, ever, small....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 308
Choosing a path is really important.  The result is secondary.
Mark Sep 2019
A chosen place for life to live
That you chose for a loved one to live their life
But which is not someones living loved ones, place of choice
But to chose a place that a loved ones chosen
Is but a place to live for life with love.
Bea Aguilar Jun 2019
It is so crazy
How risky
The love
We chose to have.
Rowan May 2019
It stood among no giants, no towers, no mountains.
Heedless to the wind, scattered without waving stalks and rusted leaves,
it chose to fall where it could not.
Jaded, perhaps, but not without sterling hands crafted to bellow.
A smattering of elbows chastised the woodpeckers pecking.
Ephemeral? Beautiful? Sober? Lassitude?

It fell among no gorges, no ravines, no swale.
Heedless to the rain, swamped in a dell without sliver streams,
it swelled up above the ratty woven sails.
Coarse, perhaps, but feather flew, vying for sky.
A copse of whitebark pine pillaged no battalions.
Mauve? Tender? Empyrean? Redolent?

It pattered among no small sorts, no ant hills, no chambers.
Heedless to the duke, sabotaged without sword, spear, stone,
it swallowed a hive of rabbits in no fields.
Desultory, perhaps, but not with quintessential ripples bent in space.
A harrowing panacea flourished in spindles of florid bristles.
Sempiternal? Susurrous? Honeyed? Irascible?

It churned among no whirlpools, no pots, no frosting.
Heedless to the maelstrom, sluicing in a myriad of slanted lanterns,
it chose to lure where it could not beguile.
Laconic, perhaps, but not without furtive gallows smoldering.
A candelabra of viridian mire spies spied genteel dragonflies.
Enormity? Enmity? Vestigial? Switchback?

It stood among nothing.
It stood enervated.  
It stood.
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
and when i said my last goodbye,
a little piece of my soul,
broke from me,
and flew in infinity,
i wanted you to,
hold me from my shoulder and shake me,
shake me till i change my decision,
i wanted you to remind me,
of all the roses you left in my room,
i wanted to listen your ,
"please dont go"
i wanted you to grab my hand,
and say,
you would never let me go,
i wanted you to shout out aloud to the world,
you will never ever let me leave you,
but you didnt even made a single gesture,
to stop me,
from walking away,
so i just chose to walk away,
because i knew at that moment,
that my absence will not effect you,
because my presence never did......
i never wanted to,but i had to because i had was in the favour of both of us
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