Somewhere in the deep ocean
there is a tremor, a shake,
the initiation of something
intensely destructive and cruel.
The waves move away from him in giant
ripples from where the underwater plates
crash and collide with his dark body,
sparking up and exploding
away from him, from each other.
He holds the earth together
until the shaking strain
corrupts his limbs
and he shudders, sending jagged
shockwaves through the earth
and into the inky water
surrounding him, out
towards the unexpecting land.

~~ Tsunami, 1/4 ~~
Seema Sep 5

When mother earth gets angry
Throwing her quake tantrums
Buildings collide and news report, earthquake

When the sea gets upset
Seeing mother earth suffer
Water floods and news report, tsunami

When the winds get frustrated
By many chemical outbreak
Buildings, animals uprooted and news report, tornado

When the intense heat churns
With all the terrific human actions
Unpredictable fires blaze and news report, climactic disorder

And when all occurs, one after the other, it's global warming

This is our doings!

Not mother earth
Not the sea
Not the wind
Not the sun
Not the nature as a whole

It's our selfish experiments

Calling ourselves geniuses!!



Save our planet.
The Willow Aug 29

When the thought of you hits, it does so
Like a tsunami,
In the middle of the day, mid-conversation
With someone.
My eyes fill with a storm,
My fingers tap like I'm playing the guitar against my fingertips,
I have checked out from people words.

Some joke,
"Where's the fire?"

Don't you understand?
He doesnt have to touch me
Doesn't have to speak to me
To make me think that when he was 20
He used to wear as much color in his clothing as he could
Two bandanas around his neck as once,
And nothing felt more right to me than
This bright boy wearing the human eye's equivalent to this inside of his soul,
No matter the loudness.

And all he wears now is black.

I can't forget that.

So you ask, where's the fire?
He is gone now.
All that is left is ash.

Daisy Rae Aug 24

//I am a tsunami and you're calm as the sea,
yet some how your love has crashed into me.

You are the ocean
I am the beach,
Your every motion
Welcomed, I beseech!

You've drawn back,
By yards and yards,
A tsunami attack
Must be on the cards?

Bring in the high tide!
Wash into my blood,
Like ancient gods defied;
Send me the flood!

Crash onto my shores,
Tumult into me,
Engulf with mighty roar
You lovely, angry sea!

You have my devotion,
But you must reach!
For you are the ocean,
I, merely beach.

I die when you retreat, but I understand.
Jobira Jul 15

Mr. Beller, Mr. Beller,
Why are you sleeping?
The storm is coming, too fast
and everyone is leaving.

Get into your wrinkled car
And take it for a last spin
For you won't be left a loner,
And swept away with the sin,
When the tsunami floods
Down into the drain.

Late night thoughts

She flows patiently like a river.
Her love was perennial for you.
Then you stuck her like a tsunami.
Your pollutant words turned her grey.
With a brave heart, she turned courses,
Keeping you thirsty of eternal love.
She flows patiently like a river,
Jumps off cliff into a fearless waterfall.

All is well but then you walked
And swept in like a wind
Once uncluttered
Now messy-piled

Once a greyscale county
Now a lit-up scenery
Once a lit-up scenery
Now a greyscale memory

I loved this guy once
Blew everything in it's place
Walking in without effort
And left

—with ease.

Life never experienced tsunami, until you stormed out of it...

Buddy T Nov 2016

A few days ago
the ground shook.
No damage happened,
I though I was fine.
I was wrong.

50 feet of water
50 feet of fear
50 feet of regret
50 feet of 'I should've done more'

She tricked me.
Calling me to come closer,
luring me into her trap.
I can't be mad though,
it's my fault I fell for her.

Maybe this is for the best.
Last few minutes of life
to cleanse me of sin,
to understand what I did wrong.

Thank you ma'am.
I'll make no attempt to escape.
I'll embrace you, west ocean.
Here where the moon is scarce
and the stars are dull.

part two of my last poem. what would be your last thoughts before you died?
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