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s Mar 4
The moment those three words left his lips,
my chest nearly imploded from sudden bliss.

I couldn’t help but laugh, and let the tears fall.
Who knew? I had been searching for him, after all.
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2021
Fear is a language all on its own.
Although broken, we understand soon
as we hear it.
No matter how well spoken
No matter how intuitive or savvy
We sabotage ourselves well after the
moment has passed.
I stepped outside of myself when I met
Bilingual & open,
No matter how far you move or I.
I'll always remember you
I've memorized you in my heart
Where fear does not exist
Cede Dec 2021
What in the world would you do
If I told you I love you?
There's many things I wish to say,
Hope there's more than one way

No one else could see me through
Like however did you
If I were to say i love you,
Would you say i love you too?

No one else knows the answer
Only you, and that I can bear
You might reply in a way however,
All I can do is wait forever
Raven Mc Chim Dec 2021
Missing someone is always hard to imagine
The doubts in my mind always keep eating me
Does she not like me, does she not love me, am I not a good bestie
I wish I was with you when you went through your hard times
I wish I was with you all the times you shred tears
Holding you in my embrace and saying 'everything's okay '
Even though I'm physically not with you
I'm always there in your heart
So when you miss me
Fell your heartbeat
And think of the memorable moments we spent talking, playing and making fun
But remember I love you always and forever...
Don't worry I will never leave you, even for a man
best friend love is a completely different type of love that can't be expressed in words.
Zack Ripley Nov 2021
I didn't say "I love you."
I didn't say I cared.
I didn't say much of anything because, honestly, I was scared.
Scared I'd say the wrong thing.
So, I thought it'd be better
if I said nothing at all.
BuIt now, I'll say everything.
Because you deserved to hear it all.
Farah Taskin Oct 2021
The nocturnal birds
the lullabies
The exhausted stars
the Stygian
The water of
the rill is
The light wind is
with my hair
dew is
the pleasant petals
The sleepy
street is

I'm peering
at the creamy
A photogenic countenance
in front of
my imagination
The object of
my affection
The insipid murk
and the blue
nights of
mine without you
The feelings of
mine are experiencing
I'm repeatedly
"Te Amo..."
love written on palms
strapped in tandem
asked if i wanted to dance in the clouds with you
right beside me
cloudberry you're my beloved
involuntarily bloomed for your bee
the cure of your currant
leaves thoughts that are never vacant
love is abundant
golden fields cover my heart
touch my tongue
followed by the melody of a harp
up in the sky
ballads never quiet
always highly sung
flung into young love
a quick note describing, to the best of my ability, how i perceive her love.
she remains anon Aug 2021
Felt so long like Eros sat in prison,
let my blood pale from crimson.
Until you cast your shadow to my sun
made of all sweet smelling things and neurolysin.
Undid my braid
every tangled knot, and auburn strand - one by one.
I could not define safety, until with you I laid
and showed, to my temple, the steel of gun
see now, even fear is manmade
as the legs of fate's circle run.

Do you know what it is to feel complete
and still sing the lonely song of sailors?
As your darling walks with slow feet
what thoughts of me, will you savor?
Would never need to see a sky - by makers
so long as I could look into your eyes so blue,
so sweet.
I wish I could say I love you
but I am so new and weak.
So I sit, and stir, and tear up papers;
wait another rosy day for you to speak.
I wish I could say I love you
and you would repeat the words caught between cheek
blossomed and true.
Descovia Aug 2021
Happy birthday to all mothers out there alive or in angelic form.

You will forever be missed Angelina Descovia Aug 1, 1958

Time to return home to your glorified kingdom. Jan 6, 2006.

Do not rush your time to leave this realm somebody other than you needs your story in order to survive!

If you are here today, somebody other than yourself needs you alive!

I know we are all human. Humans aren't eternal, for on the contrary the soul is!

I pray your life becomes a "legacy", for you guided me at a point as inspiration as many of you have.

They say angels never cry.

It puts my mind in wonder on where rainfall comes from since heaven is beyond the skies.

I'll never forget your voice.

I'll never speak of you in vain.

I'll always remember that you brought us love to keep us free from harm and pain.

It hurts to go on with your energy. I do not condemn this world or any God.

No source is at fault for your departure.

I believe this much is true

Everyday I break and rebuild myself until I'm good as new.

In the skin that I'm in I feel lost

I have not done enough to earn my wings or to say I have a "Golden Heart"

I will never forget quotes and poems you composed in your journals of your journeys

You're in a place of safety and harmony where love is eternal.

Heaven is a place for angels and for we will meet again.

I will always remember the memories that give me strength to fight and protect our youth.

You empowered many and open eyes to many truths.

I will forever remember.

I will forever fight for light.

I will never forget you.

Thank you for everything mom. ❤️
Sasha Iqbal Jul 2021
Just saying words doesn't fulfill the feeling,
Leaves me down and blue,
That it takes so much explaining;
To show how much I love you.
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