I'm enslaved to a screen.
I can't remember wether I am a human being or not.
I've spent my days in solitude spreading my attitude through cyber space.
We all have a pretty face on the line.

Bring me back to reality where faces are larger than thumbs.
You're my number one avatar, lift me up, keep my eyes from staring at this world I never anticipated.
Keep me safe from all the hatred no one takes credit for and what's more I'll shield your eyes from the machine.

Our time is on the line, our time, is, on, the, line.

Too much computer time makes me write these sorts of things.
Ryan Kirby Aug 8

Brevity is levity for
words with no pull.

Brevity is length
pulled short, tired.

Brevity is brave and
rescues, recuses, the line.

Brevity is length
without words, but

brevity is total.

ryn Jul 23

What is this line that separates us?

Why this lone tape that cordons our spaces?

Who assigned the thread that parts land and sky; earth and the heavens?

How is it that a boundary could be invisible yet bind so sure?

Which of us was given the right to reinforce... to validate this demarcation?

So what is this line that separates us?

It's reality.

Love is giving when you're not comfortable giving
The difficult part is both the explaining and understanding your own discomfort
Any lover can give when things are perfect
But it takes faith and trust to keep giving
And to truly understand the meaning
Behind the gift

Love is love... SON116

Life is filled with feelings and emotions

With force and how much exertion

It's filled with pain and hurting

It's filled with other people flirting

There's stories and people who everyone knows

And there's ones that are hidden away

People that attention to is no longer a must to pay

A path of many takings

Body filled with whispers and aching

Milestones and stoning miles

Different people, different styles

Lines that divide in physical sense and mentality

No more can you feel the world for what it was

It was changed

The world is defined

It's defined by the person and the holding of their mind

So the world to your mind, is confined and defined

A void is left in my mind and now my world

For my definition of the world and my life is different now

There's a line

Before and after, that is all I know for tradgedy

Mine filled with agony caused by absence

Of a thing or person I had once

An imperfect imbalance

A tradgedy and mask on me

What was once forgotten and now remembered...gravity


No amorality

No more euphoria

Gravity exists and so does where it leads

My world is changed

Now it's boring and arranged

Organized and strange

Unlike what I wanted

Different from what it was

Halted and haunted

loot the rich stomp gratuity saintly irritate mayo hippo tweek\
rhino a big gun dispute the poverty mute aloof nympho groove\
superb lock stock two smoking barrels manup positions dapple improve\
dry too flimsy ripple status quo fluid stain wet into a puddle strain\
stable ground disintegrate cry squabble hone grin refute scrabble tunnel\
cruising off a shotgun bang what up with that thang show her off hang erect\
sting know how ripe bosom in demand bite inflicting raw election dangle TLC\
exposed suckle foreplay bare the doom shielded knuckle brass boots fisting HooT\
BooM on blast mettle to the pedal sass passing windows fast exhaust throttle\
fastlane straddle last shrine wine tire popping the wealthy snoot channelside\
stealthy snoop crank dogg sly filthy in hind charlie brown restrain grand sighs\
define the grime be kind foresee the crime rewind lakhaim frame spine spinning\
wheel ordeals repeal sick figures concealed pinning children against frontal lobes\

memory versus\

skulls lost salam to lucifer in a frantic relay replay demonic delay foiling shalom\
band alaykoum in purse fulfilling evil curse droopy eyed fools drooling pearl pool\
diluting verses sheet smarts versions saluting sheer farce shuffling back\ rank pipe crack\
tears smear contract around virus rooms chasing bail resisting a spook toned\
smears contract around virus rooms chasing bail resisting a spook toned\
frown talking to walls of jail houses crowned end dead thread landfill clowns\
bumping heads bunk bed trash courthouse playground twisting urine fits\
battered butter mutter peace cross the street forgetting to put up and fight\
shiest with height heist barren on the other side green lyres setting fear steep lower\
reflection revel mirrors deflection inflicting Ghostface highness pace rhymeless chase Killah\

stoke shady slim phone in remaining senses detain impurity capitulating dexterity fuse\
recluse stan granting badass roundhouse kicks rudimental trick chant chatterbox vamp\
underworld stick centerfold haunting Rancid activate superlative octave erupt glee\
sharply whiplash ash out the masses entrance serendipity multiply sentimental divide\
invincible prime knowledge footprint stepping benign modicum rootline stem enticing\ cognizant fledge camaraderie hack feasibility snare clear spear stupes stare look at\
that rearview it's you fucking a pornstar in the backseat rampaged clit dripping slit swept\

weeping tantric rendition orgasms loose rocking out sweep companions check and replace\
tits tighten up crews shock and strut byob bend righty tighty string along aim gift dames\
chauffeur fate slate teams honor razzle the green fire dazzle gardens retire kinder\
inspire thug arthur passion swords struck within pyramid empires cured she'll always\
                          love you truly madly deeply combined nocturnal eternal WH navel\

brighten up rooms choose floos to lose

Ours is like a strand of yarn
Stretched across a narrow gap
Though the wind berates
And the rain pours out in the summer storm
It will not break, it will endure
But perhaps in time will sag and fray
As if we let it so to go
Or even chose to cut it down
Because you have your own phone lines now
Made of woven steel and unbroken arms
As we were just a childhood yarn
Or a single strand between two hearts

Perhaps one day...most likely. I'll be a memory In your mind.
Derek Tatum Jun 23

There is no sea without the shore. All shored up, afraid to bridge the gap...to cross that line & take to the unkown...

Riz Jun 22

perv etiquette is:
do not maintain eye contact
                     do not intently stare
                           do not press eyes down bodies
                                 do not breathe moist puffs onto cheeks

possibly small, like twigs
but we are not kindling
to light your dick ablaze

prevent emergence
we hold this pole for balance

a hand isn't naked
refrain. don't caress.

a chest is covered
brushing it is prohibited

i will tear your
bright orange tshirt
chewing the cotton
spitting it out onto the tracks
where i see you wait
chest bare but sweaty
and hairy
patiently wait
chin up you dog

this is goodge st.
mind your step between the man and the escape route.

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