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At stopping sight distance
He saw a flame
Stunned by her beauty
Applying brake was delayed
She received a big jolt
With  quite a small force
There was an eye to eye contact
Both turned out to be thugs
Aspiring to lead a **** life
There was a binge of love
Leading them to be husband - wife
Bollywood stories are like!
Jaxey Apr 8
"I feel nothing"
she said
as she lied down
on the cold empty road
not knowing which direction to go

"what's it like"
I asked her
over the phone
while stuck in traffic
just trying to get to work
Grace Haak Mar 7
Start by hitting snooze
Twice for good measure
Leave the house just a few minutes later
Turning right into a jam
A thick, slow traffic jam
Viscous car molasses
But much less sweet
Sit there for a second
Simmering in sweat
Your blood begins to boil
Your hands begin to clench
Grip the steering wheel
Watch the clock tick time away
Curse your screeching alarm
Curse the convertible in front of you
Curse Monday mornings
Curse anything but yourself
Know that screaming at the cars
Won’t make that red turn green
But do it anyway
Honk your horn
Flash an unfavorable finger
To the vehicles doing the same to you
How is it rush hour
When everything is lagging
Your will to move is sagging
Roll your eyes at the radio
Wishing listeners a good morning
Oblivious to your mini meltdown
Once you can peel away
And break through that barrier
Sprint down that street
Swerving aggressively
Whip into the parking lot
Pretend your throat isn’t hoarse
And your knuckles aren’t white
Go about your day
Get excited for tomorrow morning
Tuesdays are better
how-to poem
In October last year
Supreme Court ruled
Traffic and public spaces
Can't be blocked by the protesters
Causing inconvenience
To the public
What would you do now
Farmers block traffic
Govt., public mute spectators
Innocent public in emergency suffers
Who bothers?
Law only on paper!
Tadiwa Oct 2020
I wait on a little island
Marooned in the sea of traffic
The grey sky broadcasts sweet outcomes
To the farmer in me
But the lack of an umbrella
Makes my mind jittery
I'm vulnerable in my suit, tie and all
If the sky should burst open its floodgates
Where will I find shelter, with my laptop and phone?
Hurry Mr. Driver
Spur on that staff bus!
Glenarah and Robert Mugabe roads intersection in Harare
ce-walalang Oct 2020
being stuck, they say, is uncomfortable.
i believe it’s not necessarily true. for instance,

...i like getting stuck inside my room and read for a day or two or three or four, forever.
...i like getting that last song stuck in my head for a day or two or three or four, forever.
...i like getting stuck in traffic with my pen and paper.
...i like getting stuck in the moment...perhaps, with you.

getting stuck is an opportunity, staying stuck is unhealthy

staying stuck on a single story out of convenience regardless of its completeness is poison mistaken for remedy
the reclusive writer tells us a good writing day
kei Aug 2020
the honking of cars
the rumble of traffic
the patter of footsteps
the hum of pedestrians

these noises
my ears.

loud. too loud
soft. too soft
pitch. too high
hum. too low


Too Loud.


settling back
plugs in
a sigh.

sometimes everything gets too loud, don't you think?
William Marr Jul 2020
you slow feet that walk step by step

be quiet and move aside

make way for the wheels in fast approach

blowing horns and puffing black smoke
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