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Jaxey Apr 15
I ran over your tongue
like silk
or is it
fine wine
You sloshed me in your mouth
tasting the way
I ripened with age
I danced with your taste buds
I thought I did well
but then
you spit me out
and decided you preferred
the 2010
I long to taste a sugar plum off the ****** tree,
walk in the field of golden grass just to feel.
I want to feel the sugar plum tree, high at stake and bright with sweet bumble nests.
We all talk about apple trees, but why not the plum tree?
Gracefully swaying it's branches in the summers light.
I long to taste a sugar plum, laced in sweet white crystals.
The juice flows through our mouths, fresh, cold, and sweet.
Deep colors from it's roots to it's leaves, we have brown, light purple to dark purple, which we call plum, green delight how beautiful it is in my sight. I want a sugar plum, to bite into it's fruitful dismay and lay on natures green bed, so soft, so gentle. Stare into the clouds watching them gently float by, a cool breeze of sweet air swishes amongst my earthly face as i fall asleep under the sugar plum tree.
To express nature's beauty.
Maria Etre Dec 2018
Picking hearts
is like picking fruits
we like them, ripe
supple and oh so sweet
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
Shall I..

This is my moment..
Apple crispiness..juicy sweet.
I'm feeling vulnerable. way down to my feet.
Shall I..

I'm so dang vulnerable...Something fluffy to behold.
Soft plushable..
I'm gonna melt richly fulfilling someone's precious soul.

Shall I...

If I walk into your galaxy.. look into you deeply..
Search you intensely..
Do you take it personelly.

What's in your universe..
Will what I find be just rehearsed.

Uncovering Your galaxy..
Will it be welcoming to me.
Stepping away from poetry..
run away with me..

Shall I..

With you spread my wings and fly.

Like chewing spearmint gum.
Minty fresh.
Popping Bubbles..
secrets in my chest.
Glowing cause I'm at my best.

Are your skies friendly..
Are your intentions  sacred given purely.
Like diamonds treasuring me favorably.

Will You!
Be vulnerable with me oh gentle you.
Trust me to be what you should pursue.
Take my heaven its something new.
Creative awaiting you.

Will You......................!

selinasharday rose..S.A.M 2018
@She's ready, flowing, giving,, ripe and vulnerable
Jabin Jul 2018
Three meager blackberries
not quite formed,
plucked too soon from the vine.

Like us,
you were not quite ripe.

But your sister is with us now.
Maybe I'll meet you someday.
Ellie Phant Dec 2017
We with warped minds
frolicked under those lights,
hanging loyally
like cold, sparkling jewels
in the humid night.
"These nights are sacred,"
I would say,
and the ripe summer air
would roar through every vein
in our
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