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Kellin 1d
Small desk
Acoustic ***
tormented savoring being
Questions everything cautiously left
Kitchen counter
Rough ***
Misery shared on an equal scale
Peanut buttered over processed trust
Blur the sink
Deliver the privatized versions of comforting hell
nóah 2d
Revering the sight of your curves in the sheets
Titillated are my thoughts to which has brought to exist
Letting the water fall emanate strongly
while having my fingers swim through simultaneously
Yours were tied down on the promises I’ve kept
Blind folded as it pleasurably gets
Trust is the bond that made us so sure
To let each other have this type of love so soon

Sensually it may come, oomph we may be are
The sight of you naked is a form of an art
Beautifully it truly is; ***** it may get
Love is the truth, no matter how hot it could get
nóah 2d
As I ****** your cheek and cup lovingly
Fervor runs through my veins; you felt the intensity
In seconds, you read and sight in my eyes
The vehemence and ride to my surprise
Down to earth you are, pinned on the wall
Clamors were cited throughout the hall
To rush in a room filled with ecstasy
We couldn’t care less, now it’s just you and me
Laid on a soft surface and have the gates wide open
Given with sanction, both parties have spoken
With passion written all over and seen through action
Just to end the night with love and satisfaction
first ever published poem
Hunger eyes stared down at the rod,
                awaiting it's own ***** alee    
Laid on the satin sheets, arms entangled
                milky thighs spread apart
Hunger eyes too stared down at me
    laying in inescapable, trembling bondages
A heat burning through our hearts - through us:
                That was desire.

I love him like this -
       where stars align;
               Buttons undone. Eyes lit with a burning flame
waiting to engulf me whole.
Touching me here, there - everywhere
       tracing the freckles on my skin that lay like speckled stars
   to the lines on my palm. Memorising.
His mouth gilding across with a wicked purpose
      as urns of a thousand suns pour blazing down my throat
               Not us did the saint align and embrace our pure hearts
We were in the other's self the ruin
               of purity's gentle caress
where my hand rests at
               in between to ease the trembling core
our bodies lay in the dead of the night
           both of us searching for more
                to no one but him do I come to thee!
as a cry aches through the silence of the night
       our souls connect - one of each
lit for each other
        lost, weighed on each others palms;
      This was our desire
I wish my face were in between
Your soft delicious thighs.
With your legs locked in ecstacy,
your feet rubbing my back.
Your lips pressed tightly to my lips
Treating me to your snack.
I would lick and tease your ****,
I'd kiss and rim your ***.
I'd make you *** a dozen times
and enjoy every drop
there's not an inch I wouldn't kiss,
No spot I wouldn't lick.
I wouldn't stop until you're done
and begging for my ***.
How I wish my face were tween
your soft delicious thighs.
New ****** poem
Daivik 6d
ये दिन भी यू ही ढल जाएगा
ये रात भी यू ही बीत जाएगी
ये वक्त भी यू ही कट जाएगा

तुम्हारे बिना
क्या खुशी,क्या दुख

तुम्हारे बिना
क्या गम,क्या सुख
Slide into me
Tight rigid flesh
Aching breaths hitting
Pulsing lips riding
Crimson cheeks
Lingering wet fingertips
Flayed and primitive
Grazing the surface
Ritual essence denied
Deeper base of purity
Carnal frames clutching
Erupting into form and shape
Becoming essential and visceral
Instinctive undulating
Reaching the orogeny
Cresting over solid embrace
Luscious tumbles
Twisting skin
I slip in you
Johnnyqu33r May 9
I'll beckon the flames to rise again,
Brush off the dust that infests.
Temperature growing with my breathing,
I want every spec of darkness within.
Show me the being you hide inside,
Sadistic and thirsty for pleasure pleading.

Destroy the rage inside my soul,
Dissect what's left for you to soil.
I'll bow my head in understanding,
Lick my lips as you **** me.

This labyrinth of love inspires me,
Hide and seek in fields of flowers...
They say the itch will go away,
I'm raw from anticipation.
Come quickly into my embrace,
It's really the safest place.

Destroy the rage inside my soul,
Burn all that was ever soiled.
I'll bow my head in understanding,
Scream out loud as you **** me.
I wrote this in 2011
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