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Father was
Rama Rally
now his
hair was
haze in
phase of
their new
found praise
the avatar
has shape
of America
with continental
to encircle
globe with
a sense
of purpose
yet today
the act of congress
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
धूम्रपान गर्नुहुन्छ?
रक्सी पिउनुहुन्छ?
अनी माछामासु नी?

सोध्न मन लागेको थियो
अनी रमाइलो कसरि
गर्नु हुन्छ?
शैली : क्लिनिकल प्रयोगात्मक
विषय: मनै त हो
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
Why do you have few friends?
She asked

Do you think I need more?
I replied

But still, she told

I don't need more
I don't need
Genre: Experimental
Theme: And what if you don't have time for nonsense talk?
Author: If you have 1000 friends, it's okey. If you have 1 real friend, it is precious. If you don't have any, still feel comfortable, it's okey too. Count don't matter, the peace you feel inside is what matters.
Phoenix Jun 2019
Whatever I write
can be dipped in inquiry,
sprinkled in spirit,
and polished with potential.

I don't write solely to impress
nor to be the best.
I write to explore.
And not so that the world can see me,
but so I can see the world.
A short explanation of what I put into my writing and why I do it. Originally written to be an Instagram caption.
thomas Nov 2018
we’re at a standstill.
my father had a word for it,
he called it: “out of stasis”.
he said that we’ll
never think the same
for as long as our thoughts
are different.

our minds are in a constant battle.
sometimes we’re allies,
and sometimes they fight;
a bitter contest without a clear winner.
constantly warring, always pushing
for that mystical light
at the end of the tunnel.

and what are we fighting for?
what, in this endless war
are we striving to get?
from a psychology standpoint,
we are looking for stasis.
equilibrium, where our minds meet
and we are at peace.

and how do we get that?
working together may do
the trick, or maybe it’s something
that must be won by one party.
peaceful times for one, means
chaos for the other.
the dreaded, so called “out of stasis”.

being in stasis, together,
conjoined in one goal
seems to be the ideal scenario.
and how do we reach this point?
where our minds meet, and
we agree on the terms?
how about this:

let’s try to connect
on an emotional level.
let’s resolve this battle.
stasis can only be achieved
through consensus. so,
let’s get down to to it,
and agree.
honestly more of a blog post than a poem, but i wrote it with a poet’s mindset.
believe it or not, this is somewhat of a unrequited love poem.
for you.
Em Nov 2018
Sometimes I feel as if he doesn't care.
At least, that's the vibe I get.

A nonchalant answer
to a thought-out inquiry
is enough to make me think
that he,
in fact,
does not care.
boys r dumb >:((((
wrote this on a whim because my boyfriend is dumb >:((((
im an adult i swear
Crash unbridled gates. Grind organs
through the rosy calm of tolerance.
See misfits shuck the beasts
in bed with bliss. Type up and tack
to this new daily mess the bounds
of what went by 'neath private barroom
skies; no looming spy will fix you
flint to burn the friendly waters,
flicker honor out to disarrange
and scold some rhyme too bold
for comfort-answers, dumb-fit, fumble-
grounded in some sliver too uncouth.
Tape pageless trees for truth;
blog-sift the spheres, watch darkness' evil
ears upend and train the tuner on
the lips extolling groundwork kisses
(sparkful dominance upstaged
by passion turned to stone:
reserves gone sour, hour unknown.)
Mist-choked misnomers
acting onerous and blinking out of phase:
de-stage the structure. Anchor down who stays,
who pulls the latest polls. While blind-spots
clutch white lace like arguments,
make space to process what flies past
as ****** rats stay the course,
a maze in grace.
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