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Esther Sep 4
i noticed
on our way back to the bus stop
you offered to carry my bag
it felt like a weight lifted off my chest

i guess
you're a flawless angel
having hit hell's rock bottom
i don't want to stain you like a bottle of wine

i swear
when you said you wanted to kiss me on the cheek
before i stepped on the bus
i could've loved you then

i'm caught in the middle
you saw me right through
wanting a new start
yet struggling to let go.
let's see where this goes, joe
Michelle May 4
He liked pringles.
So she thought that it would go
Straight to his heart.
What? What is this paper? Maaan, I just wanted pringles.
I see now.
Luiz Feb 16
another 14th dancing with myself

"will I be my Valentine?"

nah... you're not my type
you're a 'good guy' and I'm not

"but they say opposites attract!"

well, you're not only a good guy
but you're also batshit crazy!
babanas! outta here!

"why do you say that?!"

excuse you! I'm not the one writing
a conversation pretending to be
two separate people! fucken nutzo!

"*******! you Altair Ego, you!"

you're a fucken idiot!
it's "ALTER EGO"! *******!


**** it, Homeboy!
Jieun Feb 15
i make poems
i type and i type
hoping one day I'll  be known
and my talents will be acknowledged and shown
n Feb 10
i cleaned my room, i am the pinnacle of mental health.

"didnt you just cry in the bathroom over 10 almonds?"

...anyways, im the pinnacle of mental health.
hehe its funny bc its true
twenty-six Jan 28
i'm not a fool to want you again
talking **** about me was your only friend
i thought my love for you had no end
i don't even want you now as a friend

how funny of you to say
that i'm not happy to this day
i'm more than happy with what i have today
more than my feelings for you in may

don't go around feeling special
my world doesn't revolve around someone so in denial
i don't want someone who saw me as someone so trivial
you ain't it, you ain't worthwhile

losing you wasn't miserable;
it was a blessing.
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