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Ticking fills the room.

I rip the clock off the wall, and tear the batteries from the back.

Aggressively, I throw myself back in my seat with a huff.

I lower my head into the cool surface of the table.

My steaming mug is safely secured in my hand.

I watch the brown liquid swirl around as if the mere action would be enough to wake me up.

The dark substance is bitter on my tongue.

It burns my throat with it's unforgivable heat.

I can feel the harsh component coat my stomach.

Chemicals pulse through my veins, and make their presence known.

My eyes are heavy and droop onto my cheeks.

They scream with every movement, and beg me to let them rest.

I feel their agony and understand their pain.

Terror stomps around the room making his presence know.

He scrapes a chair across the floor, and joins me at the table.

He is delighted to view my weakness.

Laughter dances in his pitch-black eyes.

A jagged yellow grin forms on his face.

He taps his fingers slowly on the wooden surface.

I know he is waiting for me to cave.

He can sense the exhaustion diffusing off my body from being chased all night.

I glare at him fiercely.

Challenging him with my eyes, I declare war.

He is puzzled but amused, and accepts my offer.

His greasy hand holds onto mine as he guides me back to my chamber.

I climb into my bed with ease.

My bones groan with relief.

The sheets embrace me into a warm hug.

Peace falls over me and settles my thoughts.

I welcome the sleep that comes, but I know it will not be long before the battle.
beth haze Jul 29
Kindest boy with a library that
reached the ceiling and
the same personality as
my best friend, they would talk about
movies in the middle of the street at
three a.m.
Everyone wanted us
to end up together but
it would never work out
in the end.
Moody boy with dark circles
that rimmed his eyes, always
wanted to talk about romance.
He looked at me with the softest eyes
but couldn't hold a conversation to
saves his life.
I don't know why but
I always think about him
when I'm feeling bright and
- dates at seventeen.
Nyakisa Beth May 17
Her smile was the rare alphabet that composed the words.
Words that made sentences
Sentences that begot paragraphs
Paragraphs that turned into pages
Pages that turned into chapters
Chapters that turned into books
Books that told my story.
My story that unleashed her into my heart and unveiled my century long love mines

My reaction to her smile was the punctuation that changed the meaning of every letter,word, sentence,paragraph, page, chapter, book and ultimately my story.
That was far from over ,she changed my world.

It was not just a smile but the mark of the finest exploration expedition ever known to my circles.
Her smile was the build behind the words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, the book and ultimately the story that sent me flying.

Far from over,it was not just a flight but a first class flight of passion, affection, belonging, attachment and confidence that saw me smile with a smile that moved the mountains and shook the valleys of my understanding.
She was the element 115 that changed the alchemy, geography, radiology physics .she changed my approach to the theory of everything.

The beautiful soul behind the rare smile that changed everything lays hidden behind the alphabetic curtain of five letters

Behold AMIGO
Not just a word but a monument
Love changes and teaches
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