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nobody 5d
I saw heaven today
looking through chaos
I see life array

lucid sun reflects
on life treasure
mammals, insects

mighty seas parade
clusters of fish
bright coral of jade

to walk on earth
cling, connect barefoot
our chakras rebirth

bloom auratic roots
of dainty flowers
and juicy fruits

midnight mushroom forest
vision of trees, mud
birds lovest

our glistering moon
at dusk it looms
hears soft wind croon

of everything heaven true
the one I love most
will always be you
for my true love
Elliot Kemp Aug 30
I don't care anymore.

I don't care about the emptiness in my chest,
The way my thoughts echo and squirm,
Burrowing into my brain as it rots its potential away in a moist, warm tomb.

I don't care about the bitter pills I swallow,
Or the noose I've found comfort in these past months,
Alone in a cheap duplex in **** All Missouri,
Waiting for salvation or sleep.

I don't care that if I succeed today and die tonight that no one will care to find my body for weeks,
Alone like I have been the rest of my life until neighbors complain of the smell.

I don't care that I'm running out of money,
Or that all my friends and family have removed me from their lives.

I don't care that even as I lay dying, I have never understood why people choose to live.

And I don't care that this ****** teenage poetry is all I will leave behind.
Ok I know it's bad. But I found a bunch of my old poetry and I actually really liked some of it, and I kinda wanted to get back into writing it. So excuse my warm up poem, I haven't written in like a year and a half.
Stephanie Jul 25
I've encountered a beautiful poetry
the day I looked into your heart
I saw stories that could
make me listen in fondness
may deliver pain or happiness
yet it is worth every ounce of it
and unlike any other poems,
yours is the only one
that has the perfect rhyme,
a lullaby to my restlessness
just as the poetry itself,
the one upon you is mysterious.
still you are worth it;
you are worth seeking
I will devote discovering
every piece of you every day
Have I told you before?
I like poetry but...
yours is the one I will love endlessly

I love you.
you are the poetry that I need.
Jennifer P Jun 21
The first night we met replays in my head
I could lay with you in my car forever
high and gazing at the stars out my window
feel your eyes on me through the hazy air
Raspberry kisses that I can't remember
Help me remember, I need you again.

I miss you and you were not mine.
A waste of a dream --a waste of my time.
the preacher's wife
being tempted by a new dress she was trying on.
The Devil said, "Buy it, honey, buy it!"
And the preacher's wife said,
"Get thee behind me, Satan!"
And the Devil did, then he said,
"Mm. Looks good on you from here too…"
Written by a friend. Kweku Asante.
Ronnie Ronnie
Yes Papa
Entering Politics
No Papa

Telling a lie
No Papa
Show me your flag
Ha Ha Ha
Lets Cherish Childhood
My heart can’t take another moment
The beats are slowing
It has exploded
Seanathon Apr 1
How they float and fray and sting at random
A serious catch they are not in any specific way
Sporty or otherwise, directional
You jelly?
You should be
At least the bending spine know it's own winding way
With a dorsal not carried by every tide
Or captivated by the time of day
You jelly?
You should be, hahaha!
Laughing profusely
btp Mar 16
I hate people that are fake
I stake those people and throw them in a lake
I'll pop their eyeballs with some darts
I smoke another spliff with some lofi and Mozart
I choke once again on your empty-*** platitudes
I see you think you're all high but you're on low altitude
I notice you think you're so great but I hate your attitude
I despise the fact that you'll probably call me crude
I laugh at the idea that you won't make it, dude
Sarah Doughty Mar 15
Something whispers deep inside me
"You are the apocalypse."
So I set my pipe beside me
And think "I'm too high for this."
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