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i think i kinda miss you
and you're missing from my life.
you're not missing from my mind
but you're missing from my nights.
i wish i could tell
the things i need to say
but i don't think i will
because i'm locked away.
i think you kinda miss me
i'm sad cause you're missing
i hope i get see you
and get to breath you
i really miss him. i'm in a mental institution at the moment. i won't get to see him for a while. but i will.
jcl May 12
please open the door
who do i cry for
the golden door is close
do you not want the joy, the ecstasy
the rose bush is blooming, fully flowering
let me in, just unlock the door
my quiver is full, my bow taunt, where is your heart
Darryl M May 8
If you were glitter,
I would’ve chased for silver.
But you’re already my silver.
I would’ve said gold, but I love silver better.
If you were litter,
I would’ve dumped you.
If you were mean,
I would’ve found you better for the bin.
But you are you.
Something I haven’t found better words for.
Believe you me, I’m searching.
When distance drags me away,
You’re the one I’d be reaching.
You’re like a lovely lesson from school,
that they stopped teaching.
It’s funny how I’d be missing you,
even when two blocks away.
I guess our love is safe.
Coz you’ve got the locks.
Erian May 8
He sang along to the trumpets in his head,
as the radio once did.
"I'll always be there for you,"
He stuttered past his heart.
The coldness locking his beath
in a frozen cloud of smoke
intertwining in the frosted skies,
"Then you told me no,"
His hands quivered in his sleeves where scars left no marks,
while his voice was breaking like broken bones.
He never finishes his dying lyrics,
with the notes dangling in the air,
for someone else to pair.
And an iris left at the stairs.
I’m sorry I didn’t come with a warning label as you stepped through my door.
I’m sorry there wasn’t a sign on each room you walked in.
My crazy over obsessive thoughts
My past
My present
I’m sorry for the **** I think
For the **** I feel
The **** I can’t help but I’m just tryna keep it real.
Like when you told me you loved me right after your hand touched my face,
Yeah that love was pretty true.
I can feel it in my disgrace.
“Baby I’m sorry”
“Come back”
“You know those actions weren’t real”
Yeah baby okay, so I just get on my knees and I pray.
Renn Powell Mar 18
i remember a time
i was a bird, free from her cage.
finally spreading my wings.
i flew as fast as i could.
and when the small metal
opening that was keeping me locked in
had finally opened,
i got to show the world
how i soar.
Many times of late I've been unable to sleep and laid In the dead of the night awake like all the other creatures of the night so quiet one could hear a pin
Time passing so slow as If stood still hours before the morning my mind starts differing back to my childhood a coldness runs
down my
For I can see the cupboard understairs to where the mother would throw me
and lock the door after hitting with a wooden brush she would walk away laughing
I was no more than a toddler what could I have possibly done that deserve that kind of punishment
I'm dammed If I know even after all these
I supose Its long ago since I stopped asking why ?
Poolza Feb 12
The doorway to love is locked

You can't just force your way through

You'll just get hurt if you do
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