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Lei Apr 29
Our favorite word when there's no more left to say.
4 letters that made me feel you are safe.
One word that made me feel you'll forever stay.
4 letters that made me feel you'll never play.

But one night why are you walking away?
so now im listening to lany.
riri Apr 23
oh but every time you left
you took a piece of me with you
and now
that part of me is all gone
you just came back and left time after time, just to crush my heart every single time. now it's all gone and i can't feel that way again
riri Apr 16
you say you want me back and you're sorry for pushing me away
you were scared of getting hurt
and you felt an overwhelming amount of emotion while you were with me
you didn't know how to handle it

but as the days go by you miss me more and more
you wish you never let me go because you can't find the spark anywhere else
and because you know i was such a rare find
so you hate yourself for running away

but then i woke up.
it's always just a dream.
riri Apr 16
"i hate him"
but i still think about you, for some reason

"i never want to see him again"
i'm scared that when i see you again, it'll all come back

"he means nothing to me"
but you were everything to me
it's easier to hate than love someone who hurts you
annikin Apr 12
the only way i can describe the way you made me feel was pure ecstasy.
now you make me ache like an old would on a cold day,
temporarily forgotten,
never gone.
why can't i rid you?
everything feels like a dream,
and i can't wake up.
was in my feels so Take It
riri Mar 11
screams and nags
violence consumes her home
but that's the only form of love she's ever known

insults after insults
words that can shatter the heart
but that's the only form of love she's ever known

marks left on her skin
cries for help, wishing it could just get better
but that's the only form of love she's ever known

"i love you" doesn't mean anything anymore
it's always been just a lie to her
affection and kindness are all just a mind game, right?

he walks in her life with good intentions
intentions of only to love her
but he becomes afraid once he realizes the darkness she, as a person, entails

she can't help but become hostile
she scares him away, even though she knows her heart longs for him the most
self sabotage is what she does best

he leaves in order to take care of himself
he knows he wouldn't be happy with someone as unstable
but she understands, because that's the only form of love she's ever known
it's okay my love, i'm glad you left because i wouldn't want you to end up like me. it hurts that you couldn't fight for me but we both know a relationship just wouldn't work out between us. in another lifetime we would be together, i wish you nothing but the best
riri Mar 4
i'm practically on my hands and knees, Lord
begging for a sign
of whether i should stay or go
riri Mar 4
by holding onto you
i'm failing my friends
i'm failing my family
but worst of all, i'm failing myself
i'm failing everyone i love
riri Feb 28
every time i think about us
i remember the way we smiled while looking into each other's eyes
but every time i realize you're no longer here
my eyes well up
and become flooded with a pool of tears

my heart stings and longs for you
i just don't know why i wasn't enough for you to stay
i miss you so much
maybe you'll come back some day
i wish i appreciated you more when you were still here
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