JAC May 18

There's triumph in each step
Walking timidly home
Looking down
So no one can see the grin
Spread generously across my face
Or the love marking my neck
Because, selfishly,
I want it all to myself.

Zan Balmore Mar 27

You've made your suffer very clear
In anguish's cutting headlights
You are a fragile deer
Glass organs pop under foot
Your psyche crumbles into dirt
Glass murks reading worse
Than it ever has
It ever has
In this one bedroom den, I'm the wolf
Once I was a scrapyard mongrel
Once you were my wide world
Presently avatar of indifference
You've become a cyclone fence
Every dawn sweet music cedes
Every dusk, must evade sleep
Evade sleep

Vexren4000 Mar 12

The sands flow like salty water,
Down the thin waist to the opposite ends.
Denoting the passage of time, and punctuating it.
In fragments of the beach, and silicon from the earth.
seconds pulsate, from atomic clocks.
Hourglass sands fall and flow into arbitrary heaps.
Ways of chronology
lost to antiquity.
One must ponder,
Did time flow the same,
for humans before the age of automation?

Sam Jan 26

On the nights you have to leave ill feel the ghost of your breath on my skin in my dreams
Carefully i play the memories of your lips on my lips, my neck, and my chest
The memories of your hands on my hips, my hair, and my wrists
I can hear you say "i love you" and i can feel the "please dont leave me"
I can barely keep my eyes open and when i do all i see is you
Toes curling into the sheets and my fingers curl into your hair and under your chin
I can feel your heart beat against mine and it feels like we are one being
Fit together perfectly

November 3, 2016 at 11pm
Glass Jan 2

iridescent poetry
my tongue is unrelenting encrusted silver
gleaming grotesque breath
that my throat grasps tightly around my own neck
recklessly fraying scratched vocabulary
because my lungs are not sprinkled with blush
or shaded with smoky charcoal
like a sweet cherry kiss
violently resplendently flares
of skin

poetry you are stitched onto me
Lorayne Nov 2016

crooks of elbows
backs of knees
where the thighs touch

Kaya Oct 2016

dear black bird
with a purple neck
your familiar chirp
cannot be heard
through this glass

- Kaya

In this dream I stand in a lavender field. My subconscious has always liked pale purple best.
In the other dream lilac and lavender aren’t the same colour.

In this dream there are scratches on my neck from all the times I tore my own throat out to prevent the words from spilling out of my mouth.
In the other dream I say the words out loud.

In this dream I write down all the words that do make it out. I use pencil and leave the paper out in the sun to fade.
In the other dream the gray doesn’t pale fast enough.

In one dream I am asleep, in an other dream I am awake.

The concept is that people send me three words and I try to write a poem with them. You can still send in words if you want.
andromeda Oct 2016

the voice of the dim cathedral
haunts my bones
its slim fingers wrap around my neck
and through my skull
a voice from many
releases dawn on the backs of my eyelids
and sets fire to my ribs
a boy beckons us to hail true body
freeing me from earthly restraints

ave verum corpus : william byrd, ora
cait-cait Sep 2016

Balloon head girl...
With eggs for eyes and
Sharpie lips,,
Don't cry your egg white tears
For me, or let
the yolk leak from holes in
Your diabetic fingers...

Snap your blouse back on, with
The buttons right up
to your neck, a throat with
3 imprints, but
2 hands and  
1 threat

maybe balloon head girl was abused??? maybe she lives a perfect life?? the world may never know!!
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