Ormond Jul 2012

I was with the ocean last night and your body
Was its vessel, overflowing.  Words were frail,
Drops indwelling about the shapeless sky,
Water reaching for its own height and breath,
Like touch, were as desperate letters exchanged,
Endlessly read, until like loamy vellums, they
Disappeared in our hands.  Inklings of tide-
Pool and driftwood.

                               My blood was a river that ran
Its course.  Members feeding your deltas and birds
Breeding where the water-russet sheds on pampas
And inverness.  Eyes like wing through ever—
Green, empties the fossil shell.  Fire, brimming
Mountaintops that were, for countless millennia,
Sleeping.  Did I mention that the earth moved?
No?  Her displacement was involuntary.

Then came the waterfalls, lifting throughout
Time.  The scent, searching for its identity,
The wave, calling to its own name— Ocean,
O— cean.  And flowers, opening like galaxies
In the after-light.  A universe of face and hand
With hunger for salt-rain and then the cloud
Burst-blue and spilt and spun more redolent,
Deities, in joyous creation.

I breathe, in your ocean, like a child unborn.

Will you allow me to steal from your treasure chest the one medal you cannot retrieve like spilt milk?
Will you grant me the permission to undress your innocent virginity in all it's vaginal silk?
Will you give me your drum beating soul with all its erotic musical notes?
Will you let me touch every inch of your breathing temple that has become my living sanctuary?
Will you drown me in your intoxicating presence with lips as soft as rose petals in spring coats?

For every ounce of your flesh is coated in the pain you carried through countless storms,
And all your nakedness defines the core definition of the word beauty in all its forms.
So for your sexual desires I lay next to you in your dreams, waiting for a signal that says:
“Yes.” to all my exhilarated questions.

I want to make love to you as softly as a carefree dewdrop gently rolls down a cracked leaf and as roughy as the ferocious oceans repeatedly crash the innocent shores.

How do you taste a woman?
Do you let your breath
Take over her skin
Or do you,
Her treacherous,
Deceitful, delightful touch?

Do you take her sight for granted,
As if it was yours to own,
As if she would
Never vanish,
Or do you know
She's nothing more
Than a chimera on a wall,
Than Clotho's spinning thread
In an ancient story of forgiveness...

Do you trust her soft and humid body,
Like a silky cloth soaked in
Spicy peppermint oil,
Or do you fear
Her lips
As if they'll
Harm the pulse
Of your easily grown
Desire for all that she has enchanted?

Do you let her fingers linger
Somewhere in between
The locks of hair,
As they were
Her only to poses,
And make them come alive
Like serpents shadows on a desert's moonlight?

All in all, a woman cannot be
Taken for granted,
As she isn't there
Only because
You see her
A woman is
A passing shadow
For your mesmerized vision.

A woman is that summer rain
On your heated body,
Or that devastating
Storm on a
She is both
Dust and wind,
Love and hatred,
Hope and despair.
She is nothing more
Than clear, cold water.

So drink the woman
As you taste
Into good wine
And tell me, stranger...
How do you taste a woman?

A Tango Apr 11

You don’t have to be lonely
I will kiss your sadness away

Let me soothe your senses
Relax and take a deep breath

I will gently caress your soul
and slowly touch your heart

Does that make you feel good?

What do you think
if I say,
“I want to explore you.”

I see you nod your head.

Now, let me take a peek
of your views
Then I will give you
an impression
that will last

Do you want me to stop?

I can feel you
urging for more

I will strip down
your worries

Did I say I am good
with persuasion?

I want to bring you pleasure;
I will drive you mad

Let our bodies heat up
as I stroke your desires

We will be sweating out
as we exercise our intellect

Oh, I see
you’re already dripping
with emotions

Are you craving for more?
Let me hear you implore

I want you
to open your mouth
and blow my mind

I will eat you
until i’m down
to your core

I surely want
to have a taste
of your aspirations

I can hear you breathing heavily
as I push my ideas
in and out of your mind

I will go deep
into your thoughts
until you moan
with satisfaction

Yes, babe—
I will penetrate your thoughts
And I will fuck your brains out

from my zine, (K)INK
M Harris 7d

Electric Dreams Of My Radioactive Ex,
Bio-Digital Jazz Tap Dancing Us Into Sex,

Lucid Infatuations Infused In Whiskey,
Cupid Fairytales Conceiving Frisky,

A Perpetual Beauty Smoldered In Ecstatic Bliss,
Sublime Sins Between Her Rosy Lips With Velvet Kiss,

Romantic Burns Galvanized In Her Erotic Desires,
Seductive Stardust Enchanting My Feisty Fires,

Encoded Serenity In Her Decoded Virginity,
Recoding Obscenities Of Her Fragrant Sexuality,

Hazel Echoes Raining Intimate Bouquets,
Rekindling, Her Drug That Fondles In Her Moaning Glaze,

Enraptured Catalysts Animating In Her Cuddles,
Euphoric Elations Climaxing Into Her Satin Snuggles.

-  02:17AM -

They lost all their inhibitions,
Deep in the bowels of the Earth
Centuries of attempts to civilize them
Were lost
In a single kiss.

This poem was inspired by Nude Photos, taken in the Catacombs of Paris on 500px
K Balachandran Apr 16

erotic summer
sun has his way with the hills
that look drained, panting.

The passion was so intense the spark stayed alight and burnt bright even when they were not together
They wanted one another so deeply
And they knew when they were next to meet
He would lay with her holding her in his strong embrace gripping hold of her wrists as she writhed around in sheer pleasure
Kissing her mouth like it was the first kiss she had ever tasted
Looking into her soul through his beautiful piercing blue grey eyes
Feeling his way into her
Meeting of mind and body
In that moment time was irrelevant
It was as though they had forever...

You say you have
Glitter butterflies
Tinglies in there
Oh, you've evicted the butterflies princess
Those are storms coming
This is the eye of it
Wait till your captain steers the ship
Towards that looming dark cloud
You will beg me for butterflies little bug
You would beg for a swarm of bees
In exchange
for the beating you've earned

From me
then your captain

Maud Higgins Apr 5

As our fingertips tap each other,
sitting in a van filled with drowsiness and disarray,
and us perhaps distraction and doom,
I wished we could get off
and crash to the ground,
wake up in the far future and in each other's arms,
where the cracks would be pressed on by the hands of Time.

But I stopped wishing as you
rubbed your hand on my wet thigh, wanting to get in...
And I ran my act of service that only to you I could give.
For you know I'd stop if I could.
Here's to what's underneath my smirk and
smile, pushing away Pride
if I had any.
You are the one with an exalted plane,
and I bow. I am a sucker for your glory.

And as we jolt in this incestious phantasm,
once you leave, please know that only you exist to me now.
Raison d'etre.

You, the unselfish yet insatiable, neither are you uncaring. You're not at fault if I find myself longing.

Like a puppy, for you I wait. You can be a mad dog. I would lick at you while you bite me and
I sniff at your vices.

But you are gone. For the mornings we were together: Good morning, my love. I'm sorry for staring too much.
I just envy the air that blew on
your face, the pillow beneath your head while you sleep
And how you grab and pull at your blanket when it slips away.

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