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A picture speaks for a thousand words

A smile speaks for a thousand tears

A song speaks for a thousand hurts

A poem speaks for a thousand fears
Em 6d
The saying is always
"A thousand times yes."

But a million is so much more.
someone date me
This Is a poem for the
eight thousand  lives that we're lost to a cruel
benefit system that shows no mercy to the
vulnerable of our society

Set up by a government that closes It eyes to the suffering Eight thousand people that couldn't take any more money stolen from them

By degrading assessment  done by the unqualified assessors that nothing of the suffering and of the broken families they destroy eight thousand Innocent lives

Because of a so-called government sat In the Houses of parliament Prime Ministers question time like ****** school children playing up In the classroom while poor people die on the

Old people freezing In their homes because they can't afford the heating food banks staving children and eight thousand people who have died from because they had money wrongfully stolen from

By a government with blood on Its hands just hope I live long enough to see this government Toppled and pay for their crimes

My heart goes out to the eight thousand poor souls who are no longer with us shame on this government
for disgusting behaviour to It fellow human
Disgusting behaviour of this government who have allowed eight thousand of our fellow human beings to die blood on their hands
Pyrrha Feb 6
A picture paints a thousand words
But even a thousand words
Is not enough to paint
A picture-perfect portrait of you
Too ethereal, too unique
Pulchritudinous in the way you think

Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
So we can make a novel out of you
Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
So the world can learn that perfect isn't a myth
Perfection is hidden within your smile
Within your eyes, within your voice

Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
So I can immortalize you in my art
Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
And maybe then I'll have all the words I need
To make you believe me when I tell you
Just how perfect you truly are
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2016
one thousand poem children

one thousand poems has mine soul commissioned,
a thousand more neath stone vault doors do attend,
patiently waiting revisions, rescission, catch and release permission,
waiting room patients, looking to buy a more favorable diagnosistician

this prolificacy,
nether curse or blessing,
this profligacy,
poem children fathered by single mom mothered,
borne nightly in dreams borne
from the northern, the southern,
the brains twilighted hemispheres,
who coordinate, drawing deep,
consulting a bartender's manual
a creation guide of mixology,
'how to intoxicate the brain'

cheap gin, multi-generational scotch,
visionary vermouth, the reddened cassis of life,
memories in the white grapes of possibilities,
futures unrealized, colorful takes and retakes,
a directors bespoke make-believe tales,
impossibilities, divine and mundane,
all into one admixture into the venous cavities poured,
nerves to blood to consciousness,
courtesy of the ganglia

the brain stem transmits them
fully formed to my
good morning sunshine
cracked and dried lips for re-emission

nigh head upon the pillow,
the hair trigger,
my rapid eye heartbeats, each a demanding sweetheart,
some performed to a discordant metronome,
in a controlled rage, my mental waste,

the residuals,
purified with language as the
orchestrator, debate moderator

dreams, once recoded, once accorded,
the disordering tempestuous,  
neurons cease-to-fire,
now just words, just words, just **** excretions

did I admit to a thousand?

more like tens of ten,
one, two per eventide,
have washed  ashore, for some thirty years recorded

my brain pixilated,
its big shot game controller,
demanding purchase of more;
more storage space, more games,
not admitting in advance,
that it filters blends, conflates and purges

by combining
psalms and ditties, infantile rhymes and
new vocabularies of  human aging idiocies,
though newly acquired, immediately forgot,
so always room enough for
one more episode

I study the brain, I study sleep,
study living and dying occurring at
their point of intermediation,

*this more knowledge gives no relief,
it becomes this poem becoming,
testifying that I prosecute myself
based on the evidence,
and if insufficient,
dream up nascent visionaries
from places that come unlocked,
tales from the vault vivisected,
the proper verdict

sixty six years
of accumulation,
and still know so little of
proper space utilization,
writing poems proper

but nightly come the dreams,
nightly comes the trial,
comes the judgements,
comes a man-made customized
whitewall tired judgement,
and to you
submitted for
judicial review

strange that each one of you
becomes, adopts, adapts my visage,
my words in you, reflected,
a jury of my peerage peers,
which is why my appeals are
always returned in the file labelled

until the next nights dream
Euphie Jan 15
If I had a thousand wishes,
I would only ask for you.
s Willow Jan 2
Schools should give out vests
Mass shootings are prevalent
Two thousand eighteen

Eat poison on line
Million view it’s worth the death.
Two thousand eighteen

Last male rhino died.
Say goodbye to white rhinos
Two thousand eighteen

Planet’s surely *******
Earth’s imploding on itself
Two thousand eighteen

Do not show *** pride
Electric shock therapy
Two thousand eighteen

We all will die soon
Death cracks out of his own shell
We are all so ******
I was asked to write about 2018. He’s a few haikus. So this is all tre about what happened. Let’s hope 2019 is better
Benton James Dec 2018
You showed me your drawings,
And to me they said
a thousand words.

I, on the other hand,
showed you my songs,
And they painted a picture for you.

It's funny how we show each other what we mean.
Even if we use different mediums,
Our message is the same:

I love you.
I always will.
I always have.
I've fallen in love with my best friend, and we're enjoying it. I love learning about her so much and connecting with her.
Madison Dec 2018
It can say a thousand words
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