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You never can go back
Back to the beginning
Begin and end again
Again where we started
Started this mess
Mess of a romance
Romance is dead
Dead is my heart
Heartbroken you left me
Me and her together
Together we’ll be fine
Fine, you win, I love
Love who I thought you to be
Zoe Mae Jul 25
I tried
I'm spent
I give up
I relent

I quit
I'll just stop
I can't stand
I just flop

I'm broke
I'm a mess
I've no *****
I regress

I've failed
I won't fight
I'm lost
I can't write
Estelline Jul 20
It’s a hard truth to except
After having this concept
Of thinking you’d care
But life isn’t fair
So here I lay in despair
Hearing the splashing of waves
Hitting against the caves
That tunnel deep inside my mind
It’s quite a mess in there
So do beware
If you start to stare
You might see right through
And get caught when you do.
Bardo May 20
Is this it ? Is this (to be) the One ?
....No! It won't work, it never does... they never do
It works for others yes!
But no! not for me
Have seen too many false dawns now
I won't fool myself again with thoughts of...
Thoughts of El Dorado land.

Just because I've found a new way
And it'll feel good for a little while
But then it'll go just like they always go
Those nice feelings that come
They lie to me, they laugh at me
Make a fool of me every time
Like a mirage
Dancing tantalisingly in the distance
Only to disappear once you grow near
I know their not going to last, not going to stay
They'll not take me... not take me to El Dorado land.

But still, maybe... maybe I'll celebrate all the same
Just for the hell of it
Make believe that this was surely IT this time
Yea! I'll get a little drunk and pretend, pretend I've found it at last
What I've always been looking for,
All those years of looking and never finding
Feeding on scraps, vague intuitions, funny dreams and feelings...
Even though I know it's not gonna work
Knowing that behind it all it was always bound to fail
That I'll always be outside those gates looking in
Knowing I'm not invited.


They talked of a land that was wondrous, marvellous!
Not something out there but something here within
Of a strength that was golden, that was yours and yours alone
That could never be stolen
A great treasure that lay inside... that lay within
I read their books, I studied their maps
And then I set out, I set out for El Dorado land.

I followed them as best I could
I tried, I tried but seemed to lose every time
I know - I know I did it wrong
I always do it wrong
Wrong is where I live I think
Wrong is where I come from
Probably Wrong is where I belong.

I'm old now
I watched and waited too long
And nothing much really happened
And no one came.

To have lived and never to have seen, never to have known
El Dorado land.
The Eternal Seeker who in the end never finds what he's looking for. A nice slice of Melancholy LoL Always been a bit of a Seeker, new philosophies and therapies, so many different ways. Trying to heal old wounds and become whole again. The search goes on.
karly codr Feb 18
i try not to get my hopes up
for something
that could never happen
but no matter how many times
i tell myself
that i can't get my hopes up
i do
and i end up getting disappointed
every time
there was a possibility that i could get a full ride scholarship to the school that I've been wanting to go to for at least 3 years, but I didn't get it and now i'm disappointed in myself because even though it wasn't my decision, i didn't do good enough to get the scholarship
Ashley place Feb 15
Finding love in a hopeless world is a treasure
Finding something real feels impossible
Something filled with hopes and dreams
With respect and admiration.
We hold on so tight when we're scared
Afraid to wake up from the dream
Afraid that the other person will see,
All the darkness and pain we're hiding.
But I could see it, and I didn't run.
Yet once again I stand on the battlefield
Alone with sword in air,
Ready to fight.
But for what?
Why am I the one who is always fighting?
Why am I the one bloodied and bruised
Fighting for my heart to belong to someone?
It's time to lay down my arms
It's time to put away the armor
I have faught a loosing battle for too long
I will no longer fight for them.
You want to claim this heart, fight for it
If you want me in your life, fight for me
I am tired of proving myself
I am not the problem.
I have seen the light inside of me,
A fire raging with passion and love
I have seen the strength inside myself
And I will no longer be made interior.
I've been waiting for the shoe to fall,
For the secret to be revealed that I'm not enough
That I am somehow unworthy of love
At the end of the day, are you?
Carl Hansen Feb 6
i sent you a playlist, of music that i love.
because it's hard to tell you how i feel;
i doubt you listened to it though.
it's as if you've ignored my feelings.
Van Xuan Feb 3
People who take things for granted
Are the worst type of people
Because they always thought
That everything they have
Are meant to be theirs
karly codr Jan 13
i like to imagine
what my art looks like
before i put it on the page
it never looks like
what i imagine it to be
but i've learned
not to be disappointed
when it doesn't turn out
how i want it to
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