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beck Sep 25
harmful to others
beloved by many
i feel foolish for even speaking
of course no foul deed goes unpunished
but a slap on their wrist
equivalent to a slap in my face
how do those live feely?
the menaces in society?
hiding behind gentle faces and sweet smiles
underneath it looks sickening
it’s beyond a spoiled barrel
the rotten apple contaminated all
you and your friends sharing the same mind
they'll combine the guilt and mental gaslight
i feel foolish for even speaking
i feel foolish for letting this grow
when i should’ve ripped out the roots
Parker Aug 28


Quality Company


Cathartic Crying




scavenger bride,
she counted periods
before the children came along,
but never suspected
eyes like bottles
beginning to blue,
a tangle of scars
hermetically sealed,
the new order of
a broken romance,
dead love cassettes
in the glove compartment,

her cold and empty
like cold breath
passing through a beam of sunlight,
grid of points, pendulums,
the ratio of freckles to stars,
no subtle countenance,
martinis and bikinis,
soft ******* and ice cream,
slight, elusive things, on a beach
with no more meaning,

the repeating pattern of
her mistakes and reliefs,
a preservation of decay,
sustained by the tiny
human fault line
in that oneiric hinterland,
between dreaming and waking,

she draws around the noise
and the clearings,
she creates within that sightline
the way her sadness can feel
an extension of loss that turns
her ruins into a home.
elle jaxsun Jul 8
My consciousness has been elusive—
Most thoughts are intrusive.
Subconscious stays refusive.
I breathe in and eat up nature,
hoping it’ll be my savior—
Turn all my bad memories into
Distorted visualizations and vapors.
Parker Feb 28
movement makes it hurt less
take some deep breaths
you'll get through this
it's not the first wave you've hit
Patroclus Dec 2021
deafandblind since the day i turned nine but
getting there.
working on it.
take deafandblind to represent my verious mental issues.
Asonna Dec 2021
Hush little baby, don't you cry.
                     Mamma's moving onto a peaceful ride.
And on that ride, she's not in pain.
                     But Mamma knows you'll miss her anyway.
She loved you to the moon and back,
                    Always and forever, even after life.
Zack Ripley Oct 2021
I can't stand being alone.
So, to cope, I remind myself
That sometimes,
there are some things you have to do alone.
Retro Sep 2021
Dear Self,
You aren’t too kind to yourself,
You always feel like a hologram of skin and bones, a wasted soul.
Your mind runs ninety-nine miles per hour, yet you’re seated in place.
You’re locked in place, fighting off that weather of weapons, all on your own.
You smoke those cancer sticks, and BAM!
All your stress seems to flow away, like a rushing river across the land.
You stay up all night, you insomniac, you night owl, you can’t even bring yourself to get up in the mornings to slave away under those fat cats on top of society.
I hope one day, you can find the courage to go back to being a motor mouth.
I hope one day, you’ll go back to being that talented show stopper.
I hope that one day.
You’ll stop being such a dust kicker and get back on your feet.
Just know that every chapter comes to an end, but at least we’ve anticipated this one against all the other endings we have yet to face
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