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It is both a beautiful instance when;
the sound of rains' beginning patters
softly on the roof
and the silence afterwards
in rains' demise
This poem might not rhyme
Because i don't know if i have the time
To let all these thoughts out of me

But I want to ask all of you
A question from my heart sincerely i have no clue
What the answer may be

Does it not scare all of you how fleeting life is
That tomorrow you could be gone as fast as pop fizz
why are we all suffering just to die soon

Why don't you take that chance if you're not happy now
Why don't you jump into it even if it's scary now
I'm all alone in this and I fear i always will be

But it confuses me you see
Because i see so many suffer and not get what they want endlessly
Even when i offer it and say lets run away together

They say they can't Theyre afraid
But life is so fleeting it all passes so fast everyday
Why not grab the love you seek

Instead of watching it sink far away
Because you think it might cause this or be an issue for another day
I'm worried you are wasting each precious day that you'll never get back

So why not jump head first without ever looking back?
It's all do fleeting why not dance with me why not stop thinking so much about all the little worries and do what your soul desires
Why does the ticking of the clock taunt me so?
As the hands spin around, I realize that I am running out of time.
Take my hand
as we walk along the patio
surrounded by clay
and fine china

As we look upon
those who are caged
eternally, timelessly
aging through
unbothered by the
deafening arms
of the clock as they
clap to meet.

Walk with me
through panels and
countless oil paintings

As we listen to the
songs of the violins
that cannot sing anymore,
tip-toeing onto
the sycamore tiles

how fleeting
was considered

and only one
can differentiate


are we
among the immortals;
we are just
passing through.
Khoi-San Nov 25
heads turn ashy
looks fly
Life is fleeting
At least there's
Still the young
At Heart
astrodream Oct 19
I hate how time exists
Everything changes
Either, you leave
or you get to be left
Moments are fleeting
No pause or stops
Sometimes we see
Sometimes we don’t
But an end always comes
One thing’s for sure
Endings are inevitable
I hate being left but I couldn’t leave in the same place you did.
In the clear, calm stillness
of a chilly winter night,
where the stars twinkle
like icy diamonds in a
dark sapphire blue sky,
I feel the crisp, cold breeze
ruffling my hair and brushing
my cheeks,
hear the soft crunches of
freshly fallen snow beneath my shoes,
I look up to see twirling snowflakes
falling softly down upon the earth,
each one's intricate design
shimmering in the pale moonlight,
I catch them and peer at their
delicately crafted beauty,
but then suddenly they vanish,
leaving me alone, and wishing
that I too could vanish
along with them
and leave my presence to be mourned.
I was hoping for sunshine
Instead you brought me rain.
I thought it would be all pleasure
But it ended up causing pain.
I wish you’d sung me love songs
That fell on my ears like psalms
Instead you turned away from me
And I had nothing in my palms.

I wanted to assuage my heart
That I would not be alone
But I seem to be a person who
Disgusts you to the bone.
I’ll never understand how you
Could turn from hot to icy cold
Somehow the love you felt at first
Quite suddenly got too old.

You no longer gently smiled at me.
And you found my jokes unfunny.
We began to live in cloudy skies
That never quite turned to sunny.
We both had misjudged the other
And things went south from there;
Made a wrong turn at Albuquerque
And I think I know just where.

It started when you realized
I’m not good at one-month stands.
You looked up and looked around
To see who else was at hand.
And since there are always those
Who date based on a guy’s looks
You became all hot and bothered
And I became one for the books.

One more notch on your pistol
A face to avoid on meeting.
One more victim of your game
That deserves no kind of greeting.
The good side of this story is
I am no longer under your spell.
I am going to move onward now
And let you sashay to ****.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 31
The rivers of youth and the blessing
of outer beauty will fleet
But it will live on eternal if your soul
holds onto it.
Beauty is only ever skin deep.
Lyn ***
Ayin Azores Aug 29
For that one night that made us feel alive
For all the fleeting moments we never thought we'd share together
For all the stories we painted in shallow walls
For the sins that we almost committed, but didn't
For the pain that you've caused my heart
For all the thank you's
For all the goodbyes
This is my final goodbye
You'll forever linger in my mind
Inspired by a story as told by a friend.
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