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A memory is just a story altered.
Every recall differs from the one before it.
The details will fade, though the essence remains.

An orator of the mind spins the tales,
Our experiences catalogue them.

The bitter ones grow even more bitter.
The happy ones grow even happier.

But this mind of mine refused my request.
Figuring some memories are best,
left behind.

And so in my unremembering,
I ponder the splendid and mundane,
that has all been locked away.
Jackie Nov 19
His heart is a guarded chamber
Locked with a diamond mind
Whose gears only turn
If ever someone wished to find
Fulfillness granted through death
Which alive can't give or show
A promise I can't convince
For only God can uphold
But on this Earth I can guarantee
That I'd go to hell and back
I'd live in utter agony
To set you free of your own trap
Starring at the sky
Pale blue
Is there any hope left
Wish non of it were true
How did I get here?
Is there any place left
I can call my home
The clouds are pouring in
Burning me within

Missing in a maze
Disarrayed and alone
Thought I could see
After all I was blind

All that I've cared
Is nothing but frail
How fragile was I
With nothing left to grasp
Just turn it into ash

I'm locked in my head
With what I've done
Maybe there was somebody
Who could've rescued me
But I didn't let anyone in
Now all that's left of me
Thoughts consuming me
With all that could've been

Please someone grab my hand
And run far away
Just save me from myself
JDMaraccini Jul 2013
I smite her without a flicker of remorse.

Web caught trembling prey
blistering sadness shallow grave
Repulsive rotten ***** stench
locked box of putrid sorrow
Blood clot hidden trench
vile secretion burrow

Wolf dressed goblin *****
muttering incantations
Teetering on a broken fence
seething hatred regurgitation
Greedy, evil, spineless, *****
cunning, patient, *****

One head liar
two face succubus

Speech craft forked tongue
slithering witch, foul gargoyle
Rebuke venomous, castrate hung
stoke the funeral pyre

Incubate the serpent fetus
demon, devil, fire
Never more sinister toil
bone covered soil

Death to the succubus
Death to Venus
© JDMaraccini 2013
Lyn-Purcell Oct 26

Swathed in a robe of scarlet snow
with a crown of raven thorns
and skin of ten moons
With her chin upturned, she ascends
With screams locked deep in her heart
None see her for who she truly is
For she is a goddess of stone
before she is mortal
Yet the one who could was now dust
the very one who had the key
to the heart of her Kingdom

I seem more disoriented these days...
Be back soon with more!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Kristina Oct 5
My wrath is massive.
To not hurt anyone
I keep it locked away.

Now the only one who's hurt by it
is me.
Jaxey Sep 1
writing is easy
when your heart is in the lead
your mind in the back
of itself
i guess
but as soon
as something happens
worth writing
my brain says
i told you so
crosses the line
my heart left
in the back this time
locked away
along with
the pen
as i run
o ut
o f
  i n   k
Nylee Aug 17
Be ready to be locked outside
I am scared of all things that are happening
I keep all the doors and windows closed
I'd rather be alone inside
please do not knock
who is there?
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