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7d · 869
Jaxey 7d
I ran over your tongue
like silk
or is it
fine wine
You sloshed me in your mouth
tasting the way
I ripened with age
I danced with your taste buds
I thought I did well
but then
you spit me out
and decided you preferred
the 2010
Apr 8 · 1.1k
Jaxey Apr 8
"I feel nothing"
she said
as she lied down
on the cold empty road
not knowing which direction to go

"what's it like"
I asked her
over the phone
while stuck in traffic
just trying to get to work
Feb 26 · 442
Jaxey Feb 26
my eyes were closed
but I could see your face
so clearly

my arms were still
but I could feel your hug
so deeply

it wasn't even real
but I could feel my heart

up to the very moment
I awoke
Feb 10 · 1.2k
Jaxey Feb 10
her voice
bent me
over the
spinning silk
into sea
as she drew
the breath
from my ears
and a symphony
from my lips
she turned my
twin bed
into titanic
along with me
and as I was
she was speaking
i will never forget
Feb 6 · 383
Jaxey Feb 6
take me back
to the renaissance period
body painted
in black and blue
but just because
i was the mona lisa
doesn't mean
i was posing for you
Feb 2 · 1.2k
Jaxey Feb 2
falling in love
or falling to pieces
i cant tell the difference
Feb 2 · 113
Jaxey Feb 2
I don't care
if you don't know
how to read between the

If my thoughts
were that simple
I wouldn't be writing
Jan 27 · 2.4k
Jaxey Jan 27
They say pain
makes poetry
so I wondered why
I hadn't been writing
then I remembered
pain is not what I'm feeling
it's what I'm yearning
in all this feeling
of numb
Jan 22 · 76
Jaxey Jan 22
I'm so tired
of wanting things
I will never have
gaining things
I will never want
and being left
with nothing
Jan 5 · 128
Jaxey Jan 5
as the thought of you
leaves my head pounding
I tell myself
the pain
it just another headache
Jan 5 · 132
complicated poetry
Jaxey Jan 5
i will not do you
any favors

my words
will not mold
to your reasoning

from one mind
do not adjust
to another

and mine
are built
in concrete

if you don't
then you are simply
not meant to

and that
is the beauty
of poetry
I don't care if you don't understand. If my thoughts were simple then I wouldn't be writing.
Dec 2020 · 328
warmth in the winter
Jaxey Dec 2020
like a warm breath
on a winters day
giving shelter
just to fade away
you were inviting
and something new
and inevitably
too good to be true
Dec 2020 · 622
Jaxey Dec 2020
You didn't love me
I was a burning building
And you were just looking
For something
To light your cigarette
Dec 2020 · 452
Jaxey Dec 2020
warm until I wake
I know I am conscious
with a sudden chill
but my eyes stay closed
and my body is stone
I whisper take me back
and I suppose
I shall pretend
until my pillow
can pillows talk
Dec 2020 · 211
the broken and the damned
Jaxey Dec 2020
that someone else
is broken
heals us
and that's just
messed up **** right there
Dec 2020 · 595
my name
Jaxey Dec 2020
two syllables
never left your tongue
you sung it
like a song
stuck in your head

a constant reminder
that I was the one
you were talking to
when you followed
with three more words

it was never the way
you said my name
but the way
you never made me
forget it
say it again
Dec 2020 · 356
Jaxey Dec 2020
you gave me hugs
when you could have
given me kisses
you gave me comfort
when you could have
given me oxygen
now I'm here
gasping your name
while you ponder
on why I can't breathe
Dec 2020 · 469
Jaxey Dec 2020
I didn't know what her eyes
usually told others
but right then
they were whispering a secret
she leaned in to give it away
and I leaned in to say "I know"
don't you love it when women
Dec 2020 · 304
Jaxey Dec 2020
I'm on fire
I'm burning
I'm dying
I'm bleeding
I was careful
I was cautious
and yet
I'm still weeping
I'm tripping
I'm falling
I'm desperate
for something
to catch me
to hold me
to help me
to fix me
I'm gasping
I'm breathing
I'm drowning
I'm fighting
I'm six feet under
and yet
I'm still standing
It's not over yet
Nov 2020 · 262
Jaxey Nov 2020
I was a storm
But you made me want to be a river
the way you kept trying
to hold me
as if I wasn't an ocean
that could slip through your fingers
as if I wasn't a tsunami
that crashed into you
every time you tried to swim
as if I wasn't washing you back to shore
in warning
before you dove back in
you had to keep your head above water
just to hug me
but hugging you back
meant you drowning in my arms
I was a storm
But you made me want to be a river
I can't hug you back
Sep 2020 · 110
Jaxey Sep 2020
My broken heart
was in your hands
And yet you said
it came that way
As you stood there
And wanting
your money back
we both know it wasn't this broken when you bought it
Sep 2020 · 399
up for sale
Jaxey Sep 2020
My heart sits
for the taking
a poem
just for you
someone pls steal my heart away
Sep 2020 · 236
"i told you so"
Jaxey Sep 2020
writing is easy
when your heart is in the lead
your mind in the back
of itself
i guess
but as soon
as something happens
worth writing
my brain says
i told you so
crosses the line
my heart left
in the back this time
locked away
along with
the pen
as i run
Sep 2020 · 1.5k
Jaxey Sep 2020
Tired of crying
tired of eating
but mostly my heart
is tired of beating
Aug 2020 · 404
The End
Jaxey Aug 2020
Don't go into a book
expecting a sequel;

sometimes the end
is actually the end
How I felt after watching Devilman Crybaby ;-;
that **** broke ma heart
Aug 2020 · 240
Jaxey Aug 2020
They may not call it
rising into love
but with you
it sure felt like floating
what is that called?
Jul 2020 · 155
hugging broken glass
Jaxey Jul 2020
and what was most surprising
was when you picked me up
by every piece
and hugged me
just the same
im sorry if i cut you
Apr 2020 · 283
the chase
Jaxey Apr 2020
if thieves steal
because they want to be chased
then you are the one
with the heart in your hands
and i'm the one
did you want this?
Apr 2020 · 321
Jaxey Apr 2020
the lightning
that struck
my heart
the hail
that crushed
my soul
you are the most
beautiful storm
i have ever seen
"who said storms can't be beautiful?"
Apr 2020 · 1.5k
why him
Jaxey Apr 2020
so many poems
have started with you
but all have ended
in him
im so sorry
Apr 2020 · 337
Jaxey Apr 2020
I suppose I am
a midnight sky
as you keep
finding reasons
to be afraid
of the dark
Apr 2020 · 303
Jaxey Apr 2020
i keep finding myself
stumbling over things
three feet behind me
don't let something burnt out keep you warm
Mar 2020 · 238
Jaxey Mar 2020
It's sad.
I'm sad.
That the society I live in
will shove me in a box
That the people of this world
will look at me
and see not the words of my story
but the art on the cover
i'm sorry
If I'm not what you expected
For my voice leaks from the edges
And I color outside the lines
should there have been
no lines
to begin with
I'm sorry if I disappointed you
Feb 2020 · 388
Jaxey Feb 2020
If I sit still
I drown
If I move
I drown faster
You could pull me out
If only you weren't
The quicksand
If only you could help
Feb 2020 · 305
The 18th Floor
Jaxey Feb 2020
it's up here I can see
just how small we all are
and yet together
we can make for
quite a beautiful view
Feb 2020 · 333
Jaxey Feb 2020
you shove my face
into a shallow abyss
and tell me to find
the deeper meaning
Feb 2020 · 250
Jaxey Feb 2020
words drip like honey
from your chin
i lick up the syllables
that make me grin
teasing me with talk
of your favorite sins
and then making new ones
against my skin
hello again
Nov 2019 · 199
Jaxey Nov 2019
You watch helpless
as i burn
and demand to know
who did it
but how can I say

It was you
who lit the match
i cant
Nov 2019 · 370
not poetry
Jaxey Nov 2019
i've learned the hard way
that life will never be
as beautiful as poetry
and that we will never be
as perfect as we sound
when squished between
similes and metaphors
so while we don't fit together
quite as well as puzzle pieces
and you sometimes
might not complete me
as well as a cup of coffee
my hand still feels
quite nice in yours

and i don't need a poem to say that
sometimes things aren't poetic
Nov 2019 · 611
beautiful things
Jaxey Nov 2019
you always know
when to point out
the beautiful things
you just always seem
to forget about yourself
Oct 2019 · 255
Jaxey Oct 2019
Now I know
How betrayal feels
To be burned
By your very source of light
did he ever get back up?
Oct 2019 · 581
Jaxey Oct 2019
Loving you
Is like drowning
Reaching for the brim
Waiting for you to help me
Instead of learning how to swim
Why did you let me drown
Oct 2019 · 1.9k
Jaxey Oct 2019
I cuff our wrists together
and tell myself
you're deciding to stay
Oct 2019 · 645
Jaxey Oct 2019
If love is a two way street
I'm the person on the sidewalk
the third wheel
Oct 2019 · 333
perspective (reverse poem)
Jaxey Oct 2019
Your harmful words
Pass through me as I bath in
My own compliments
reverse poem; it's all based on perspective
Sep 2019 · 217
my autumn leaf
Jaxey Sep 2019
it's autumn
the trees are letting go
of year long relationships
so why the ****
can't i
why can't i just ******* let you go already
Sep 2019 · 489
what hurts the most
Jaxey Sep 2019
and I think the part
that gives me the most pain
is the fact that i will always love you
and you will never feel the same
Oh well
Sep 2019 · 306
Jaxey Sep 2019
That's the difference
between myself and autumn
I can't let you go
the trees make it look so easy
Sep 2019 · 449
love hacks
Jaxey Sep 2019
if you're ever wondering if you're in love
just think of that person as a flower
if you came across them
would you pluck it for yourself
or water it
would you water me?
Sep 2019 · 1.5k
a-lone-ly (reverse poem)
Jaxey Sep 2019

but no longer
I am
and yet I'm not
the sad in me is now
my hope is slowly
diminishing into nothing
my new beginning
was suppose to be taking over
my sadness
no longer
I am
but no longer

I found a home inside myself
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