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चार चक्के दानव
शैली : प्रयोगात्मक
विषय:अझै धेरै छ हेर्न, लेखेको कस्ले पो टार्छ र ?
Troy Sep 11
I flinch at the noise,
Staring straight at the alloys,
Of the behemoths stopping m…
Stopping me from reaching my destination.
The journey that forms the foundation,
Of the treadmill walking m…
Walking me in baby steps
Just so that the next,
Class I take could let m…
Let me live my life
And be free from this strife.
Let me move forward instead of
Being stuck in traffic.
This one is a reflection of how I feel about life right now. Simple, but again, one of those things I had to write.
Julia Aug 28
drive. slo.
chill. ****.
rode. up.
ya done.

your baby isn’t dying
if you’re late you’re just not trying
so tell me why the ******* flying
in a civic down 45?

nothing civil bout your ride
last week 11 people died
that way so everything aside
it’s time to smile and just glide

no. stress.
the road to happiness
ain’t on my tesla’s gps
i guess the next best thing’s to bless
the morning as you’re getting dressed

slo. roll.
toe. hold.
gro. old.
ya done.
for God's sake use your blinker
Jon Thenes Aug 23
Chorus of Traffic

Draw up short at the Stoplight

Compile in Anger
Penmann Jul 2
I decided to break the flow and turn around,
The water hurts, knowing i'm falling apart.
The fish will have to feel it's charts
Shades of thousands came undone.
Swimming against your currents.
Now's the showdown, the waves collide
With me in between and my son.

No place to hide. Writing. Writing. Writing.
Silently writing your and my demise.

No space beneath the ground is now safe and sound
I know it will eventually break my body in tears
There is no subtle and defensive way to start;
I will write against you being smart, so smart it bleeds.
I'll write you out. Tear apart your Chanel 5 heart.

Fear me and every apologizing letter i convey,
Every song i might say...
I will be so glad to see you pay,
So happy for the rainy day.

Glasses shattered while shooting darts
No sacred grounds, a pound on your door.
There is no church to save you now, *****.
A bullet shot direct and scored.

Soliciting hate is the next big thing online
I guess i'm cutting slices this time.
A broken heart with nothing left to lose,
Is writing better stuff than yours.
I will cash out these goodbyes.
A Million screams to bathe in, but none is mine.
This is actually about traffic and evil. It is not aimed at anyone in particular, but aimed at everyone. I hate writers and liars right now and full of anguish. Can't think straight.
Nigdaw Jun 29
Headlights, LED's, burning bright
Into my retinas, reflected in rear view
And side mirrors, a radiator grill just
Visible, almost the outline of a person
Behind the wheel, androgynous ghost,
Mad Max or just mad, determined
To drive to wherever, faster than
Anyone else, cocooned in black leather
Heads up display laid out across sweeping
Digital dashboard, vying to pass me;
But what of the queue plainly ahead
Stretching to far horizon, vanishing point,

Perhaps it is supernatural, absorbing traffic
Clearing the way by passing through it,
An alien craft with technology far
Advanced from our slow turning wheels
Selfishly driving alone in our home from
Home interiors, gathering subjects
For an out of this world experience
Or maybe a time machine
Like Back to the Future powered by flux
Capacitor, it will disappear and turn up
Ahead of all of us, or maybe my imagination
Has run riot and it's just another impatient
keneth Jun 25
we always went the same route
six-thirty in the afternoon
we'll both be on our way home
riding orange-tainted jeepneys

and i never really paid attention
to the parked cars along our way
like how i never paid attention
to everything you say

i was on the same route
six-thirty in the afternoon
i was on my way home
this time, alone
notice those parked cars along the way? the road feels empty, now that they're gone.
The life is zebra.
The life is traffic light.
Hey you just stop now.
Just stand and waithing.
Don't you see a red light?
Okay, so now you can go.
The green light on.
Walk through this lines.
Black and white
Black and white
Black and white
The walker dancing on tiptoes very slowly.
To not fall down and trying to balance among this lines.
Black and white.
Black and white.
Black and white.
The life is traffic light.
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