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Amanda Mar 27
This is not refusal of happiness
A desperate plea for attention
It is a manifest of emotion
Not some imaginary invention

There is a madness populating my head
Billions of shouting **** voices
Every one an echo of my own
Spelling my lack of choices

Lately hopeless feelings have grown
A desolate cold orchard
Blossomed a place I belong
I'm welcome but also tortured

I have laid down my roots in quicksand
I'll be withered by afternoon
A pile of wilted petals
Unless I am picked by someone soon
Written 2/16/12
Maha Feb 8
They made me worry about quicksand a lot as a kid.
Giving me little bits of advice to keep in mind:
Don't move too much you'll go down faster!
If you're stuck just hold onto something!
As if it really was an all too common problem in the stale suburbs.
But I realize now quicksand isn't just one thing. It has many different names.
Don't let it swallow you up!
Just ask for help!
How do I do that?
I tried to hang on and not let it consume me,
But here I am, drowning in quicksand.
About Me.
Mohannie Jan 22
I am feeling stuck
Like I’m drowning in quicksand
Struggling to be free
Nik Bland Oct 2018
Stand still

I feel myself sinking
And inside I’m thinking
That each movement I’m making
Is pulling me deeper

Stand still

Focus on what you say
Always be sure to convey
Emotional and fervency, there’s no time to waste
Our lives are at stake

Stand still

I can feel every breath
Pulse thumping closer to death
Wondering where we went wrong in the right
And if your lovely eyes will again see the sunlight

Stand still

Capture this moment please
Sinking beyond the knees
Torso receding as I hold close to you
Wondering when the sinking will be through

Stand still

Take the deepest of breaths
I can see you’re scared to death
Hold closer to me as we are swallowed whole
And may God rest our soul

Forever standing
Dan Beyer Oct 2018
in a mud pit.
around my ankles, saddled,
slowly advancing.
Moving is a lot of effort.
tired, I just want to lie yet
and let me sink.
more into this swamp.
my body becomes numb.
extreme pressures,
now around my ribs
suppress breathing attempts.
this mist fills my brain and,
I cannot even whisper...
I just want to lie in bed all day. but it only makes things worse.
Wynn H Sep 2018
The wallet's dry
& the bank's floors
           are cracked like
the sahara desert plain,
as tumbleweed rolls on by...

[a distant 80's tune playing sumwhere]

I'm on the road to nowhere,
getting suckt down
by dry dusty quicksand.
as a lizard scurries off
               in the distance
leaving dissapearing tracks
on the fading sand...

Stuck in hotel namaqua
I can check out anytime I want,
but i can never leave...

Dust on the ceiling
Black label on ice,
evry1 seems to be prisoners here
of their own device.
No-ones got enuff money
to give some good advice,
Just put ur head down
tell the captain to get more ice,
Busy ******* over the receptionist
to show me the way [out],
A free pass is all i need
to **** this beast
they continuosly feed

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