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Leif Feb 23
Don't make my love in a factory on a cold assembly line
cutting all the corners of my heart just to rush it out on time

Don't sell my love in a fancy store dressed up in the front display
bought and sold and taken home, and in boredom packed away

Don't cast my love on a tv show as violence, fame, or food,
worth nothing more than the ratings brought that decide if it'll be renewed


Make it under the sun, let the wildlife play and see
let it touch the thoughts of calm the earth has ever dreamed
work through the night, so it can meet the dark
and learn that life is more than a single work of art
The love the world sells isn't often sweet
Elaenor Aisling Aug 2022
Here, I do not need to coax the sound—
No more tremulous plucks, bated breath,
Muting my voice as it slips from my throat
It falls as a gift, freely given
Resonant as thunder in the mountains
Bold and beautiful.
How brightly I burn
When I do not have to ask
To be heard.
Ylzm Apr 2021
marrying and given in marriage
wickedness breeds greater wickedness
each generation stinkier than the last
and every child born a greater evil

the scattered righteous are few and hated
overwhelmed and drowning in deep sea
sparing the unborn from sorrows and griefs
gifted with the Comforter for courage and help

time is shortened for their sake
in half a time shall they be rescued
in three days and not a week
and in a week and not a year

buds have blossomed and harvest’s not delayed
we mined the Moon and harnessed the Sun
decay’s stench unmistakable but blindly persuaded
as freedom’s necessary aroma, even sacred

the wicked disintegrate where they stand
in utter terror and panic slay one another
earth terraformed in a day without end
and buying and selling cease
KG Oct 2020
The hellish everlight
Sell the entropy like longing
Right insight gives hope though selling
Quells unearthed eulogies loves lost since
Right and wrong  aren't perceived anymore
Jaxey Sep 2020
My broken heart
was in your hands
And yet you said
it came that way
As you stood there
And wanting
your money back
we both know it wasn't this broken when you bought it
Ylzm Apr 2020
When love grows cold, we buy and sell
For we rather ******* than despair
—the fighting spirit empowering the Beast—
But love waits, in pain, crying silently unseen
No exchange without the mark of the Beast
Driving to desperation and worship
Those who live by their wits and arms
COVID19 will expose who these are
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