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jasmine wild Jun 2
i feel safe within the darkness
so when it's taken away
where can i feel safe
I am from a dreamland.
My great land was diverse yet so grand as
the food and words were never bland.
The hands were rich with bands and rands,
built from working the same ground upon which we stand.
I am from a home that once spanned
prosperity itself; such a lovely
thing was a gift to our health. The sands,
skies, and seas could even hold the Heavens.
The trees used to dance in the breeze with ease.
I am from a dwelling of past envy,
but not of a hating feeling,
in the purest form, this was just only beauty.
But I am from broken societies.

Our hearts were bled dry
as we were taken overseas.
We prayed, begged, cried why
ever so loudly, but it was in vain.
I am from a place where our veins
still course with a saddened passion,
as a lack of love is our new fashion.

With sorrow, I am still from a life of death,
as their malice has never left.
Yet they still set us so carelessly upon the trees;
despite our screams and pleas, we
become the strangest fruits you have ever seen.
We have no identity and we have no names.
yet they still set us so harshly upon the pyre;
the painful extermination of desire
is a freedomless and killing fire.
Even our look for love is seen as theft,
and sadly, I am from where they even have my last breath.
If words could tell you how I feel
Maybe they'd make your heart squeel
But for now I take all the sticks and stones
Just so they won't break your bones

Maybe if I held your hand
The world would feel like distant Lands
But instead you play away with her hair
And take away all her air

Sometimes I wonder if you whisper in her ear
And the thought of it make my heart tear
apart from the sadness
i consider myself lucky
to be surrounded by people
that i love so dearly
a blessing that cannot be
taken away from me
eli Sep 2020
you steal everything from me
my style
my friends
my name

It hurts when you take what's mine, and make it your own

but it's better than I could have ever done
Jaxey Sep 2020
My heart sits
for the taking
a poem
just for you
someone pls steal my heart away
Path Humble Jul 2020
“you have taken my voice, no longer can I...”

~ for Rachel of Ireland, who asks and is granted endless words~

oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord,
you have taken my voice,
no longer can I thread these words

oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord,
you have taken my insight,
no longer can I hear my eyes visions

oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord,
you have taken my mobility,
no longer can I shake to music of sky

oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord,
you have taken my strength,
no longer can I bend knees in praise

oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord,
you have taken my taste,
no longer can I sing a greater part of me

these first words, my sacrifice of morning,
no more to follow, for I am speechless,
the eveningtide will find me bow-broken

you have taken my all that you have given,
tender it well to another, for we are temporary,
your gifts are everlasting, and together, we say

selah, amen.
my first words of this day
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
There she goes, with a young heart in a ****** world. She’s so young and she could be so gullible. Love sounds like a dream but feels like trickery to her heart. To have power over her young heart, that would be the dream for the ****** in the ****** world. She’s so young, it would be so easy to lie to her. She’s so young, it would be so easy to take advantage of her. She’s so young, it would be so easy to manipulate her.

She feels every time she is lied to, taken advantage of, and manipulated, and she knows what’s happened to her. She doesn’t want to say anything about it, because she knows only the ****** would do such a thing. The ****** weren’t always the ******, and she could be one of them any day, and she knows.

At some point, however, she feels the need to say something as a preventative measure. She has a young heart and so many of the ****** want to **** it. The ****** world doesn’t feel safe to her. She wants all the ****** in the ****** world to stay away from her until they are no longer the ******. However, she is scared that everyone in the ****** world, including her, is the ******. She is scared that there will be no one left in her refuge once all the ****** are gone. She has to risk her fear because she believes her heart is young and she wants to keep it that way.
Jaxis Jun 2020
Thinking about the week after that smoke break
The beginning of continuous mistakes
First time unplanned second time was for the take
The fireplace for your lonely brisk night
Was friends of three turned to two
How it was for me, framed and blamed
For things never being the same
Temporary connections, use to false affections
It should have been different
I changed thinking it’ll be worth it
But you turned out to be so arrogant
That’s what caused the sudden split
You came back, thought we could attempt to make it work
With that hopefulness I only earned a slight smirk
Then in an instant saw nothing but flowers
Minutes that went by, for me, felt like hours
Purple daffodils printed on a white silk pillow case
And scratches from long callous hands
That feeling I could never erase
Feeling warm in the worst way
Wishing after you wouldn’t want to stay
Diving into that state of mind like quicksand
Said things would stay the same
But the distance increased, now we don’t speak
This memories for you to keep
I bet you’re still “glad you came”
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