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My Dear Poet Dec 2021
There’s no time for suicide
it’s the end of the world
Dilshey Aug 2021
Cataclysm at its finest is it?
Catastrophe galore
Crisis & calamity
Beginning of  
humanitys' war
Great nuclear holocaust,
Mother natures devastation
Festering with inhabitants of the era of degradation.
Where we are the parasitic infestation
numbly oblivious to backfiring ruination.
Our world is a gas chamber
with poison - being suffused & saturated.
A toxic wasteland for our toxic souls
heartless ghouls ought to be annihilated -
obliteration sounds tempting...
'mass suicide of this vicious nation'.
Black death couldn't quell us malicious beings
No virus contagion in existence ever would -
eradicate a species, this selfish & grim
Should we blow the world up if we could?
All the Atomic & Nuclear could be put to good use
Escape the mess we made & ignite the fuse
As the grotesque & gory go up in flames
vanquish every origin of mans evil games
Watch Earths inferno,
much better than Hiroshima or Chernobyl
Lamenting on the barren face of Mars,
Of the spectacle 'it' could've been but never will.
Skye Jun 2021
you gave me infinity
for a split second
cassandra Apr 2021
what a dive
staying up
all night
just to jump
and die
Sanchari Ghosh Apr 2021
Not a word to the summer breezes..
That ruffle through my clothes..
Hanging on my innocuous balcony...
Not a word to the half read books..
Lying on my overcrowded bed..
Waiting for me to paint their stories...
Not a word to the whisper of love..
Buzzing through my phone..
Asking for affection in return.
Not a word to the winding alleys..
Of the unknown city..
That I now call home...
Not a word to the stuff toys..
Sitting on my couch..
Begging for a snuggle...
Not a word to the half eaten chocolate bar...
Or the half drawn doodle...
Or the half written note..

No one needs to know.
I am leaving.
I will let them know when I am long gone
And the world finds out.
cassandra Mar 2021
our whole adventure
just like a blink of an eye,
was there no gesture
or did i miss

your goodbye?
Delyla Nunez Jan 2021
I held on for so long,
Letting myself be bruised and cut.
Broken and left to myself, which was the best decision you made for me.
Which choosing what I do is what you did best.

I cannot tell you that I never loved you or prove my lie when I say I don’t care.
Truth be told, you were everything and so much more than I can express.

You were the second person I fell in love with. My whole soul felt at peace once again, attempting to regain what I could get back.
The love I gave was unexpected to say the least.

Since leaving though.
I can’t help but feel the weight off my chest.
Knowing I did my best to tell you what I needed.
And you wanted to keep hurting me..

Regardless of it being intentional or not,
You couldn’t catch yourself while saying it.
And I had to let you go.
Joshua/Adrienne. A boy that was/is a girl. The one human that I let get close enough.. in the end I was never enough.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Do or don't?
Just get it done!
Cause I don't wanna be
The only one
Left behind

The task at hand?
It is what God demands
Cause He doesn't want me
To be
The only one
Left behind

Will I succeed?
I am sure indeed
Cause it's the Lord's will
It is what He does need
The assurance for me
That I won't be
Left behind

Halt no more?
Of this I am sure
Cause if I do not
My spirit will rot
Then I will find
Left behind

Out of time
With no reason or ryhme?
Cause if so,
I'm not worth a dime
If I wind up being
The only one left behind

Spiritual warfare?
There's a battle at hand
To warn all the others
An honor so grand
Cause all of us know
We prefer
Not to be ******

Its time to go
And all of us know
Cause its time to change direction
And don't go with the flow
So take up your paddles
And vigorously row

Row and row
And take part in the grind
And in due time
You will find
Not left behind

Tis my warning
My warning for all of you
Cause the time is coming
I know this to be true
The time for each and every
One of us to find
Which ones will be left
The ones left behind
Gotta get it off my chest. Maybe all of us should look inward and see where we really stand.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Tick tock
  Tick tock
Throughout the years
   I've always thought
Of faith to be
  A clicking clock
With hands
So persistent
So determined
To never miss a single beat
  Nor stop

Throughout the years
  This faithful clock
Built up a longing in me
  My solid rock
Through which,
In times of trouble
I would pull
From my everlasting
  Love-filled stock

Brace yourselves,
My friends
  And do not
Let this coming news
Be some sort
  Of terrible shock
For the time is coming
  When this faithful clock's
Hands must,
  Inevitably stop

For you see -
The battery in me,
So to speak,
    Is nearly diminished
The continuation of
its intermittent
Clicking is
    Almost nearly finished
The gears within
This 'ol faithful clock,
Are most definitely
    Fatally blemished

I am so
   So very sorry
For this very moment
Marks the end
   Of my journey's story
I hate to say it,
But not every person
   Goes out in a blaze of glory






The clock has stopped
I feel like my faith is failing.
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