trace poems on
my inner thigh
paint a sunset
between my breasts

write love letters
between my legs
use my body
as your blank canvas

My body burns
My eyes roll to the back of my head
My arms twitch
My legs quake
My head snaps back
My breath is sharp and quivering
My moaning swells
You have ruined me
Despite the absence of your touch
You do this to me


Her sweet nectar, drips from her
succulent lips, soaking her
satin's ripe with lust
her fragrance,
her presence
enticing his essence
persistently the urges persist

That feeling I get from you
When your lips gently touch mine
Sends me through twirling emotions
Your hand caressing my body
Makes me crave every inch of you
Us making love
Shows me how deep our feelings are
Oh the way we tease each other
Sends me on a rollercoaster
This feeling I have deep inside
I want it to stay
Like you in my bed

Every time you lay me down on an afghan
It's like you're deflowering me again
Your lips against mine, so sweet and so soft, just us two
Skin to skin, you touch me and I melt into you
These positions are very tricky
With every one, you leave a hickey
Our hands intertwined
Reminds me you're mine
You nibbling on my ear
Makes me feel the end is near
Though I don't want his feeling to end
You slowly make my back bend

Martin Narrod Jan 13

The Holy Ones

I want to shove socks in my pants, so it looks like I have one of those Italian-line painting dicks. I want to do it when I go to the grocery store so fourteen-year olds and thirty-year olds alike stare at my junk as it fills the stitches of my pelvic arena, I want to make eye contact with mothers and grandmothers, brothers and dads as they shift uncomfortably in those handicap battery powered carts that are reserved for the handicapped but are often only used by the near-morbidly obese, near because they’re not quite dead yet, morbid because they can’t help but imagining my dick sliding past their tongue and what it feels like as the tip pushes past their uvula and they gasp for air through their nose because they’ve never had a dick like this in their mouth before. This would be my porn dick. This would have me making lists of adult film star names for film star jobs I’d never take because I’d be busy making lists of phone numbers, the college girls I’d have my pick of fucking, and the mothers and grandmothers who I’d be happily turning away from while I select my own organic radishes from the produce department at the specialty market on Vine. This dick is better than a rolled up wrapped stack of hundreds or the leather jacket I had in high school, it’d be better than when I walked down Michigan Ave in Umbro Valentino donning a Parisian accent, I can see me having to buy new briefs just to make room for this dick. And my own dick getting jealous of the girth I’d be faking it’d swell up, and in the middle of ordering my four-pump Vanilla Almond milk Latte from Starbucks my gray wool socks would fall to the floor, and up from the band of my Acne Jeans would bulge the tip, just the tip, like she said when I was in college, or just the tip like I said when I just needed to feel something other than how emotionally wrecked you made me feel when you told me not to touch you anymore. You fucked me up righteously. And still, 380 women later, I’m fucked up and I don’t have a single pair of socks to wear

There she is.

The highlight
of my friday nights,
the night I wait for
so anxiously
all week.

Wearing a blue skirt
with pink heels,
claiming every eye
as she stepped onto the bar,
twirling slowly
as she danced
down it's length.
Tho her breasts lay bare,
it was her eyes,
like toxic green flames,
that held my gaze;
shimmering jade stones,
precious and rare,
seemed to penetrate
into my very soul.
She danced my way,
just as every friday night,
her eyes fixed on mine;
sat on the bar in front of me,
on leg dangling on either side.
Her perfume was intoxicating
as it blended
with the sandalwood incense
burning behind the bar.
I could feel every eye on us
as she gave my special show,
just for me.
Oh, the envy they must have felt,
wishing for such hospitality
from a night goddess
such as her.
There she sat,
teasing with hand and breath,
until my every dollar
was tucked neatly
under the strap of her
glittering silver panties.
And with one last breath
onto the lobe of my ear,
she stood
and moved on to the next wallet.

See you next friday.

Fiction. I went to a strip club once when I turned 18 and hated it. I actually meant to write something else but this is what it turned into so I just went with it
richard Jan 9

It started so simple with just a gentle stare
Then I pulled her close to me as i ran my fingers thru her hair
Gently kissing her with my hand caressing the back of her neck
Pulling her closer, kissing passionately, as your body my hands inspect
Grabbing her by the hips as I suck on her bottom lip
Moving to her neck as we start to strip
Caressing gently as I start to nibble
Lay her on the bed, my head moving to her chest
Slowly licking and sucking on the nipples
The moaning starts as the juices start to trickle
Moving down while my hands gently glide down her side
Spreading her legs but not yet going inside
Down one leg kissing past the knees
To the toes as i lick giving pleasure, and tease
Now to the other foot as i suck the other toes
Back towards the knees my head goes
As i go up further headed to the prize
With just one flick of the tongue her back arches and she closes her eyes
Round and round with the tongue as fingers slide inside
Massaging that sweet spot as i gently lick and suck on the pearl
Arching her back grabbing my hair screaming for more
Screams out loud "I've never felt like this before...
what are you doing to me"
Then "it feels like my should has left my body"
I peek up but don't stop her body is aglow
I keep going and going until i feel her explode
Then she says "I need a break,baby come here, give me a kiss, i need you next to me"
"OMG never in my life have i felt such Ecstasy!"

Peter Balkus Jan 4

Influenced by Alphonse Legros's sculpture "Female Torso"

Look at this,
have you ever seen
anything more perfect than that?
Wold you ever say no
to this unearthly shapes?

Look at those curves,
they are but one angel's curve.

It is more than you could want,
more than just a body to touch,
more than just a meat to ridge.

It is something worthy living for.

Every cold day, reminds
of heat, and flame

Rising temperatures, elate
feeding spirit and
feeding soul

Her brush caress' my canvas
spinning art
and lighting fires

Filling all and untold senses
consuming flesh, and heart
too the pinnacle of

And a hand full of other metaphors too ;D
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