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Chris 1d
There was a time I knew what love meant
A feeling of love but never resent
But I met you and my whole world changed
And now I realise love is so ******* deranged
See, we went from strangers to sharing a bed
it seemed too soon, you warned it was all in my head

Now, in terms of a woman **** is clearly defined
*** is off the cards if she’s out of mind
So why for me did your rules bend
you attacked me when I couldn’t defend
you knew I was drunk and couldn’t stand straight
you acted like an animal and I was your bait

at the time it might have seemed what I wanted
like you were a genie and my wishes were granted
but deep down inside you knew it was wrong
yet your ****** desire could no longer prolong

so, you did what you did without further thought
and went against everything a man is taught
it hurt like ****, I must admit
you came in raw, no ****** to split
I feel disgusted for getting pleasure
Whilst you felt **** all I felt was relief
That at once you stopped and the bed stopped shaking
You screamed in delight but I all I felt was grief

When we broke up, I felt so much pain
What was my loss became your gain
You traded me in for one of my peers
So much younger for you he was all ears
For all your lies and hopeless romance
But I for one, will have the last dance

See, you made me the person that today I am
Ill never fall for an older man’s scam
You’ve made me realise that I’m worth more
Than the ***** piece of meat you’ve taken me for
And now I don’t think of our past
But of how your love can never last
You’re too insecure to find a spouse
And not successful enough to own a house

So next time you try to get another *****
Stop for a moment and have a think
The next kid you **** could be your last
The police will know you’ve had a past

So, although you feel like you won
you’re playing roulette with a loaded gun
The trigger could go at any minute
The lies will fall, and the truth will hit
At the age of 16 i met somebody who led me to believe he was much younger, after falling for him, i found out he was lying and was infact ten years older than me, this poem explores just one view point of my relationship with him and what it feels to be lead awry by somebody.

if it matters to you, we are both male and not closeted, feedback would be appreciated as this is my first poem therefore i obviously dont expect it to be perfect

thanks, C x
Poolza Jan 28



JasFow Jan 19
We've talked
I said it
You listened
I held my breath
You sighed
Releasing what I can't believe
You feel the same
Just as confused
But you also have been used
Both bruised from our past
You started crying
It probably wasn't the best response
I smiled
You loved me too
Somehow I already knew
Terrified of what you would say
I almost never said anything
Going on everyday
Pretending I felt nothing
You knew
Too smart for you not to
Now I wonder somedays
If you feel it still
Has it gone away with the time
We share a home now
Three soft children we keep warm
You know I will never cause you harm
We're perfect
They all see it
Telling us
We laugh it away casually
But why are we laughing
It's true
I can see it now
Me and You
It's okay, it's alright
I know you can't be just mine
Is it so wrong for me to say
You can go to them anyway
I'll look the other way
Just come home to me
Say I love you, again.
Is it really as complicated as we make it out to be?
cass Jan 19
I was on this ride
this beautiful, exciting ride
it was colorful, wild, and crazy
But I didn’t know it

I didn’t know I was on this ride
and neither did my friends nor family
Think of this ride, as the ride at the back of an amusement park
So far that you can’t even see it when it’s lit

I entered this ride when I was eleven years old
and no one rode with me, my blood ran cold
My palms were all sweaty and shaky, as we neared the first drop
Then, after staring for countless of hours at the edge, I dropped

As the ride looped around countless of times, I got less lonely
My friends climbed on and sat beside me
I wasn’t as scared anymore
I even let out a roar

Some people didn’t approve of me riding the colorful, exciting, wondrous ride
But I have to show my pride
They tried telling me to get off
But that didn’t work, and I looked at them and scoffed

The colorful, exciting, wondrous ride, is something I won’t ever tire of
It has received all my heartfelt love
And even though some people will disprove
I’ll just get out of their way and move

Because I am proud of who I am
And I’m gonna scream it out loud
Because I am Me
and that surely fills me with the purest form of glee

So here I am, thirteen years old
still on the ride,
filled with even more pride
And I don’t think I’m getting off anytime soon

Oh, the name of the ride?
It’s called the rainbow ride
I wrote this for our English class which required us to perform a poem we made in front of class
JFree Dec 2018
dear —,
this is not divinity-
no empty pillowcase cape can make you fly
no lipstick can make you beautiful no girl can make you girl no
boy can’t make you boy
no night time prayers can make you god
you can’t hate yourself into a revolution
or love yourself into a label
binary gendered thing
bipolar botched up baby with hit hard head
bisexual? still denying: *** **** ***** ***** ***** *****
this is no caution tape finish line-
no period can finish your seesaw story,
sadness sometimes stretches like
semicolons or wet cement
flowing through this blood, waiting for the moment to harden
to cave you into yourself
to sink into nose too wide, heart too big, space
too much
you growing soul,
with samson strength put all
in two places
just because that ****** pillowcase can
catch your tears doesn’t mean
you will always be only to catch
have you prayed your own salvation so much you’ve forgotten how it feels to
open your eyes
held yourself long enough your back can’t ***** open again
searched solutions for phantoms so you can only see yourself problem
have you written so many poems that you expect me finished
not every poem has a conclusion
not every poem needs one.
and not every person is prose
where the solution wraps itself into a bow
you can’t keep conflict with yourself until it does
sometimes the answer will pass through
falling failing chests and
pressed pastor palms
sometimes the answer isn’t prewritten
picture book in black and white/boy and girl
sometimes it’s You
somewhere in between-
Haylin Dec 2018
I am a girl, at least to everyone but me,
I am ***, and straight too, and both, and neither,
I do not want attention, I even try to avoid,
But you call me a she,
But I am changing, every day,

I cry when you know I am not so,
I am a boy today...I am ***
You don't notice, or care,
You just put more cuts on my wrist,
And hurt me more with every word...
"*****," you call with ease,
But you do not know, I am a boy today
"****," you say... I am a ******

Death my mind calls with every single word...
But you do not care, for you smile at my pain, as I call for my love,
Alyssa Brianne Dec 2018
You were supposed to be my forever girl,  
the only person i’d ever write another poem about.  
Your slender fingers intertwined in mine,
making it impossible  
to write a single word
but it would always be worth it when I saw your eyes.

I thought we’d get married,
two white dresses standing out  against the autumn leaves.
But you never liked the breakfast club,
or neck deep  
and you laughed every time
I said I wanted to be a poet.  

It’s been a long time since I adored you,  
since I saw a future in your smile.  I’ve been watching pretty in pink,
something you thought
looked boring  
but i’m loving it.  

I still love you
but not in the way I used to;  
there’s no indie movie playing our story
like I had hoped once before  
but i’m finally alright with that.
Brielle Bishop Dec 2018
11.11.18// Revised 12.5.18
Dialogue // Mania

There is no reason
There is no reason
There is no reason  
And I do not understand
The orange bottle symbolic
White and round
Like wafers at a communion
Offering up my body
My mind
Broken down spirit
You need to compose yourself
But all you can compose is this
Even the dog is worried
Orange feline
Another symbol
Wrapped around your heels
Who will feed them?
If you’re away
Don’t break the glasses
But you should
Don’t break the glasses  
Smell of blood
Don’t break the glasses
Across the floor
Lock the children away

You’ve dug through the ash tray three times
Obsessively checking three more
Flesh on flesh
The sound of follicles

Make it stop.
Dani Dec 2018
She moved towards me like silk moves in a breeze. Her glow was soft, yet strikingly strong. Eyes brown and big like an oak tree in summer with rays of golden sun stung throughout. She moved as if an angel slowly awakening inside her. Her long brunette hair shimmered as it gracefully fell along her shoulders resting upon her *******. I would call her body smooth like softly blown waves in the sea, but no justice would it give to her. Her smile could make any woman stop in her tracks, just to appreciate the glorious happiness it brings. Her laugh brings joy like the peace nature brings in solitude. A total eclipse of winters cold, only allowing warm spring and summer. Hips a sailboat rocked by a beat only she could know. Sweet kisses with lips that taste like the most perfectly ripe fruit. Her hands touch as water does; politely gracing your skin and leaving you with droplets slowly fading. Her glance love-filled as a lover of many years might look at you. She is beauty from the inside out; she is graceful with every step; she is everything I want, and so much more.
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