destiny Jun 13
Some people need to belittle others to make themselves feel a fraction bigger.

Those are the people that are truly small.
Hg Jun 8
i keep on seeing stars
as freckles
on people's faces

i ask them ain't it cool
that you were born
with constellations?

but spots on skin to them

they think they need make up
to cover up
their galaxies

like this one person I know
looks like ice cream
that's been peppered

the dots on her arm
come from her grandma
who's a leopard

but she says that she hates them
she calls them

cause back in school
kids mocked her for
her speckled complexion

a bully
named georgina
used to call her a giraffe

more girls joined in
and even then
her friends began to laugh

internalizing this
like a black hole
inside her mind

the dots of her
self confidence
had never been aligned

then a tear streamed down her cheek
she sniffled
and shivered

i'd never seen her sad
didn't know what to do
so I poked her

poked her face to show
my favorite star
below her eye

told her when we speak
it's like i'm talking
to the sky

and every time she blinks
that freckle vanishes
from sight

so every time she cries
a star goes missing
from the night

shame is taught
to many of us
at such an early age

comparing our looks
to everyone
as if we're made the same

girl you are spectacular
no matter of

your tears are shooting stars
made up of cosmic ice
and chemistry

now i thought that that was clever
but saying that
was DUMB

cause as I'm seeing stars
she says she’s been
seeing someone

yeah Ice Cream's
got a boyfriend
right now he's just away

i should have seen
that coming from
a mile milky way

you wish upon a star
to find someone
that’s wishing too

maybe one day
i’ll meet that one
but i wish it was you

i gotta say goodbye
i guess it ain't
the time or space

it just ain't right
that every night
i still will see your face
Kendall Jun 1

Stupid. Idiot. Dense. Obtuse. Retard. Dumbass.
Words that only floated through my head, never flowed from anothers mouth
I was a bully
And I was my my own victim.
I said I was kind, but I was a hypocrite.
I clearly didn't understand that to be kind
I had to include myself.
If only the bully
The hater
The cyberbully
The belittler
The non sympathetic
The cheater
The constant promise breaker
Knew how much we held back
If our silence had a form they would suffocate.
MOTH May 20
Dear bully,

Why bully me?

Is it because I'm not the brightest?
Is it because I'm not the most bubbly?
Is it because I'm not unbelievably loving?
Or maybe...
Is it because I exist and that alone?

My dear sweet bully,

Do you like it when you hurt me?

Does it quench your thirst when I struggle to hold back my tears?
Are you satisfied when you become one of my many fears?
Do you keep an eye open for the knife that may end your night?
Or maybe...
You just like it when I'm vulnerable and broken because you feel better about your cracks.

Finally, my undying bully,

What would it take for you to stop bullying me?

Do you want my bloodlust craving blade to open your throat?
Or maybe just a kiss to end your petty attention to me...ew
Maybe you don't want anything but to be better, because you envy me...
Or maybe...
I disturb you because I remind you of who you can never be...

So let me ask you one final time...
Daddy, why must you bully me?
Whosdp Nov 2015
Not the faded echoes of voices crying out
Names will never hurt me

Of course
They did
To This Day
Autumn Lewis Apr 18
She wears a cloak to hide
Only she evades the blind
I and others see her weaseling about
She feeds them false truths with her clout  
They can't see past the facade and the apparition
They can't fathom her true mission

She slithers her words through one ear and bites with a vipers teeth in another
All she wants is to cause a pother
In the end the blind will always fall for her until they take off their blinds
They don't have the courage to break free and use their minds
So they will stay bond
To them she will always remain abscond
This is happening
Shreyas c9 Apr 16
A smack on the head here, a wedgie over there,
To ask you why you do this, did anyone care?
What happened to you that turned you this way,
Are there hidden factors involved that we need to weigh?

Did something happen to you when you were a child,
Spreading wrath now like a prince who has been exiled;
Is something going on right now in your home,
Your victims don’t find the corridors safe to roam;

Were you also a victim once to another bully,
How could that experience, change you fully?
Experiencing all the pain, for it to end have you waited?
After everything that happened, you became what you hated!

After being subject to bullying did you feel really bare,
So now what you do to others, you no longer care?
Did you think you will feel clothed if you relay the pain?
Let me inform you, you’ve become everyone’s bane!

Do you think behind your façade no one can see your insecurity?
You are sadly mistaken, being fooled by your immaturity;
You can’t rid your past by passing the pain to others,
You are all in the same boat now, so maybe treat them like brothers…

No I  don't mean that it is okay to bully, Don't get me wrong i am not trying to sympathise with the bully! Having once being on both sides of this spectrum, a victim who turned bully... i think we should instead of trying to ignore that it just happens.. actually try and address it.
Brad post Apr 14
Listen to my story,
and you might think twice before,
you proceed to judge me,
and show me to the door.

If you only knew the fear,
and the courage this took,
maybe then you would listen,
and give me a second look.

An alcoholic father,
who puts his hands on me,
is what I come home to,
everyday at three-fifteen.

A mother who blames me,
for the abuse that I recieve.
Never raising a finger,
to pack me up and leave.

A day full of insults,
as I walk through the halls,
and a foot in the aisles,
and laughter when I fall.

I never learned morals,
through all of my abuse,
nor the love of a parent,
so what is your excuse?

Does it make you feel better,
to make me feel small?
To just keep on pushing,
until I break down and bawl.

I never asked for this life,
for this heartache and shame.
I have enough problems,
without being your game.

I can cover up the bruises,
with second-hand clothes,
and I can walk with my head down,
so the guilt doesn't show.

But I can't ignore the fear,
that lives within me.
The fear of going home,
of how bad today will be.

I'm asking for help,
and for someone to stand.
For someone to listen,
and do what they can.

I understand rules,
and just how they work.
But why do the rules,
neglect someone who's hurt?

You can see all the bruises,
the scars and the burns.
Each one a lesson,
daddy thought I should learn.

So don't look at me,
as if I'm burdening you.
Because you only know a little,
of what I've been through.

I'm begging for help,
and for you to save me.
So please be my hero,
before three-fifteen.
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