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Allesha Eman May 8
You sit here on this night, reclining on the moon,  
Sleep inhabiting your eyes but your stubborn heart still beats the rhythm of a thousand days of recollection,
You dwell on the remnants of departed mornings still beaded onto this horizon line,
Dipping your feet into the sunrise, embracing the coolness of the morning wind,
Nothing stands between you and reality;
Flesh is fleeting, it is memories that house the graves of love.
So, you pick flowers to pay your respect, leaving the stagnant solace of this momentary life behind
Mrs Timetable Mar 14
Made for you
You didn't use it

Can't get it back
Gone forever

Always there...
Is it waiting for itself?

If you find out
Let me know

I need more...
Time you really know how it was spent
Allesha Eman Feb 24
Seconds go by in tender bliss
We smell roses and stain our hands with
crushed petals.
Declarations of life long rumination
live between the distance in our
exchanged affirmations.
Happiness opens its undisguised embrace
As the silence between our spoken words
fills the gaps of our stuttered promises.
Rob-bigfoot Dec 2021
Raisin-hued sunsets
Delicious, addictive and fleeting
Cherish the moment!

© Robert Porteus

Seasonal greetings one and all!
Another stab at a haiku. Hope I haven't broken too many rules!
Marilina Sep 2021
It’s funny how sometimes
A month can feel like a day
And a day can drag on
Like a month
Samantha Cunha Sep 2021
The road to paradise
Is long & worn

Cool wind sways me
to dark blue
Untethered dreams,
You left me here
Nothing but
tattered seams

And torn .

Freedoms Shores
Run to me,

Long drives to
Midnight rises
slow, and

You feel me there
In the air

I am scattered
All along ,
Your multitudes,
I am everywhere.

The road to paradise

Is long
And worn.

The blue wind sways me
You left
Me forlorn.
Leocardo Reis Jun 2021
The emptiness that
ravages my being
would be filled
in an instant
with just a glimpse
of that smile.
Even if it were fleeting,
just the sight of it
could justify
endless solitude.
EM Jun 2021
ripples on the water
brushing against your feet.
the sound of leaves
swaying, shaking,
filling the idle spaces
of where your voice
is supposed to be.

but like ripples on the water,
the closer you reach,
the further away
it seems to me.

and like a ripple
that can’t be caught,
neither can he.
Zoe Mei May 2021
a school of silver fish in the net
all slick small enough to slip
drip through the cracks
gaps plink wriggle back
into the sea
where even the minnows swim free
so I stay on the waters and cast the nets again
and wait to haul in my next catch.
Diljeev May 2021
No more sinking in your eyes
no whispers in my ears,
perhaps it should've
stayed with me
in all my years,
it's the next best thing,
in this world of lies.
In each waking moment,
in every drop of daylight
fading you are,
stains on a wet cloth,
burning you are,
I embrace, I hold fast
embracing the dying light,
saving it with all my life,
a yearning moth.
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