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Dip me into the flat line,
under the frame,
where the sun sinks,

The longest day of my life suddenly
ends with a twist, turns
out, your venom

burned negative space
in the lid and
let out the damage

you did.
Poetic T Mar 9
lila Feb 12
every line and curve
a new road to somewhere else
love them all the same
       -the only hiaku i’ll ever write
mes Feb 1
is a battlefield
are flying arrows
when we hit flesh
and one more soldier is down to the ground
heavily armed with dreadful hopes in hand
dead are they
then alive they become
as their blood are pouring down like milk
as they go down in hysterical laughter
they finally make it
we become merely objects
cutting sharp whoever is on site,  
we don’t know what the **** we are doing.
but who is shooting us at the enemy?
who has sharpened us till we bleed? thrown our strengths in the fire
drown them into the water
‘til our wooden bodies get tired
then break
as they get finished?
chanting at fate’s face
the only thing we have held until that very moment
that once and for all
cheaters conquer the world
good ones make it to the finish line.
I feel like love is not our battle. We participate but it isn’t up to us, it happens without our hands involved. Love is something greater than ourselves.
Yuki Jan 31
You are trapped in that limbo in
which your freedom coincides
imperceptibly with your loneliness
without being able to tell the
difference between the two,
scouring for an answer in that
horizon you are staring at
enchanted, for it is just like you:
the fine line between
the abyss and the sky.
Speak Slowly Jan 27
when you hit their line, you really gotta think
you got their time? Think you're worth any one of their dimes?
up your word play because you might not be worth any time of day
foreplay? you go'n need that if you wanna hear em say it

there's no love without intimacy
no intimacy without chemistry
you wanna impress? best push your boundaries
think you slick and sweet, but where're your feats?
show your worth or get kicked to the curb

you want my love? earn it
please me? It ain't easy
show me your heart, your soul
show me your all and maybe partake
in a real fantasy of romance.

dance on the shores as the sunsets.
let the breeze give us goosebumps..
get careless and show every expression...
be calm in each others arms...
if we freeze time it'd be perfect...
so hit my line... don't waste my time.

lost count of what day and what poem. But I hope you enjoy the read
Grace Dec 2018
I love
the way our lives parallel before they cross
like lines in the sand
and the way my life will parallel
other lives I've encountered
just to cross yours a second time
The grief has its birthday ahead of time
nothing, but the fears can throw us a line
Sometimes the worst is the best!
Allie Dotson Dec 2018
The blue line
Somewhere in between time
I shall not cross
A fear bounding me to be lost
They are there
And I am here
A blue line
Which only seems to be mine
Amanda Francis Dec 2018
They asked me to read them my favourite line...

Your name rolled off my tounge
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