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LC Sep 23
sadness grips my neck in a choke-hold
its hands cold and rough to the point in which
I don't know if I can escape with life left in me.
Anastasia Jun 8
i think
your neck
is a delicacy
and sweet.
c.b. ♥
Anastasia Jun 6
i feel like
is pinching my flesh.
pinching my elbows
my ears
on my neck
my ankles
my stomach
my nose
my toes
won't leave me alone.
There’s a place on my hip
Where your hand would fit
A place on my neck
To lay your head
Nuzzling and cuddling
In bed together
Permanent satisfaction
You and me forever
Love you Romeo
Anne J May 14
Claw my big heart out
String my organs to a big tree
Break my ripped neck out
The second haiku for my project
Maria Etre May 8
You strummed my chords
and played the song of lust
my body complied
controlled my being
moans and such
you held me yesterday
stretched me
cupped my neck
rested your fingers
on my lips
you strummed
and slid the rest
up and down my frets
I feared no more
my body jolted
with the thunder outside
as he strummed my delicate lips
down there
tears wet his fingers
it wasn't the song of lust
no more
it was different
he was clueless
that tonight
he was playing
the blues
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