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its a cat and mouse game
with a variety of circus acts to entertain me:

1. giggly, touchy, curly haired cutie
2. nonchalant, arrogant, nose pierced *******
3. bat **** crazy, rebellious leftist
4. jealous, overprotective teenage boy who likes giving black eyes

i know you care deep down
for more than just your friends
the one act i'd like to be in
is the one where i hold your hand through the smoke
and the one where i bandage you up,
by the end of the night

-λεγε τι εγινε;
-can i help βασικα;

-i just kinda want a hug y'know

-i'd give you one
a textual representation of how my thoughts look
Wyatt Dec 2018
Hugging on my collar,
her scent was stuck on me.
I felt such immense feelings,
like I was brought to life again.
We stared at starlight like
it was something brand new,
but her expression was
all that I needed to have fun.
She took the bad vibes
and absorbed them all,
converting them into
warm breaths on my neck.
I felt at ease, comforted.
She made me feel safe,
I felt happy for once.
She was still hugging,
almost like she knew
what I was missing.
I'm indebted, always.
Love was when she fought me
and we ended it by
hugging each other tightly.
Svode Nov 2017
I always have these fantasies,
where I am with my crush.
We're both lying on the bed,
and cuddling.
Hugging and calming eachother.
I think it's lovely.
Do they think the same?
Lynx Nov 2017
You hold me so tight
I fear I might break
But the feeling
It feels so good
To be against you
Against your chest
I feel as though we are one
I love this
I feel wanted
So please
My love
Hold me tighter
Go ahead
You can break me if you want.
This is from my views of last year, when my boyfriend hugged me.
Ofelia Oct 2017
Kisses and hugs
     soft like velour gloves
I'm soft for you
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
Being held in your embrace,
Your head against my chest.
How could you wonder why,
I love this so so much?

It's gentle security against the:
Mind that claws itself every day,
People sparring against our hope,
Tumultuous times this life gives.

An act of love, of friendship,
Compassion and closeness.
You are my companion,
A joy unrivalled in my life.

Everything said here,
Is captured in a perfect act:
Our arms wrapping around,
Bodies pressed together.

Your hugs. My hugs.
//On her//
Connor Exodus Jan 2016
Outside, below
I am teased so
Coldly, by a
Dark, dull and
Dismal morning.

Then I hear the
Kind click of the
Radiator ascending.
Hugging my feet.
Kissing my shins.

I’m not going to
do today. I refuse.
I can’t. For when I
Try, I feel nothing.
Nothing at all.

My tutor will have
to wait. And my friends
will have to wonder.
Only for a second, a
mere moment or two.

Somebody has crept
Up and into my room,
Inside of my heart
And taken what was
Once beating well.
Open to interpretation.
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