ph 3d
There is no real reason
for alphabetical order
every essay,
every book,
every poem and every song
is just the same twenty-six
in a different combination
but I’d re-write the entire
alphabet and
give it a new order
if that is what it takes
to get you to understand, not
‘that it’s “I love you,”’ but
‘it’s you that I love.’
I was quiet
never spoke
Held my breath
Closed my
and yet
you looked
and you knew
I love you

My i love you has no words to tell
No bone

My skull has gone, no bone;
Just an open mind of the fallen Sun.
I collapsed in your arms and you held me close,
Just like I always dreamed you would.

I feel your hand upon my brain,
It’s funny but relaxing.
You feel my insistence for you again,
As the waves in my mind start you laughing.

We are connected, two people as one.
Come here, feel love and never feel alone.
Let me grow extendable arms, so I can wrap my arms around us;
My arms fly around you and I many times, entrapping us in love.

Stuck together forever, my love cannot be severed,
I Love You!
Didn’t you notice, that we made a connection?
A telepathic, subtle, intelligent discussion;
A meeting of the minds, blind to the eye, but there for certain.

You know what I think somehow.
I guess it’s written all over my face.
So you know I am telling the truth to you now.
I love you…I love her…I love (…) for she is my grace.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

I am the wave blowing through you;
Blame it on me, or blame it on you.
Blame it on something I can’t prove, like I love you.

Here we are staring at the sky,
Watching our lives pass us by.
When we were young, we had it going on;
Now we are gone and can blame no-one.

It is such a shame when there is no-one left to blame,
For all our mistakes, which lead us to think again.
We must accept our inability, to be loved.
We must accept our inability, to be something other than a love.

We tried to work things out but now we are over;
We never took the time to figure out what we needed from this.
Our relationship died and my life became much colder,
But I no longer blame you…your love I will always miss.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
A fish swimming up stream
A bird flying against the wind
Though possible
It leads to exhaustion
That one can not bare
For long.
- You are an exhausting task that I can not stop doing.
Aa Harvey Jun 11

Lost without you, damn this love thing is hard.
I miss you, I need you; I want you to be here.
I’m so used to having you around to give a warm feeling to my heart.
Without you I am bored and lonely; why can’t you be near?

Every second you are gone feels like a lifetime today;
Every time I think of you I forget all other things.
You are always on my mind and I have so much I need to say.
When you return I will be so happy,
Because I will have what I have sought.

Still checking my phone for a text or a missed call.
The time ticks by so slowly; when will you arrive?
You have already told me your work schedule,
But I am impatient; I can’t wait to see you, my future bride.

We have the rest of our lives to feel this happiness,
But right now I am without you and patience is not a virtue I possess.
Soon you will be home, back in my arms at last;
So I am writing to you to tell you, you are my beautiful temptress.

Our love is continuous until the end of time;
It was written in the script that we should find one another.
I am under your spell, you are beauty personified;
Forever I wish to be your only lover.

And then suddenly, I hear you arrive;
You are back and we are together once more.
Oh joyous celebrations as you fill up my heart and my eyes.
I can see you, I can say I love you; I can feel your love…
You are the woman that I adore.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Dear "I love you"
I've never really understood you,
how you are so full of commitment,
and, well, love.
And yet,
you are used so carelessly.
Without thought or meaning.
And I stop to think when I hear you,
are you really meant when you are used?
I hate you
Makes you never understand why
The longing for you back
Is an instinct to me  
To hug you each morning
To say hello to you each day
Makes you never understand why
I love you
Now read it backwards
Aa Harvey Jun 4
I have loved

For all the souls that I have loved,
I give up my heart as an offering.
For all the hearts that I have stolen,
I vow to thee you are everlasting.
To all the women who have affected my life,
I cherish your contact;
Please take this care that I bring.

To all those I have lost throughout my lifetime,
I loved you all…

I say these words just for you
And these words do not do me justice;
But these words I do mean,
For they are all true and you showed me such tenderness.

I loved you then and I love you now;
I shall continue to love you ‘til I am gone into the clouds.
I will love again and I shall feel love somehow
And I shall cherish it like I have before,
Because love is to be found underneath loves shroud.

For all the lovers throughout my lifetime, I pledge my allegiance.
What is your passion?  It shall become mine
And what is mine I shall give to you,
Because I have loved and will forever love you.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Crystal Jun 7
Harrys POV:
My tear stained cheeks
My sobs re being blocked from the pillow
Why did I let you go
Thats right
Because I was breaking you
You were a sweat girl
And I broke you
You did everything for me
I love you Alexis
I love you more than anything
More then I thought I could love
I dont know how I am going to stay away
I dont think I can
"Im sorry. Lexi. Let me love you in the way i can express. Im going to be a better man than before. I love you"
I made it worse
Why did i just send that text message
"I love you Harry. Please come back."
My heart skips a step
My tears keep falling
My tough act is down.
No one has seen me like this
A boy with tattoos and piercings
Noone but you Lexi
I love you
More than anything
I love you
This is #2 from my novel.
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