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Jeremy Betts Jan 16
"You're not a lot of fun to be around" she blurted
Not the first time I've heard it
I went
From being bullied to being A bully, was never meant to be permanent
You can probably guess what temperament brought more enjoyment?
So there's a solid argument to be had for it being a just verdict
But if you've never been in that predicament hold your judgmental hyperbolic rhetoric
Most folks seek out that kind of empowerment but keep it quiet, I'm just admitting it
Look, nobody's perfect but the crime has never fit my punishment
Pushed and shoved "getting back to the old me" to the back burner, against my better judgement
Cause I didn't bother with it any further, now a derelict social misfit
Then when it's my turn to take back the moment
My retort, a one and done statement;
Fck you, fck the planet and fck everyone on it
Easier to parrot that then to admit no one can stand me past the first minute
I don't know if it's the misplacement of hurt and anger, a cover for inadequate social alignment
Or a relentless deep seeded resentment for the general public
Not sure but it definitely feels organic
This old dog ain't capable of learning a new trick regardless of any enlightenment
Kinda sad isn't it?

Steve Page Jun 2023
No need to thank me.
I mean, what are bullies for?

If not to force you
to face the unpalatable.
To confront you
with the cruelest kindness.

To unrelent with unfair truth
leaving you no choice,
but to fight for your life
and strengthen your defence.

What are best bullies for?
But to boost the beast
for when he's needed.

No need to thank me.
You'd do the same for me.
You need tough friends sometimes.
Ryan Joseph Apr 2023
I had to bully myself:
By suffering from the happiness of someone else
By crying from the laughing faces of someone else
By seeing someone I loved being with someone else
And by trying to forget the reason why I loved.
birdy Apr 2022
she left me for dead,
her words slitting skin
her careful eye drawing blood.
Dianali Oct 2021
Am I to blame?
That you are too gray?
Too plain?

Is your poisonous tongue
gonna mock me, again?
Is that your best move?
Is that all you care?
CJ Oct 2021
I'm different
I laugh when I'm sad
I cry when I'm happy
They call me weird
But I'm only different

I'm different.
Others take the car but I choose to walk it
Others hide from the rain but I walk in it
They call me weird
But I'm only different

They laugh at me
But i laugh at them back
For being dumb to understand
Who I actually am

Losing doesn't gain experience
Losing gain loneliness
Get me out of here before I do it myself...
Alicia Sep 2021
Sometimes I am sick of being sick. I crawl into the covers and hope tomorrow is a better day. One where my mind won't be so cruel. Yelling insults only I can hear. I wake up only to find. The bully still living in my mind.
nick armbrister Aug 2021
The same old feeling
The same old issues
By the same old feeling

Why do you still take it?
I ask myself each day
Better the Satan you know

The **** beasts me
Each and every day
I should’ve been a Marine

Than an army soldier
Day in day out
Same old ******* ****

I think I’ll frag my officer
When we are alone
Out in the bush

Say it was an accident
All the **** he gave me
Join the army

See the world
That **** is my world
Tonight I’ll frag him

Then take off cross county
The border is fifty clicks away
Join the cartel

Or go independent
**** the army
And their rules
Lanna K Aug 2021
Much rather than having her dead. Let her live and let her loll in my joys, beauty, and happiness. whilst her soul is stripped naked and humanity no longer resides in her, nor will she know the ease of humility.
23 year old bully. people who are hurt, hurt.
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