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ShFR May 31
The holy cardinal said:
who bare rib?
fresh cut new did,
he said -- who is this?
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Trust is a limited currency
For those who have wronged us,
And the wall subconsciously built
In a day, can only be taken a part
Brick by brick,

But those who speak
For the force unheard,
Only proven to exist in a feeling
Or in the passed down book,
I think, are given too much credit.

Speaking for that which cannot speak for itself
Inherently is wrong, yet these priests
We give our trust
Despite the controversy
They always bring up

Speaking for not the god
That those sitting there
Came to hear about,
But speaking for those
There sitting.

Swaying and advising
The path they take and what direction
And nodding heads,
And right hands pointed to the sky
Tell you nobody pays much attention.

For a priest
Who preaches abstinence
And practices excess
On the underaged sons,
Open your eyes.

That stage shouldn’t be upheld
By one who sways people
Against one another,
But with the bible in the right context,
Anything could be directed towards anyone.

Limit your currency of trust
For those who prove
They deserve it,
The church can heal,
But my, oh my, can the pasture bleat.
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Jaxey Apr 2021
I ran over your tongue
like silk
or is it
fine wine
You sloshed me in your mouth
tasting the way
I ripened with age
I danced with your taste buds
I thought I did well
but then
you spit me out
and decided you preferred
the 2010
TC Apr 2020
Quiet becomes routine,
as he walks across the room;
His eyes aglow in dark,
A child's impending doom.
Beyond the Vail of innocence,
Does evil now embark.

Their hearts no longer trust,
As with their hands they cannot speak;
Silenced in their torture,
By their love;
A love that's now
Becoming bleak.

If I could have one wish,
I'd wish that wish again;
And again,
and again...
As one by one,
their blood would spill,
From each heart I hold
in hand..

Nothing more than cowards,
As they feed upon the weak;
Though now,
I'm turning tables,
So no longer will they eat...
Our society is unaware of how uniformed these parasites are. How their evil us becoming generational.
They should from the first offense be executed.
ari Mar 2020
from the ripe age
of 8 years young
i found myself with
too much access
to a dangerous place
where scary men lurk
to steal little girls like me
"you're beautiful," they'd say
"i love you"
"if you leave i will **** myself"
grooming me like a
villain's lapcat
luring me into a
fake love so that i may
be violated over and over again
conditioned to be a victim
of manipulative animals
who treat me, a child,
like a lover
"i've always liked younger girls,"
my brainwashed mind
blushing at the idea
that someone, somewhere
thought i was worthy of "love"
trigger warning for ******* mention
Jack L Martin Aug 2018
truth pretender
parents send her
life defender

he's a ******
slimy maggot
feeling ragged
bag and tag it

hurting words
spitting herds
cheezy curds
stupid nerds

mental case
dizzy space
ugly face
**** my race

Time to kneel
grab a feel
scary tweel
innocence steal

Eat a steak
garden rake
veggie snake
life forsake

Not pretend
we defend
savior send
the end
Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will ALWAYS hurt me!
imehsahdehahs Mar 2018
I am not in the mood

We all are happily doomed

Double tap,PC is CP Full Fast Food ****

I had Grew Out of Dog Tooth

Another Brick in the Wall

is Ready To Fall

Daddy's  Car , Flashin' Cuts

CopyCats Down Town Hall Fame

ShFR Jul 2017
He's known to flip a bat on occasion,
it's blatant
-- radiating cool kid,
a mutant?
© 2017 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
Breanna Ables Jul 2017
who am I suppose to be?
what did I do to deserve this?
lost childhood do to your hands.
you came into my bedroom, full intentions
to cause destruction.
why did you choose me?
a seven year old
who dressed in pink and wore flower crowns?
I guess your were a monster who fed
off the pain.
three years.
I suffered for three years.
you don't care, you never did.
I use to call you family.
but now you are just Anthony.
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