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Amanda 3d
I see only perfection
Take a look around
Still you will see
You are the one beacon of light
In this desolate place

I am..
Nowhere near perfect

I am..
Not amazing

I am..
Nothing like her
I don't miss these days.. I never was the competitive type.
Wrapped in a cloud, I see everything
Below are hard workers, children at play, everyone going about their day
At my side, love, sunshine,
And as if at the perfect time,
Flowing, blending with the sky and other clouds
Swooping, catching flies before they reach the crowds
It's a city.
The sun moves more naturally, taking me with
A cabin on a country side.
Trees lining the meadows in which we reside
The air, so sweet and fresh
The sun radiating and carrying droplets of life to the plants around
Night falls, the sun slowly touches down in the mountains, and turns into a goddess
The most picturesque lovely woman I ever laid eyes on,
Now joins me in the plush bed
Untill the next day, to venture out again.
Johnny walker Jan 25
All at once I'd lost the of my life sweet darling Helen to whom I was so much In
Treasured each and every moment I spent with her
the laughter smiles and kisses she gave to
I'll never love another for Helen she was the one she loved me In a way that I know I'll never love
Apart from Helen my son life hasn't been very kind to me cruelly stole her far too early In
It seems life has given with one hand and taken away with the other but
more taken than ever was given, for all, at once I'd lost the love of life there would not be another
Irreplaceable Helen she really
Stolen to early In life, I'll never love that way again Irreplaceable she was
chloe Jan 25
Being lonely does not mean actually being alone
Being lonely could mean you have loads of friends,
But you are alone in your head
You don't trust your "friends"
You don't need to be single to be lonely
You can be dating someone and feel empty and alone
Being alone is such a dark thing
Looking around and seeing everyone but,
Feeling lonely
Being lonely is like your eyes see black all the time
I randomly wrote this in freestyle so yeah it is unedited and I don't care if it is sloppy. I am just a sad teen
Georgia Jan 23
You should smile with your teeth.
I’d make you cups of tea half smiling with sleep
laugh sweetly when you spoke from fuzzy dreams
And measure the dimples in your freckled cheeks
When my eyes have betrayed me
I try to turn you inside out
But I haven’t found my reflection in your bloodstream
Though you are running through my veins like hot coffee.

You shouldn’t look at me
The buttons on your coat make me jittery and uncomfortable
Because I want to pull you by your hair
I want to meet your hazed stare and imagine me there
Living in the catchlight on the reflection of a hotel window
While you take off your clothes behind me
So I see your skin in the fogged up glass
shudder while your eyes burn into my back
and smoke rises from my spine.

You should love him a little more
He’s been on the phone since four and I hear his yorkshire accent from before
like an axe being jolted into the dip of my chest.
Bouqets of roses by your door and I’m the crippling thorns
I feel like shaking hands between my knees
the blood dripping from my sleeves
How cruel I have been
Although my heart is by my feet and ill at ease
You should smile with your teeth
Even if it isn't for me.
hi I'm back!

I found out that the word catchlight has been added to the dictionary and it means the reflection of light in a person's eye - I rly liked it so I thought I'd incorporate it here!

I hope you enjoyed this poem :) the girl I wrote this about will probably (hopefully) never even know how I feel but honestly I don't care anymore.  I hope he makes her happy.

it feels good to make a mess of a situation into words. I hope you could see the soft progression here from happy fantasy to painful reality. if my poem makes you feel something then it's a success<3
Ken Pepiton Jan 19
Beyond bread and wine


one year later, I step into this in awe of

The quest mark
symbol of the snake facing west or east
standing on the point that sets the plain

so much meaning, so little time.

that's mortality, not life.

quest marked.
a point made
whose horizon meets mine
vanishing point of no return

death may be that idea.
beyond that

which lie will you allow?
which lie called lie is illegal? Be lief being
thy will being done by you
on earth whether
or not.

Will you let the liears lie? Lying ears?

was re a son in this mad man's stutter static

tune to tomorrow nonono live for today nonono

die, or don't --do or die

some old guy just looked you in the eye

winked. "zero beat, and wait for the signal."

[a cameo by Radioman of Judging Angels and
Unmazing Grace game fame, after the silence]
Going with the flow, it seems sensible, a syl lable at at time. Sillables have somethimg to to with lips, if you twist the babble legend and bake it in a PIE.
He was an ordinary guy who went looking for a dream after many years
of waiting one day Is dream was
He found his sweetheart
and they married and had a son for twenty years or more he lived his
Till one day his dream was taken away and he had to relive his life all over again but this guy I write about In truth Is really
And ordinary guy who went looking for a dream he found It twenty years he lived the till the dream was taken away
The Toxic Bitch Aug 2018
You both have taken
A part of me
Yea you may not know it
I may not show it
But i know
That everything u do
Changes me

You too are different
Far away
Same purpose
I need comfort
Easy way or hard way?

I will not
Be that girl
The one who choose
The easy way out
But you
You're making it harder
On both you and me

I don't know what u want
But i know now what i want
Still can't
You're not safe
Trust issues ***** everything
But i like the hard way better
The easy was just an intended

From u
U have so much control
U don't even know
Vexren4000 Jan 2
Is the destiny of mankind,
In the modern day,
To die glued to a hospital bed?
Bravery and honor dashed by father time,
Taken away by ageing reapers hands,
Time spent in final moments,
A normal day like any other,
Yet it is the last of days.
Spent with such brevity,
As if there would be more.
Maybe this is the fate of modern man.
To not be felled by blade or bullet,
Only felled by failure of organs.
Yet the mind stayed intact.
A young mans mind in an aging body.
Is it the fate that awaits us all?

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