Em Quinn Feb 13
there are...
cruel fireworks,
booming behind my back.
you seem to think that makes you better.
i think that's not right.
mistakes are made sometimes,
it comes with life.
just as a wave in the sea lasts only a few moments,
a regretful choice only takes toll as long as you let it.
so why?
i've said my apologies,
i've tried to keep moving forward.
your feet stick to conflict as if it is tar,
and your words crash in an ear that is deaf to the noise.
recently i recieved a hearing aid,
composed of a cold depression.
it looks for those words and now,
i cannot ignore them.
i'm sorry, and i'll say it a million times.
but despite this new hearing aid,
i haven't heard...
this is a not-so-indirect poem about the seniors at my school, who seem to think i'm the enemy.
Eno Jan 7
We'll never survive
Without it
You know
Is a fabric that must be woven into
the very patchwork of life
But how can I?
How can I scrabble amongst the floor
trying to capture
the fading light
that has slipped through the crack in the door
When you watched me unravel
Down every step
in the staircase
and when no-one was looking
gently nudged me with a smile
and the side of your foot
down to the lowest level
where you stood above
casting your shadow of contempt

As I have made the long journey to the top of the tower
where our story began
and wound the wool around and around
I am whole
but hurt once again
and not quite as sweet as before
I must add the fabric of forgiveness
If I am to find meaning from this war
austin Jan 15
it doesn't take much
to be a true friend

it doesn't take years
to do something right

it doesn't take much strength
to reach out and help

it does take a real villian
to hurt those who care

it takes vile crudeness
to make one feel dead

or long to be
be real
Poetic T Jan 13
Flies crept on cremated wounds
                       that had healed untidy..
stitches were never removed
they just descended within
                               suffocating the scars..

Scratching at there depth
              The conciseness
       that caused the cuts to linger.
But still they bled internally.

Your scheming of false fears
            will be actioned upon...
Your just a canary in a coal mine,
        not realizing your already dead.
suffocated within a dark place..

I'm never going to heal,
           but I'm never going to
suffocate on my ego.
         Yours will just sing
till no one listens, sing silently little bird.
Steve Page Jan 13
Make your unwanted advances
- on the sexual predators.
Place an uninvited unmistakable hand
on the casual grazers
the brokers
sex negotiators
anyone who assumes
his entitlement
to sate his primal appetite
by right
anyone who
in order to pick away
at a vulnerable soul.
Now's the time to shout
to call him out
and expose him
to unforgiving light
reversing the shame
in bare plain sight.
And there you'll find
you don't have to fight alone.
No, he'll be shown that
you were never on your own
and together
we can show society
that we stand defiantly
claiming the right
for all to live beautifully
free of each and every
sex starved bully.
Come out now
and claim your life
and live it truely fully.
2017 brought us many things. A turn of the tide on sex predators was one of them.
there is an old man
who has a tin can for a head
put there by a soldier
of the sas variety
for the old guy
lost his head
to an enemy bullet
the sas man helped out
with a spare bully beef tin
for he'd just had dinner
and gave the man a new head
it said best bully beef
on his forehead!
based on a true story
Temporal Fugue Dec 2017
Why is it?
I only think of you
on the porcelain throne

Taking, but more specifically
giving a dump

Fecal you are
in my thoughts
and mind

Odious and evermore
like crap from
my behind

Maybe it's because
simple human decency
you lack

A low down no good bully
reminiscent of matter
from my crack

So I remember many things
but all of them
end here

Sitting on my porcelain throne
reminiscing your face
and grinning ear
to ear
The only thing that reminds me of a bully ;D
even after all these years
Tink Dec 2017
You witness cruelty around you
Harassment and bullying so true
You know you have to stop such abuse
You can't prevent souls getting bruised
And yet it all goes wrong
Coz bullies grow so strong
You feel exposed, you feel so helpless
All those attacks coz they are jealous
Your hands are tight, you bite your tongue
And yet it feels even more wrong
A game that can't be won
Not when you are left alone
What else to do than let all go
Where is the purpose to keep going on
I safe myself coz no one cares
This battle isn't theirs
Though it should be, they should stand up
And protect those exposed as a back-up.
This world goes wrong
When bullies are let going strong.
Anon Dec 2017
Toy with me
Use me for your gain
Stroke your ego
with my pain

Set your bait
Leave your trap
watch me flounder
As you take a step back

You think you're so tough
you think you're so bad
I can't tell you how many
"Pretends" like you I've had

Learning to spot the bullies
isn't really an art
Your words are a reflection
Of the pain in your heart

I feel pity for you
And I hope that you learn
You can't demand respect
It is something you earn
I've been the bully and the victim :(
Sincerely Nov 2017
You are no winner,
So don’t act like I’m a prize to be won.
You can’t pay your way to win me.
I am a challenge, indeed.
I am not supposed to be easy to win over.
Because I’m not.

So bet all you like.
Say all you want.
Throw what you want;
Paper planes, words.
I don’t care anymore.
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