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Jc Dec 1
LOL is different from Lol,
LOL is League Of Legends and Lol is Laugh out loud.
ROS is different from Ros,
ROS is Rules Of Survival and Ros is my Rules of Saving (You).

ML is different from Ml,
ML is Mobile Legend and Ml is My love for you.
But Online Games are not so different from Me,
Online Games are the things you play and Me is a piece you also played.
Hello poems
I'm your penman
And your ship which has sailed over a thousand times

Hello times
Where are you going?
Lord knows in nowhere you will find

Hello no one
Hello some
Hello life and underwhelmingness of love

Hello certainty
Hello un
And hello to you my most newly begun
underwhelmingness - Not a real word lol
Khoi-San Nov 23
For him and Her
Total internal inspection
Reflection of the body
is wondering how the world works
does not know what to do
is abandoned in the universe full of meaningless
blames herself
is beautiful
A beautiful, frightened mess
is desperately searching for love and a purpose in life
we are all in this together. I don't know what I am saying though
Cepheus Nov 9
'Di ikaw ang tipo kong laro
Umayaw na kasi ako
Sinubukan ko na kasi dati
Ayon, talo lang lagi

Pero heto na naman ako
Parang tanga ang loko
'Di mapigil ang ngiti
T'wing naiisip nang ang balat mo'y dumampi

Pucha, totoo ba?
Na-SS mo nga ba?
Taena, mukhang ako'y na-stun
Ng walang kalaban-laban

Langya, GG
Hindi good game, kundi gagi
Diba humindi na tayo sa sakit?
Ano na naman 'to? Wooh bakit?

Noob na 'ko eh
Weak, walang silbi
'Pag eto sa wala na naman nauwi
Sarili ko lang pwede ko masisi

'Pag in-game
Please wag mo na ko buhatin
Aasa pa sa GM ang tanso na manok
Pa'no, marupok

Mabel, pasensya ka na
Hayaan mo, ang 2019 ay papasok na
Baka lumipas din
'Pag hindi, patay, "I have been slained."
Liam hopson Nov 9
Before you think
TO move to the ledge
Before you move
Your toes to the edge
Look at the facts
THE snow
not the sledge
Now you see
The lie
And the wedge
Please think
Before you
Sign the death pledge
Lynnia Nov 7
If you squint your eyes
And turn your head, you
Might just see more than at first
Rather than a quick look
Or a fast pass
Or a flick of the eyes
Try really searching.
Now reread  v e r y   c a r e f u l l y
Seanathon Oct 24
Who are you?
    Chaff on the wind?
    Child on the swing?
    An acorn falling midst the thick of Fall?

And what are you?
    A babbling brook?
    A winding road?
    Or a born tree with lead lined ink, skyscraper tall?

Why are you so?
    A constant ache?
    A worried mind?
    A mentality amongst those most small?

And who are you?
    And what are you?
       And why must I ask?
         Are you even here at all?
Who, What, Why?
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