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aspen wilde Apr 21
i believe breathing in an air of love
would be the same as gasping in the
beckoning sweetness of a crimson rose on a
fresh summers day
Man Feb 4
in her clenched hand
she held a rose,
recently wilted

i saw its thorns
dug into her palm
like wire barbed

small and unassuming
gasping for breath
she had the heavy scent
of gasoline
each iris was a lit match
and she laid her gaze on me

let me be your fuel,
burn me down
and lament over the ashes
Jaxey Dec 2020
I'm on fire
I'm burning
I'm dying
I'm bleeding
I was careful
I was cautious
and yet
I'm still weeping
I'm tripping
I'm falling
I'm desperate
for something
to catch me
to hold me
to help me
to fix me
I'm gasping
I'm breathing
I'm drowning
I'm fighting
I'm six feet under
and yet
I'm still standing
It's not over yet
Glenn Currier Jun 2020
Living with your depression
in that sphere of despair
is like gasping for air
becoming the dark pool’s possession.
Millie Sep 2019
Like a wave beating my limp body against a rock
All I can manage is to gasp for air
To hang on to something
And allow myself to continually thrash
Until all that’s left is pulp
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
A ocean,
an urge
A waterfall all ready to pour out.
But not a single drop trickles down.

It's all in
and swimming;
and breathing ;
and impulsive.

I am crying words,
but there are no tears.
My tears are becoming the sea within. My tears are words that I shed.
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2018
An ocean;
an urge
A waterfall all ready to pour out
But not a single drop trickles down.
It’s all in
I am crying words,
for there are no tears.
Brianna Jan 2018
I can handle the impossible- the scary, the dark, and the loneliness that makes you feel consumed in every room.
I can handle the feeling of never being good enough, the never understanding everything, and the anxiety.

I cannot handle the unknown- the do you still love me? the do you still think about me? the questions that never have answers no matter how much you want them.

I've been swimming up the current and swallowing all the water that threatens to drown me.
I have been running uphill screaming at the top of my lungs, gasping for that breath that will calm my heart down a little bit.
I have been trying so ******* hard and you are still hiding in the corners of my brain that shouldn't have corners.

I can handle the impossible and the anxiety... but I need to know if you love me still.
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