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julianna Jan 26
Sometimes they crash down and the waves take me with them.
Like a tsunami, it’s unexpected.
You usually know the signs, but once it starts, there’s no changing it.
There’s no going back, it’s not a choice.
It’s just a deadly fight against nature and water and time...
I always come up for air before it’s too late, but with my eyes closed, I don’t know up from down.
Am I plunging into the depths or rising towards the horizon?
I don’t know...
I’m just swimming.
IncholPoem Jan 17
Farmers  were  unhappy
after  getting  rain
shadow  area
of  a   plane  island.

Farmers  were  in
the  sea  while
the  situatio­n  was

They  were
on  the  sand.

Still   they  have  the
fear  for
Ira Desmond Dec 2018
There should be
a time for

each of us
to mourn, individually,

the world that
we thought we would

be living in by now,
whatever world it was.

I, for one,
will mourn

the children
I thought I would have

I will mourn

the version of myself
that is not

crippled with debt
for having decided to get

an education. I will mourn
the version of my wife

that was not destroyed
by mental illness

with ruthless and shocking efficiency
right after

we got married.
I will mourn

those brilliant flocks of
butterflies, those mid-July swarms

of honeybees that
I thought would not

have perished
quite so quickly.

I will mourn
the summers I thought I would spend

swimming in
clear, living streams,

not having to wear
a mask to unchoke myself

from the omnipresent wildfire
smoke. But I will mourn

civility and morality
above all else, I think.

I will mourn those
difficult discourses

that I thought we
would be capable

of having, that feeling
that we, as a collective,

would be able
to overcome

whatever problem presented
itself. I will mourn

that world that
I thought I would

be living in by now,
whatever world it might have been.

And then, I will take
a deep breath, and

I will accept
things as they truly are.

I will
allow that tsunami of reality

to wash over me,
and to sweep

me up within its
endless tonnage of

of mortal peril and
human catastrophe.

And then I will continue living.
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
To be touched by love,
is to feel a tsunami of joy running through your arteries,
and to be able to see the light through your wounds and suffering.

To be touched by love,
is to live on the lips of bliss and happiness,
and let your soul orbit around the beauty that is your surroundings

To be touched by love, is to have yourself drawn to befriend your
underprivileged neighbors, be inspired to start a conversation, sooth
their pain, and show them the way to a new dawn of hope and ingenuity.

To be touched by love, is to be able to
merge with every creation of this universe, becoming one, by speaking their languages, listening to their prayers, and sharing their songs.

Hussein Dekmak

S O P H I E Dec 2018
a bird ***** its wings in Rio and there is a tsunami in Tokyo.
there is a tsunami in Tokyo and your father takes your mother to bed, calls her beautiful, does not raise his voice at her, does not leave her alone in a ***** motel room. she unpacks her suitcases and never leaves Missouri.
you do not form in her **** and she stops screaming.
a tsunami occurs in Tokyo and you do not exist and there is a break in the violence of our bodies. you disintegrate before me and I melt back into the earth where I belong and you never stopped loving me.
we unbecome the casualty of our own flaws.
we were never here. we were never gone.
a bird becomes road **** in Rio and you crawl into the **** of your mother, you are the 7th of 7 and the cause of your mother's stress. there is no tsunami in Tokyo and your mother packs her suitcase and leaves for Texas, she unhappily marries your father and stays with him to the bitter end.
there is no tsunami in Tokyo and your mother dies of lung cancer, your father leaves you in may, does not kiss you goodbye, does not look back at you, you pack your stuff and he sends you away.
the birds in Rio do not sing, Tokyo bay does not roar to life.
you are here. you cannot leave.
i got the inspiration from another poem although i do not know who it's by or what its called. if you know comment down below
Neuvalence Oct 2018
I sank to the ground and all came to halt
Birds flocked east before all shook in vigour
Windows shattered under the weights of roofs
Stone homes toppled before acknowledgement
Clouds of dust rained jagged stones upon us
The turbulent waters foreshadowed more
For waves of sharp heights dominated us
They carried us, and whirled us intensely
Earsplitting cries now silenced by water
And when all had come to a halt once more
The bodies succumbed to the ocean's pull
I was supposed to die, but I hadn't.
FLVCTVS ( pronounced 'fluctus') is Latin for "wave".
Marilyn Heavens Oct 2018
Tsunami came from nowhere,
Mother nature called aloud
Bringing with it only sin,
Bearing devastating sacrifice
and death to all and kin.
Reality hit home within the first few hours,
As news came through the world soon new
It seemed the earth had cracked in two
Now our world is flawed with devastation
Death, pain, and desolation
We pray for those who died
And feel for those in pain
Our people’s lives were taken when that brutal mother came
This mother came from nowhere upon the highest wave
Bringing in destruction, death and devastation,
Loss, horror, and hopeless apprehension.
These words cannot portray our feeling of dismay
Our minds in fear as we shed a tear
For those whose lost and those who suffer
Awaiting news or searching through the thousands.
Undignified, coming to terms with loss of those who once loved but now no longer.
Mother Nature played her part so viciously,
Leaving just a simple question…why.
Today I pray alone, but I know I am not alone for the entire world will pray with me.
Mallory Blake Oct 2018
I grasp your hand in the darkness of the night
Your face illuminated by the brightness of the moonlight
Tears on both our cheeks;
As the wave finally peaks
Now’s the final moment
That I’m going to have with you
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2018
A kind word
is a tree with unlimited fruits,
a sun with its infinite sun shine,
a full moon with its abundant light,
a blue print to an inspiring life.

A kind word
is the 'angel of love' that can
win the heart of an enemy,
It has  power to heal a broken heart,
and change  someone’s life .

A kind word,
is a tsunami that can break
one hundred walls to reach the
heart of a being, and fill it with
with hope, love, and inspiration.

Hussein Dekmak

ali Oct 2018
i think i laughed
when you told me
you were a “rom com” guy.
i’m not sure why,
it’s not very funny,
but i think what i did
find humorous
is how fate
thought i could survive
the tsunami
of you.
i’m so confused.
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