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Shadow 5h
You see a
Girl with dull
Eyes people judge
Bullied her no
One thought she
Was good she
Herself believes she
Is worthless to
Be loved all
The pain came
Towards her the
Skin on her
Is scarred but
She hides the
Scars no one
Notices her pain
They don't see
Her they see
A toy of
Their own jokes
This girl tries
To hide away
Haleigh Oct 1
Beauty is only skin deep.

You could be the most attractive person in the world,
but still be a complete bitch.

Some people at school they are so pretty,
but they are the ones who bully you.
Carla Sep 23
The same gender,
Holding hands,
Is not a painting,
Don't stare at it.

A person who wants to be,
The opposite of what they are,
Is not a vegetable,
Don't spit at it.

A person who loves,
And accepts all,
Is not a helpless kid,
Don't bully it.

These are people,
And their feelings,
Are like plates made of China.
Don't break it.
This is to all the people being bullied for what they love, and who they love.
Joy B Sep 14
You want me to bow at your feet.
Give you all the glory
You think you deserve.
Well, I walk in like a storm on a summer’s day

Want me to be completely honest?
You deserve to rot
Melt away    
Disappear from existence

But here’s what I want to actually happen:
I want you to be happy
For you to have joy
To see the world as good

I know what you did was wrong.
You know what you did was wrong.
Just go on in the world spreading love,
Because when my daughter asks about my childhood,

I want her to see the world as it should be

Not as it is.
Full of people like you
Who think they can get away
With things like what you did to me.

You chased
I ran
You yelled
I turned
You swung
I ducked
You huffed
I pushed

The back of your ankle caught
on the underside of a gnarly root

You twirled
I watched.
You screamed
I watched..
You bled
I watched...
You gasped at air
I watched....

The old jagged branch penetrated
through your squishy eye
and kissed the back of your skull
blood burst and squirted
while the rise and fall of your chest slowed
and your body grew cold

A rose bush was born amidst the clutches of an early winter

I left
You haunted
I cried
You permeated
I stayed silent
You spoke in my dreams

I know they found you
I visit and leave you flowers
But I am through,
I finally convinced myself
that it's not my
talk to my back
and tell me who i am
my face is a skewed target
aim your words to my spine
it won’t retaliate
speak of me slowly
as one would a wounded dog
my legs are gnawed to the bone
but my teeth are still as sharp
come no closer
throw away your help
your sugar-coated fearful guidance
take away the sugar and i smell it
caution     dread     judgement
i will eat away to the truth
look down before me
my eyes are not your windows
they are mine alone
do not dare to peer into my home
i do not take kindly to trespassers
i do not take kindly to trespassers
i am not your holy
i am divine in my own rite
and you will find me a vengeful god
look upon my path with fearful reverence
whether i cut through the heart
or the edges
ask yourself
f r i n g e
They may think they know how I feel,
They may think they know my pain,
They may think they know everything,
But they didn't,
They have no idea what I've been dealing with,
They have no idea what I've been struggling with,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than other girls,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than boys,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin,
Just because I'm a girl,
Just because I have darker skin,

"Um, why is your skin color looks like the color of an avocado seed?"
My skin looks like the color of an avocado seed cause God gave me this skin tone, that's it,

"Ayyy this is our black girl!"
Even if they said it's just a joke, they said it's a 'special' nickname for me, it's not how I wanted to be called,

"Your skin shows that you didn't take care of your skin,"
It's not that I didn't take care of my skin, it's just the way it is,

"Novella, you're a girl, no guys will interested to you if your skin is black like this,"
And I ain't interested to picky guys,

"Novella, your skin is darker than my skin, you want me to take care of your skin for you? I know you rarely use makeup."
So what if my skin is darker than their skin? It's not because I rarely use makeup, it's not because I don't know how to use makeup, I just don't want to cover myself with those things and I just wanna be thankful with what God already gave me,

"Novella, we're in Indonesia, we're Asian and you look like African-American people, lmfao,"
What's the difference between Asian and African-American people? We just have different pigments, so basically we all are one race, all humans are in one race,

"Ew black girl! She will never get a boyfriend,"
Ew racist people,

Shout out to anyone who felt the same way that I felt,
Stay strong,
We all will get through this,
I know this isn't easy, but I know you can do it,
Don't let their words creeping into your mind,

With love,
Gods1son Sep 6
I grew up thinking I was this vessel
Wasn't told my vessel is just like a castle
My castle got printed with people's stencils
Those stencils almost brought me to a standstill

My vessel was named different titles
Fat as a pig
Short as a wink
Big eyed like an ostrich
Those titles did hurt me

They did hurt till I made a discovery
Discovered my body is just like a chassis
This chassis houses an engine
The engine is the real me

The real me is who I am on the inside
The inside holds my spirit, soul and emotions
Don't judge me based on this trolley
Pls, say no to bullying!
Sehar Bajwa Sep 4
From -
“you’re a girl, you cant play.”

- To -

- Now -
“you play like a girl”

From orders to insults.
From bonds to bullying.

Did we ever really evolve?
musing over sexism on the basketball court.
Riley June Sep 3
sticks and stones make break your bones but,
words will leave invisible scars that haunt you.
the first time someone teased me i was taught to laugh,
they tease you cause they like you,
why are you so upset its a compliment you should be happy,
so the next time i smiled and let the words carve my soul,
wondering if everyone felt this way but to afraid to ask,
teachers never noticed when i would slip away to cry,
telling no one how much it hurt to smile.

days turned to months which turned to years,
the teasing never stopped but i learned to hide,
others went outside but i stayed away from the arsenal,
each day a new weapon was added to their tongues,
only way to survive was to stay small and disappear,
turn yourself invisible so they won't notice how broken you are,
damaged childhood memories will always haunt you.

hope you can find some sleep at night.
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