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Kewayne Wadley Mar 2019
I wondered in sleep
Body momentarily still,
The alarm goes off
دema Jun 2018
I think I gave you
a little too much of my soul,

I think I may have let go
of myself a little too soon,

I don't think I loved you,
I think I just really didn't know what love is.
Emily Jun 2018
We are only at the start of the week,
There is plenty of time to reach our peak.

Don’t let the weekend linger in your mind,
Seriously get on with the real time.

Put your weekend mind at rest,
Unleash your brainier self with the chance to be the best.

Forget the mondayitis,
Make sure you don’t guide it.

Too much focus can be too unhealthy,
Be nice to your brain and focus on the wealthy.

The parts that have grown in your life,
The ones that are special and show your true light.

Monday is for reflecting your achievements to follow,
Let your days and weeks go by knowing that the start of your time is only the shadow.
Iris Madden Feb 2017
Rush these days
of restless pacing
of watching the clock
with an anxious heart
waiting to seek reassurance
through your hands
laced with mine
These seconds away pass too slowly
and the hours with you
pass too soon
Life's unfair
and I think too much
maybe I care too much...
- written 12.15.16
@IrisMaddenPoetry I in this alone?
The sun
came creeping
over the horizon
without my permission
Akira Chinen May 2016
The other side of love
The side no one wants to talk about
The side everyone sees as ugly
The side that they call hurtful and painful
The side they blame their own failures on

The side that takes our abuse
And our punishment
And our stupid pride
And our indifference
And our neglect
And our hate for it...
The hurt days of love
The bad months
The horrible lonely years
The cold nights
The armless dreams
Where there is nothing
To hang onto
But the misery of our
Failed attempts
Side of love...

No one stops to look
At it
Feel it
Really feel it
Other side of love
They're too busy
Filling their empty
With resentment
And anger
And disappointed
For it
Side of love

If they did though
If they stopped
For a moment
Stopped their
Woe is me
And listened
And looked
And just felt
The air there
On the
Other side of love

They would feel
And see
And hear
That it is every bit
As beautiful as
Its opposite
That it is nothing
More than the
Exact reflection
Mirror image
Of the absolute
Truth of love
That love

It doesnt have sides
It is always whole
And complete
Full waiting
To be poured out
To needing hands
Empty waiting to
Be filled with
The kindness of
Always broken
And always
Its unexpected
And unexplainable
No reason
And absolute
To the perplexing
Of life
Perfectly by being
The question
Of life

Give into its
And be
To have
This chance
To go
Through the
Good days
Bad nights
Lonely years
Cold armless
Pain of
It all
Let it
Break you
And make
You unbreakable
Be whole
And complete
And be
You were meant
To be
Go crazy
Heartache has its privileges...
Jose Gonzalez Sep 2015
Started my day, before son was off to school
coffee in hand, checking my feed,
see a top story days ago from you

I go to your page, to leave a kind hello
been some time, figured it overdue
finding posts, that tore me to my soul

You are gone, passed some 18 hours before
this has to be wrong, everyone is wrong
I can't scroll fast enough for the mistake

My eyes are watering, too much to read
the shock of it, many giving their condolences
trying to hold together, while son is still home

Not much older than me, A beautiful soul
can't grasp the reality, even if it's all there
my heart has broken another piece

I wish I had spoken to you sooner
to hear your voice and laughs again
to have a moment once more

I am still not sure, to feel as I do
having been through this many times
fears of being close, but cherishing all the times

All I can say, thinking of your spirit and heart
that for as much as I will miss you
as much as I don't understand why
that I have been blessed, in having the time with you.

Go now, onto the Lord
For your workings here are fulfilled
thank you to being an Angel
giving a glimpse of what Heaven will be.

Rest with God, Dearest Kristine <3
Sometimes it's all in a moment, cherish, love, be kind, and appreciate.  This was what just happened, no matter how difficult, I will hold my memories of my good friend, and honor her always.
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