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Jaxey Apr 21
if thieves steal
because they want to be chased
then you are the one
with the heart in your hands
and i'm the one
did you want this?
Jaxey Apr 21
the lightning
that struck
my heart
the hail
that crushed
my soul
you are the most
beautiful storm
i have ever seen
"who said storms can't be beautiful?"
Jaxey Apr 21
so many poems
have started with you
but all have ended
in him
im so sorry
Jaxey Apr 14
I suppose I am
a midnight sky
as you keep
finding reasons
to be afraid
of the dark
Jaxey Apr 14
You touched me
and I dissolved
into a pool of sugar skies
and maybe its just me
but after that
you seem to have
lost your sweet tooth
help poetry is pouring out like milk
Jaxey Apr 14
i don't know what time it is
but with the feeling
of loneliness
suffocating me
and the sound of silence
giving me room to breathe
it feels about
2:57 am
what time is it though?
Jaxey Apr 9
i keep finding myself
stumbling over things
three feet behind me
don't let something burnt out keep you warm
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