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My faithful shining star
My love for you grows
Continuously. As worry
Begins to decrease.
Our life together a secret
No one will know
A shining star from above
Who loves a wretch like me
My angel sent from heaven
To serve and protect me
All my love goes to you
Whom which I adore
Together we’ll spend every moment
In which I’ll make you happy
Because you are my star
My star I love you
Soon as I saw you
I began to follow.
Without regard of home,
regardless of how many steps
it took to keep up.
I can't exactly describe what it was.
It just felt natural,
to follow you.
My legs moving twice as fast
This need to fall in love in the palm of your hand.
I felt a sense of need.
An overwhelming sense to bump into your leg until you noticed
This piece of me that felt something was missing.
To follow your every command, be accepted as I am.
For now I am enjoying this stroll.
This trot hoping you'll notice everything I see when I look at you.
What ever you ask of me
My life made whole in a glimpse.
I don't know exactly what it was that made me follow you,
But I am glad I did.
Until I am old and gray.
I will always follow you
The sky looks blue at the horizon
And the countryside hills are green
And I'm gonna see you soon
Just as it should be

Black letters on my arm spell your name
It's a secret, but you're all over my phone
And only when we're at that sunny place
Is when I'll feel really at home
Alexa Nov 27
Oh love
Look at that face
Looks like you are sent from above
I suddenly saw all those stars in space
Oh dear let me in
Where have you been
Never believed in angels until i saw your eyes
I only want you not any of them other guys
To you i'll be loyal
Baby i know we’ll never be royal
Diamonds and rubies are not our thing
Baby let’s keep it simple, put on that ring
But together we’re worth more than gold
Close your eyes, the world outside is cold
People talk, tries to destroy
But we got something that they don't have
My lover boy
Fought with my own demons
Entangled thoughts caught with tumultuous wave of emotion;
Fragile I was
Clothed in stain.
Found a solace in your presence
You're the home I run to while I was dealing with pain.
To The One That Got Away.
i feel like glass.
i feel like the word shatter.
this is what you have done to me
with your abuse
this is what you have done to my heart.
broken and smashed it over and over with a hammer.

i loved you-i still love you. how come i still love you?
you break me as if i’m just one of your toys and toss me to the side again
and again
and again

and you have ruined me.
and you will again
and again
and again
until there is nothing left of me to break with your hammer.

and despite the uncertainties with how you feel about me and how you treat me…

i’ll always come back.
you know that.
every time i let my mind wander, it goes straight to him, straight to the night, straight to his touch. lying there with him, and hoping it would last forever.  paying close attention to the places on my body where i felt pressure and warmth, his warmth, pressing into me.  trying to remember the feeling forever. the quiet and peaceful sound of his breathing in and out, in and out in my ear and his heartbeat, beating against me.  his feet slowly wrapping around mine and his arm gently going around me and pulling me close. and finally his hand reaching over and intertwining with mine.
my cheeks flushed as people came in, flustered the night would soon come to an end. i felt his arm reach around me as we sat up, and the warmth and comfort of his shirtless body gently wrapped around me. i felt his lips, so soft, press into my head, as he held me tight, and then my forehead as we said goodnight. such a small, but grand gesture.
i heard him say he didn’t want me to leave and wanted to live the night on repeat. didn’t he know i wanted to also? and i felt eyes on me, as if to ask why i was being cruel with my actions and leading him on.
i felt cold as i went back to my room, missing his touch, his softness, gentleness, and his warmth. missing him.
missing his hand slowly interlocking with mine.
i miss his laugh, it’s so real and pure. and he’s real.
no one else is.
L 7d
You cant. And you wont. Ever get over me.

You know that, right?? Because i know it. I feel it. So you must feel it to. Its like its always been. I am yours and you are mine. Whether we both know it or not. We've got a piece of eachother and im holding on till death do us part.

I dont care. In the best and worst of ways.

You may be bad for me right now.

But ill wait forever until you are good.
I will. And you are. And i am.

And i always. Forever. Will. Until.
You were my first kiss
It’s true
No way around it
But when you kissed me
I felt nothing
Except disappointment
I thought your first kiss
Was supposed to be
Life changing
The best
It just
Felt wrong
Out of place
And almost forced
You kissed me
I didn’t kiss you
You wanted me
I tolerated you
But when he kissed me
My stomach did a flip
There were fireworks
Going off in my mind
He took my breath away
You just took my first kiss
I said I loved you
You said you loved me
I knew it wasn’t true
They were just words
But when he touches my face
And pulls away from my lips
To whisper to me his love
My whole body smiles
Yes you were my first kiss
But he is my first love
There’s a boy now and he’s changed my world
There’s a boy now
And I think maybe
He is my world
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