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The eclipsed ether,
Fairly honest yet complex,
Lit by countless stars.
A soul is but one emotion,
Do acknowledge the complexity of a person,
For that is what makes all of us,
Poets say poetry is superior to philosophy, science, religion
It takes man to higher levels of consciousness
Philosophers say philosophy is superior to
every other thing
It taught man how to think and reason
Guides man in different
Spheres of existence
Scientists say science is superior
It does the real thing
Explains and predicts the course of Creation
Innovates, develops and realizes wonderful technologies, machines, gadgets and medicines
For comforts and welfare of the civilization
Priests say religion is superior
Relieves mankind of pain and misery
Takes man to God's Kingdom for total freedom
All suffer from superiority complex
There's a lot of confusion
O wise men of poetry, philosophy, science and religion
If there is Truth in you
You are complementary to each other
Complementary to each other!
My most complex
Heartbreaking thoughts
Are always followed
by a question,
You know?
Surkhab kaur Sep 12
The ones who have to stay,
will always stay.
And the ones who don't deserve you,
will drift away.
Sometimes it's not your fault...but you are told that it was all yours.It's the time you need to reflect back. But if you know that you gave your best and there was nothing wrong you did...just stand high and ask that person not to question your loyalty.
Sarah Ellison Aug 18
how can we comprehend
the human brain
it is not simple
not weak
but designed with complexity
and the greatest gift
yet the worst curse
is love
how shallow and weak
yet deep and powerful
many a sailor
fallen to the enchantment
of the sirens song
it pulls you in
only to spit you out
wiser and broken
i pity the heartbroken
yet envy the lovebird
the mind so complex
contradicts each text
should we love
or drown without feeling
Alicia Moore Aug 13
nothing is ever Simple.

a Simple context can be made Complex.

Complexity is what fuels Fascination.

Fascination enhances the true energy of Life.
nothing is ever Simple, but it’s Better that way.
Then she wondered
Is everyones mind
So confusing with
Those twists and turns
jumble of words and
So complex
Even to it's owner
Giovanna Aug 7
I observed you a lot,
I hope I could have understood you once!
You are the puzzle I could never solve.
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