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izzn Oct 11
Eleven out of ten,
that's what I would have given you despite all these men

Eleven out of ten,
that's what I tried to come up with when I saw you in the deep-end

Eleven out of ten,
that's what I would have texted you today if you didn't act so flamboyant

Eleven out of ten,
that's what I would pray for you if you weren't a full pro-Christian

Eleven out of ten,
that's what I would have said if you smiled even for a moment back then

Eleven out of ten,
that's what I would think of you if you were my boyfriend

Eleven out of ten,
that's what I would tell you if I could see you again
Nat Lipstadt Sep 28
First Line: The Most Popular Words on HP

those  selected below, are copied from the current top line of the Words section on HP,  which I believe, represent the most often used/“popular” words on the site.

love      time      heart      life      eyes      feel      day      
mind      night      things      left      find      long

when  I find love next time, and the next time,
the heart that has powered this life,
will avoid the trapping eyes that initialize the
first feel, the first contact, those things that are
the mind seducers, whether,
one, if by day
two, if by night

which is it?
love is blind, but we all dream of love at first sight!

which’s why, I’ve left the world of find,
long ago, deciding that love will find me in its own
peculiar time, way, method, until that occurs,
dreaming of that happenstance will inspire
a poem of the day, each day,
until time postpones either my
heart or mind, my senses, or the search is concluded,
which will most likely be through my jewels,

my very own words
Irene J Sep 25
never it crossed my mind

that I'll ever have a feeling for you.

but yet, you crossed a line you

didn't realize.

I was in love with you

with all the time you kept saying,

"I want someone to love."

But yet you didn't realize,

there's someone in front of you

dying for you to see her heart.
It's a confession of my feeling toward a guy, who's a close friend of mine. He gives me so much comfort, until I fell for him. but the thing is, Idk if I should tell him or not.
I grab hold of a life line.
A dangling "vine" to witch my soul
clings to life by a strand.
I scream out the pain of nights whipped down by hearts in which you look up too
You also give your everything out of your poor rash-ins  hands.
Do my tears quench your thirst?
For salty oceans where my cuts blood with the cutting of the salts?
Shall you jest as I get damaged in front of your eyes...that are too blind to see...
My past is treated as humorous tales of foolery
Leaving the victories in my life, unspoken.
Locked away by the Jester in his Vaults.
The incumbent village idiot would be alarmed by my efforts, as he'd most likely perceive them as ones attempting to dethrone him.
Came up with this a while back. Still don't know what to do with it.
JA Perkins Sep 4
Genuine like a child
Candid like an open book
Exotic like The Wild
Reassuring like a second look
My baby
I have no fame or riches
I come with empty hands
Myself, I offer you
Though fate turns and hisses

Be mine, be mine
I cry desperately
My voice drowning in the wind
As fate, draws the line

I try over and over
To pass the line
With no change
I'm left lying in a field of clovers
Mandalina Sep 12
the white lines
the pink skin
the untold pain

it all begins with a crack

Johnny walker Aug 22
I now walk a thin white line between the present since my sweetheart been gone and the past but find
myself leaning more
and more
towards the
So much more I'm living
In the past compared to
the present day that consist of nothingness boring
empty days without
Helen to
One night I'll return
to the past and to my sweetheart In my dreams
but I won't be coming
back I won't be waking
from the
New line ...

it's a pleasure morning ...  
to see this face ...
beauteous  face ...
yes it is ...
yes you are ...

another new line ...
with another letter ...
starting now ...
my new words ...
to get a new poem ...
only from your face ...
to your heart ...
yes ...
always i starting ...
my all love's poems ...
which it talks ...
about the love ...
the love which you know ...
know well ...
that love ...
which i hold inside ...
and it increase more ...
since i see your face ...
with every new morning ...

sweetheart ...
it's my morning ...
mine and yours ...
my new poem ...
words of you ...
to start my words ...
starting it with ...
love , passion ...
from a madly lover ...
who madly loves you ...

yes my sweet baby ...
it's a new morning ...
and your beauteous face ...
to start my new lines ...
while no one can do ...
as i do ...

good morning ...

hazem ...
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