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Anne J 6d
Claw my big heart out
String my organs to a big tree
Break my ripped neck out
The second haiku for my project
Maria Etre May 8
You strummed my chords
and played the song of ****
my body complied
controlled my being
moans and such
you held me yesterday
stretched me
cupped my neck
rested your fingers
on my lips
you strummed
and slid the rest
up and down my frets
I feared no more
my body jolted
with the thunder outside
as he strummed my delicate lips
down there
tears wet his fingers
it wasn't the song of ****
no more
it was different
he was clueless
that tonight
he was playing
the blues
Jeanette Apr 26
Some would call our match 'sheer luck'
To me you were 'heaven'
Your soft lips on my skin,
manicured fingers around my neck,
those moments we spent every day petting,
were my all time favourite and they
couldn't stop my heart from spinning.

Today I've unwittingly cause you pain
and you've cold heartedly sent me away.
All I wanted was to contribute to your smile and see you shine.
You are my first and will be my last crush.
Even if you only called me 'Just your toothbrush'.
Toothbrush was a word given to us as a challenge to write a quote or poem. this was my humble attempt to compare toothbrush to a lover.
aarbirb Apr 25
lips flutter
along your neck,
leaving a whisper
in a language that only you understand.
worm?? more poems about love???
you know it b B^)
i just like writing about the intimacy I've never had
Bohemian Apr 12
My neck feels so anxious
The last time it had laid on a pillow
It felt an utter discomfort
Where on the bed should my hair be placed
For each strand has grown so tall with such a pace
My callus is so pale
Frozen are my palms
Lips fall dead dry ,no, I don't apply any flavoured balm
Eyes behold an anchor upon
I curl up under the sheets
But by the morning I'm fresh and flushed.
Take me into your bed
Let me burn my kisses
Down your neck
and down your chest

I don’t want you to be able to touch your own hips without shivering and remembering how it felt when I felt them
nja Mar 6
It’s hard to be your own person,
to move your singular body in its own direction,
when every corner is already crowded by other thoughts.
Your limbs brimming with self-loathing again, brilliant.
Bubbles of spit boasting as they frame your thirsty lips.
You’re picking blood-stained fingernails with yellowing teeth that never knew the curling cradle of a smile.
At a loss for embrace,
Fake hair plastered by stained sweat to your forehead.
There, in the hollows of your forehead, permanent lines appear prematurely, paving the way for the end of your rabbit hole, spiraling.
Head so full of heavy thoughts that your necks snaps.
Tell me in a whisper
Is there anything you'd like to confide.
My lips pressed against your neck
The images seen when eyes close.
My breath hot against your neck.
Almost hyperventilating at a gasp,
Tell me right there in a whisper,
The not so terrible things we can explore.
The lining of your neck,
The rapid beat of your heart.
Common ground my tongue travels.
The loss of control caused by your hands alone,
Pull me tighter
Exposing your ear to my mouth.
In a single bite
A moan travels down your ear
Until it reaches the peak of euphoria.
We've put this off for so long.
These things we try to hide.
Tell me in a whisper how we've waited for this moment.
With me pressed up against you
Your thigh wrapped against mine.
With eyes shut tight this moment we both long.
My fingers hid between skin.
Tell me the grin we both await
Broken by a kiss
IncholPoem Jan 17



masked  cloth
was  on  nose
and  long   hair
ready  to
be  alive  again.

S O P H I E Dec 2018
he told me he felt stuck
that his life was out of his control
"do something impulsive"
i only suggested it because i knew he could pull himself
out of the alluring trance of letting go
but me? impulsivity tightly grips my neck and never lets go
it's poison flows through my veins
i have launched myself from tall places never knowing where the bottom was
i have ended relationships because a voice in my head says they deserve much better then me but isolation is not safety
it is death
because if no one knows you're alive

you aren't.
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