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Sarah Sep 6
Married with a purpose, always dreamt of a different life all together
This is the reason I don’t believe in god
And why should I,
I don’t know if all this makes sense or not
Is this the case with god that whatever you ask from him
He ll give you totally opposite of the same
I certainly asked for a life happier and more stable than this
Days pass by and I don’t find a single reason to be happy
Days pass by and I don’t find a moment of stableness
Days pass by and all I feel is numbness and pain
Days pass by and all I feel is more distant from my soul
Why only heart dead brain dead is considered to be dead
Isn’t the person who has stopped to feel happiness pain sorry
Who has forget how it is to be happy at all
How it is to feel normal and yourself
How it is to be close to your partner
How it is to have fun in life !!

Why soul dead is not considered to be dead!!
I am not alive why this is not a death in itself!
Raven Feels Jun 29
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just an old a family memory on a dinner table--sorry no rhymes :>

to the no one who is not recognizing......
when I stopped for a long stare for me

I stopped and looked around me searching for something that
I don't know stashed deep into the picture I view

I smiled for the happiness that invades those hearts
for the gratitude that my soul is permeated
I crowned the thrones of blood in pure joy
I stole the sounds of laughter

I screened that shot that is bottled into the core of my memories that shot the reason I am attached to this life
the reason that I believe in the reason that I hang on to the reason

that I long on my stormy nights and deprived alones
I locked them on that table of love and warm clouds attached
when I stopped for a long stare for me

                                                             ­                              ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Jun 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, when you know you know :>>>>

in the window pane
nature white brided its head through its bewildered veins

a sonata to the heart that breathes a blessing in a pile of much
a locking of a chain that believes in no such

of an ending that green around eyes of jealous presence
and a million miles tall table of a wooden necklace

                                                      ­                 ------ravenfeeels
FC Azaele May 8
White walls
Does anybody see them too?
Locked in
as I am in my head
no way of escape
no way of death

White walls...
No single mark, No mess
It's so bright
perhaps for me,
this is death
Raven Feels Apr 5
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I hate deja vus-or not:

lines read and eyes grew

to an unspoken realization of deja vu

flames burnt and strokes ignite

to the regretting moment upon your hideous sight

wheels spun and tables turn

to the delve of my stomach it eventually churned

looks struck and gazes locked

to a cover of cornered arms it blocked

breaths stolen and visions blur

to invite the blaze to an open door

nerves bulge and cut the knives

to hit the heart of that levitating soul in those cursed midnights

for the years to flood and the memories to be remembered

to flourish dark days of delight to December

kicked the laws and loaded the guns of cries

to get that brain of wonders into a real peaceful state of mind

Dawn Treader Mar 5
Those words spoken long ago
I choked them down dry and raw
Now I find regurgitation
To be the only way
In avoiding asphyxiation
Belief is one thing
Reality another
A monster when combined
Some call it "Love"
Some call it a "Lie"
Delusion is jelly-thick
You know what tastes nice?
I poisoned myself on hope and seclusion
Love, may you gag on my rotting flesh
My eyes have opened
My mouth agape
Choked out from love's embrace
My feelings on a long complicated relationship that has left me feeling so many emotions I thought I had pushed far away.
Rea Jan 28
a door i thought would unlock
remains unmovable in my grasp.
the shock of the fact racing down my spine
faster than a dead man falling from the sky.
a stone dropping in my stomach,
the word "Wait" haunting my every step
and consuming every minuscule thought.
i believed tales of my grandmother and
speeches about the future would be enough.
they were not.
so now i turn back.
looking to find the key buried among the bushes
or hanging from a tree branch.
and retracing my path to find
what stepping stone i missed along the way.
the heavy knowledge that this battle isn't over yet
bleeds into every step, making it harder than before.
and yet...
i can hardly stand to speak the words
in a tiny corner,
half obscured by shadow,
there lives a young ember named hope
and it refuses to burn out.
here's to praying it'll start a forest fire.
let it all burn
Devin Ortiz Nov 2020
A memory is just a story altered.
Every recall differs from the one before it.
The details will fade, though the essence remains.

An orator of the mind spins the tales,
Our experiences catalogue them.

The bitter ones grow even more bitter.
The happy ones grow even happier.

But this mind of mine refused my request.
Figuring some memories are best,
left behind.

And so in my unremembering,
I ponder the splendid and mundane,
that has all been locked away.
Jackie Nov 2020
His heart is a guarded chamber
Locked with a diamond mind
Whose gears only turn
If ever someone wished to find
Fulfillness granted through death
Which alive can't give or show
A promise I can't convince
For only God can uphold
But on this Earth I can guarantee
That I'd go to hell and back
I'd live in utter agony
To set you free of your own trap
Somewhatdamaged Nov 2020
Staring at the sky
Pale blue
Is there any hope left
Wish non of it were true
How did I get here?
Is there any place left
I can call my home
The clouds are pouring in
Burning me within

Missing in a maze
Disarrayed and alone
Thought I could see
After all I was blind

All that I've cared
Is nothing but frail
How fragile was I
With nothing left to grasp
Just turn it into ash

I'm locked in my head
With what I've done
Maybe there was somebody
Who could've rescued me
But I didn't let anyone in
Now all that's left of me
Thoughts consuming me
With all that could've been

Please someone grab my hand
And run far away
Just save me from myself
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