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i can finally say that
if you came back
professing your love
i wouldn’t say **** it
you would have to change
and then grow some more
then learn how to treat a woman
and then, maybe you could join me for coffee
and we can begin our sequel

Jaxey Aug 2020
Don't go into a book
expecting a sequel;

sometimes the end
is actually the end
How I felt after watching Devilman Crybaby ;-;
that **** broke ma heart
Nylee Mar 2020
Every thing has changed,
Nothing is the same.
I know more about not knowing
What will come next,
Just holding my breath.
A Procrustean woman's tale
in an orbit does tell that this snitch
here wasn't Montgomery whether sound must hitch
with Pythagoras
that seldom erupt in despair
now dire hands with guilty chest
yet volcanoes bleed in the air
note auther L.M Mongo,ery..
goodtea Apr 2019
Flowers crawl up
Pushing aside dirt,
What was once a
Heavy weight
Now the support we
Plant our roots on
Dig deep
Until we bloom.
wrote this while helping run a group so don't let people think you can't multitask.
b Mar 2019
i am deep in a story i have
been in before and i
******* hate sequels.

i have once again found
love in the wrong place;
a very good friend of mine.

loving your best friend feels
a lot like putting down your dog,
the eyes always look the same
and you'll never be able to
tell her why it had to
die in the first place.
soph Jul 2018
Still stuck behind the glass wall
There’s no use in getting out
No use in communicating
The people on the other side have given up, too
I slump down to the floor in a state of defeat
Resting my head on my knees
I feel a knocking on the glass
I turned my head
A smile grew on my face
Someone like me!
Someone that understands!
I could tell in his eyes
He was behind a glass wall, too
“Do you feel my heart saying hi?”
A bond formed
From nothing else
But our life behind those glass walls
I reached through the glass
And took his hand
I’m no longer alone
I attempted a continuation (ooooooh) of a poem I wrote called Glass around a month ago

the best conclusion I can give without really giving away the intended meaning of the metaphor is that it’s really good to find someone that can relate to you :’)
Sha Jun 2018
Silence and space. We have now mastered the trick. And we are living it. No cues. No dramatic transitions or face-slapping moment.
Dead air is not even awkward.
The parlor games are busted.
It just happened one Tuesday morning inside Starbucks after you ordered your iced Americano and my vanilla frappuccino, no whipped cream,

Maybe there's a sequel to this story, but for now, we should roll the credits.
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