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Wake up.
You've been asleep for too long.
You haven't seen the sunlight and experienced its warmth.

Wake up.
I want to see you living well,
doing the things that you love.

Wake up.
You still have a lot to do.
Achieve your dreams.
Give love.
Celebrate life.

Wake up!
I beg of you.

Wake up!
The world is waiting for you.
I am waiting for you.
i start to slip asleep in my mint green room
pink curtains parted leave me viewing the moon
lashes kissing each other: goodnight, i love you...

from under my blanket i look at my beds side
there’s teeth that fell out but i can’t recall why
there’s a music box too, laying open and quiet

there’s a sugarplum fairy waiting to turn
twist the wind up key for a melody without words
a tinkling tune like the soft song of birds

she spins so sweet as i slide into sleep
her silk costume white as counted lambs fleece
setting the scene for my soft fluffy dreams

there’s a buzz with the flicker of my nightlight
and i remember a boy i used to call mine
i’d open the door when he’d sneak by at night

i would lie with my love, ready to rest my head
back when i was a child, vulnerable and fresh
i let the guy in and he then broke my neck
LWZ Aug 27
How do you not think about me as you fall asleep?

I think about you.
The energy exists, whether we like it or not.
I trust my intuition more than I trust myself.

Sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense.
It's words are worthy.

I see it in your eyes.
I feel it in your touch.
I fight the intuition because I feel I'm not good enough.

The image is undeniable.
I wish it would disappear
Soon I will become broken, and
I will take far too long to reappear.

Yet, I will remain adventurous..until you absolutely refute.

How do you not think about me when you fall asleep..
I think about you.
Nylee Aug 26
all the movements have ceased
as if the night was defeated,
I slipped into deep sleep.
sadnspicy0 Aug 9
She was so cold and hard to talk to,
that's why I couldn't fall asleep.
I never thought I'd feel so blue, but
she left me weeping in my sheets.

Well, no regrets, except for one:
I can't escape this madness.
So I will always keep in heart
this girl, whose name was Sadness...
A girl whose name was Sadness -- is a metaphor for depression
Nylee Aug 4
Fall asleep forever is my night dream
I'll linger tonight in your dreamworld
In your mind creation of my creation
shared space, counting numbered days
in your mind space, making permanent place
My limited time running out
I hope I'll meet you in next dimension
Hope we'll see tonight, watch sunsets together
When you'll fall asleep, you'll be with me
Good Night!
Grace Haak Jul 21
I’m not sure why I cry
when I should be asleep
It’s dark out and I try to be soothed by rain
But no peace comes to pacify the pain
I’m not sure if you’re the reason why
My heart hurts and my thoughts are too deep
But I overthink more than I should
Over and over
And I’m anxious over events that don’t take place
And I’m desperately longing to see your face
Even though I can’t take a breath or fade away
So many thoughts and yet nothing to say
And as I continue to cry, stuck miles away
With so many thoughts and yet nothing to say.
an old one
your eyes just for tonight,
i will kiss your forehead
and you will be alright
they say say blood is thicker, then every
colour fades to white.

our planetary existence has been
and forever your dreams they
will be mine

we were raised to be our future
our past is over and i can
that together
we'll all crumble down
my sweet little kitten
don't you

these pointed daggers on our heads keep us
tacked into our beds
we only awaken
at the very end
all this time i spent thinking
enemies were friends

this rainbow will soon die
there is no time for us all
right now

take my hand and never let me
we missed the start of our own
for now and forever together we'll
the heros of our own

wasting time trying to fix the
instead of making these dreams

The remaining question only time will answer
Is it now you're asleep, or when we were together
I wish I could know, have you finally awakened
Do you look back on our love and feel you were mistaken
Or is your realest self who you were with me
And you have now succumbed to an unfortunate dream
That will one day end with the realization
That you've been in a fog, that is yet to be shaken
I could ask a million questions of who, how, or why
But there is only one question plaguing my mind
Is this your state of twilight
Or was I
Ana Jun 8
Light filtering through the room,
A slight disturbance,
A common enemy,
Phosphenes dancing as you awaken,
The weight of your eyelids lifting,
Unveiling your surroundings,
An announcement of your existence,
Your choice to restart the world,
To have another look,
Just in case.
It’s a mixture of curiosity, maybe a little hope,
And possibly a bit of fear.
But that moment you open your eyes,
Each morning after your dreams,
The moment your darkness disappears,
To be captivated by light,
Is the moment you decide to give the world another chance.

The moment you decide to give the world another chance...
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