Kaleigh lynn Nov 27
Put into categories like objects
without any intellect
Forced into character
like a play
that's **** to pay
locked behind bars
like a cell
till its over
like a hangover
was it worth it
I dont know
popular druggies hicks weirdos nerds gamers stoners ect
When they reached his house he entered in hurry
She stood in front she was not happy
As she remembered her husband ,she was married
He wanted her to enter and she wasn't ready
He said "why do not you come and you will be funny!"
"You would have here a lot and will gain happy"
This clothes will dismiss and we will without thing
We will spend all day with love and I'll return you in hurry
She remembered her husband ,she remembered her holy tie
When the man said "do you accept him as your husband?"
She said "yes" she strengthened  that bond
She said no to the ***** of blind
She said yes faith of feeling of ***

As he saw her attractive as he saw her a woman
As he was wolf and she was in a weaken
Why did he wait ? He attacked in moment
He cut off her cloths she screamed for save
She said with her pains "fear of your ***"
He said my *** is devil and I was ordered
By him to destroy you and make you appeared
As a  naughty  woman and get you a part
From your husband and he continued
He wanted to make her lie to made his bad
She demanded his kind she demanded his help
He forgot everything except her appearance
He could make her lie he would be mad

She screamed in high ,she screamed at loud
The winds refused that mad, the winds refused the bad  
They were carried the woman's screams to all sides
Of that deaf world ,of that blind universe
Her husband heard her ,her husband knew her voice
He was shocked ,he went to his house

He found no one he found the winds
He remembered the only one, he remembered his ***
He kneeled to the earth ,help me ***
The winds blew up ,they carry him wide
Till he reach there ,he saw the blind
the man who carried hate ,act as a blind
the bad was strong ,the devil gave his hand
the man didn't stand ,he attack without wait
the man stood and hurt him hard
the woman was afraid
that her man might be beat
the husband was completely tired
the husband was completely beat
the winds blew ,the sun shined
the trees moved in speed
the woman stood and she called

she called him strong ,she was not afraid
he thought as she was beat ,
she would do his want
he came with smile saying my darling
opening his arms with happy speaking
you will be my *** and I am praying
To you all days and nights, with I did as you want

he stretched his lips to catch her kiss
he closed his ears, he closed his eyes
he came forward the winds said
with anger "oh wrong comes with bad"
"he must gain his worth"
the woman hurt him ,hurt
he fall to the earth
the winds blew up and carried in a distance
the husband looked at her eyes
she demanded his forgiveness

she said you are worth that as I worth
he looked astonished and said in weakness
She said "you didn't fold me"
You didn't say you love me
You didn't say you follow me
You didn't ask "do you admire me?"
He said "I went to work"
To be reach to live in a rank
As rich people in act
She said "**** rich ,**** all act"

The heart like a plant
Must be watered ,every be pet
If it doesn't get he may be gone
the love is like the plant needed to be watered
**** you
For making me so angry
For making me depressed
For making me miss you
For making me love you
**** you, you angel
MicMag Aug 24
when it's been so long
you can't even remember
the last time
you laughed together

you can't even recall
what the last words were

months have passed

but it feels like
just yesterday
just this morning
five minutes ago

when the smiles return
the laughter flows free
the jokes pick right back up
where they left off

that's a
s Aug 21
]i built a wall
]to block your love
]because i’m not
]deserving of.
Life is too **** short
to feed off television
and medication
Aniq Ahmad Aug 3
Its 3 am and Im sticking to my phone
There's no one really to call me
But Im still hanging on like a stone

So I ****** thinking and promo
And later Got my MOJO back
Its like I can do it all night with my slow-mo knack

Said she love pearls and 2XL Nexus
****** up, trynna find next exit
Thats too much for love, just some fake velvets

So everyone's got f-ed up, delusionally
Stop the watch and look out at this foolery
Cuz now everyone likes to be fly, prudery

Plus these tipsys don't love me anymore
Ran out as my pants fell down on the floor
So I'll rewind my song like Nazis on the roll

So just **** up and let me get back it
Too much on the line Mr.Pragmatic
What's up, ignore if you are mad at it

Pokerface, no ace but no ripper
Almost passed out as she showed the zipper
Am I overthinking or is it cuz of the liquor

You killed my vibe like you some kendrick
I'll probably do her again even it takes medic
It's like a kamikaze **** without any credit
Aniq Ahmad Aug 3
I don't quit soda, never left anxieties
Not many people want me like in forties

A trust a little more than recommended
This world stabbed like I never expected 

I picked up my earphones and tried blending
Got some feels in my bones that Im pretending 

Picked up the pieces of my heart shredded
They get a piece of you,leave you wretched

They say live like life is ending
Don't spend a day like you're regretting

Everyone will judge even you did cleansing
They can't take what's yours, just messing
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