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K Nov 2
the first blue ribbon stood proudly
as the shelf gradually filled
with more trophies and rewards

the lineup constantly shifting.

until it stops.
and that gilded gold starts to fade
limbs on tiny, shiny men soon fall off.
and the dust collects.

the lights shined bright back then
meant to show you,
in the shadows of their win.

it's just a bump in the road.
you're stagnating, not yet failing
but just like quick sand,

the more you struggle to survive,
the faster you sink.
CandidlySubtle Apr 2021
A quicksand cyclones downward at the center,
A spiraling hole spun around by the sands that enter,
They scratch at the innards of my heart,
Pulling everything down and ripping it apart,

I’ve tossed so many things at it,
But they just drop into this endless pit,
Nothing seems to fill it up,
Instead everything just gets ****** up,

It’s like having my flesh sliced by scattered grains,
Spun at high velocity as it sheers against my veins,
Carving out tiny wounds accumulate into scars,
Blood seeping, lost and disappearing with its cause,

Cries are ****** up and then dispersed,
Scattered into pieces until it’s no longer heard,
Screams are silenced by a ringing vacuum,
Run through bleeding veins buried in my womb,

It’s like something wants to come up,
Like a volcano that’s ready to erupt,
Everything that’s been sunk and saturated full,
It’s getting ready to finally burst my soul,

I didn’t want to shut it all up,
It wasn’t my choice to have it all ****** up,
I tried so hard to pull it out with my strength,
But I underestimated the length of my pain,

It’s been loaded and treated with all its vice,
So I don’t know how to clean it up nice,
I think my exterior is too thick for it to ever explode,
But I think that one day, I am going to implode.
Angela Jan 2021
She believed herself a solid boulder
though as soon as he would hold her,
the safety of his gentle touch
was home she couldn't help but clutch.
She'd dissolve to quicksand at his feet
and blow away as he began to sink.

She loathed her spirit made of dust,
trapped in a mind devoid of trust,
but every time she thought of him
she'd gain the strength to build again.
to show this unsuspecting knight
his kiss had sparked her back to life.
Ever notice how you fall apart as soon as the walls come down? Sometimes the person gets caught up in what you've been holding back, but their commitment is worth the self-repair.
MSunspoken Apr 2020
Enemy moving in
An old friend-
Itching under the skin
Clawing away at marrow

Sleep hollows the mind
Blank of reality-
Ah, but not a sign
Of it making haste anytime soon

Isolation known and welcome
Familiar as it comes-
Although this feeling is all but seldom
Paranoia is beginning to show

Memory of this wrath
Now too real to be past tense-
slinking straight down the path
Once tread and disrupted

Growling straight out of a nightmare
Emanating throughout the room-
This hunger is constantly aware
Though it’s warning is lost to mind

Pain is quite the grounder
A reminder to keep in time-
Stand upright despite the hour
Always alert within these confines
My therapist cannot contact me-
"I'll be fine"
Jason Adriel Apr 2020
even if i had known love has been and always will be quicksand, still i'd jump in it, simply in order to tell you i love you. simply to drown myself looking at you. even if i were to drown again, again, again, again....
Jaxey Feb 2020
If I sit still
I drown
If I move
I drown faster
You could pull me out
If only you weren't
The quicksand
If only you could help
Drusila Nov 2019
I reminisce about the conversations I had yesterday
I reminisce about tomorrow, all those obliged conversations I know I won't like
I am so nostalgic
Why so?
Except when everything else is awfully quiet
My own knowledge is a self-distraction
And no point of views are allowed interjections
I reminisce about this melody
It always plays out in my head
Like a walking party
Such a quicksand!
The more I move the deeper I sink into myself
As time goes by, the more I understand personal growth. I now found myself more often than not needn't earphones to plug myself out.
StoryTallinn Aug 2019
I wanted a forest fire
But our flame was nothing more than a candle
Not even a bonfire
Short-lived desire

You did not hurt me
I hurt myself...
Walking on a path through quicksand
Loving someone who was not available

All I can do is to move on
Tolerating your face in my surrounding
The past has to be left alone
And finding someone else to sing along
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