Alec Astaire Apr 10
It’s 3:09
And if everything was fine
Then I would be sound asleep by now wouldn’t I?

But just like my potential
I’ve ignored my sleep schedule
That I might collapse wide awake to ponder ”Why?”
Just wanted to write another before attempting sleep
I've seen it now
mentioned twice
by poets in their lines

somehow I must have
this mission that was assigned

I guess I wasn't quite
paying enough

boy! I sure hope
I don't end up
in detention

I must have fallen asleep
in class


better behave
this way I'll never pass

I just found out
April's poem a day

oh well, too late now
perhaps I'll try it in May
After I posted, I looked. Quite by accident, I have written a poem every day so far. Of course, it's only the 7th!
Nayana Nair Apr 5
Stay right beside me.
Stay till I fall asleep.
Once my eyes have given up,
on seeing the world for what it is
and failing each time.
When my hold on your fingers
loosens breath by breath.
When I finally fall asleep.
Let me dream of a love for us
that hurts little less.
Live the life that I dream of.
Even if I am not there.
You’ve got more than meets the eyes
You’ve been praying your whole life

And you’ve been saying what socialized
you’ve got no belief and you don’t realize

And how can you wonder why?
Life’s moving faster than our time.
One day you are gonna die.
What will you have left behind?

Don’t say you’re sorry, don’t apologize.
It’s truly not my life to fully recognize.
But take those covers of your heart’s eyes
But when you do, don’t act so surprised

Now you’re not allowed to wonder why
I am just showing the truth where it lies
If it is painful that’s something worth the mind
Just remember not everyone is kind.

Remember not every one is kind
Remember many are still very blind
Remember again not everyone’s kind
Now think of those still in disguise
sarah Mar 24
am i mad?

someone please explain
how the fog in my head never fades.

how my eyes forget the faces i've seen,
how i can know the world but the world doesn't know me;

how i am a prisoner inside my own mind.

why the loneliness never fades.

the shadows talk and when i answer them
life moves out of focus and i am here but not here,
awake but asleep.
Orange Rose Mar 22
Tonight I will travel to worlds unseen,
To oceans deep and forests green.
I will fly with wings I have never owned,
And converse with friends I have never known.
I wanted to write something short and sweet for a change.
Juni Notte Mar 22
They keep clawing
Sinking their claws into the cold and dry dirt of their graves
Hissing and seething with mourning
They touch my feet yet I kick them away
I do not know if I can keep them at bay
At night, I feel them tugging at my legs
Licking my calves and gently gnawing on my legs
Their claws tickle my legs and keep me awake at night
They whisper that they only wish to lick my tears away
But I know better
I know what they do to my mind at night
When I let them hold me in their miserable arms
When I let them lick my tears and leave burning trails
I know what it's like to cry myself to sleep at night
Have you ever been asleep?
Lost in you thoughts, trapped so deep
Where colours fly, and visions run,
Or the unbroken opposite of fun?

Have you ever had dream?
All you thoughts lead to deam
Where demons plague, and tykes wail,
Or is it I who led the trail?
Have you ever walked the trail to a world unlike our own? Where nothing is real and you are alone?
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