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ED Greene Oct 1
Better Jeff
Than Jeremy

Follow the ship
Not the raven
Bats flutter over
Hanging butterflies

Her belly of forgiveness
Swells with the squalls

Bloated sores
Born from despair
Ignore guilty repairs

Shrink into survival
Hide your emerging  denial

Feed her fever
Anita Sep 25
Smother the Smoldering flare inside.
Simmering, Seething ***, kettle scorched black.
Subside wrath, suppress anger, succeed.

Be still.

Coldness, chilling ice, constant hush.
No thoughts, no collateral damage.
Control it. ||How can I help?||

Space, slight, broad.
Inexhaustible darkness with few stars enticed.
Burning, ashes caught in the back of my throat.

Shhhh. ||What are you feeling?||

Boundless frost
Desultory embers.
Be nice, be kind, breathe, exhale.
1, too, 10.

Go to sleep.
Daniel Sep 16
I take another breath,
I take another cigarette.

Smoke rises with regret,
but you help me deal with my stress.

I'm forever in your debt,
and forever in your book of dead.

I take another breath,
I take another cigarette.

My love, you smell of death,
but you always pull me from the edge.

I wish I would have left,
now you're always in my head.

Smoke rises with regret,
but you help me deal with my stress.

I take another breath,
I take another cigarette.
A poem I wrote about the love and hate I hold for cigarettes.
aubrey Sep 16
none of my jeans fit
i used to wish for this

but now its a reality

i thought once i lost the weight
i'd be happy

but now i'm worse than ever
how do i get better. im trying my best.
aubrey Sep 14
why can't I get my mind off of you
never skinny enough
never happy enough
Dead Sep 11
Funny the older I get the more I find myself changing
The ways I hurt myself always change, different pains. Same vices

As appealing as seeing my blood make those strange designs as they drip down my arms sounds.
It’s becoming harder to hide the wounds.

Maybe it’s the self doubt? Challenging myself on the most minor choices. Eating away at me.

Becoming obsessive over friends, strangers, anyone really.
Knowing I’m not their problem.

Or maybe it’s the drugs, the same ones that keep my brain at bay are the ones that make the grey matter rot,

it’s all about moderation, and tonight I have none.

I’m on a drive,
I’m smoking a cigarette
I’m hearing very little
I’m feeling even less
Wonder if I’ll see the engine stop, I wonder if these keys will enter my pockets again.

I wonder if the lights fade out or if it’s a cut to black

New weapons.
Same vices.
Good night.
Rob Redido Sep 8
Tough craft, a gift to your soul,
Lest you'd shoo me away like before.
Hearts abound always right there,
Let you rest with the breadth of my hair.

First, tuck my meek attempts to rest,
Ensure, love ensues, it's for the best.
Rock hard path looms, awaits,
The only help I have is a troubled rake.

Reeks of risks, downtrodden deeds,
You know it ends with one end on your beak.
How will you survive another blow?
Your rusty steeled skin, it just shows.
Emir Sep 2
uncommon grows normal
routine with procedure
getaways, paradise, heaven
bare, void, blank
air occupies what was
take afoot inside
think comfort, warmth
ignited with flames
books of wisdom
books of happy
books of reflection
raveled with devouring famine
scorching heat searing
the leather casing
the thin sheets
the purpose of it all
all that's left
crumbled cracking at the seams
indistinguisable at corners
words left legible
smack dab middle
with colors reminiscent
pouring white milk
into black coffee
only this time
an odor intoxicating as gasoline
Claudius Sep 1
"I am tired"
Yet I light the cigar again
"I am tired"
Yet I am five shots in again
"I am tired"
Yet I take another happy little pill too soon
I am starting to wonder what kind of tired I am
Struggling with addictions yet again
JN Cole Aug 20
gone now the
laundry basket by the
multi-color tiled bathroom half-
empty been a week now
been trying to fill it now
been trying to
not feel
empty gone

now the
cartons of milk he's allergic
to anyway,
in the fridge at the
bottom being replaced and being
tossed and
tossed again.

gone now he still
winces at the freshly laundered
sheets now
lemon-scented you
but you are gone now.


who is going to
pester him for more tuna
more vegetables who is
going to tell him not
to water the cacti you
planted in chipped tea
cups who is going to
walk the dogs he gave away
not long ago because
no one has the love and
patience to do it anymore.

who is going to love
the lemon-scent the
scent you loved
just because of a poem
about it or a story who
who knows now
what you want
where you are how you've been...

who's gonna tell him
now not to
take the pills after
you bitter-sweet
lemon-scented good
Lemon-Scented Memories Part 1
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