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Hello poems
I'm your penman
And your ship which has sailed over a thousand times

Hello times
Where are you going?
Lord knows in nowhere you will find

Hello no one
Hello some
Hello life and underwhelmingness of love

Hello certainty
Hello un
And hello to you my most newly begun
underwhelmingness - Not a real word lol
Luiz 7d
Two condoms are walking down the street and pass a *** bar

One says to the other
"You wanna go get **** faced?!"
Just a joke.  Ta da
Justyn Huang Nov 7
No Nut November
Is the hardest thing
I have ever participated in.

Seriously, it’s really hard.
Like all the time, and at the most

Waiting for the train? Hard.
Taking a dump? Hard.
Wedding or funeral?
Yea let’s not go there...

But the worst moment by far
was telling a homeless man
I didn’t have any change, and he
Said, “it’s okay, no one’s been this
happy to see me in years”

No Nut November is a cultural movement observed around the world where Men attempt to prevent themselves from ******* for the whole 30 days of November
I raise the bone up to my two juicy lips
and I purse.
Here comes the carcinogen, the miasmic smoke,
the old ghost.

But, my
it's not like it

My love,
not like it was.

I pick into the basalt black, like a boss.
I exhale,
mining verses from my vernacular

But, my
it's not like it

It's nothing like it was,
and I'm perfectly fine.

In a manner of speaking.
Seanathon Oct 14
May rivers flow into streams
And stray in whatever direction they need
In order to reach the inevitable sea
To all those that have passed me by. I wish you well. I wish you peace. I wish for you the inevitable sea, in which we all must swim. Forgive, yes, but also flow away from me.
Em Sep 27
In the rare event
that you should need
something from me

No matter who you are
No matter how you've treated me
No matter my opinion of you

I will humbly,
benevolently answer:

i mean am i wrong boys and girls
my attempt at comedy
im sorry i s u cc
ChildofGodyay Sep 14
no, i dont need the fancy lights and studio lights.
no, i dont need the cheering crowd, the rushing sound, bursting loud.
no, i dont need the big halls, and palace *****, and studded jewels and rings.
no, i dont need people with the same beliefs.
no, i dont need a cheerful heart or a forced one.
no, i dont need a perfect home or a  have to have  ice cream every day at home.
no, i dont need a brain of intelligence or the wisdom of an owl
no, i dont need to frost the broken heart, or to force myself to light up a broken heart.

to praise the King.

He makes my heart light up.
He is where i want to be with.
His presence is better than being a heir to an earthly throne.
He is willing to be with me when I am lonely.
He is all I need.
Amen!!!! haha you guys should listen to Tori Kelly's new album! the messages of each song is so amazing! *** bless all of yall!
KingOfHearts Aug 19
Why do people care when I fall down on air,
It's a root, first of all, I don't know why they dare,
I don't die, must I fall, I may cry and may crawl,
Let this be something learned for the next one who saw,

I know I'm the one that will die in the movies,
However I go I know It won't be soothing,
I run after day when it's worse for the sight,
Of course, I would trip when i'm running in the night,

For the better or worse, I'm the first one to go,
It is good that I know I'm the start of the flow,
At the end of the day, It all goes out to show,
I am falling on roots, not the air you a*sholes!
**** inspired by a dream.
connor Jul 31
Stay away, love
You burn me,
Hurt me
With your touch.

Look away, love
You tempt me,
Lure me
With your body.

Keep away, love
For I am afraid
Of the effect you have on me.
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