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how did it feel when you saw me hit the ground
when you heard earth break under me
the coldness of your heart that infected with a touch
when you saw me get up and wobble away
out the door in the middle of school
i left i wouldn’t come back
i’d leave
leave everything behind
not having to do it again with the same ****** people and the same **** emotions
never again
you watched me as i walked out and you cursed under your breath “**** i didn’t mean it”
you didn’t ******* mean it then why was this not the first time
what was this a daily thing in your routine
but no i won’t have it cause i’m done tonight
you won’t see me again
i’m okay this isn’t a cry for help don’t be worried :)
Riley June Dec 4
This is for both a bully and friend. They were like a tattoo I never wanted. Ink swirled under my skin screaming at me in victory. I woke up one day discovering this design dwelled in me making itself at home. How did this happen? How come no other kids had ink under their skin? That’s when they became a bully. When I got older the ink got meaner. Everything I did wrong they used against me like an arsenal of regret.  Elementary school became a battlefield and I always wore my armor. Children choose their sides not understanding the consequences each battle held.
Every morning they were there with more loyalty than a service dog. Every mirror was marked by them. Every student knew their name. And every day we would fight. Most days the fights were small and no one but us would get injured but some days there were casualties far greater than expected. This was not just a year or two of them being a bully but almost a decade of them being one. A routine developed where they would show up in the morning remind me they were never leaving and then wait for me after school. If I missed the bus they were sure to be there with me through that but not for support but as an opportunity to berate me.
They had a commitment to me that most marriages would be jealous of. No matter what they stayed by my side. And then I moved away traveling across many states confident I left them behind in the move. When school started I was nervous because I was new, and no one knew me. That lasted all of six seconds before I saw them again in the hallway. How the **** did they manage to cross six state lines to follow me and could I just disappear. The answer was no so we met again but this time it was as if they couldn’t remember me so this time around we were acquaintances.
As an acquaintance they were like a tattoo that you got done when you were sixteen, not quite what you wanted but it was better. This time the ink didn’t scream at me but talked. Their loyalty and commitment were both still their but instead of battles they became friends with others. It was weird seeing what they had become after so many years of torment, but it was nice to finally have some quiet. This didn’t mean I was completely free of all bullies however, I met new ones in high school that were much worse and far more cruel. After one particularly harsh day my once bully now acquaintance came over to help me stand again. I learned to lean on them and began to trust in them a little more after that day.
When high school was coming to close I still refused to consider them a friend never forgetting how much pain they caused me in my youth. And so once more we parted as acquaintances to continue onto the next chapter of our lives. This time around I didn’t cross six state lines but stayed in state. This was when I started college. I was shocked when I found out that they were to be my roommate I mean what are the odds of that? I still felt the ink under my skin swirl in a sort of salute to them. They remembered me this time around, but it wasn’t a bad thing. This time I allowed myself to become friends with them and we grew close. The tattoo was no longer a mistake but a well thought out decision that held meaning and color. They were now a friend that I could trust, and the ink didn’t just talk to me, but it sang. I want you to understand who they are so keep an open mind as I introduce to you……. my moles.
Everytime I let someone to close,
their pain his what hurts the most,
Should have closed them out before they walked in,
Should have known,
Should've known,
Should've known,
Should've known
Forgot what pain felt like,
I was just alright,
But you shut me down,
pushed me out,
Tour me down,
Took a wrecking ball to my face,
I had dreams, but,
you cut them down,
chopped all their meanings up,
Should've known,
but I forgot what pain felt like,
You pushed me down, ........
Do you know what?
I had enough and... I got up,
Growing up is hard..., but never let the ones that hurt you keep you down.....
Hello :D, keep in mind this is a work in progress... I was going to make it more solemn, but as the poem says... I got up ;). So, this became encouragement for others.
Best of wishes,
~Summer Shellhamer~
Jo Swan Nov 28
“Ching, Chong, Chang,” the children chant!
Have I become the class clown?
Shame sullies by their endless rant-
Mocking words put spirit down.
The teasing leaves me want to flee.
They sneeringly laugh at my face,
Telling me to leave this country
Though this country is my birth place.

“Ching, Chong, Chang,” the children chant!
What have I done to cause such offence?
Do I deserve these nasty taunts?
I’m placed in my own defense.
In sleep these means words will haunt me!
The clothes I wear… The food I eat…
My skin…My face… is it so beastly?
Blood seared with taste of shameful sweat.

“Ching, Chong, Chang,” the children chant!
I remain silent to unjust…
I’ve been taught not to rock the boat…
I’m belittled like specs of dust…
In the hurt, their evil eyes gloat!
I’ve become the funny class clown…
They laugh…they laugh…
They laugh…they laugh…

Will these laughs ever end?
Will my predicament amend?
Must I be the class clown?

(c) Jo Swan
I wanted to write a poem about my experience of racism and bullying when I was a child. Recently, there has been a huge scandal with Dolce and Gabbana racist ads and comments on Instagram. It stirred memories of childhood racism where I was bullied and teased because of my Chinese ethnicity. I realise there is a lack of voice in these issues and so I wanted to express the emotions I felt when I was bullied.
Anya Nov 27
I internally sneered
at her disjointed manner

Externally cheerful
but actually proud that I wasn't her

Acting like her friend
But only, when it was convenient or I felt pity

Seeming to mind my own business
But chastising her inside

I wondered what was going on
Everything she did
wasn't malicious
She simply didn't know
But why did I act the way I did
But today I understand
She and I,
are one and the same
I took an event that occurred with me back in middle school, elongated it a little bit and wrote it into this poem.
Dani Nov 27
Whiteboard and students, classroom with desks
Who knew, here could be something so grotesque
Lit up bright, full of supplies
Art and math, science goggles to protect your eyes
Who knew this is where fear could live
Shouldn’t it be a laugh and a love note to give
Wouldn’t it be nice if this was a sacred place
Could you imagine if schools were all safe
Instead of brightly lit fluorescent lights  
We see gun fire in the halls and fist fights
Worst of all we see children dead
In the ground we put to rest their head
Bully killed bully, maybe it was someone mean
Becoming the bully is worse! LISTEN to me this is keen
Love your neighbors, love your friends
End this hatred, or it will be all our ends
Speak love or do not speak at all
Believe in yourself, and believe in others …
That is all
. . .
No!! There is so much more to be said
This isn’t working, our kids still wind up dead
What needs to change, what can be done
To love your daughter and son?
Yes of course, love is important
But we need change, can we be absorbent?
To soak up our mistakes and our flaws
Turn it around look at what's wrong, take pause
Address the real issues, we don’t need more pep talks
We need a reconstruction, all the way down to the bed rocks
John White Nov 22
Were you bullied as a kid?

I'm asked that often.
I'm not really sure why.

I know my dad was.
I know my best friend was
along with many others,
but I myself was never directly bullied.

I watched in silence
as others were attacked.
Empathy would surge through my veins
but never with enough courage to help.
I internalized what I saw
shared in the shame and tears,
all the while doing my best to blend in
so as not to be the next target.

I succeeded.
I was never bullied by another.

Over the years though
I became
my own worst enemy.
Using the cruel words of others
I have bullied myself to the edge.
Relentless in its criticism,
ruthless with its words
the bully within
has cut me down
again and again
draining me of my worth
and self compassion.

I just want it to stop.

I just want the bully to go away.
Apporva Arya Nov 2
I felled
and heard claps.
I cried
and heard laughs.
Was I SUBJECT to them ?
Or VICTIM to life...

Asked for directions,
Being sent to maze.
Felt loneliness of crowd,
While chasing my CROWN.
Was I Intimidating?
Or talking is all what they got !!..

Still rise above of all,
By listening to the songs of my soul.
All the noise dies down.
When they lead me HOME.....
I am proud of it. No more irony. For i was always myself. No matter what your reason to blame me, I know what i am, I know what i want , I am never gonna change. I do what i do. So mind your own business.. (inspired by BTS IDOL)
Lil lotus Nov 1
Theres always that one person that
Till your so close to the edge
You want to start pulling on them
so you dont fall and break

Today you did it
You only poked me
But it was enough to push me over the edge
As i was falling though
I felt it
The sudden sense of flying

Then i opened my eyes
And there i was starring them in the eyes
Tears streaming
AS we looking at eachother
I know
               Thats what he was wating for
                                That was what he wanted
To watch me fall
Watch me break
Watch my fading light go out
You did it
You win
You see these tears?
The look of betrayal and death in my eyes?
Well thats you reward
I hope your happy
Because you finally did it
Dnot worry about me anymore, Im nothing anymore
Nothing but a shadow
Em Oct 30
The girls at the playground
don't talk to me.
They look
and stare
and whisper
and yet ignore me.

"What did I do,"
I always ask myself.
Am I ****?
Do I smell?
Am I too loud?
Or annoying?
Or ******?
Or weird?

Those days of girls and insecurities have passed.
Loud and proud, baby.

Weird, schmeird.
i was pretty weird in elementary/middle school
i got ignored pretty often by girls
i didn't care i think,, maybe i did who k n o w s
i am a lovely person now uwu
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