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(this one is about a piece of cloth)

The said attire is not common wear
Needing no further introductions,
or additional instructions
Its layers are abstruse

It is of certain quality of tension,
one resembling clumsy bodies
trying to meet each other  
bodies that aren't free
but reserved and loved by others

You are a handmade vase abandoned on the doorstep
to be somebody else's problem
while they are the new glass sticks
replacing you in the kitchen table

Who cares if you meant more to them?
The ornamental simmer over there got the best of you  

Ready to look at the attire again;

One layer got lit by a precedent match,
which was there, once upon a time,
It was not due to some recent arson
Caused by the one tattooed on my leg

Everyone is promised to someone
who lives in another country,
and will break their heart
and turn them into a pillar of salt
for looking back to the tragedy

Forever drawn too impulsively to those
she is not supposed to look at
She touches them as often as possible
Only a few times she is able stop  

The ones which she doesn't
sure are interesting
associative with a repetitive pulse
same in its essence
alternates on the patters and pace

I can see you are listening to me right now
I  should probably want that

Listening is a beautiful thing,
a blessing in disguise and
acting on the details of your acoustic research 
is a physical translation of affection

Tell me that you are not unable to translate

I at least need to feel you again
Laugh at you even though our situation is dead serious

I scrutinize the piece of cloth for any signs of damage
You see I wouldn't want it to get ripped off
anytime soon

Although I'd gladly tear off
the rest of your clothes next time I see you
Rama Krsna Mar 27
the beads of your sweat
from the intense gravity
of those dense but sensuous orbs,
making a gentle detour
like a river,
before flowing into the whorl
of your beautifully chiseled navel

© 2022
was asked to write a poem where I was given three words that I should use. The worlds were sweat, gravity and navel.
Ren Sturgis Feb 8
Your body against mine,
no fabric in between.
Your body so smooth,
nothing but perfection to me.
Heart races,
beads of sweat build on our skin.
Penetrates deep,
and diving deeper.
Pure ecstasy.
Ren Sturgis Jan 21
Tantalizing, Tantalizing, Tantalizing
Frigid, Frigid, Frigid
A game we both play,
a game of tag..
Confident they'll win
Sure that I'll lose
Sharp, Sharp, Sharp
Powerful, Powerful, Powerful
Inspired by an ****** workshop, Unearthing our ****** Archetypes
Led by Moonyeka and FoxDen
Johnson Oyeniran Dec 2021
Sunday evening brought thee back
To my front door craving more than
I gave before, for thou could no longer
Ignore thine internal ever restless demand,
Kindled from the first time I flooded thy
Warm tunnel with my sweet protein, at
Thy command.
Jade Dec 2021
I’ll be your pin up girl
just so you can
pin me down,
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2021
Young bodies writhing
As willow trees undulate
In the moaning breeze
Johnson Oyeniran Dec 2021
******* to work my magic
Is all that I need to stimulate
What vast men fail to achieve.
You'll see, I guarantee. I'll be
Thine addiction; thy daily routine.
Johnson Oyeniran Dec 2021
Upon her knees, planted deep within
Their bathroom floor, hazel eyed Ebony,
Stayed mesmorized by his right hand
Caressing what she gleefully ******
And slurped upon before.
Then came a natural high, followed by
Dyeing her striking face, Milky White.
Svetoslav Nov 2021
Let the night in, for I'll be writin' the letters of light in the air.
Our bodies pulsate by the notes of gentle symphonies, and we adhere.
Two elements shakin' and mergin' into one.

We are makin' it and cravin' for more of this addictive fun.
The moonlight rays reach the shapes of the furniture, movin' along with the temperature, increasin' with each movement.

Like desert diamonds, we will reflect in the pearly sun.
You will be the meadow that I will prefer and the lover within my arms to cover. Until amusement, let my cries give you inducement.

From the color of sulfate, this night is glowin' with universal sparks.
We both have bewitchin' feels for each other.
I am tastin' honey on the curves of her skin, and we embark on the hill.

The darkness is sailin' on the waves of our unity.
We stomp on a bed full of cherries, and the night stays still.
She feeds me with her tempting body, and I see her lucid thrills.

I climb on her high balconies, and I am one with the moon,
drinkin' from the passion of her milky skin.
Our hearts entwined. I attune from the voice of the raccoon.

Her body is femininity incarnated into a guitar. I play on her strings, listenin' to the music from noon until dawn, bound to our emotional devotion. Our irresistible pleasure is bowing to our connection.
Excerpt from my novel ''Last Occurrence''
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