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Jaxey May 2022
I was at your funeral
before you had given me a reason
to cry
dailythoughts Jul 2020
For whenever I see the sunset you cross my mind
Left after colouring my life

Too soon I couldn’t bid my goodbye
Too quick without explaining why
Jamie Jun 2020
Nine months
Of blissful ignorance

Nine months
Of peace

Nine months
Of rest

Nine months
Of safety

Nine months
Of love

Nine months
Without heartbreak

Nine months
Of growth

Nine months... was all we got

What gave the World the right to rob us of so much?
Michaela Ferris May 2020
On the shore I stand staring out
into the waves of pure wonderment
and the dark sullen sky, filled with stars
knowing that you were once one of them,
shining within the night sky
before being picked for a life here with me.

The people laughing and playing
oblivious to the absent feeling lying within.
Children enjoying the soft warm sand beneath their feet,
now you never will know such simple joys.
These are the days where I feel as fragile as a china doll
Knowing that I lost someone I never really had.

Looking out across the sea, how it stretches for miles
wishing you the peace and serenity this scene gives me.
Hoping you may get a second chance at life,
back up there among the stars where you can dream.
My little star, someone I never really had at all
but knowing what could have been I still look up to see you shining!
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2019
I wondered in sleep
Body momentarily still,
The alarm goes off
دema flutter Jun 2018
I think I gave you
a little too much of my soul,

I think I may have let go
of myself a little too soon,

I don't think I loved you,
I think I just really didn't know what love is.
Emily Jun 2018
We are only at the start of the week,
There is plenty of time to reach our peak.

Don’t let the weekend linger in your mind,
Seriously get on with the real time.

Put your weekend mind at rest,
Unleash your brainier self with the chance to be the best.

Forget the mondayitis,
Make sure you don’t guide it.

Too much focus can be too unhealthy,
Be nice to your brain and focus on the wealthy.

The parts that have grown in your life,
The ones that are special and show your true light.

Monday is for reflecting your achievements to follow,
Let your days and weeks go by knowing that the start of your time is only the shadow.
Iris Madden Feb 2017
Rush these days
of restless pacing
of watching the clock
with an anxious heart
waiting to seek reassurance
through your hands
laced with mine
These seconds away pass too slowly
and the hours with you
pass too soon
Life's unfair
and I think too much
maybe I care too much...
- written 12.15.16
@IrisMaddenPoetry I in this alone?
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