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Aaron Combs Jan 22
The fireflies of the sky are falling like razors,
and tonight the marble moon is on fire,
like the flames in your eyes.
soon the Gemini shadows will soar over.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah

As the world falls apart
like a red dress,
tell me the time, the time you felt life,
that life was good.

For the storms and shadows, spirits
will eventually bleed into the sunrise.
Inside the truck, let me hold your heart.
below the shadows, I'll be your armor.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah

Up and under the shirts, sleeves, of our feelings,
darkness doesn't feel so strange when I'm with you,
so hold and hang on the leg of my words,
as the streetlights spill into the skin and memories.

Oh, the shadows, the shadows, the shadows,
I can feel thunder as much as I feel the fire
and the flames in your eyes,
the power of the earth moving like toddler and it's toy.

Until we clothed into one flame.
Tell me you belong to me,
for the marble moon is on fire

Turn the radio on, the last song on high,
and let the flames of music blend
smoothly against the shadows light.

hallelujah .... hallelujah ... hallelujah
Ariel Neves Jan 21
As the end is coming near
You tell me not to fear
For you are coming back
You are going to put an end to all the attacks
The enemy thinks he’s slick
Accusing me of that and this
But how can he accuse me?!
I’ve been made clean
I am spotless through the blood I mean
Lord I hope all will see the change in me
I hope all will fall to their knees
And proclaim Jesus to be King !
Mia Pierce Jan 17
How do you find your voice when you've been drowned out for so long?
How do you accept the help you're screaming for if you feel like everyone's against you? If people have been against you your whole life?
To be able to get up and shower or get ready is something I long for. To not feel so ******* bleak. So ******* useless.
I'm like a bad joke that everyone always laughs at. That everyone dumps their baggage on to later abandon.
Why did you tell me you love me if you didn't mean it? Why did you tell me I meant something if you knew you'd leave me a day later? I'm a joke people know they can get away with laughing at because I'm too ******* meek and nice to tell them otherwise.
Putting other people first is all I know. When will I start to take care of me?
I'm sorry I'm not enough mom. I try so hard to be everything you want. I try not to relapse and I try not to hurt myself, but the thoughts are getting darker and you don't notice me unless you
want to ridicule me. I'm so sorry I'm not how you want me to be.
I've felt not good enough since I was a small child and I don't think I can hide it behind doing good deeds for others anymore.
I think it's time for me to leave.
I'm so sorry.
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
Tell everyone,
Or no one.
Tell my parents,
Or tell my brothers and sister.
Tell to all who want to know,
Or don't at all.

I love them,
And I will miss them.
For I don't want to be here anymore,
This I can not bare.

Tell my ex girlfriend,
She was all I ever wanted.
Tell her I love her,
And that I will never forget her.

Tell all of them that I said,
Farewell, please live on without me, because you can what I could not.
Goodbye to everyone that wants to hear that I am leaving this place, for I don't want to be in it anymore.
OV Dec 2018
The road seems to never end
The corners are tight
There is a stop sign ahead
reverse haiku
Rose K Nov 2018
i guess my biggest fear is
giving the best parts of me
to someone who brings out the worst…
it’s stripping myself of pride and ego
while they bathe in their own illusions
it’s welcoming you to make a home of my heart
while you leave me banging on your front door
crying for comfort, dying for shelter
Eurus Nov 2018
As I walked towards the future
Things seemed clearer.
What if I stopped here?
Would it mean the end is near?
I so wish I could tell you
How much it takes from you
To chase the inexorable;
So ineffable.
Let it be a pair of sweet eyes
A pleasant demeanor,
A complicated thing
Or a silky string.
Nothing I would let be
To take an ounce of me.
Abbi Oct 2018
These wilted flowers that sit on my desk,
Foretold the future I was whispered of, in my head,
Once vibrant blossoms,
Now dull, devastatingly dreary,
Mimic the coldness I feel now,
That you’re no longer near me.
The candles flicker around me,
So fickle, oh so faint,
I’ll dread the moment they go out,
For then darkness will take their place.
I hear the thunder all around me,
A vicious reminder of our once booming love,
Fading off in the distance,
Then only leaving the rain and I to sob,
And I know you didn’t think I noticed when you stuttered on “goodbye”
Because the tears they welled up, and glazed over my eyes.
But I saw the ***** in your demeanor, when I begged you not to go.
I really thought you meant it,
When you told me you loved me so..
Janella Sanchez Sep 2018
The embers are dying out
Not a wind whispers
Here, at the end
Wounded and ridden with scars
All I could think of is the shifting
Shadows of your face
I hear the echo of your laughter
I remember the ghost of your smile

Here, at the end
Weak and waiting for the dark
All I see is your eyes
Your kind, gentle eyes

Will you be there, I wonder
When they finally
Let me through
Will you be there
Waiting, and
Waiting for me
All this time?
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