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Oskar Erikson Sep 2020
two people embracing
on the potholed curbside,
a car splash-zone
risking the ire of the overzealous
parking monitor
on the off chance-
they remember what it meant
to cling onto someone else
heart rooted firmly in another.
Jaxey Jul 2020
and what was most surprising
was when you picked me up
by every piece
and hugged me
just the same
im sorry if i cut you
agatha Apr 2020
no such thing as verbal when you just sit
next to me, shoulders burdened by the world
and that is my cue to be pliant as you sigh
and press yourself deeper into my being.

(your face buried in the crook of my neck
as i draw small circles on your arm,
funny how you look like a child
with a halo from the moonlight
kissing your crown)

and i apologize
i cannot make the stars and skies
be within your reach
or I, better than your early lovers.

but if you, so gently, lay your bones
where i could keep them until your soul
jumps right into you, ready to conquer once again,
then be your home I shall.

songs i listened to while writing:
when you love someone - day6
keshi - atlas
its a cat and mouse game
with a variety of circus acts to entertain me:

1. giggly, touchy, curly haired cutie
2. nonchalant, arrogant, nose pierced *******
3. bat **** crazy, rebellious leftist
4. jealous, overprotective teenage boy who likes giving black eyes

i know you care deep down
for more than just your friends
the one act i'd like to be in
is the one where i hold your hand through the smoke
and the one where i bandage you up,
by the end of the night

-λεγε τι εγινε;
-can i help βασικα;

-i just kinda want a hug y'know

-i'd give you one
a textual representation of how my thoughts look
Survived Aug 2018
Love was when she fought me
and we ended it by
hugging each other tightly.
Svode Nov 2017
I always have these fantasies,
where I am with my crush.
We're both lying on the bed,
and cuddling.
Hugging and calming eachother.
I think it's lovely.
Do they think the same?
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