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Badshah Khan Mar 11
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) - 69

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

When Rajab naturally comes, we traditionally think you.
Everybody merely says that undoubtedly your sacred month.
To fondly remember about you, hail about you a mighty lot;
On this noble month of Rajab!

Unfortunately the modern world
Naturally forget that every precious second what we suspire.
Is precisely your divine mercy and Infinite blessings,
It is not about the sacred Holy month.
Its about You always, who shall I Hail and Bow humbly
to the Noble and divine creator (Allah).

Who do I universally acclaim in my hasty and miscreant life?
Without your Divine Mercy and Infinite Blessings'
Nor my active life exists peacefully,
Or my noble soul exists naturally,
Nor the sacred month of Rajab!

Fondly recall Him (Allah). Hail Him (Allah) every second.
Start to bow politely towards the Divine Creator;
Endlessly on Rajab, this is precisely the starting month.
Towards the devoted most Sacred month of Islam (Ramadan)
Passing through the Shaban Month.

You are capable to bow continuously and fast energetically.
On the most sacred month of Ramadan through the rehearse,
Of Sacred Month of Rajab and Shaban!

Allah Khair..... Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab - Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
JKJI Feb 19
long live

the resilience

in you.
My Kings and Queens.
Poetoftheway Feb 11
the Hail Mary transgression:
falling in love with me when it crosses over the line

guilty of the same, so even when I condemn the errant woman,
with an ice block from a Northeastern pond of no soft forgiveness,
which is still and yet, the only cutoff ending appropriate

but you woman, deserve to learn that
emboldened fantasy that crosses broken bold lines,
is a jagged rot that doesn’t cure the dreamy unreality of
it’s pouring hot water on scalding burns entrenched

guess time to share that your fantasy is the
number one commandment
that this boy also violates routinely so he has a phd of experience,
and the burn proofs when he thot he too could be,
Cervantes, the knight errant, lover of the impossible woman

I, guilty as charged by “The Duke,” am an idealist and bad poet,
so many poet-women here I secret cherish at levels that are nonsensical, absurd, ludicrous
and hold the fantastical fantasty of them dear,
so close and so near, so mine

wrote them each love poems, and they know it,
now, here, in my confessional booth,
my priestly punishment always the same,
ten thousand Hail Mary’s,
but I cheat the cohen priest,
and just write another poem,

this one is about the line that never can  could  will be
crossed, hail mary!
The Duke from Man of La Mancha
The sky seems woeful.            
Rain pours from the gloomy clouds.
Hail falls when rain fails.
SMS Jan 25
Hot salty streams
Accompanied with
An occasional sob.
Sometimes fall soft
Barely noticeable
Little snowflakes
Spot the ground.
Other times fall heavy
Hard not to notice
Forceful hailstorms
Thunder as they fall.
((hidden track))

No right
                  No right?

All right
                  All right?

Ever      felt      cursed      before?
                 ­ You kidding me?      I was cursed at birth.
                  You kidding me?      I was cursed at birth.
Ever      felt      cursed      before?

                 ­ All right?
All right

                  No right?
No right

I'm gonna burn up, baby.
And ya gonna burn up, too.
We all gonna end some time,   that's the rule.
And we gonna go enjoy.
Ya gonna burn up, baby.
But ya gonna burn it true.
I'm gonna burn up, baby.
And I gonna burn so free.
I'm gonna burn so free.
Callie R Oct 2018
It’s raining in the kitchen
And soaking the dish towels I just washed
But maybe it will clean the ***** dishes
I’ve been meaning to put in the dishwasher

Snow is falling in my bedroom
It was already freezing when I woke up this morning
So I’ll have to unpack the winter sheets from the attic
Another tedious chore for the day

Sweltering heat attacks my skin as I enter the den
Thank God I installed a ceiling fan the previous summer
Hopefully my wax stamps don’t melt onto
My half-assed business letters
That would be unfortunate

Then I discovered there is hail pounding into the tile floor
Inside my bathroom and shattering my ***** mirror
Now I have a reasonable excuse to buy a new one
The glass soap dispenser shattered
Bubbling and oozing across the stained counter

There’s weather indoors
Maybe I’m complaining
But this is a bit fascinating.
I got this from a prompt on
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
First to answer
Hidden traces

Too much land
So many faces

Can I just be me
Quick as I do three times three

Ask why
Bypass by and by

To the victor goes the wings
Just spreading love and things

Is there rough betrayal
From the sky it is a new system I hail

Spread away and fly to another
Just because I was your lover

Going to get things right this time
To break force in time

Laser of love
Holler if you hear me

Just like a car I know their steering
It is something else I am feeling

Coming to grips with this
More than just a game

Now I know
Justice was the name
JfingHendrix May 2018
We are the seeds in the shadow. 
We are all we are just now. 
We are dormant.
We are waiting. 
We are agitated.
We are restless.
We are itching our way out of our skins.
We are learning to set forth. 
We are outstretching.
We are reaching towards ourselves.
We are water.
We are light. 
We are the seeds in the shadow.
an eve
is nigh
this lore
feature a
tie of
humor ****-
bent when
datelines were
luxury liners
that pack
in heat
and whether
all escapes
were finally
harbingers of
passage in
diaper cake
When time would hail the smoke
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