hsc 1d

you crawled into the crevices of my heart, and made yourself a home.

hsc 1d

I have given up on this world.
       But I will never give up on you.

Tina 5d

Slightly ajar 
The door to my soul 
Before, Slammed shut! 
And now shaking hands with illumination 
All too well do I smell hope 
Blowing with a gentle breeze 
Towards these feet that carried no zest 
All too careful do I listen to this heart 
tantalisingly tickling  my ribs
And seducing my chest with each move 
Up, and down it swirls. 
An invitation to a play of life
Renouncing with each breath I take 
Eternally I do not exist 
But for now. 
The wind is soon to pass 
Over the greenlands of joy
Oh how too sweet it caresses my cheeks. 
And makes love to my eyes. 
I could give my soul to you 
And leave the door open 
Forever more..

This goes to everyone who is in need of hope. My dear friends out there battling mental demons. I love you. And this poem is yours.

Just a kiss?
Salted cinnamon smacks my cerebral cortex
This is no ordinary kiss

Hearts stop in a broken lift
Two minds wrapped
In a paradigm shift
Deep dwelling desire
My feet seem to drift

This is no ordinary kiss

All natural senses slip away
Secret inspections and
Talks of that day
Love lingers on these
Lips in a mysterious way

This is no ordinary kiss

butterflies, every time
Brianna Jul 17

I'm trying to balance the wrong and the right in my life.
I am running out of ways to say "I love you" and " thanks for not leaving me all alone when I'm an asshole"

I find myself pushing people away just so I can continue to travel down the road less traveled.
Following the path that has monsters hiding in the trees and demons waiting to pounce from the shadows.
I am wandering. I am exploring.
I have become one with the nomadic spirit that lives inside my heart.
But I cannot remember how it feels to truly LIVE.

He left a long time ago and my friends have picked me up more times than I can count on one hand.
I left myself a long time ago- and my family has picked me up more times than I can count on one hand.

I can't remember what's worse.
The feeling of falling in love or the feeling of losing the one you love.
Because in both situations...

I have lost someone.

martjn ysidro Jul 17

i'm shy of your eyes
i live in the wondering shade, i see
you where things are more than ordinary
i'm where flowers refuse to die in ugly vases
and beautiful is not the only but the most.  you
where the hope of loving is a candle flame
flickering delicately.  me
where secrets admire.

Juvia Cecilia Jul 14

I will never stop loving you
even after everything you've done to me, the tears you've caused me to cry, the constant feeling of pain, the heartbreaking truth of never being good enough. Even after all that I will always love you.

Dainty Bones Jul 14

I looked up into the trees
and took a deep breath
there you were right beside me
asking me if I loved how peaceful this all was
the trees were beautiful
and so were the stars
but my favorite thing about that getaway was you
we talked for hours
and laughed so hard we had trouble breathing
we napped together and listened to the sound
of the beautiful trees waving good morning to us
we gazed through the telescope for hours
but as you gazed through it
all I could gaze at was you
this beautiful, perfect human
was inches from me
and he was mine
and I looked back up into the sky
and said thank you a million times

KittenJesus May 2016

I love you:
but I have to go,
this burning feeling you bring,
I no longer can take,
so here I go fading out the flame,
throwing up the ashes to the parade.

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