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my dreams
they are rekindled nightmares
of my most negative bits of life
they move like thick syrup along a cold plate
drawn out slowly with no resolution in sight
bringing me to the edge of madness
and then
I am awakened with a thud
as if I have fallen from the sky

perhaps a mechanism
or some caring soul slapping me into consciousness
to save me from the real dark stuff

I've experienced the other side in many ways
I've been touched
I have also heard the gentle voices of distant souls
allowing me a moment of connection  
I am not quite sure how dreams are intertwined
but I am quite sure that they are
James Aug 2021
Can anyone define the word happy?
like, is anyone actually happy?
or is it just an emotion our brain makes up,
so we don't have to go through the pain which
is called life?
Just an over thinker
Michael T Chase Jun 2021
"The highest [theoretical physics] models are extremely general in their domains of application and, because of their generality, give little insight into actual behavior." ~Stephen Omohundro
Because humans think both linearly and non-linearly
there can be no ultimate pattern of
mathematics equations.
copywork math
Carlo C Gomez May 2021
Cape Town café

drink up it's gospel brew
as black as ink
and I will ask you
what you're thinking
how you're feeling

is my love only in theory?
does it mystify?

look plainly at
your hot cup of gloom
watch it stimulate the tongue
and give away
fidelity's holy fire
that once lit the fuse
of addiction

within the skin of this burning man
The Sovereign of Songbirds
Has been roused
Emitting layers of harmony
Borne of exultation, borne of woe, and
Reverberating in the Key of Elysium

Let your dreams guide you.
As the fulgent daystar
Dawns upon your starry spirit,
The musicality, the euphony of amour
Will abide within.

Soar unto the stratosphere,
For the limitlessness of flight
Belongeth to
The earthen vessel waxing ethereal;
Furthermore, it is only achieved through self-transcendence.

Ye are Children of Manumission;
Therefore, fulminate from sea to shining sea
Until the obsidian of hate
Descends into Magisterial Oblivion
Arising anew as The Element of Freedom.

The Requiem of the Revenant shall rise,
The Maw of Darkness will fall;
Ultimately, the Paean of Light will
Resound upon the four corners
Of the Terraqueous Mother.

(Se' lah)
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III

EmperorOfMine Feb 2021
The black hole is the other side of God's eye.

We cannot travel through and survive because of the limitations set.
Light can escape, as light has cone access that we do not have.
Until we are able to dematerialize and rematerialize while also keeping our consciousness, we will never be able to see what is on the other side.

There are creatures inconceivable to our reality on that side, almost like enlarged versions of bacteria and etc.

We are like cells, complex and working to keep this reality at work.
Our planet is like this.

The core, nucleus. You can go along those lines.

Anyways, we are able to leave this giant version of us, but only when it is accessible.
This could be a theory, or not...
Facing a broken mirrored image of myself
Pulled in the direction of love
Committed to doing everything right for love
Then love proved that I’m doing it wrong
Often convinced by love that its me
Then love proved that theory is false
Love yourself or nobody will.
Allan Mzyece Dec 2020
Before the birth of every creature on earth, there were a lot of processes that took place in the heavenly realms
Among them include soul manufacturing and soul delivery,
All these are assigned to the seraphims by the Seventh dimension deity,
However the soul manufacturing process of the human species differs from the rest of the earthly creatures because they are still connected to the Seventh dimension deity,
Hence some humans can tap through a different astral plane.
After figuring this out the Sixth Dimension deity who's made completely of anti matter thought he had cracked the code to become much stronger than the other deities,
He was going to connect a pure soul to himself but he was caught by the seraphims and brought forth to their leader who without hesitation was given a black eye by the Sixth Dimension deity,
The Seventh Dimension deity casted him out from the heavenly realms and turned him into a human being so that he could age and die because he couldn't be killed in his Deity form.

Life is beautiful where you come from and where you're going
But 97% of the human species don't know their purpose so life gets ugly for them and they influence the 3% to see it from their perspective,
The de-immortalization of heavenly entities happens on it hits the earth,
But it has to keep falling through different planes in order for it to lose it's ability to be one with the universe and it's memory.
That's how the Sixth Dimension deity was placed inside a human body
A different process compared to the Angel-Demon transformation.

Following astrology, every human is born under a planetary ruler and people who share the same planet are similar in nature,
The Sixth Dimension deity was placed in a human body that came out of the womb in the second Decan of the month of Tauras.
Carrying traits of love, diplomacy and a deep passion to achieve any goal with stubbornness.
As a baby he got physically ill more often compared to any other child.
He was named Alastair after his earthly father Alastair Mctinis who later died when he was two from chronic illness.
His mother who had no job moved back to her mom's farm with him and his young sister Zelda because she couldn't pay the rent at the house they were living when his dad was alive.
At the age of five, Alastair had another tragic moment when his mom died of malaria in his arms.

To be continued
George Krokos Nov 2020
The world seems to be
still in the grips of something
called Covid19

People are dying
and there are new restrictions
everywhere imposed

Like mass extinction
of the dinosaurs it seems
that went before us

Though they disappeared
when a meteor hit Earth
by an Act of God

As they were too crude
to express all God's divine
creative nature

We may disappear
due to a virus unleashed
by Unbelievers

Is God using them
to do the same thing with us?
scripture reference

The Asian country
this pandemic started in
is responsible

Are they trying to
take over the world by their
cunning persistence?

We must be aware
there are so many of them
long time preparing

Like a locust plague
which will swoop down to feast on
unprotected crops

They may go without
any warning to invade
a nearby country

With all the iron
ore they've been buying lately
used in construction

Cities and weapons of war
secret agenda

We must be all fools
if we let this go without
careful scrutiny

If the USA
leaves the region they're guarding
all hell may break loose

For what reason did
they go there in the first place
have we forgotten?

Super Powers are
known for balance of power
in war and in peace

Some Presidents should
reconsider leaving for
region won't be safe

It seems obvious
this is what the Asian threat
has been aiming for

With the pandemic
taking its toll in the world
futile resistance

Too many problems
at home to worry about
what happens elsewhere

United Nations
now all in disunity
due to the virus

That Asian country
had a major stake in WHO
to keep things quiet

People were not told
and ignorance played its part
now look what's happened

They stopped most local
travel but allowed people
to leave their country

Infected with the
corona virus people
were unaware of

For economic
and strategic advantage
to assert itself

Because of the fact
many countries had been made
dependent on them

With their cheap exports
of manufactured goods but
few original

It's needless to say
they're good with computers in
hacking and spying

The world's on its knees
and looking for a vaccine
time is running out

Don't be too alarmed
there is a cure and vaccine
being developed

In the meantime take
necessary precautions
to fight the virus

Otherwise you may
succumb to the infection
not advisable
Written in October 2020. Reads like a conspiracy theory and takes a deeper look into COVID-19 following on from an earlier poem with the same title written in Senryu verses.
Roro Sep 2020
In this ferris wheel
I find my gestation and my birth
In this eternal loop
I take my last breath on this earth
In this complex world
I see the rest of my life unfold
In this life I live now
I visit the others I may have known
In this one moment
Every story can be told and shown
In this fixed space
All of time, all the times, times to be revolve
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