Aa Harvey 15h
So tired of being the one.

So tired of being the one…
So tired of letting go…
So tired of always, having to be the
One to let you know;
That You are the one!

The one who brings me love…
When I am all alone.
The one who has always been there for me;
Even when the rest of the world was wrong.

I’m so tired of being the one;
So tired of letting go.
I’m so tired of being the one who always,
Has to be the one to let you know.

I wish the truth I could show,
So you would truly know.
My woman I’m in love with you,
I thought that I, should try this time; so please don’t go!

I love you all the same!
I love you like I did the first time, you smiled at me.
I saw in your eyes, your love and all your pain.

I love you all the same!
I love you to the grave.
I love you for the rest of my life,
But the love of my life; I’m yet to know your name.

I’m so tired of being the one;
So tired of being alone.
So tired of being the one to tell you,
Please my love, I need you; come alone.

I need to be with you;
I need to speak the truth.
I need to tell you, I can’t live without you;
I need you more than you ever truly knew.

So let me be the one;
Don’t let me be alone.
Let me know, so I don’t have to,
Be the one to, have to let you go.

So tired of being the one,
So tired of being alone.
So tired of being the one who has to,
Tell you how I feel!

Just tell me what you want!
Your wish is my command.
I love you, do you love me too?
Be with me now
Or I shall forever be alone…

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 15h
Love, marriage, birth, death

I want a lover for life, not just a lover for tonight.
I want someone, who takes away my breath.
I want love, marriage, birth and death.

While you’re out there, looking for some excitement;
I’ll have someone, who is committed,
To making this work, whatever comes our way.
Someone who will be at my side, until I am old and grey.

For I now know what makes this work,
For I am no longer a jerk.
So go ahead; come over to me and flirt,
But you’re wasting your time,
For I need woman and not a girl.

You’re a solar eclipse, that has covered my heart,
You make all other women, fade into the dark.
For the light you shine, is simply blinding.
You’re the only woman, I need to be seeing.

I have now found what I’ve been looking for.
So if you feel the same way, my love is yours;
But never say I love you, unless you’re speaking from your soul.
For I don’t need any love, that isn’t sacred and pure.

For love is not simply a word, it’s like taking an oath;
A promise to me, that I’m the only one who can have your love.
But if you’re just after, an easy lay,
Then turn around and leave me and don’t come back again.

For I have become a runaway train,
Who is speeding down the railway line,
On a collision course with you.

Angel of mine, come and bring me sunshine,
Or steal Cupid’s bow and help me find love again.
For I don’t wish to live another day,
Until I get a girlfriend and I can show the world my happy face.

I speak from my heart, to share with you my feelings;
I tell you my thoughts, to show you what I’ve been thinking.
As the sun shines down upon you
And the water glistens on your skin,
You’re watching me thinking, as I’m watching you swim
And we both share a smile, for we both think the same thing.
Oh my God, I’m in love…
And each of us knows what the other is thinking.

So you run out of the water and I get to my feet,
Then somewhere in the middle, we share an embrace
And each of us wish, to never let go;
But we will never forget today though.
For today was the day, we both fell in love;
Every loving word spoken, with a simple hug.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 15h
The best three words.

Souls are black holes, they swallow us whole;
They take control and stay with us when we go.

Hearts are like stars; they carry love far,
Across the Milky Way into another person’s heart.

With my hand in yours, we are always together;
We have the power in our hands, to stay this way forever.

Without someone to love, our eyes are truly left unused.
Beauty never seen;
The best three words, never used.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Danneli 1d
On that peaceful summer day
When I thought I was lost
You appeared before my eyes
Your piercing eyes like frost

You wanted me to stop my tears
With the space between us vast
I desired to see the human face
That hid behind your mask

I tried to see past your disguise
Though you ran and hid
You told me that you'd disappear
Should I ever touch your skin

As the years went slowly on and on
I longed to feel your touch
You gave to me your only mask
And kissed it out of love

The thought of summer hurts my chest
You disappeared near dawn
It was an accident that stole my heart
And we hugged till you were gone.
Some of you may recognize this story. I'll simply hope that this story touches you even without having seen the movie.
Danneli 1d
I caught you up and sang you to sleep
Would you sing that song for me?
I fought in battles, screaming your name
Would you fight for more than dreams?
I protected your family while you were away
Would you save our child's mind?
I walked into the flames for you
Would you let your heart be mine?
I love all that you have loved
Would you love me and be free?
I protect you, dear, with all my strength
Would you do the same for me?
You know what I'm learning? No poem is unsalvageable. If it tells a story, it is invaluable.
Remember that

I love you; remember that.
Whenever you are feeling down,
Remember that I have got your back.
If you need me, then I will help if I can.
I am sorry I could not do more;
I am just a man.

Remember that, if you expect everything,
When I have nothing to give.
Remember the times we shared together, when I tried to live.
Remember that when I let you down.
Remember that when I leave this town,
And all I have been through; remember that,
I passed on through here once.
Once upon a time I was with you;
Only once, for once was enough.

I know you saw me.
Remember I just wanted to tell stories.
Fact or fiction.
Poetry is my addiction.
Remember what I wrote.
Remember all I tried to say to you.
Remember I love you;
Know that I know.
Once upon a time you loved me too.
Remember that?

Remember that I made mistakes.
A wedding cake is all I wanted.
I never found the best I ever had.
Remember something; forget nothing.
Remember the plans we made?
We disagreed, so I gave you what you needed,
And still you walked away;
When I needed you to stay.
Remember to visit my grave.
Remember you are always welcome,
No matter what anybody else may have to say.

Remember when you are having a drink,
That I do not drink, but I understand.
Remember that I will not judge you,
For I too am in the wrong,
For I am just another man.

Remember to be yourself.
That is all I have ever been.
Remember that.
Remember me.
Remember our time together
And all the love we had.
Remember I love you, now and forever;
Don’t forget,
To remember that.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
She is yours and you are hers
Why pretend otherwise
Be with her
Take a gamble
I have a feeling it will be the best bet of your life
cards on the table
no games
no pride
no protections
i love you
everything about you
and buddha knows you are not easy
i want to always be challenged by you
to fight with you about whether anger is right to express or not
to make the sweetest filthiest soul shattering love
Which neither of us can speak of
i'm tired
i surrender
do as you will
love always love
eli 5d
i loved you
i really did
i couldnt love you
i wasnt allowed to love you
i tried to make you understand
now youre gone
i cant move on
- i tried
everyone should be allowed to love who they want too bad i wasnt
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