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She is my comfort in my storm,
The breath in my lungs
The soul in every poem that I write

When her hands are on my body
And her lips are on my neck
Her name is the prayer on my tongue
I never believed in religion until she had me on my knees for her
bossanova Nov 2021
so pale is your skin
so cold is your body
where has the warmth go?
and your merry little smile
answer me, oh dear
don't you just lay still!
a hug was all i gave
so tightly around your neck
Jaxey Apr 2021
your song didn't need lyrics
I heard everything
in your breath
against my neck
your hands insisting
a duet
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, hanging on these little things life grants us is the reason of our survival;]

in his feels

I know I see

the drowned drips of the feet

smiles of the fakes he sweeps

lick the lips and motion the blondes to touch

hearts to brush

always as also so little as much

thinking when he means of the ones and the twos

the whispers and the apples to smell to near

hairs so dark for the safe to fear

maybe then the want would not haste

or not for the come to paste

invisible to the seen to the face

on the yellows they still remain

or blue flowers on the neck I wish the belongs come to make

the gentle hands that wrap around my throat,
the decorative jewels of bruises,
the pale flesh that inspired poetry,
kissed by the silver blade
as i kneel in the scaffold
29 octobre 2020
06:33 am
“i love your neck,” he whispers as his hand curls around the pale flesh delicately. careful not to bruise in places easily seen.
      “i love your neck,” he whispers kissing the bruises he left behind. red, purple, yellow decorating it like a necklace.
      “i love your neck,” he says gripping it tightly as he thrusts deeper in your body. your breath is caught in your throat, you struggle to breathe.
      “i love your neck,” he says pushing you against the wall- bruises are a normal sight, it doesn’t scare you anymore, not to breathe.
     “i love your neck” he says as he leads you to the scaffold. you think of the blade at your neck and wonder if it loves yours too.
16. julliet 2020
3:44 am.
Poetic T May 2020
The moment were surrounded
          by deep breaths of nothingness.

But we swear we
                    can feel it touching our neck..

                               was that you..

                               wait no ones here..
oh' ****...
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