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Jaxey May 2022
I was at your funeral
before you had given me a reason
to cry
  Mar 2022 Jaxey
it wasn't until the sun rose
that I realized
just how much
I was in love with the moon
  Mar 2022 Jaxey
Do you miss him?
Do you love him?
With all my heart
Do want to be with him?
So you'll talk to him again?
No, never
Jaxey Mar 2022
I was stupid to think
I could put out a fire
with the wave of my hand

You ignited me too
when you told me
my touch burned just a bad

I knew by the lack
of wavering pain
despite the tears I shed

And now I know water
would have done jack ****
against the fire in your head
Jaxey Mar 2022
One day you will see me
The way I see myself
And that’s what scares me the most
Jaxey Jan 2022
overthinking is seeing
rainbows in the dark
you're fast asleep
and I still think you're judging me
Jaxey Nov 2021
I am the sky
You thought of only
As the color blue
Until you pushed
Past the atmosphere
And discovered infinity
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