Lure Pot Jun 19

Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed
Moon gives shining
On pillow red.
Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed.

A million stars up
In the sky
They're giving up
Your cute shy.
Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed

The blue of the night
Fall on your skin
All silvers sea night
Hug like your kin.
Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed.

Smelling below down
Like roes broom
Flaming your gown
Whole of room.
Stay asleep sweeting
In flower bed.

Hannah Jun 19

Medicate a generation,
So no one wakes up or asks any questions;
I'll take the pills because the truth doesn't make this worth living,
and I'll take the drugs because I'm tired of living a lie.

aryanalynae Jun 10

i could tell you i'm devastated
i could tell you i scream in pain,
as i fall asleep as night
but what would i really gain?

i could tell you i physically ache.
i could tell you i'll never love no one else
but at the end of the night,
i'm saying all these things to just myself

Nikko Apr 30

It's 2 AM and everyone I know is asleep.
And, although there's no sound coming from the apartment,
it's not silent.
Because I'm still awake
and my mind is still racing,
the factory inside producing treats of despair.
They look so tasty,
despite the horror that I know lies in the middle.
But, they're calling to me.
Begging for me to bite into them,
maybe if I do I'll discover something.
Discover me.

It's 2 AM and everyone I know is asleep.

Chris Vans Apr 27

I fell asleep before I was born
I fell asleep after I died

Floortje Apr 24

Your body was silent,
Your eyes were closed.

You didn't breath,
You didn't smile.

You're not asleep,
You're not awake.

You seemed to be okay,
You seemed to be fine.

You're not here,
But you're not gone either.

Not my best, but my first.

Surgí en mi patria, tiempo después,

bajo la luna de Xelajú,

hoy te tengo en mis raíces quetzaltecas

Y te llevo en la sangre por tus recuerdos gratos.

Despierta patria en la que nací,

pues tanta violencia te ha agotado,

despierta pueblo, pues te a enfermado

gente egoísta y corrupta.

De las ruinas surge, más fuerte,

patria mía despierta a aquellos

que siguen nublados con los ojos sellados.

Pueblo levántate, pueblo trabaja,

pueblo llénate de sabiduría,

no dejes que te olviden, ¡Guatemala levántate!

Conciudadano, hermano mío,

se honesto, fiel, honrado

y no seas un ratón mas en en este nido de ilusiones.

No dejo de cantar a mi patria,

alzo mi canto junto a la bandera celeste y blanco,

con el corazón en mi pecho gritando: ¡Guatemala despierta!

Sometimes i observed the people and I realize that they are asleep should i wake them? or it is that I am also asleep?
Razan Qaisi Mar 11

When you're dreaming a surreal dream and you can't tell the difference between your dream and reality, they tell you to look for something that's out of place.
Something that's missing.
When you look up at the dark sky and you wonder to yourself, "where are the stars?" Or when you stop and ask yourself, "where is the quite hum of the night?" When something is missing, that's when you know you are asleep and dreaming.
But what happens when you wake up and realize that you're missing something from this reality, and only in your dreams do you feel like you are whole and the pieces fit. Then do you choose to sleep forever or walk this life always looking for the missing piece, not even knowing what you're missing or who?

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