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if this is my
last train stop,

please don't let
me off

i spent a year
on this ride,

travelled over
the hill of

and up the
streets on
manic avenue

it's madness
that it ends
like this.

i want to let
go, but i don't

want this to be
my last ride.

coming to terms
like this,

i can't help but
think of you,

even as the
voices in my

has convinced me
this is the end

i don't want
to pretend,

i'm still in

like i was

if this is my
last stop,

give me one
last chance,

one last kiss,
and one last

because i don't
know how i can go

without a second
chance at romance.
ky Jul 2023
Stop leaving hints.
I get them;
I just don't reply anymore.

I guess it's because you claim everything
in that last message you sent
was a lie.

If that's true,
it means you won't always
be there if I need you,
and that I was never as important to you
as you said I was.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, please
stop leaving the little hints.
Show me that you've moved on.
Prove to me that I never cross your mind
that you're completely over me.

Just get out of my life.
ALC Nov 2022
And she sat with knees clutched tight to her chest on what was once their couch, looking at what once was their home, what once was their lives, and felt her body begin to shake. Felt the tears well up behind painted pretty eyes, and a scream bubble up behind painted pretty lips. She watched as she set fire to memories in her minds eye, destroying a future now gone.
AJG Jun 2022
Mr Blu came to visit me today.

He wrapped me in pain, cradled me with sorrow
and told me not to wait till tomorrow
It is time he said.
He told me to follow his lead
Count to three
And not to look back
There’s nothing left here for me
but pain
He said with him I’ll be free
Free like birds flying in the summer breeze

Oh Mr Blu,
you do make a good offer
I could play with the other lost kids all winter and summer

Just a second I’ll be there in a few
Just need to pack a thing or two
My Dear Poet Dec 2021
There’s no time for suicide
it’s the end of the world
dilshé Aug 2021
Cataclysm at its finest is it?
Catastrophe galore
Crisis & calamity
Beginning of  
humanitys' war
Great nuclear holocaust,
Mother natures devastation
Festering with inhabitants of the era of degradation.
Where we are the parasitic infestation
numbly oblivious to backfiring ruination.
Our world is a gas chamber
with poison - being suffused & saturated.
A toxic wasteland for our toxic souls
heartless ghouls ought to be annihilated -
obliteration sounds tempting...
'mass suicide of this vicious nation'.
Black death couldn't quell us malicious beings
No virus contagion in existence ever would -
eradicate a species, this selfish & grim
Should we blow the world up if we could?
All the Atomic & Nuclear could be put to good use
Escape the mess we made & ignite the fuse
As the grotesque & gory go up in flames
vanquish every origin of mans evil games
Watch Earths inferno,
much better than Hiroshima or Chernobyl
Lamenting on the barren face of Mars,
Of the spectacle 'it' could've been but never will.
Jme Love May 2021
Falling away

The edges crack
They break

Slipping through
Losing all we held onto


Trying to swim

Deeper and deeper

A battle within

Fearing death
After a life of sin

An unforgiving goodbye

How it all felt in 2020. A quarentine at the start of a new life. It was all unbelievable and very overwhelming.
cassandra Apr 2021
what a dive
staying up
all night
just to jump
and die
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