To anyone reading this piece before this version, I apologize. In my sleepy state last night,  I inadvertently published the unfinished draft which faded into gibberish. I hadn't even settled on the title.
I'm quite embarrassed, and so sorry, but it is finished now.

he feels the warm weight of her soft silken thigh
pressing against his

the tender flesh of her hip
urgent against his eagerness
creatimg a lustful
rise to pleasure
as he responds involuntarily
by the sweet pain of covet

a heat spreads through him
a quickening of pulse

he swells and swoons
a deep need overtakes him

the man wants the woman
here before him
leaned low and craving

he has her naked and availed
in his prurient fantasy
her blooming flower
hot and pungently moist
a heady bouquet of ready

this night
fantasy be damned

he reaches 'round her
firmly encircling her waist
with his strong arm
bending her forward
with the power of his body

his other hand frees himself
he enters her
thrusting to impail her soul

consumed by her passion
rolling her head back
she gasps a long-held breath
lusty with whimpers of carnal joy
throaty moans of ecstacy

here begins a dance
of dizzying desire

she is wanton
pleasure incarnate
Salome's sultry sister

his urges hot and husky
on her ear and cheek
she opens fully before him

they churn in slow pleasure
his thrusts grow ever deeper
more rapid
beyond eager

with every thrust and
with evey long return
they whirl and soar
higher ever higher
faster ever faster
in step with their beating hearts
gliding on euphoria
wholly enraptured
in their dance of love


rob kitner © 2018
Love's seduction on thr dance floor.
the magic of sensual pleasure is the most simulating powerful thing that the brain can experience
a simple touch can turn the body into overdrive
heightened senses and heavy breathing
eyes rolled back as the release is soon coming
the body clenches as the climax approaches
the brain loses consciousness it’s like a dream
Lets be intimate
Lost in each other's bodies
Love, sex, and magic
I write this as I watch you rest your weary head down
on the soft velvet that is your dreams
I wonder if in those ephemeral scenes you escape to
I am an actor
in the plays that run in the night time.

I catch your tears in the crevices of my palms
till they're no longer yours
but ours,
and I wait slowly till the stars return gleaming in your eyes
in the solace of your sleeping I see you at serenity,
I see you at peace.
Away from the world that keeps taking and taking.

Sleep has taken the worry from your face,
and in the soft curves of your outline
I see the sea.

Lapping softly on the beach
like two lovers
in each other's arms.
Till the distance between them is blurred.
Till there's nothing left  but sighs
in the dead of the night.
I really don't know how I wrote this
You look up at me
Taking me into your mouth
Please me with your tongue

radiant vision silken skinned
translucent alabaster blaze
torrid as a teen's temptation
leaned low here before me

strappened ankles fragile turned
stiletto'd rise
on carpet soft
emblazened vixen
forward bent
availed so boldly

dual swells of fleshen myth
atop two lathen'd stems
they writhe
smooth and lithe
as liquid love
turned by pleasure's gloried angels

stretched taut
raised high on tips of toes
and goddess buff
offered now
for hunger's taking
consumed until
I've had enough

graceful face
brazen aglow
comely raised and tilted back
my fingers tangled in your hair
lifting firm
lusciously slow

swept away in lustful swoon
forearms rest on velvet sheets
eyes aflame in sapphire need
blatant in your fetched seduction

Hedone's daughter lush with Spring
in soft golden fire
that folds upon you soft as satin
'cross nape of neck
arched silk desire

down glistening back
that tempting tapers
to warm and tender
sultry surprise

a wonderland for fingertips
to touch
and tease
and tantalize

to explore
your quivering body

divinely-pleasing sculpted vessel
brought forth by Aphrodite's hand

virgin fruit swells full and ripe
flesh silhouette to hypnotize
enticing in the candle's flicker
fondled by my hungry eyes

I stroke and tweak
the blossomed berries
that burst
engorged with passion's heat

that taunt my tongue to twirl 'round
my teeth to nip the tempting treat
draw to my lips
now lewdly moist
to take
and taste in eager suckle

willful hands
of pleasured probing
wrap slender waist
then slowly slide
'cross pleading hips
to folds of Venus
liquid molten
deep inside

into this angel's fire I'm thrust
to thrust
and thrust
in randy lust

love's raging heart
demands I must
and so I wildly
thrust and thrust
until finally
I'm spent and bust
passion's seed
has turned to dust

and wanton
are snuffed

spring's sweet madness
is full rebuffed


rob kistner © 2010
(revised 2018
Hedone was the personification and goddess of sensual pleasure.
*WARNING! For adult readers only!
Inked Quill Jul 6
I’m voracious
For his passion
Seeded in
Too deep into me
My parched lips ache
To surround
His growing urgency
My gaze glides
On peachy contours
Of his chiseled body
That naked shrine
Inked Quill Jul 4
Thankful for his collar
At my collarbone
His body
My Temple
Not my weakness
But strength
Deriving pleasure
When I kneel
Before him
And I stand
At his command
Sexually explicit material
Keep one from becoming
Totally bored by life.
The News lately
Seems hopeless.
I can't say that Eroticism,
In contrast
Provides Hope for Humanity,
At least,
It's not as dull
As Watching the World Go to Hell.
At the warm dimmed room
In the midst of hottest game
The sensation's starts to bloom
As we lit the flame

Every inch of flesh
Taken hungrily by those red playful pair
Hands that plays as it caress
Playing slow and safe as you care

Your moves that plays on the beat
Of sound and rythm of our souls
The stick points my flesh that ascends heat
And like we're beast that growls

In this game we made
In our own hot rythm
As one. That's how we played.
As the room's ambiance is so dim

Attracts the deepest seed
Beneath underneath lives the ace
Who plays wild in the court-bed
That made success flashed on our face

In this hottest game we made
We played it as one 'til final phase
Hot sweats that drip
Upon the pleasured flesh
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