Engeli 1h

You have ways of words that stimulates my brain
I know this doesn’t make sense
as only few conversations exchanged
charmed me behind this little screen

As I close my eyes  
my thoughts of you
turn to longing
the longing  to be with you

I can feel your hands
wandering over my body
As my naughty thoughts
unfold in my mind

Your soft lips find mine
kissing me down my neck
and with the tip of your tongue
you play my erect ample nipple
bringing me orgasmic energy

Your tongue finds my clitoris
making me wet  and moan in my bed
The longing to be with you is hypnotic


I was just in the closet July 1988
Not a word was said; a couple of whispers,
And an obvious desire to fuck,
Mop buckets and the stink of her pussy,
Harsh staggered breaths tell the truth,
Petulant hands and harsh fingers.
Nickers and pants half pulled down,
Hard truths pushing through,
I had to fuck her from behind,
Very confined, quick, clumsy, erotic, release.
Her mate waiting outside, bold as brass,
Staggered out; she looks at me real tough and says,
I’m next and fuck I was back in the closet July 1988.

Two brazen cleaners take the new boy in the closet in 1988

Your eyes sparkle,
Your lips smooth like silk,
Pink peaks,
Your body speaks,
Anticipation swells,
Delicate to the touch.

Our pulse quickens,
The rush of your touch,
Small sounds,
Our hearts beating,
Fold me in your arms,
It’s not just a poem.

It’s Love…

Love & Lust for beautiful Sara
natalie 5d

this is how I
picture a moment with
she may be:

we sit on the bed,

our eyes meet.
our eager mouths lock together
our tongues dance
to an unplanned routine.

our hands
slowly and passionately caress
each other’s bodies
that hold our souls together.

our breathing heavier
by the second
with no sign of stopping
our chests heaving down
to our stomachs
as though
we are pulling for
the gradual peak
of ecstasy
with each breath

piece by piece
we strip off our clothes
and we are bare
our guards are down

facing each other
the space between us
becomes absent...

I kiss and inhale
her bosom
our lips downstairs
brush against each other
creating friction

she climaxes and
lets out an
that is sweet
to my ears

I climax
let out a
vehement breath
of relief.

we are both
with pleasure.

entangled together…
our eyelids shut,
and our hearts

This poem, in particular, took me a while to write, because of the amount of vulnerability it took to write it.

I yurn for you to fill me up
With the knowledge that he forbade.
To touch me;
Soothe my soul in such a way that i am condemned.
See me with your ravenous eyes;
Wild and searching from the woes of damnation.
I beg of you to lead me in this valley and show me where to lay.
Guide me;
Sway me in the darkness and bury me inside perdition.
Hold me down with lustful longing;
Dominant and surging through the hands of greatness.
I need you to choke me with your forked tongue.
Whisper in the air;
Taunt and tease me with promises of sweet rapture.
Build me up under your lips;
Allow me to splinter and shatter in the aftershocks of your kiss.
I desire the release that you have promised me.
Soak me;
Drown my sorrows in your philosophical misdeed.
Promise me;
Write an ode to me and swear it must be prophecy.
I crave your full undivided attention.
Moan in my ear;
Sweet talk me with your biblical verse and cum loudly for all to hear.
Gut me;
Cut me and fill me with your untainted seed and know that ill only bleed for you.
I have fallen from grace and i have done it all for you.
I demand you tell me that you dont love me too.

Random thoughts on what it must bc like.

Her existence, a blessing I'd die for an infinite amount of times
Her body, a Goddess I'd kneel before and drink from as she sighs
Her voice, a tune I'd surrender to with a haste and no waste of time
Her love, a need for my soul or else my heart will crumble and die,

Her legs, the most breathtaking home I'd buy with all my money and dimes
Her breasts, fertile mountains I'd climb and cultivate unlike any other lady or guy
Her tears, a watery whisper that I'd hear from any dimension and race to her to try and lift her mood high
Her fingers, create music by simply a touch on my soul and body that I'd do everything just to hear her chime,

Her feet, a sweet and sour fruit I'd squeeze and suck on like lime
Her insides, a garden I'd grow with moans and devour like a buffet of pies
Her shoulders, a story teller I'd sit and watch for years its magical mimes
Her mind, a maze I'd explore even in my sleep with curious eyes,

Her arms, a warm cocoon I'd reach even if it means sprinting a million miles
Her lips, a prison I'd enter with will and lock myself in with no "Whys"
Her face, an angel's I'd fall for and burn in hell just to see her smile
Her life, a life I'd chose to defend and die for without hesitation nor lies,

Her curves and edges, ancient artifacts I'd dig up mountains to retrieve them as they never lose their pine
Her eyes, a galaxy I'd never wish to leave with a "goodbye"
Her soul, a creator of the most gorgeous gems I'd never find in any other galaxy's mine
Her hands, a sun and moon I'd hold close to brighten my darkness with a tie,

Her hair, silk strands softer than any silkworm’s silk that I'd travel the globe just to feel it's fine lines
Her bottom, the most luxurious cushion I'd crawl through the deadliest dangers just for a lie
Her back, a wall of vines I'd bleed to water with these loving strokes of mine
Her scent, a mixture of perfumes I'd inhale even if it'll poison me inside,

Her skin, a masterpiece of blemishes I'd dive into oceans and suffocate just to kiss, lick and dine
Her personality, a trophy I'd strive to win even if it'll cost me my mortal life
Her neck, a tower I'd clamber and fall thousands of times just to drink from like wine
Her essence, a bouquet of flowers that even when wilted are still as fresh as the day I thought: "Oh my."

A lengthy lyric poem typically of a serious or meditative nature and having an elevated style and formal stanza structure.
Marin Jul 9

Summer breeze
Stroke my exposed skin
Skin, that you uncovered
With your sure and impulsive gestures

Your hands
Holding me so tight
Making the space
between our lips fade away

I closed my eyes and
Heard your knees
bumping into the wooden floor

You almost
Bit my lip of
You fucking jerk

Anon Jul 7

Landscape of your body
was my transcendent pilgrimage
from the lashes of your eyes,
resplendent in liquid sadness
to rising peaks of your breasts
from the nape of your throbbing neck
to the bead of sweat on your silhouette
from your lush lips parted just so,
anticipation etched in their quivering
to silken-smooth seduction of your thighs

my lips across your golden shadow
dancing red stars I mark on your soul
my hands scorching on velvet skin
discovering moments that leave a gasp
my tongue ravenous in its journey
delving into the furnace of your moist desire

I put my lips on yours
copper taste of our crimson need
I put my hands in your hair
smell of sin in every strand
in you I move with animalistic frenzy
your fingers deep into my skin
you scream my name
I yours...

You know--
I loved you like a poet
flawed, obsessed
I lusted you
like a born-again savage.

we take the corner seats,  
we wild animals in heat
wait for the lights to die,  
and then in one soft sigh,
run a hand over your thigh

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