Sometimes it makes me want to choke. When I see girls in yellow sweaters and boys with aviator glasses feeling love under a fluorescent gas station light. When I see hangnails on holding hands, and when I see chipped-tooth smiles. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever feel something for anyone around me. I feel a connection with all these people who float around, yet I can never get attached. I can never make myself feel anything more than mediocre delight in knowing a person.

I see these couples who are revolving around one another like the cosmos and I am left buzzing around their romance like gnats around a bug-zapper. All I hear are electric vibrations that get louder the closer I get, and I wonder how far I can go without killing myself.
Polka Jan 21
a deep, coffee brown that reaches to bright blond
i almost want to write you a song.
eyes like crystals beaten down,
but you don't notice this clown
this clown who tries to make you laugh
and when you do i have a heart attack
i live to see you shocked
i remember when we talk
when we dont my heart stops
i cant walk
i hate to see you mad
i rarely ever do bad
i see your face my heart goes ablaze with appreciation
with appreciation...
with appreciation of your smile
i'll stare for a while
by a while i mean two seconds
because you stretch out time
like a wave of... rhymes.
rhyme practice i guess pfff
George Krokos Jan 20


Written in 2017.  About the indescribable nature of God or the Eternal Divine Spirit and Almighty Being
He is a prince with no castle
A knight with no sword
A jester with lame jokes
He is a princess at the same time.

He cares,
He is quite but he listens,
I cry and he understand.
He wrote this poem about the sun
And it illuminates my life.

He stands up for you
That is what he is, a friend not a foe.
To my best buddy.. Belated happy birthday!!!
SM Dec 2017
From the outside, the overwhelming brick structure appears as a haven to heal for the sick, but from within, it serves as a prison, where the sickness terrorizes the inmates doomed here. A bright red cross glows above in the moonlight, appearing as a beacon of hope, despite all those within the structure feeling hopeless. The large glass doors slide open by themselves, welcoming in all who dare to come near. Beyond the glass, white coats rush by in a blur in all different directions, hurrying to serve their independent duties of checking blood pressure, feeding patients, giving baths, monitoring heart rates, and giving medication to the helpless.
A heavy metal door swings open to reveal a labyrinth of a hundred overwhelming hallways. The white walls extend for what seems like miles. A fluorescent buzzing light runs along the ceiling to the end of the corridor. The bright hall strains the human eye as it stares into the abyss of the neverending white hallway, illuminated by the blinding lights. The only color emerges at the very end of the passage, where a faint red exit sign glows. It appears as the only escape for those within, but only reveals a staircase to the other hundred halls beyond this one.
The sagging eyes of a receptionist light up for a moment at the sight of another living human at this early of an hour, but the excitement is not reciprocated by the other, due to the sorrow of being among these white walls again. The only other creatures she often sees here resemble zombies attached to IV bags, who slowly stumble down the hall to get a taste of the freedom beyond their prison beds. They desire health. They desire happiness. They desire escape. The shoes of the visitor clack across the cold tile, passing by identical rooms filled with dormant bodies on bed rest. Most bodies are told they must only stay a couple of days. But a couple days turn into a couple weeks. A couple weeks turn into a couple months. A couple months can turn into the end of their lives. The visitor wanders in a maze of all the bodies who appear the same, hopeless and trapped they are still.
Gray indented chairs from being sat in for too long line against the walls of this boxed in room. The lights are duller here. Waiting. The visitors can finally rest their eyes, they can finally rest their soul. Magazines fall off the wall, unread and unkept for months. The chips stacked in the vending machine taste stale, but still the most delicious dinner available to the visitors who have made these indented chairs their home away from home.
The only sound escaping into the hall from the patients rooms are quiet sobs and beeping heart monitors. Among the rooms, the visitors kneel alongside the bed with a rosary in hand. A prayer escapes the lips of the grieving as death dances over the bodies of their loved ones. The bodies are still alive, but the bodies are not living. The rooms are stenched with sorrow, sickness, and sterile. White sheets, white walls, white light. The white fills the rooms, but darkness still looms. Each room reeks of bleach that cleanses the metal instruments and IV stands, while it destroys any sense of humanity for the bodies trapped within. The blinds on the window are shut, keeping out all of the outside world, besides a single beam of moonlight that shines in the only hope left in the darkness of this dull night for the bodies of the alive, but not living.
I know these are supposed to be poems but it's fine, don't worry about it. I had to describe a setting that makes me frightened or uneasy for my English class. I decided to describe a hospital at 2 in the morning because thats kinda spooky. Hospitals are where many lives are brought into this world and many are lost. People are crying in the halls, saying prayers, and finding out terrible news so often and their was something unsettling about a hospital to me at 2am when I was a young child, so I decided to base the essay off that. Read it if you'd like. Thanks!
Twinkle twinkle little glass
How fast can you make time pass
Soaring with us up so high
Tinting our lips red like fire
Twinkle twinkle little glass
Fall and you shall turn to dust

Carelessly sprinkled glass shards
Coating the ground like stardust,
Ablaze under the golden sun
Crisp as grass under bare feet,
Cutting through skin with ease
Like a crystal catching light.
Glowing in it's glory
A harvest of crimson.
Kiara Oct 2017
One day, I was painting my nails. It seems like a simple enough task and I have done it many times before. I couldn't seem to paint the nail how I wanted to. It looked wrong to me. I started over 4 times. The fourth time
my heart started beating very fast and i was sweating i felt trapped in the room and i started to feel i was the only person that existed in the world and death was impending
15 minutes later
I could breathe again. Slowly, I realized I existed and I was alive. I realized life is a reality.
I am always afraid. I live my life always afraid. That one day, one moment, one time

It is going to happen again.
Olympia Sep 2017
the soft lines that curve around your ears
the shadows that paint your cheeks
the colours that give your lips a sweet taste
the shiny warmth of your hair that puts me at ease
the adorable way you walk that gives me a smile
the way you say my name
the sounded of your breath on my neck
the touch of your fingers on my back
the presence of you
is everything i have dreamed of
Ceyhun Mâhî Jun 2017
The neon nights did shine again,
At the place of Tokyo, really bright.
The girls did gleam with beautiful clothes,
The guys did glow with aflame fashion.

There were many mazes to be found at midnight,
In the city streets, sightly here.
''Midnight Pretenders'' was on tonight,
Breezing and blooming in the bright streets.

The pinky pearly view paced as
Raindrops as diamonds dancing in lights,
And fell fairly upon the shoes
Of gleamy girls glowing and adorned
With ribbons red and rosy hues.

Nobody at night slept, at the afternoon
Everyone woke up again after
Days of dozing off, and at dawn
They went away, towards their beds.
My attempt on Alliterative verse. ''Midnight Pretenders'' is a song of Tomoko Aran.
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