I told her
That I loved her
But I wasn't sure
I meant it
And being unsure
Made me think that
I probably didn't
Yet I couldn't tell her that
Because how could I bear
To upset her so?
But being unable to bear that,
Does that mean I did?

I know now that I didn't
As surely as I know
That I do now.

Because a month later
I lay
With my head in her lap
And she told me
'You don't have to tell me
Just as I realised that
I wanted to tell her

I knew then
That I loved her
And I haven't stopped since.

natalie 4d

he has eyes that change color,
and a smile to match his mood.
he always keeps me company,
he's my sky, my stars, my moon.

he is my moonlight dancing,
in the summer rain.
he is my burning candle,
my happy gentle flame.

when i feel him near me,
my blood begins to rush.
he takes my breath away,
with just a simple touch.

his voice calms my fires,
on a smoky dreary day.
his wisdom soothes my soul,
his kiss is chardonnay.

his glimpse is oh-so-silky,
makes flowers bloom in may.
his love is boiling crimson,
he will forever stay.

i love him like no other,
and at the end of the day
the feelings i have for him,
still will always stay.

im so in love with you.
marina 5d

i hate the fact that i love you, i cannot say this enough
i cant believe who i am because of the cause i became
back on the hurting
the new girl really loves her
she did this before it started
her scars her pain are still what they have become
but i sink into the feeling of her three words
"i love you"
i wanted her
i needed her
but now she is gone
and i predict its all my fault
i live with this day by day
but still wonder why i feel this way

Brynn 5d

whispering in my ear, telling me how beautiful i am. telling me that i am the best thing to ever happen to you. the room was spinning with light chatter from our friends. it smells like cheap beer and expensive perfume. you pull me in a little closer on the thrift store couch and look into my eyes. then you confess that you love me. it was a whisper just for me but it felt like you shouted it. it resonated throughout my body. you love me and i love you. and in that moment it was just us in the room. it was just us in this world. i love you and i always will

11/11 love
Jasmin A Nov 10

I want love.

Sad & true 'cause I miss you
Jasmin A Nov 10

Back to the others.
       The sun gives louder compliments.

    We cherish those with words so wrecked.

                        May we move.
Be free.
  Continue to disappoint mother nature with our


Don't judge young me, okay?
Whisper Yes Nov 8

it's when the sun goes down
and the end of the day approaches
that she wants nothing more
than to be cosy on your couch
tucked up under a blanket
whilst you do your thing
sitting crossed legged on your kitchen counter
chatting breeze whilst you cook onion rings
when you come lay with her on the magic couch
take off happens
she’s transported
exquisite peace and happiness
kitten curled up on the heater with a belly full of cream, utterly safe, utterly content
at peace with the world
no where she'd rather be

sun down, the time now, is when she struggles
her being reaches out into the night for you
despite these feelings rising and falling
she’s digging deep
learning to stay with herself
hold herself
it's not the same
she can't pretend it is

she's aware enough to see the dark gift
she needed to be alone
to learn to not be afraid of the dark
but the truth is
she’s not built for alone
she’s destined to be the kitten who got the cream
curled up beside you on the magic couch
paw to paw
ready for take off

Whisper Yes Nov 8

It played with her
It would whisper
That there was someone else who could understand her more completely
Talk deeper
Make love slower
This illusion has been shattered
And the painful beautiful truth is finally shining through

Whisper Yes Nov 7

for the first time i can see
how it was all about me
my needs, my wants, my fears, my insecurities
a constantly questioning mind
throwing up reasons why our love couldn't sustain
fear driven, faulty programming that couldn't trust
couldn't allow love to deepen and unfold
heart break and loss have cracked me
tears on top of tears have washed me clean
i now see through myself
how it was ego needs and wants
killing the love and possibility of the present moment
fear driven
instead of love driven
my manipulating grasping ego has been shattered
leaving love, no more fear, no more defenses

i love you
without a need to be with you
i love you

regardless of outcome
i love you

Whisper Yes Nov 7

I choose to wait and allow my love for you its full term
I choose to wait before jumping into the arms of the next great distraction
I choose to be the person I would want to be with

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