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i take your words
like they're seeds
and plant them
in the deepest
parts of my heart
so that they may
take root and with
time, grow into the
beautiful feelings
you had intended
them to be
gosh, you're so dreamy ;3
rae or grey Apr 27
"i miss you."

your beautiful, soft fairy-like features.
the soft, pale skin kissed with blemishes.
your small hands holding mine- holding together the broken pieces of my heart.

"i miss you."

the innocent, puppy like eyes staring back at me.
the feelings running through my mind gazing into your honey-dipped eyes.
the gorgeous flowing brown locks- dancing in the wind- the ones i love to run my fingers through.
your soft smile- melting all of my coldness surrounding my soul.

"it's all winter here, even in August."

my heart breaks when you're not with me. the snow buries my thoughts in cold misery.
the darkness surrounds my senses.

"how long do i have to wait, and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend to see you-to meet you."

i can't wait to see your eyes crinkle as you laugh at my jokes.
the warmth in your smile that brings out so much joy in me.
the soft feeling of your hands on my body.
the sweet vanilla scent of you-residing within my clothes.
the sweet taste of your strawberry-tinted lips.

"i try to exhale you in pain, like smoke- like white smoke. i say that i'll erase you, but i can't really let you go yet."

you're on my mind all day and night.
you're the voice that keeps me up at night.
the parasite infecting my brain.
it hurts. but i can't let it go. im addicted.

"the morning will come again. no darkness, no season is eternal."

"wait a little bit, just a few more nights. i'll be there to see you. i'll come for you."

"please stay, please stay there a little longer."

we'll meet again my love.
just like we did before.
please. wait for me a bit longer.
until i see you one

spring day.

inspired by BTS' song "Spring Day"
J Apr 28
My life had got colder, seeping itself into numbness.
Coping wasn't possible or needed
because if I just slept or drank or took some sort of drug
I was okay
I thought we were both going to get stronger.
And a huge part of me bets I wasn't missed
when we pretended the other didn't exist.
I don't exist.
I wanted to feel something and at the same time
I was grateful that I couldn't.
  I couldn't stand to be here
wishing you'd make another account to talk to me
seeing if you'd just try a little harder
to keep me
or to get me back
but you told me that if we argued and I left the room
You'd just let me go.
I should have kept that in mind then
you said you loved me
And I wonder what love means
I always assumed it meant the will of risking all for one another
without the need to
I lost it and threw myself
to the ground
for the tears to pour
or at least trickle
and I couldn't even make the expression.
I left because of my own attitude mixing with yours
and I was too clingy.
Codependency is a ***** I think.
Not fair like Karma.
I left because I couldn't take the feeling of not being loved
I was so used to you loving me completely
I left because I didn't think you cared
and after Justin, I thought I knew better.
Even if I didn't show it
it killed me
and it's still killing me inside and out.
Just know I'd still take you back
I just can't stop writing
without mentioning you.
but since it's poetry, I can do whatever I want
so I'm weaving you into every word
every space
every sound and meaning
Sydney Sydney Sydney
deadhead Apr 28
even if i tried
to compile a list of
reasons of why
i love you, it would last
forever, as you always
find a way to make me
fall deeper in love
with you.
T Apr 25
Wrapped up in unrequited love,
I’m sorry that I was never good enough.
deadhead Apr 16
we ran barefoot through
thousand year old trees, laughing
breathing the sweet air
Raven Mc Chim Apr 16
You made my life so bright
In your presence my every moment is memorable
Don't let me go away from you
Because, I love you after my family
The most beautiful feeling ever
It can be love towards your soulmate or family or anyone
What is love, and how should I describe it?
A smile, a heart that beats only for me,
A flickering star in your eyes, that lit,
Blue sky, a high mountain, the deepest sea.

Winds that gently carries all your whispers,
Flowers that smell like your breath in mornings,
The cold spring's rain giving me soft shivers,
The freedom of the soul, spreading its wings.

The rising sun that caresses your hair,
The rain that mingles with your happy tears,
The breath of life, the water, and the air,
Blissful seconds, hours, decades, hundred years.

My love for you will never cease nor die,
"Would none had ever loved but you and I!"
deadhead Apr 11
all i do is think
about you.
but im not
why would i when
i have such a
lovely face to
haunt my thoughts?
deadhead Apr 4
Your voice reminds me of
a melody from a favorite song.
Only I could listen to it for
eternity and never get tired of it.
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