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Pyrrha Oct 11
You took the Sanderson sisters seriously
When they said "I put a spell on you"
You were there taking detailed notes
For the day our eyes would meet
Because since yours met mine
I've been living inside a trance
An endless dream
Where you ask me my name
And I give you my number
But April love
I can work some magic too
I can make the seasons change
And I'll have time stand on it's head
I will take your breath away
Just like you did to me
When you walked my way
I will steal your heart with my words
I'll keep you captive in my heart
And lock you there with my lips
I met a Girl at earthbound and she doesn't know it but I love her 👀👄👀
Pyrrha Oct 10
They are like sirens
Luring me in with so much temptation
With their eyes like paradise
And not a single lie hiding inside
Their smiles bright like lightning
And no crooked or wolfish grin at all
Their delicate bodies like porcelain
So fragile and deadly
Like a drop of poison and a butterfly wing
They make me fall without words at all
Oh but when they speak it sounds like fiction

They are so pure they make me want to cry
I'm under a hypnosis, it's just a trick
But their sweetness, it draws me in
They are like roses with their skin soft like petals
And their nails as sharp as thorns

How lovely, how beautiful
How sick does this make me now?
Now that I'm so torn
How can I cope with so much confusion?
They're like devil's with their haunting eyes
What demons-
Those seductresses with their adoring curse

How lovely, how sweet
How is it I've missed this puzzle piece?
I didn't even notice I was incomplete
Does this make up for the uncertainty?
They're like angels with their paradise eyes
What blessings-
Those treasures with their electric cure
Nova Oct 10
The way my head fits on your shoulder,
Your arm around me like a shield.
It reminds me of when we were younger,
Hiding from the battlefield.

The way your hair falls like a blanket,
Keeping the two of us warm.
Your watchful gaze while i’m asleep
Is what keeps me safe from harm.
I’m feeling very single suddenly
Alicia Aug 16
There are days when my emotions
are a small gear being turned
in my brain by a small man
with quick ideas and a sole
purpose to manufacture
he goes away when
rage comes to stay,
the only true connection to
my nervous system
the most familiar face
I finally spoke to it out loud
I never learned love
without pain or sacrifice

I picture the small man
going on vacations
these days I feel
and feel and feel
I am convinced this is the
true nature of how
my brains favorite number is 2
always loving both extremes
boys who are mean and
girls that just do not need me
as much
as men need me
to be sweet and fill their shoes
all shoulder and still
nothing to cry on
JasFow Aug 6
The laugh catches me, low and high
Lips that aren't meant to be mine, carrying me away
Eyes tunneling through me, while I try to see past the surface  
Pupils dilating, heart picking up speed
A laugh brings me a smile
Her scent sends me to a place I didn't know existed
I feel a warmth cross my cheeks as I pull her closer
Her hand brushes the side of my face
She knows I blush when she does this to me
One more touch of the lips on my forehead
I melt completely in her arms
Just an inch taller, I lean into her
She laughs again, this time softly
Finding the center of my back
A light back and forth eases me
I no longer fear what I'm feeling
I've dreamt of this longer than I was aware
I hope I find her one day
Ava Bean Feb 2016
Fake Flirtation

2 Fast
2 Soon

Flushed face
Giggling grace

stories of the girls I have had feelings for in 5 words or less
I found a girl who embodies the galaxy
her soul is made up of stardust
and I have never seen anything
more breathtaking

Her lips are made of the Milky Way
and when she kisses me it tastes
like summer nights and nostalgia
sunscreen and orange creamsicles
—when she cups my face with her hand
it’s a tenderness my body has never known
and sometimes it scares me just how
gentle a person can be
when they have the universe inside of them
but I know she’ll never hurt me
as long as the stars glimmer each night
her soul will be full of sunshine by morning

With constellations eyes she looks at me
and I forget there was ever a time
where she was not in my life
because I feel like I’ve known her forever

So maybe we were created
from the same star
the universe is a hopeless romantic
that loves a happy ending
so I’m hoping I get mine
the same way I hope that she stays happy
when she see cotton candy skies
as the sun sets and I’m greeted
by the galaxies inside of her
Alaina Moore Jun 24
I grew up with God in the wind,
and didn't fit in with Christian friends.
They told me stories and begged me to repent.
Though doubtful, my anxiety sparked at the thought of sin.

I was once on a playdate and the mother told me.
She disowned her best friend when she confessed she was a lesbian.
She told me she could only take her back if she came to her senses.
It made me feel sad and sick, with little sympathy for the protagonist.

I was once told by a good friend that no one is bisexual, of course they're just confused.
I knew who I was but I didn't say anything in rebuttal.
I just nodded my head and took the bruise.

Once after jokingly seeing my boyfriend and another male friend hold hands, my mother told me "how dare those ******* disrespect you like that."
It was a moment that shattered glass and left scars.
I managed an apology after too much effort.

My stepfather once told me that gender fluidity was a confused phase, and a fad for attention.
Walls were put up and notes were taken.
Doors remained closed and silence  prevailed.

I am complicated.
I blend in to "normal"
I feel guilty at times and don't feel honest.

I undervalue, perhaps, the benefit of looping everyone in.
Or, perhaps, I'm just keeping the peace and heeding warning signals.

I can say for certain, it's not a fad nor phase.
I've always been who I am, I just had to grow up in order the phrase it.
A confession camouflaged as a poem.
Each verse is later in life. Starting from 12 ending around 26.
Brave Wilson Jun 13
She was the fool
Who danced so wildly
to tunes that were played
by the man of sociaties,
who pray on her love,
and borrowed insecurities,
but returning them soon.
leaving her lost and in pain,
And filled with regrets,
of the gift she had traded
for a single nights pleasure
with men who had wive's
and girls that were bored.
Till she was left all alone
with a burden on her soul,
Desires in her heart,
but damaged beyond that wich one could repair.
-bi sexuality makes twice the curse of a womans insecurities.
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