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Belle Oct 4
I feel her in my lungs, she is my very breath.
Every intake is a caress against my lips.
A life without would be death.
A craving? No, something more.
Buring in my chest, a pulsing ravenous need.

But what am I to her? A leaf perhaps.
Momentary beauty that fluters past her eyes,
To be trampled underfoot without thought.
Caitlin Ayala Sep 26
So warm,
So new.
Come closer.
A tingling air,
Ridged with fear
Now a shared air,
Calm with sweet smells
Beating heart,
Rhythmically shared here.
A smile that tore through confusion,
And a face that shined adversely.
A kiss that could..
Could find my way back home
A poem me and a girl read together after I was left in a country I was unfamiliar with in a dream. This was as close as I got recreating this poem I read in my dream.
Tawana Sep 12
I had never seen her like that before
But in the bright sunlight, something was lit a new
Her skin glowed and her hair shone
and in that very moment, I knew I was gone.

Because you see I had never witnessed such beauty and it was the first time I have ever seen her not looked at her but seen her. I saw every curve on her body, the fixures in her hips, and the mischief in her smile and in that moment I knew that for her I would run a mile.

I thought to myself I can't feel this way because its wrong at least that what they say, I can't think about wanting to hold her hand as we walk down the street, or bringing her home for her and my parents to meet.

I was meant to like boys and not anything else and I knew that those thoughts I was having I should keep to myself.

But you see it gets difficult because I've realised I don't want him I want her I want her to be the one running her fingers through my hair.

But I can't say that I must hide because I am scared that if I come out because of who I am it can never come to light.
jee Jun 29
love taps her walking stick to the walls of my heart,

keeping in time to the blood-rushing heat of my cheeks.

she knows what she wants,

and she doesn’t care who screams at her.

love stumbles when she wants to help,

and brightens with delight when she does.

like when his fingers brush mine,

or her lips are just the right shade of red.

love is deaf to shouts and cries,

no matter whose they are.

she only listens to the thrum under my skin,

alight with butterflies and blushes.

love is unreliable,

she’s broken-hearted,

and she’s fickle.

but above all,

love is blind and unrefined.

and she knows exactly what she wants.
love doesn’t care for your walls and boundaries. love is love, and love takes what she wants.
liz Jun 13
there is you and me
you is sunny
me is nervy
and time stands still

an easy touch
from distant
when i stare
at you

a weird flex
you are so near
i can feel your warm

so foolish of me to
be near you
and still feel
this shake and panic
this feels extremely stupid but here are my feelings- that actually cant be real but here they are. enjoy <3
kelly clare Jun 5
Why do I feel guilty
I didn't do anything
I just want to be whole
I want to feel safe
The only way I can ensure my safety
Is to stay hidden
If my secret got out
I would be *******
You see my parents are catholic
And homophobic as hell
And I hate to lie to them  
I don't have a choice
I want to stay here
And so, I'll go back to the closet
causally closeted
elle jaxsun Mar 25
am i ******* crazy or are you?

i can't tell and it's putting me
in a pretty ****** *** mood.

everything's back and forth
back and forth
back and forth
back from the grave (I found this in my deleted stuff and it made me laugh)
JasFow Apr 18
I’m in love with a *** man
I guess that’s better than the married man
Or the other one
Or the girl who was homophobic
Or the man who just got out of jail,
10 years older than I was at 19
I’m in love with a *** man
Knowing full well he’ll never be mine
With his boyfriend by his side
He still doesn’t leave my mind
You see, I loved him before he came out
That doesn’t change a thing
I’m in love with a *** man
It probably doesn’t help we live together
He’s my best friend
The human that makes my half a whole
Ive had him in my life for a few years now I hope to keep him until we’re grey and old
I’m in love with a *** man
I know what you’re going to say
They’re are plenty of fish in the sea
There is someone out there waiting for me
That simply just isn’t the truth
Still working on pushing my feelings away
I’m in love with a *** man
There will never be another just like him
Knowing all my flaws, loving me despite
I can’t imagine anyone else to hug and say goodnight
He knows how I’ll respond before I do myself
He’s my second half, the better without a doubt
I’m in love with a *** man
And I know he’ll live an amazing life
With/without me, the same
I’ll always see his gorgeous smile when I hear his name
One day I’ll find a love that will sadly always come second
to the love I feel/will have felt for him
Best friend, I love you.
Penguin Poems Apr 17
hey, you.
this is new.
i should've expected this, right?
as soon as anyone says they're bi
i suddenly assume i have a chance
but under no circumstance
is that actually true.
...but it could be with you.
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