Divine Dao Apr 2

Inside a warm
and cozy place

there's a
quiet open space
where time drifts

The languid dance
for your romance
is no longer torchering
your heartache's gloom
the inner dungeon's doom

To write is a relief ~
Regardless of majority's Belief

When The Poet Writes
The world
Sublimely lucidly Subliminaly By
Bye and 'thru' You

Floods are the mighty
Thought waves

And all burning

The poet is Turning
The dispersed consciousness
Stream into desirable river of
Delusions or delightful dreams

In the world of a poet
Nothing is as it seems

Focus reaches
fresh spring's
Babbling Brook

Wordish witchcraft rests
On your high peaked
Mountain's hook


I'm so glad!

I'm so glad I could smile!

So I can cover my tear dripping depressed face

yeah youll never see whats under my mask
Poetria Mar 7

I do not take offence
to people disliking my company
because they are not really speaking to me.

They are asking my guards
(outside the cell I confine myself to)
for permission of conversation.

They believe they have managed to
get through the iron bars
surrounding me from all sides.

They believe lies.

I am an actor
through speech.

An actor
in every movement I make.

I preach honesty, in disguise.

I can hear my grandma snoring.

What did
the vegan
say to
the cannibal?!

i complain to my fren savannah
about dis meat i got here
it’s too bland
and i have no spice or sauce
and can’t drive cuz it’s raining so hard
i am so sad
she say to cry into it
and i do
and it tastes pretty good

Alex Hill Jan 28

I step quietly, into this dark house
examining the shattered windows,
the broken lights, the cluttered furniture
that nobody had bothered to clean
The scent of abandonment and loneliness
that had filled each of the rooms,
i walked through,
as i had realized this home
had once been happy,
it had once been able to be bright,
clean, and people felt comfort
being in its' presence,
yet it is now broken,
this lonely house.
It's now shattered, exterminated
as nobody sees its' worth anymore
for what it has been before
This broken house,
All it needed was love.

Represents my heart </3
Hayley Jan 11

Love him one day and hate him the next?
It's the teenage obsession with sex!

Do anything to get him to notice you
Find out that all along that he's a snake, too

Other than looks, what more does he have?
The opportunity for a good, hearty laugh

Overall, what are you to do and say?
Just pray that this obession will go away

Meant to be read as a cheer
brianna pulver Dec 2016

try to make sense
try to try to try to
a complete
not like the click - clank
in my brain - bone
where coils spark
and d i s s i p a t e
not like the gray stitches on my scalp
that  pull  strings
and then pull me
from where i’m floating in my sweater
with my neck choked up
clamped down
and i . . .
- suffocate -
where my fists are too heavy
and they fall to the floor
and i can’t get off the ground
so all i say is
i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry
i’m sorry i can’t make sense of the
things in my head that tell me to
tie up my stomach and
shut the fuck up . . .
but i wish i could

Johnny Scarlotti Nov 2016

it’s funny
i’m so depressed
so inside of my own head
so inside of myself

go away
just go away karen

she asks “don’t you feel good ever? just a sliver?
just a slice?”
yeah, i guess, when i fuck myself
oh, actually
that reminds me
i kind of enjoy pain too
she screams
as i grab the knife

Astrid Ember Oct 2016

How did I get here?
What year did I get
hooked? I can say
it began in 7th/8th grade,
but this has been going on
much longer.
   I was born addicted
to breathing too hard, kicking,
screaming, fighting everything
going on around me.

   I was born addicted to
burning. I have always reveled
in my own shadow. Been addicted
to addictions. Been hooked on
the Boogey man and the monsters
in my closet.
I remember,
I was 5,
tried to play with
my nightmares, but
they were playing with
my dreams and psyche.

I'm in a downwards
roller coaster. I swear it was
going up,
   Then again after all
the drugs I'm surprised
my inner ear has any sense
of direction.
I've been lost in a hurricane
filled with marijuana,
amphetamines, all the alcohol
you could wish for.
  Valium, cocaine, Percocet, acid,
  shrooms, Ecstacy, Xanax, I've
  popped pills with no clue of the
  Snorted so many different chemicals
  I got a nose bleed for 2 hours.
  and took another bump
  when the road looked safe.

My path of addiction is
embedded in my DNA.
I swear I was born
on fire.
    I burn through each day,
    I burn through each moment,
    I burned through my own brain.
Burn out... That's what you call it.

I'm kind of just uploading everything I've written since I've last been on.
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