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My fortune is broken
She continued to say

Abandon by luck
reflecting her days

The magic in ashes
Phoenix seemed strong

Threaded in pieces
But still holding on

Stun by Night
her eyes in a glaze

Chills bring dreams
of flying away

Poor Phoenix
Night carries on

Poor Phoenix
I too will be gone.
Phoenix and the Knight.
Story of life tragic events.
My fine silver,
A saddle i barely rode;
Hijacked by a strange scent,
Unbeknownst to you.

Without my consent, you were
Snatched for his pleasure,
For his selfishness refused to be
Quenched with dignity.

In the reign of winter,
I found you in
The eye of a house,
Damaged beyond repair,
In heartbreak waiting,
To bid me farewell.
Gemma Sep 6
Sshhh it's a secret, I said.
"Of Course I'll never break your trust".
So why did you feel with no good end result,  break it you must?!
Did it feel good?
What did you gain?
I'm struggling to understand, your need to cause pain?
Don't tell me you didn't realise!
You didn't think it through, I specifically said DON'T MENTION THIS, I specifically said that to YOU .
So what was your end game? What result did you want, surely it wasn't just my secret to flaunt?!
Things said in confidence that are relayed back several times over. Chinese whispers but with malicious intent.
lk ode Aug 30
Oh how the clock ticks on
the future becomes the past
and nothing changes
M Cannon Aug 29
Promises, like words
Are thrown about carelessly
Like the grains of rice thrown at newlyweds.

Promises these days
Must be chained by contracts
Stained in ink, etched in stone
To hold any value at all.

I miss the days where all it took
Was a smile and Trust
Wrapping your fingers together
Whispering “pinkie promise” to each other.

I miss the days when
Making a promise to someone
Meant more than that promise
Only suiting yourself.

I miss the days when
“I promise you”
Wasn’t a door that lead to
“I may disappoint you”.
Lupus- Aug 17
I can see disappointment in your eyes
And how your love for me dies
I can see you no longer want me
As if disgusted by what you see

But I’m trying to understand you
Justifying everything you do
Because you’re struggling as well
I see you’re pain, I can tell

I won’t get in your way
I’ll do anything to make sure you’re okay
I’ll be the perfect child you need me to be
I’ll make you proud you’ll see

It’s difficult to feel fine though, it’s tough
It still hurts knowing I’m not good enough
And as hard as I try you’re not proud
To be the reason of your smile I’m not allowed

I want you to feel proud inside
Hug me and love me with pride
But it seems there is no guarantee
For my dream to be
Could you possibly make them proud? At least for once?
mjad Aug 3
You poured out the gasoline around me
While never losing my eyes
Telling me sweet nothings
Crossing t's and dotting i's

As you leaned in to kiss me

The flames engulfed us
And your lips never reached mine
melika Aug 2
i didn't expect to lose you
but somehow it's happening

is it because of something i did?
because of something i said?
or is it because..
of me?

talking everyday
laughing everyday
feeling like there is finally someone that isn't going to leave someday
I felt so safe with you

now we barely talk
but when we do,
it's just about you
or just about me
there's no 'we'

were going separate ways
tho I wished it would never happen.
it may seem a little too exaggerated but it really is not.
if you would tell your best friends you want to jump into the sea with them, they would probably say yes or no. well my friends said yes and did it without me. idek why it's upsetting me so much?? like it's only a jump right? they didn't block you out of their lives, did they? it seems like they did.
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