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quiel Aug 7
you lie
in between my
syllables and words
in these
carefully arranged
like a piece
of origami;

i hide you
in my
Keiri Aug 6
What is a Haiku?
Guess how many syllables.
Five, seven then five.

So how to make a Tokka?
You add it two times seven.

How use a Tokka?
To add another Haiku?
Tokka in between.
I realised many on this site have issues with Haiku. Since they randomly call poems 'Haiku', however Haiku is one of the few poetry forms that actually has rules. So I made a Haiku, on how to make a Haiku ;)
Tommy Randell Jun 26
"You were born with no future,"
Says my Aunt Sestina, who speaks using clouds.
"Your first morning sky was grey without promise
So, your Mother and I read you Poetry -
Dylan Thomas and John Ashbery out loud -
'Til the thunder in your heart began to flow."

As the hot tea starts to flow,
Looking out the window I check my future
Is doing okay and I wonder, aloud,
"Aunty, may one's life be forecast using clouds?
Isn't all Life just a pulse of poetry,
And not only what random clouds can promise?"

"But each cloud is a promise,
More so..." Tea continues, my Aunt in full flow...
"Each cake is a cumulus of poetry,
Each plate is a cirrus crown - Of a future
Imagined and controlled, like Prospero's Clouds..."
And Sestina's entheastic voice, aloud,

Outpouring, louder than loud,
Fills the room, and the house, fills Life with promise -
Until, I too am charmed to speak using clouds,
Presuming to be in that beautiful flow,
Riding the word lines out into my future
Of intuitive but patterned poetry -

Lightning clouds of poetry.
Conjuring meaning by reciting aloud,
Despite being born on a day with no future,  
Despite a beginning that had no promise,
Speaking lines of fire, verbs that crackle and flow,
Inspired by the rich metaphors of clouds -

Sestina's tea time of clouds,
Every cloud a recipe of poetry.
A Tea time, Sestina in billowing flow,
I reciteThomas and Ashbery out loud,
Seeing her smile as i fulfill my promise    
Paying forward what I owe for my future -

"Let what you know flow and colour your future,
Let your poetry be rainbows of promise -
But when life sends clouds, change the rules - you're allowed!"
This Poem should be read aloud!!

This is a SESTINA in many respects - allowing for the many modern variations, charting a middle ground between the old and knew. But as the Poem concludes... that is the point too really.

It's always a challenge to write in such a classic form and attempt to make it something new. Hope I've gone a little way toward that and that the liberties and breaking of form aren't too much for any purists.

For the record: Six verses of six lines with line endings repeated throughout on the strict Classical formula ... ABCDEF >>> FAEBDC and so on, with the Tercet at the end choosing (this time) (F)A .. (D)C .. (B)Emodified. All sextet 1st lines 7 syllables, the other 5 lines 11 syllables ( because I like a challenge ). My playing with Rhyme and free verse is also not standard - but, again, that's the point.
Poetic T Jun 2
Breath may fade,
             but love will forever

live on.

For exhalation is but syllables
             of  given movement.

Were love is a motion

                     of time,
                continually moving.
Emotions that live on past every exhalation.

Every word may decay into obscurity.
             But love will live on beyond
the husks of every word ever told.
distractedpen Apr 18
sometimes a haiku
is all that you really need
to get through your day

but sometimes it's not
and i'm finding more and more
that i often need more syllables
more space than just a simple five-seven-five
to really express what i'm thinking
to express what i'm feeling
get my point across

i find myself trapped
by the very same thing that
used to help me keep

initially i was going to write a haiku. then i realized that i had more to say, so i played around with odd number (5, 7, 9, 11) syllabled lines to express that feeling
adi Apr 9
And battered, my heart
Will still choose, to bother yours.
kiran goswami Mar 30
Even when you were with me,
You searched for her.
Even when you called my name,
You spelt her syllables.
Poetic T Feb 3
I don't sludge through
Through the tripe

          Of others..    

I'm no **** to another's words.

     I only like what is pleasing to my

       I'll never sleep upon another's words      
        to gain syllable reflections...

If you write in manners of worth,
       I'll read every word.  

But I'm no where of vocal stares,
       If you read me it's cos you gain
                   Something from my words .

If you only came here for pity reads...

       Well guess what.
               This isn't a pity stop.

Read me for my worth because
       I'm the better view.
            No pity view i'm
The words who you,d  wish
                                you'd read.
I thought I gotta hide, somewhere nice and safe..
Gotta fly high, none can see my face..
Its the same as you saw last time..
But now I'm different, my activities are crime..
I have to get off my safe zone..
I can't walk, I can't run..
I can crawl, prone to prone..
Hey Satan, at least,
You better prepared..
My shipment will done, once I'm dead..
•Oh! I'm already• my spirit said that ..
So that's how hell is look like ..!!
Hey *****, I'm arrived
I hate my life and i end up living ....
Conor Neuhaus Jan 24
By Durance Vile, my mind is moored

Its waters ebb and flow

The backwash-break brings back

bright balance

-Uncovers one swash stifled rope


This earthly anchor, untying with the tide

Holds hostage, half aquatic

Guarded grip makes docile, God! moreso, dreary

Hard choices hold chains for the static


In absence of any ascent to dry land

Docked, I'm doomed to dally a while

'Til the noose tugs undone, or I sever it short

And set sail for Durance Vile
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