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snipes Nov 22
i fell asleep just to see
if i could have a little
bit more of that dream
Daivik May 23
Today is a very sleepy day
And I am going to sleep it away
So please do not come in my way
For today is a very sleepy day
Raven Feels Jul 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, to be rich is to notice the fair from the unfair:)

get well soon only
when hope not a lie lonely
hospital cell
unavailable played dead and fell
nothing in sequence
all hung on the adequacy
paper said
from future penholder skies unread
the green one too
to the land a stranger soon

what you earn is what you keep
don't count just drown in oblivious sleep
wallets light
rage blinds visible sights
the poor scream
the rich gleam
like an invisible ink flood
evaporation in the air a silenced blood
chocolate missed the ecstasy
everything shut down to reality

bones shrunk
never unnoticed to the think thunk
now things are pale
even the best bread is stale
how I remain
all calm in shameful disdain???
needs become old
whether blazing summer or winter ******* cold
and in my broken chair I be
the pathetic dreamy version of old me

Àŧùl Jul 2021
Before I fall asleep,
Let me dream a little.
If I dream about you,
Will you dance with me?

Before I get nightmares,
Let me rhyme a little.
If I sing a song to you,
Will you make love with me?

Before I fall from heaven,
Let me prepare a little.
If I fall in love with you,
Will you promptly hold me?
My HP Poem #1934
©Atul Kaushal
Alex Braun Aug 2021
my eyes
are tired of being awake
tired of seeing
of knowing

if i close them
i don't know if they'll awaken again
this poem used to always play in my head on bad days, i havent had one in a while and decided to publish it as a funeral to the bad days
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
Awoke to a different reality
Strange feelings
flowing on my body
Strange sensations
got me shivering
Do , I stand up
no I will just sit here
maybe , I will awake
might still be asleep
Hope , I am just dreaming
This would be a
a messed up reality
Dripping walls
Colors twisted
Sensations crawling &
So , I am just gonna sit here
till , I awake back to

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Jaxey Feb 2021
my eyes were closed
but I could see your face
so clearly

my arms were still
but I could feel your hug
so deeply

it wasn't even real
but I could feel my heart

up to the very moment
I awoke
Ella Burton Jan 2021
A continuation of places I have fallen asleep
- at the movies
- my dermatologist appointment
- the dentist
- getting my nails done
- the back room of my work
- the car on short rides
- the car on long rides
- 5 minutes after waking up in my bed
- the couch at 7pm
- the couch at 7am
- the grass in the garden
- the beach
- a portable hammock laying on my side
- waiting for the doctors appointment
- on the train
- on the bus
Mari Dec 2020
I will fall asleep
to your
Leah Carr Nov 2020
I woke up this morning
Unsure as always
where I was
or the day
or year
Those wonderful few seconds
of innocent confusion
and blissful ignorance
before the pain sets in once more
Before I remember
Oh please, God, let me stay in the comfortable unknown
Don't make me remember
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