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When I was a young man
a pack on my back off for
adventures I'd go with just
the few belonging I had on
my back
I'd take myself down to the sea and to there lived the life of a free man a loner Is what I was happy to be for no one did I
All that I had was the sky sea and the sand only other sound being that was that of the seagulls who made their nests In the cliff above
Falling to sleep to each night to the sounds of the sea to wake In the morning to Incoming tide awake and refreshed from the salt sea air for this was another day I'd live being
With a pack on my back all had In to the world  I'd go and to live by the sea to live a free man
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
Your mind make up things
While you're asleep
You wake up
And it actually somehow

I just saw you today
With a mask
I know nothing about you
Not even your face
We didn't even talk
All we did was play pool

In my dream
I saw you
You are in my family somehow
But you're moving away
We didn't have much time
Even in my dream

We fought time
Just to smile at each other
Dreams are seconds in real life
But when we kissed
It stopped
It's not second
Am half asleep
Am aware of our kiss

When i wake up
I can't remember
Your face
Your name
Except what I felt
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Sometimes It's almost as
If I'm looking through a window out on my life I see all laid out In front
me I can see every bit of my life
I try to reach touch but I can't, for I see Helen dressed beautiful In a lovely two-piece green suit she used wear when she was sweet Sixteen
Try to call her name but the windows won't open In desperation I'm trying to attract her attention by waving my arms
but she can't see me It's
as If I don't exist, she just continues sitting on her garden gate looking so pretty
Just as she always did It almost as If I'm asleep but I'm fully awake or least feels that way or perhaps I think of Helen so much I'm just going plain crazy
Not sure If I'm awake or dreaming or perhaps just
plain crazy
Day Dec 2018
Do you ever feel TOO alive?
Eleanor K Dec 2018
I know that
you will never talk to me
But I imagine us together
In order to fall asleep
Mohannie Dec 2018
at this time of night
when the moon is up high
the quiet's alive

but no one's awake

I'm the only one up
the lights are turned low
and I feel alive

but no one's awake

the silence is chilling
this blanket is warm
my body's alive

but no one's awake

my earbuds plugged in
I take a quick stroll
the music's alive

but no one's awake

at this time of night
when everything's sound
I feel alive

I am awake.
I really like this one! Hope you enjoy it! :)
Jacob Parnell Dec 2018
the sound was still ticking.
Tickling my mind.
Yet inside there was something still missing.
I'm behind the curve.
My mind can't keep up with my words.
My brain can't pass its turn.
Trying to stay awake is like biting into a stale steak...
Its hard.
My arm is so far away I can barely lift it.
My legs are so stray they won't stay near me.
Suddenly my eyes go black and I can think clearly.
"Relax" says the cataracts of my soul (at its best).
My synapses rest as I prepare for the synopsis of what's next. Dream on...
Time moves fast, but the ticking chime moves so slow, everything in my mind goes out the window.
This is part two of the ticking clock poem where I fall asleep.
lovelywildflower Oct 2018
my eyes close with the idea that i could ever be loved
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