You are no winner,
So don’t act like I’m a prize to be won.
You can’t pay your way to win me.
I am a challenge, indeed.
I am not supposed to be easy to win over.
Because I’m not.

So bet all you like.
Say all you want.
Throw what you want;
Paper planes, words.
I don’t care anymore.

Rylee Sep 6

Thursday, December 8th, 2016
Builds up inside of you waiting to break out of the jail that is your mouth,
Biting your tongue so the prisoners wont escape and cause trouble.
You can see others opening the cell door with no trouble, no pain, just with ease
in fact its not even a cell its more of a joke book with every opening of the book others laugh and smile
Wishing i could be like them but instead i try and keep my jail doors closed not letting out the prisoners that have hurt many before but they come out anyways
The prisoners force me to open my phone, i beg of them to not make me but they do it anyways.
The letters my very own fingers are typing are turning into horrible words but i cant stop
then the leader of the gang comes in like the evil queen in snow white, the worst of the worst, feared by many.
It goes by the name of Hate
Hate takes over your life
He comes and takes your happiness piece by piece until you are left there not knowing if you should live or die
He makes you want to cry,
Cry until your tears form a river and carries  you away from your problems, your friends, your family, your everything.
Hate has no regrets he makes people do terrible things.
He let the prisoners in my mouth out to terrorize others and capture their voices.
People let hate consume them till their body is filled with pure rage.
Hate did this to me
Hate made me say this horrible things, he didnt even give me the courage to say it to your face
Hate made me hide behind a screen and hurt you
Hate made me do it so that he could take over you as well

This is my side to being cyber bullied. Im trying to think maybe he didnt mean to hurt me, maybe he just couldn't control it. Also i preformed this poem of mine in front of everyone in my school, including my bullies.
Daisy Rae Nov 9

mind bullies your body

love your self regardless of what your inner demons say
Ella Nov 8

So when it did become right for someone to be the boss of everyone, cuz the way I see it, it's definitely not okay on any standards

Whatever I'm hopeless
But I bet if another person was there you wouldn't mind leaving me behind

I see the way you act towards other people

Treating them all special and me as a person who follows you who is miss royalty and I'm just the person who you think is always gonna be there for ya

Well guess what, I think not
I'm sick and tired of you're laziness
You always complain when something isn't right
I can't be myself at any level or you'll think I'm being rude and disrespect towards you

I have to smile all the time to make you think that I'm fine with my life

If I even tried to tell you what's wrong you would just look at me weirdly and not even listen

How did you even find me in the first place?
Can you like not, I'm tired and hate even being next to you but of course I can't say anything but oh well for now

Ella Nov 8

How many times do I have to keep trying?
You've messed me up enough times already.
Ive tried telling you,
calling you,
looking at you for a new answer
But nothing works, I don't think it ever will.

I have the same words in my mind all the time.
I wish you could see how it's like to live under you
To be smashed to the ground
And not be able to get up

Whatever I'll stay like this a little longer
But you're going to regret the day that I snap and you're going to wonder what went wrong

Jisatsu shitaidesu       Jisatsu shitaidesu
     Jisatsu shitaidesu        Jisatsu shitaidesu

I held you from afar
   But the words you said
      Cut deeper
         Than any knife ever would
             Until I bled
         Down below
And you watched me die.

Misunderstood and Misunderstandings
is the foothold of my reality
Labels and blames
You blame me
for your life in difficulty
Stop it !
Stop it !
I'm not to blame for your mistakes
I'm not the bully
who threw away my life in vain
You're the one who did
You're the one to blame.

This poem is about how people misunderstand my actions and personality, since i barely talk much and am always quiet, they tend to blame me for everything and i did have a certain person who did that to me back in high school. That certain person used to blame me for everything that went wrong  . I'm just expressing myself in this poem on how i could have stood up for myself back then and said those words to her.
Ace Sargent Oct 30

In the case of the 8-year-old little boy
The child who said he wanted to see
I am sorry I could not stop you, angel
From becoming part of this machine
To pull you from those cogs and screws
And cover your innocent ears
From the churning and turning of politics
Of old white men’s right-wing fears
In the case of the 8-year-old little boy
I know you want to fix the worlds scrapes
But the earth is not like your boo boo
And mommy’s desk doesn’t have enough tape
I am sorry I could not stop them, baby
From taking away your dreams
They would not listen to my screaming
They couldn’t hear mommy over the machine
In the case of the 8-year-old little boy
Don’t let that light die in your eyes    
I know the world can be a bully
But there was a time so was your mind  
I am sorry I could not stop them, sweetie
From saying all those bad things
An 8-year-old shouldn’t be hearing how
The government tears off angel wings.

for the raising of little ones
Middy Oct 30

he brought a gun to school
with the lesson in a form of a bullet
he is the one around that everyone fears
the one you must and shall obey
his knuckle duster harder
than the front of a car
his fingernails bloody
with the blood of his victims

the teacher
the one who preaches in the lessons
who pays no attention to the cold words
the violence and the red stain in the hallways
the teacher
he said to us
about a new boy around
his face is darker than chocolate
and has a gleaming happy smile
but with feelings of nerve

he said to treat him well
to be good little boy
to tell him what good little students we are
to show him all the harsh rules

did we understand?
that was the question asked
what did we all answer at the end of the day?
yes sir!

but soon
his dark skin was bleeding
bruised and beaten
black and blue
his eyes had a blacker ring
his nerves were skyrocketting
his happy smile gone
in one single punch
one cruel word
that was all it took
now there is a hole
a bullet hole in his kind heart

can you find the bully's backstory? comment it down and i'll happily repost a random poem of yours. :)
i will reveil the winner at any time so search hard!
here's a clue: it causes bruises. many use it everyday. someone can be hurt by it. anytime, anywhere.
ps: im writing on school computers so sorry for any mistakes
DeathDrayanD Oct 28

Beaten by my parents
And ridiculed in school
What I have become: a useless fool

They think I'm inferior
They think I don't belong
Well I think they just might not be wrong

Had made up a certain rhythm, decided to add in lyrics
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