Jaxey 1d
You were a face of November
A face that burned through my mind
As I griped my phone with a shaky hand
And heavy defeat
I read our conversation
Splattered with the words
Of my most recent confession
And wondered
What I had said
To leave me
With wet hands
And another reminder
That I will never be good enough
This is based on recent events that happened with me and a boy that I am still utterly and hopelessly in love with and how he rejected me. And yet even though it causes me so much pain to even look at him, I can't help but be drawn back to him. If you have any advice on how to fill an empty heart, I'm all ears <3
Jaxey 5d
I never knew
If you gave me butterflies
Or just made my stomach hurt
Idk, here's a poem
Jaxey Dec 6
it is 11:59 PM
and i love you

and i don't know about you
but in one minute
when a new day begins
when wifes are questioning
where their husbands are
when the city awakens
for their nightly mistakes
and late night distractions spiral
in minds of regret
i will be thinking of you

and if it's possible
i think i will love you even more
than i did one whole minute before
I love you
Jaxey Dec 4
I will love you
The same way
I did the day
Before today
And the 2 days
Before the other day
I promise to hold you today
Just as tight as i did yesterday
Just as sincere as I did
The day before yesterday
And two weeks from today
I will not lie to you today
I will only say truth like yesterday
Because I know you don't always
Believe me when I say
That I
Will love you
Love me please
Jaxey Nov 29
I know that I'm not
But is it okay
If I just let myself
Feel disgusting today?
I just feel gross today
Jaxey Nov 26
"Isn't it beautiful"
She smiled
Gazing up
At the stars

"Yes, beautiful"
He whispered
Staring up
At her
You're so beautiful
Jaxey Nov 17
I don't think it's possible to un-love someone
But I do believe that a broken heart
Is sometimes necessary
To learn how to re-love yourself
You taught me how to love myself
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