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sushii Sep 1
When you’re little, everyone thinks you’re special...
When you’re twenty, everyone thinks you’re promising...
And when you’re dead, everyone will love you.

Do you see yourself as successful?
Charming, even?

Well, I see you dead in a bathtub...
Surrounded by drug paraphernalia.
I see your mother crying for you...
Syringe in her arm to take away pain.

Do you see yourself as a failure?
Horrid, even?

Why, don’t think of yourself that way...
You’ll be alright.
There is no storm...
Just calm, just the eye...

When you’re little, they beat you.
When you’re twenty, you’re hopeless.
And when you’re dead, you’re saved.

Is the drive boring?
Numbing, even?

It’s okay, just fall asleep...
You’re not responsible anyway.
It’s fine, go to sleep...
You’ll be unresponsive, anyway.

When you’re low, it’s blue.
When you’re high, it’s full.
When you’re dead, you’ll finally be numb.
Allesha Eman Aug 29
In the hours of the night
I'm thinking about you.
I'm restless, feeling vulnerable.
the stars are too far,
as they fade in the day.
The sun is awake,
and you're floating away.
I watch as you depart
but I lay here,
wondering when the night
will once again reappear,
but I keep dreaming
with my eyes wide open,
I dream of the future
and I hope you're listening,
to every wish I senselessly make,
because when I dream of you,
i'm finally awake.
Number 4 out of 26 letters to time.
clever Aug 22
because you're the whole reason that i'm not around
Rammy Aug 17
As soon as
the music plays
the soldiers stand up and dance
Some play the banjo
Some sing songs
Even though it's war time
they feel like peace
Even when the enemy
set fire to their camp
they were still dancing
Cause as long as the music plays
they're in peace.
is both
a force for good
and a source of illusion
Putting you in another realm
deep inside your mind
Blinding your eyes
to reality
Are you free?
LS Aug 7

nothing but
the clicking of the fan can be heard
especially at this hour

all is still
even her

the walls are dark
blending in with the night
clothes are scattered along the floor
the tv hasn't been on in ages

she lies there watching
her teeth clenched
throat tight
she hasn't spoken in hours

she lives in a constant state of sleep paralysis
her body dead asleep
as if
she had been laid in concrete
but her mind is
sharp, wide awake

she see's
what she desires
she wakes up when she can
she can't speak
when this happens
because her body is numb, asleep

all she has is her mind
her thoughts
that nobody can hear
nobody but her.
Anastasia Aug 7
Oh moon,
So pale
In the black velvet sky
With sparkling gems
To make wishes on
To accompany you,
Oh lovely moon,
How bright you shine
Gently on
This summer's night
The crickets sing
Me a lullaby
As I fall asleep
In the moon's arms
Her light cradling me
As my heavy lids droop
teju Jul 21
When the world is fast asleep
Amidst the silence out there
There's someone who stays wide awake
Lying on the bed
With the glowing mobile screen beside
Enjoying the music with plugins
Gazes at the gleaming beauty of the moon through the window
And wondering
how's life's going to be...
Starts the Day of the Night Owl!
Karisa Brown Jul 11
Its far more advanced
Than anyone knew
There are holes
You can fall through
And not have a freaking clue

The gap
Is another word
For depression or the blues
It seems my mind
Tears apart what it
Use to use
And makes me think
That I'm being abused
That every answer
To every thought
Is wrong
Or incomplete

But on the other hand
It can be a good thing
A thing to use
A canvas
A poem
A way to reach out
To a few

So don't give up hoping
The fog will soon lift
I'm still obbssessed with
Finding my gift
Even through everyday
Chores I find life
A little too boring
But as soon as I start
To pour it seems
The gates start closing

Where is the open door?
What is it im searching for?
Amanda Jul 4
If the hardest thing is falling
Do not make me choose
Between falling soundly asleep
Or falling in love with you
An old one I found on my Facebook page from eight years ago! It's so cute. I love it.
At night when I lie awake
If I’m overtaken by a creeping sleep
I’ll face that chilling nightmare
Of perpetual recurring dreams

At dawn when I lay asleep
If I’m lifted to a sudden wake
I’ll face that omnipresent terror
Intent on my sanity's break
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