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The small ripples that come from my fingers
Causing waves in the ocean
A tsunami killing millions
Crystal Goddess Nov 2020
My depression came in as a wave
and ended up a tsunami.
Jaxey Nov 2020
I was a storm
But you made me want to be a river
the way you kept trying
to hold me
as if I wasn't an ocean
that could slip through your fingers
as if I wasn't a tsunami
that crashed into you
every time you tried to swim
as if I wasn't washing you back to shore
in warning
before you dove back in
you had to keep your head above water
just to hug me
but hugging you back
meant you drowning in my arms
I was a storm
But you made me want to be a river
I can't hug you back
Zack Ripley Nov 2020
Anger. Anxiety. Depression. Fear.
Imagine these feelings
Are a natural disaster.
What would they be?
Would they be an earthquake?
Making it feel hard to stay upright?
Do they create rifts
that drive you apart from loved ones?
Are they a tsunami?
Building up until one day, they burst, drowning you?
Or are they a tornado?
Just destroying everything in its path?
If you can find a way to explain what it feels like
When you're angry, anxious, depressed, or afraid,
it can be a good start to managing it.
Monk Taio Kaneta

In everyday life
we sacrifice our need to feel
without even knowing it
quote during his interview on 'Unsolved Mysteries' - Tsunami episode
alexis Apr 2020
you looked into my eyes which always seemed to remind you of the ocean. you said your dad never told you that you may drown while admiring the waves, your smile said not being able to breathe would be worth it. I thought about how you’re like the ocean breeze, giving breath to tired lungs. you swirl the sea, placing troubled minds at ease. you built sandcastles with your voice which I began to call home but it’s quiet now, all I can hear is a tsunami and I can’t seem to catch my breath
everything is about you now
Mark Toney Mar 2020
                      Shock wave of energy
                    swelling ocean waves,
                  Powerfully driven
                like a freight train
              rolling fast as a jet,
            Open ocean ninja stealthily
          racing toward landfall’s
        most evil betrayal,
      Rip-tide on steroids
    sweeping away
  unsuspecting souls
                                        — Tsunami

© 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.

The Japanese word "tsunami" translates as "harbor wave" in English.
2/6/2020 - Poetry form: Shape - The Japanese word "tsunami" translates as "harbor wave" in English. - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
vern Sep 2019
the first flash of lightning blinded my eyes
just a slight flicker of what was yet to come
the crackle of the thunder shook my world
the smallest shock that was ready to ripple out
a storm of torment and chaos was brewing
I felt to overwhelming waves of despair flow over me
drowning me in it's tight waters and strong hold
I knew what was coming
it was a scene I was all too familiar with
the storm was coming again
the rising of the waters and the cracks of the sky
were coming to ******* over
I wasn't ready the first time
however, this time I will remain strong
I will no topple over, nor drown from this storm tonight
I've been feeling super overwhelmed with life again.
Silverflame Aug 2019
I submerge myself
in sadness
drenched to my core
I paddle through
heartache and
melancholic waves
unaware of the
lurking tsunami
spawned by
thoughts of you
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