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what if one day
all the traffic lights
flashed green,
and anyone desired
were all told to go
at the same moment
chaos in inevitable
and so is death
but if manifest destiny called
would you rebel?
if all the lights flashed red
would you have the guts
to cross anyway?
Why do
get angry
when they
get stuck
in traffic
on their way
to work?
Like they'll
be happier
when they
get there.
Hope I made you smile
Temporal Fugue Dec 2018
Today we fear intelligence
surpassing our own stupidity
we've already surrendered the castle and gate
although we can't understand or see

Stopping at lights for no reason
told by machines what will be
standing and staring at vacant crossings
logic deprived foolishly dumb and silly

The lights are red in all directions
nothing moving and nothing is free
controlled and directing the masses
yes, AI that knows you
and knows me
We should have feared computers much longer ago :(
George Dec 2018
Traffic and thunder in the distance,
it is hard to tell the difference.

Does it matter,
with both so far away?

It does, when the rain gathers,
and its sheet starts at a pace,
making its way to you ...

... closer, closer and closer by the second.

What even Orion cannot out run,
you have no defence.
I have a storm that follows me.
Do you?
n e o Dec 2018
red, yellow, green illuminates the road lined with beads of the sky's tears.

the constant honks echoes in the frantic passageway.

frustration makes its prescence felt.

when will this end?
Invocation Nov 2018
Little girl peeling in Orange in traffic
with your favorite fingernail
I love to watch you attack
tear off the skin chunks and save them in a jar in your car because the smell makes you feel so far away
it's very clean-smelling
This cold little orange
it's a dragon ball in dragon hands
My sore throat needs this
gonzo machines
blow snow
and leaves
but the
wind also
carries their
load but
wedge the
road there
as ice
melts but
salt exposes
that collects
like dust
to stack
this side
of tarmac
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