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ogdiddynash Sep 21
******. Blondie,
the weather idiot predicted
rain and thunderstorms.

planned extensively a day
of inside activities,
that are time sensitive.

Yes, of course,
the sun is shining
causing my ladies to question
my witticisms,
cautionary tales,
my type “A” personnalité,
mocking my
key bulge (see nose above)
as a signal sign of my
increasing decreasing,
procreative masculinity,
due to lead metallica poisoning.

**** those blondes,
gorgeous weather persons,
never forget,
look out the window!
or in other words,
trust Clairol but verify
it’s “natural” sheening
ain’t just a monkeyshining!

June 2020
June 2020
Descovia Nov 2022
Fearless to everything
Immune to whatever
evil decides to bring!
I'm nothing to these
mirror-less illusions
Get trampled if you
get in the way of the movement
I'll try until I'm too tired to retire
I'm with playing the fire
Angels in my choir
I promise watch everything else burn
before I watch the fall of
the children's empire!!!

I stay on the live
Get off my back
or get blacklashed!
Red flags get burned
I see you frontin and watchin afar
I ain't about that!
I'm taking on everything
before I let it add on to tolls
The green light
is on me and
I'm the **** I guess....
cause I stay on the flow!
All over the board
until we pass the GO!
Can't even get the 200
You can't even keep a 100
how can you fix ****
if you always remain broke?!
You might wanna lean back.
Be smart with yo words.
Double D without any cap.
Ya'll trying to landslide on me
like your boy over here is a ***
I'm trying to be a family guy
but I might leave you with
handicaps like Joe! Oh?
Line em up. Line em up.
I run through you with lines
I'm not with the games.
I'll make this simple as Tic Tac Toe.
Breaking your mental. I'm in your mind
Criss-Cross out anyone
That stands in my way as foe.
Patience will connect everything
just bare with it, sometimes I forget
the important things that
reminds me what I KNOW!
Clear the path way, for my
children will follow where ever I go!
Ya'll trying to play my life
as it's **** game.
What I look like being
under your control?
wild out with five stars
and get a call from the general
I might go chaos
without need of any emeralds!
I'll attack and won't power out.
Assault and Infinite Battery!

I'm magically managing my way up to Mastery.
Chaos.Complication. Catastraphe
No matter, where I go in distance.
One cannot elude from premonitions.
I require disaster assistance.
Empathic issues, when anger is sensed
it's  like the whole world is mad at me.
I keep adding on to it all like calories!
I'm a walking delusional masterpiece
Spiritual fire, my ice kept me imprisoned
and I wanted freedom, I needed a release!

I know there's no saving me...
My mind and heart will never be at ease.
I wish all gods could hear my pleas...
I pray myself- destruction brings you
Some form of ever lasting peace!

Let me go....
Let me go....
Let me go..........

Fearless to everything!!
Immune to whatever
evil decides to bring!
I'm nothing to these
mirror-less illusions
Get trampled if you
get in the way of OUR movement
I'll try until I'm too tired to retire
I'm with playing the fire
Angels in my choir
I promise watch everything else burn
before I watch the fall of
the children's empire!!!

Rise or fall.
I will break barriers and walls.
I'll give it my everything
before the world takes my all.....
My song writing abilities. GROWING.
I am inspired by you all!
Påłpëbŕå Sep 2021
their eyes full of judgement
makes me lament
the loss of something that could be
at the cost of me being free

their words full of contempt
and the lack of tempt
makes me feel oh so guilty
since couldn't i bear his proximity

their hearts full of rage
place me in my mind's cage
where i can breathe
in my own hell do i seethe

their brains full of malicious stuff
that makes me tough
each day each hour
i realize i've come pretty far

so i exist the way i am
"too glam to give a ****"
my wildness can't be tamed
-a memory that can't be framed
my wildness can't be tamed cuz baby i'm a memory that can't be framed
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
Say something
Prove I'm wrong
You have an argument ready
Mess up perfect break-up speech
This is headed south already

You excel at sounding smart
Realize how little you know
Compliment me
Flatter my senses
***-kissing you owe

Are you fooling yourself?
Got nothing going for you
Walking away
It's what's best
It isn't easy for me to do

Dang dude
Grow the hell up
So immature it makes me sick
Lame in a multitude of ways
Including a tiny ****
Hope no one is offended by this hilarious yet brutal poem
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
This jar is full of tears cried in vain and all for you
If you drowned in them you'd feel the way I do
Firm packed words and memories all you've left me with
The notion that everlasting love is just a myth
Taken handfuls of pills every morning and night
None of which bring me closer to feeling alright
And flung on wall are my remaining ***** to give
My lack of concern I'll ask you to forgive
They did not protest
I plucked them from my chest
Happy to be free from the bars in my breast
Replenishing what was surrendered
The air
That is the curse of being forced to care
The clothesline of ***** laundry hung to dry
In past would be reason to cry
Burdened with knowledge of the atrocity I am
Blessed I no longer give a ****
The less you care the happier you'll be
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
The person you are is not right for me
No matter how fiercely you want to be
The strongest word is love
One I fear
Under it's influence hard seeing clear
You perceive me as someone better than I am
If I was
Would give a ****
I used to care but that was quite awhile ago...
jǫrð Jul 2021
Veins blue in pallid
Porcelain skin like China
Stamped out 'neath the Bull
The History: Affection
Jaxey Dec 2020
that someone else
is broken
heals us
and that's just
messed up **** right there
nevaeh Dec 2020
im still a kid
rambling on and on
about the ways of the moths
******* im a freak
and i just wanna scream
i like pretty colors and pretty girls
in baggy sweaters and silly earrings
i just wanna be me
and let her love that me
i wanna laugh with her and drink peach tea
i wanna spend every night
laughing at her and blushing like mad
i wanna go places, and hold her hand the whole way
me in all my glamorous dramatics
and her quietly tolerating me
i wanna be her big dumb baby
and call her my darling girl
ahhh lesbianisms
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