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Jayaji Jan 16
The true artist does not paint pictures,
the true artists lends themselves to be and become
a paintbrush in the mysterious hand
of life.

The true musician does not play an instrument
but allows that self to be an instrument played
by the breathing space that encircles
all things.

In this way my darling
there is nothing you need to do,
or seek, or find, or become.

No fireworks, no flashing lights,
no grand awakening to understand
that you are not creative,
you are creation.

In this way my darling, wisdom
is the opening into that very vastness,
to be contained by that which has no edge,
and there find, there is no center.

It is to contemplate the Great
Mystery, and at the same time find
the Great Mystery contemplating
Jayaji Jan 16
Run after yourself.
Chase your own tail.

Catch that which cannot be caught.
Turn towards your own self,
and find that which does not turn. 

When will you see
the walls you *****
around your own heart
keep you imprisoned 
captive by belief? 

In setting the mind free
the heart soars. 
When the heart soars
there are no use for walls. 

What mast can I cast 
a rope towards 
to open the sails
in a windless sea?

To what dock can I stop
and secure a ship 
that is in the middle 
of the ocean? 

What ground can I lay
foot on when everything
is shimmering beneath me? 

This mind is like a bird
without branch to rest. 
Where then does one 
take refuge?
Billie Marie Sep 2020
All things are passing
let them pass
all feelings and thoughts
let them pass
and when the time comes
same thing
the pain the sensations
the thoughts rushing over
let it all pass
see it flow by
it’s only a thing
like a cloud in your sky
it’s only just like
each wise one may say
and when the time comes
it is just like today
all things are passing
watch each one flow away
all things are passing
let each one pass away
Billie Marie Aug 2020
There is no need to fight
No need for fear and arms
For there is no attack
Because we are eternal
We don’t need to be right
Don’t need to set anything straight
We only need to set it down
And we will be still who we are
Who can understand these words
Who can hearken to the call
We are the ones
We have been silent
We are the ones we have been searching for
On retaliation, retribution and general vindictiveness. From the silence.
Lulu Sarmiento Aug 2020
For a certain question—
there is no exact answer.
And there are questions—
that always remain unanswered.
Billie Marie Jul 2020
I have been given
the burdensome gift
of this one
to allow me to see what it is

I know it
watch it move and twist
to what end?
only destruction

I see one cannot contend with it
for it is not real
as one is
it is a byproduct of one’s play

One tests oneself
to see how far one can go
in the human sense
destruction is how one is reborn

So this play is divinely necessary
yet something seems to have gotten out of control.
who is the one seeming to be out of control?
the one seeming to have lost its control?

It seems to get confusing
seems to get in the way
of the seeming reality
now you can see it is all this one

Taking different shapes
squeezing into various forms
only to have some fun
in the human sense

Ego will always serve only itself
and to the end of all it knows
thank God
that it knows only a little

You see this
when you see Self
and the world you knew
becomes small and distant

Like watching from a plane
in a cloudless sky
that annoying twitch in the right wrist
from decades of tiny insignificant movements

Do you take a sledgehammer to the arm?
that might do the trick, and more
ego loves a good bonfire
yet God’s grace burns better and brighter

Let that Self take over
let that heat rise
let your rotten fruit
burn to cinder.

It only hurts
as much as it wants to hurt
Feel me?
in the human sense
to be fully human you must embrace all of yourself
Ces Jul 2020
A sudden question arose
perplexing in its simplicity:

"When did I stop listening?"

How did the music fade?
How did the melodies inside my heart

Innocence is a fleeting thing
Like tunes and notes...
the soothing caresses of the wind
on a quiet spring

My heart is craving for answers
Oh, this inquiry that rattles my mind:

When did I stop being
a child?
Father was
Rama Rally
now his
hair was
haze in
phase of
their new
found praise
the avatar
has shape
of America
with continental
to encircle
globe with
a sense
of purpose
yet today
the act of congress
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
धूम्रपान गर्नुहुन्छ?
रक्सी पिउनुहुन्छ?
अनी माछामासु नी?

सोध्न मन लागेको थियो
अनी रमाइलो कसरि
गर्नु हुन्छ?
शैली : क्लिनिकल प्रयोगात्मक
विषय: मनै त हो
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
Why do you have few friends?
She asked

Do you think I need more?
I replied

But still, she told

I don't need more
I don't need
Genre: Experimental
Theme: And what if you don't have time for nonsense talk?
Author: If you have 1000 friends, it's okey. If you have 1 real friend, it is precious. If you don't have any, still feel comfortable, it's okey too. Count don't matter, the peace you feel inside is what matters.
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