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Don’t you even close your eyes
Lest you miss how bright
This morning is.

Even the ice will fall in
A masterpiece of light
And though it cuts hard
Through the warmth of the night
I will lay my palms outside
And clutch it.

Reach with me now
Into the crackling cold
And feel something there
So pure
There are crystals dripping down
The insides of my soul.

Don’t you even close your eyes.
There will be diamonds drifting from the skies
From clouds so thick
And so white
This stabbing pain
Will be shredded into
Wild kaleidoscopes of light,

Similar to the ones in your eyes.

Let us not miss this moment.
Strip the blankets of summer
And feel the sting of truth,
A biting wind along my skin;
It sings


Don’t you even close your eyes
And if you should
Be it only in the circle of my arms
Where our hearts
Move in a quiet beating
And the rest is silence
And rest is peace and

A bright moment worth waiting,

"Well the night's forlorn and the morning's born and the morning shines with the lights of love. And you'll miss sunrise if you close your eyes and that would break my heart in two"
Benjamin Fox Sep 29
Death walks us each through life constrained
Suggesting where to place our feet
Some go arm in arm aware
Some shot up without a care
Some with revolt and warm blood spilling
Some assist Death in his killing

So many fools are now pretending
Their ignorance is life extending
A last misstep for each is pending
For no one's life is never ending

Death walks us all through life constrained...
Brad post Sep 29
Where are you going,
and where have you been?
How long have you traveled,
never finding the end?

How can you keep moving,
towards the nothing you see?
How’d you become a prisoner,
yearning to be free?

When did you realize,
nothing mattered anymore?
When did the clarity hit you,
that it didn’t matter before?

When did the hate,
take control of you?
Guiding your actions,
and all that you do.

When did the darkness,
begin to creep in?
Consuming the light,
that used to shine within.

When did you decide,
to stop living your life?
Each day as painful,
as a fresh cut from a knife.

There has to be more,
I’m just afraid that there’s not.
My hope has dried up,
and I’m scraping the ***.

So what do you do,
when your mind kills your heart?
When you’re so overwhelmed,
you don’t know where to start.

If you should find answers,
then please let me know.
Until then I’ll keep in the hurt,
and try to not let it show.
Nik Bland Sep 20
Dot my skies with car lights
Zooming in from light years away
Stain the night with moon beams
Put me amidst the cool breeze
Let me sing songs with you

You sing slightly off key
Showing me imperfect perfections
Melody through the trees
The earth is breathing softly
To not impede the smile of you

Nighttime holds me closely
Not as well as I hold you
Putting this moment to mem’ry
Brain silently etching
In this way I won’t let go of you

Things are always fading
Nothing last in the passage of time
So chart the dotted car light
Nothing forever, nothing finite
Only fleeting breath with you

Is this not the greatest gift
Blinking seconds spent in song
Notes in between the moments
What it all represents
An investment worthy of you
Romann Sep 16
I once was laying in fields of verdant grass
Relaxing, feeling the wind caressing my face.
There, a sparrow flew by
Agile in this shining morning sky.

As it flew to its peaceful nest
Did it ask itself, “is this how I must?”
As this fleeting moment came to an end,
The sparrow flew away, far from me.

Now that I have lost it,
I wonder where it’s gone, and where it’s been,
And if I’ll ever see it again,
Bringing with it those moments of peace.
Life was easier in the past... but was it more fulfilling?
Is it worth it?
That's for you to decide.
B D Caissie Sep 7
Oh fallen flower, how your colour burns more brightly ensconced upon this  weathered pew.  Fate, it seems has brought you to this resting place to soften its callus surface. Though your time left upon this crag is fleeting, your place is here and now.

zee Sep 5
"The winds of fate may change, but I'm glad we got to share a breeze."

hey, my almost lover
even though our game's over
i'll never forget the memories
we had made together
please always remember
you'll have my heart
now and forever

"Although we didn't know each other long, you sure as hell left a mark, too."
Rowan Jul 19
Sleep is a beautiful thing, sadly I can't ever get enough of it
She seems so close, yet she is always just out of reach
She taunts me gloating of how heavenly she is, torturing me
Others can easily get to her while people like me struggle for even the smallest of touches
She only appears when she isn't needed
In my classes, during practice and when I need to go out
Then and only then does she grip me tightly not willing to let me go
She knows what she's doing and yet she won't stop
Yet still when I need her most she disappears
So sleep child and leave your fears behind you
Create a world of your own design
Live and thrive there
Let it become your own, because when you grow
Your monsters will follow you and sleep will abandon you
maureen Jul 17
how fascinating it is
to read about things that exist
within the vastness of the universe,
where though one looks up to the highest skies,
they cannot be seen by the naked eye;
where its existence would only be known to man
through its discernible temperatures,
unimaginably scorching —

& how dismaying it is
to look down with eyes, unbearably naked
at where the spaces in between our fingers
are filled by one another,
where the existence of two hands, clasped together
is discernible to any man with sight;
but unlike the entities in the galaxies,
there is no warmth at all within.

how amusing it is
to compare us, insignificant beings
to greater things lying within the universe,
to rethink the clear difference
between what is visible, and what can be felt;
a reminder that what once was scorching
could die out in a blink of an eye.

and the world would continue to turn on its axis as if nothing happened.

(how utterly disheartening it is, indeed
to slowly step back and realize
what truly exists, and what only existed
at the speed of light.)
OpenWorldView Jun 12
she graced our lives
sowing joyful memories
we never forget

now she's an angel
soothing our saddened hearts
with little fond tales
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