The young lady was out in a field when she saw the moon raise
While she picked flowers
The moon white and grey
Reminded her of her lover…Vajramrita the Yeti.
His handsome face.
She runs to the cave
Greeting her Yeti lover with a kiss.
Na kayrangla gawpo yo, Vajramrita! She said as they kiss.
She takes the Yeti to the field
To couple.
The stars were clear and the moon bright and round
There under the cosmos
They couple
While the universe pulses through them.
Vajramrita, the Yeti, asked
His lovers name
The young lady said that her name was…
And she was as beautiful as one.
There in the field andmoon light
They couple in the chilled autumn air.
As one being.
The young lady asked the Yeti
“What is your name…do you have one?” As the kissed.
While kissing, the Yeti said that he had no name. So the young lady
Massaging his chest gave him a name
Vajramrita… after the fierce deity
For he was a fierce lover.
He kissed her on the fore head.
Vajramrita and the young woman kissed
Their tounges me and dance erotically.
She sat on her lover while kisssing and rode him and rolled her hips.
He ****** with her ****** rhythms as they coupled.
Soon enough the Yeti got on top of his delecate lover.
He entered her and gently jumping
As if trying not to hurt her
The yeti thengot between her legs
She could feel his face bewteen her.
Then she felt his probing tounge.
He gently yet passionately kissed her womanhood
Again not to hurt her.
Even monsters need love and defection.
The young woman stroked his head and he looked at her.
She took him my the scruff and pulled his head closer to her
And kissed him. As they kissed monster and human explore eachother in an embrace
The young lady went down
And kissed and nipped at his member.
After she was done with his member
The kissed and they slept in each other’s arms
Body twisted and entwined together
And the Yeti found it too warm
And the young woman thought she had to return home.
The thought saddens her, for she was in love with her savage lover…..
The yeti.
The two ran away into the mountains.
Where it was cooler and less human contact.
There the only thing warm was the Yeti’s embrace and the young woman’s heart.
At night outside of the cave, being kept warm my the yeti
The young woman and her Yeti
While gazing at the stars.
As the Dipper twinkled. The young woman and the Yeti make love.
When it got too cold to bear the Yeti
Takes in her into the cave
The young woman lights a fire
Then the Yeti has his way with the young lady.
She kisses him
As they couple in the warm cave.
The young woman got exited and decided to have her way with her lover
She rides him and they kiss gently yet passionately.
He had to be careful as to not to but her as they embrace.
The Yeti reassured the young woman, that she didn’t have to go back.
She cried and then kissed her skilled lover with joy and passion.
Happy she would spend her life with her love.
One moon lit night
The young woman went out the cave
After an evening of coupling with her yeti lover.
The moon was big and bright
Like her face.
She in invites the yeti to see the moon and he said that it wasn’t as beautiful as her.
Her lover held on to her as if she was priceless.
In the moonlight among the stars
The yeti and the young woman kiss.
While kissing the Yeti has his way with her again
They couple on the edge tantrically.
She could not contain her pleasure
And she moaned loudly
As if she were a she yeti.
Her skilled and savage lover smothered her with kisses.
When he arrives at her mouth
She opens up like a flower… inviting him in to kiss her in the mouth.
This time she had her way with him.
As the young lady got picking poppies
The Yeti comes with
Curiosity got the better of him.
She puts a poppy behind her ear.
The Yeti comments on her beauty
And kissed her gently as not to bite for he doesn’t want to harm his delecate flower
It was night and it was getting colder so the yeti holds and carries her to his home.
The young woman puts on a fire to keep the warm
There in the Yeti’s shelter
The Yeti kisses her in the lit up cave
The drawings and art show up in the walls as they make love.
They explored their bodies.
The young woman explores his fluffy, muscular and furry body
While he explored her sold gently built body.
They couple with each other until morning.
The Yeti refusing to leave his
Love ***** alone
Went with the her to the wildflowers
As she picks the flowers.
He taps his lover on the shoulder.
And kisses her gently
She falls down
Not out of fear but because of desire was so intense.
She take ms him by his furry face
And they shyly couple and kiss.
Was it the mountain air
Because her skilled lover
She was in esctasy.
She kisses the Yeti and their tounges met in an ******
And emotional dance.
A young woman

Looking for some comfort and love.

She approaches her lovers cave

A Yeti

Yes her lover is a yeti.

When walks in to the cave

They hug and kiss


Soon the yeti has his way with the young woman

She loving every minute

They embrace and kiss until they sucomb to sleep.

Tomorrow they resurrect the loving

This continues until autumn.
Your perfect breast
Your perfect thighs
Are simply candy to my eyes
Your perfect waist
Your perfect hips
Would taste so great upon my lips
Your perfect skin
And perfect hair
I just can't help but sit and stare
Your perfect lips
Your perfect eyes
Makes me give a loving sigh
Your perfect face
Your perfect smile
For you I'd go the extra mile
Your perfect wit
Your perfect charm
I want to hold you in my arms
For this and more
My morning star
I love you just the way you are
Written for a crush
i need you
i crave you
it's the only way i survive
you are my weakness i desire your control

in this space
down on my knees
this is where i belong
this is home my home

only you know how to satisfy
this hunger inside of me
i'm you little blackbird
you love to make me scream

who would have thought
through all this pain
my truth would be exposed
you did...

you knew me better than i knew myself
you saw my confusion
in the way i came crawling back to you

the needing
the bleeding
i'm conditioned
to always want more

but you make me wait...
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